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He hadn’t talked about breaking up anymore, so I was not quite sure if that was what he wanted to do. Maybe he had changed his mind? I was a little disappointed that the weekend came to an end, to be honest. I remembered it was Tijs’ birthday today. I thought of texting him something, but we were so far from civilization that I didn’t have any reception. And a part of me didn’t want to be the one who made the first move. During the ride home, I realized that I had a great time. We had 4 days of hiking, sex and talking. I hadn’t hated hiking and nature as much as I thought I would, but I was glad that tonight I would be able to sleep in a real bed. Sleeping in a tent was okay for a few days, but I slept better in a real bed. And a proper bath or shower was welcome too. We had washed ourselves in the river and the lake, and great as it was, some luxury was what I was craving for now. When we came back to the urbanised world, I checked my cell phone. There were some messages from Brecht, but nothing from Tijs. Tim had read my mind: “Anything from Tijs?” I shook my head and looked out of the window. “He should at least have the decency to apologize.” I noticed how the knuckles on Tim’s hand on the steering well were turning white. The hand in his lap formed a fist. I changed the subject, because it seemed it was upsetting him. When we came home, dad, Martine and the twins were eating their dinner. “Oh, we hadn’t counted on the two of you being home. I’m afraid there is not enough left for you.” Martine apologized. “Don’t worry!” I set her at ease. “We stopped on our way home for hamburgers.” “How was your trip?” Dad wanted to know. “Good, but I’m now going to soak in the bathtub for a few hours!” I laughed. Tim walked in shortly after me, he had put the tent in the garage and was carrying our luggages. He brought them to our room and I followed him upstairs. “Do you mind if I take a quick shower before you take a bath?” He asked. Since the house was so crowded, we were extra careful. Otherwise, we could have showered together. I laid on the bed, checking the messages from Brecht. Seemed he had a great time with Bert after I left. He was introducing Bert to friends. It seemed to click between the two of them. When Tim was done, I went in and filled the bathtub with other water and bubble bath. I was going to let all this nature soak out of me. I took a book I was reading and stepped in the hot water. After an hour, when the water started to get cold, I got out. Tim was already gone to Daphné. I laid on my bed. I kept thinking about the Tijs’ birthday party. It was 8.45pm, the party was just starting. My phone buzzed. I checked it. It was a WhatsApp from Daphné. I opened the message. “Hey, when will you guys be back? I guess Tim has no reception where you are, but I see that you’re online. Tell Tim I miss him.” I was confused. Tim had said that he was going to her. I started typing: “We have been back for a few hours. Isn’t Tim with you?” When I hit sent, it hit me that I was being stupid. I shouldn’t have told her that. Obviously Tim was hiding something from both of us. I was confused. Suddenly it hit me. I looked for the invitation to Tijs’ party that Tim had received. It was nowhere to be found. I saw it when we got home. I looked in the trash bin, but it was empty. Was Tim going to the party? My phone buzzed again. Daphné had replied. “What’s going on? Tim told me he would not come over because he expected to be home late tonight.” I didn’t know how to respond. Shit, I had made a mess. I tried to do some damage control. “We were going to be back late, but I wanted to get home earlier.” I lied to her. “Why hasn’t Tim contacted me?” She replied. Fuck, what should I do now? My phone buzzed again. “Where’s Tim?” I stared at the message. I had an inkling where he could be, but I didn’t know for sure. And I didn’t know why. I ruled out that he went to the party to have a good time. I remembered how angry he was in the car when he thought of Tijs. Then I started to worry. What if he went there to hurt Tijs? I sent him a text message, but he didn’t read it right away. I decided to call. No answer, Tim had his phone turned off. My phone buzzed again. It was not Tim, it was Daphné again. “Is Tim cheating on me?” Fuck, this was going the wrong way all together. I didn’t know how to respond. I couldn’t tell her that he was cheating on her with me, now, could I? “Sander, what’s going on?? I have a feeling you know more!! Tell me!!!” Tim had talked about breaking up with her. I didn’t know what to do. Everything was such a fucking mess. I couldn’t tell Daphné that everything was alright, because that was a lie. I decided that it was time for action. This was such a disaster. I had to fix things. Fuck, my mind went 200 mph. “Sander! Is there another girl??” “No, there is no other girl! Don’t worry. But I fear Tim is going to do something stupid. I fear he’ll hurt Tijs” I replied. I regretted sending it, but I didn’t know what to do. I called Brecht. “Brecht, you need to help me!” I blurted out before he even got to say hello. “What’s wrong, what can I do?” He asked with a little bit of panic in his voice. “Are you alright?’ “I fear Tim might do something stupid, I’ve got no time to explain. Can you pick me up now?” “Okay, give me a couple of minutes!” He ended the phone call. Daphné had sent several messages. I ignored her. I went downstairs and told Dad that I was going out with friends. I waited outside for Brecht. I was in a panic. If Tim were to hurt Tijs, it would be my fault. I had seen Tim’s wrath when it came to protecting me. God, I didn’t want Tijs to be hurt, and I didn’t want Tim to be in trouble for hurting Tijs. I paced up and down our driveway. When Brecht finally arrived, I gave him Tijs’ address. During the ride I told him what was going on. “What if Tim is not at the party? What if you’re wrong?” I shrugged, because I didn’t know what to say. I hoped that I was wrong. My phone rang. My heart jumped, because I thought it would be Tim. But it was Daphné. I answered the call. şişli travesti “Hi Daphné.” I sighed. I should have left her out of this. I was such a moron. “Where’s Tim, what’s going on?” She sounded in a panic. I did my best to explain things to her. “But Tim isn’t violent!” Daphné rejected my idea. I didn’t tell her about what he almost had done to Joni “I’m coming to Tijs’ place. Wait for me there!” She concluded as she broke the call off. I had no intention to wait for her, I had to avoid whatever was going to happen. I was silent during the rest of the ride. I was worrying about what might happen if I was right. When we arrived at Tijs’ house, I immediately spotted Tim’s truck. I so hoped he wouldn’t have been there. We looked for a parking spot. When we found it, I rushed to the gate with Brecht behind me. There was an usher at the gates. “Invitations, please?” Shit, we didn’t have an invitation. At that moment, I heard Daphné’s voice behind me. “My boyfriend is already in; we were invited together. He had our invitation. Please, let us in!” The usher looked at me and Brecht. “And what about you two?” Shit, we were losing valuable time. “We have forgotten our invitation at home!” The usher didn’t seem convinced. “You haven’t brought him a present?” He remarked. Shit, we hadn’t thought this through. Lucky enough, Brecht thought fast. “Oh shit, I forgot it in the car! I’ll get it, you guys can go in.” There were others coming behind us and the usher didn’t seem to care too much. With a wave of his hand, he let us enter. “Should we split up?” I suggested. “No, you know this place, I would get lost.” Daphné rejected the idea. We scanned the area around the pool, where the DJ and the dance floor was. No sign of either Tijs or Tim. I went in the house, but I couldn’t find either of them. I decided to ask someone if they had seen Tijs. “He went upstairs a few minutes ago!” the girl told me. I ran upstairs. It was a long corridor. We heard voices. Because of the party noise, we couldn’t hear who it was. When we walked closer, we heard it was Tim and Tijs. “For fuck’s sake! You’re supposed to be his best friend!” Tim shouted. “Well, I was confused. I thought I was straight, and suddenly I had these feelings for a guy!” Tijs yelled back. “You don’t know how it feels to be so conflicted!” “I don’t? You think I don’t?” I could hear the anger in Tim’s voice. “When I discovered that I was bi, I didn’t go and hurt the people who cared for me! That’s a lame excuse, you bastard!” I looked at Daphné. I don’t think Tim meant to tell anyone; it was just impulsively that he told Tijs. I couldn’t read Daphne’s face. She seemed surprised, but not angry. Tim’s confession had halted us in our tracks. “I should beat you to a pulp! Both of you! Where’s your boyfriend!” Tim shot back to Tijs. “You hurt Sander. He’s such a sweet guy and he would do anything for you.” “You know what?” I heard the defeat in Tijs’ voice. “Beat me up if you want.” Tijs didn’t care anymore. “Just do it if you want. It’ll be the perfect ending for this fucking disaster of a birthday.” Tijs went silent. “So, where’s your boyfriend?” Tim repeated, with rage in his voice. Suddenly I heard Tijs sobbing. “He dumped me. On my birthday! He dumped me, because he found someone else!” My heart broke. All the anger I felt towards Tijs disappeared. I couldn’t bear to hear him cry. I ran to his room and opened the door. Both Tijs and Tim looked utterly surprised. I ran to Tijs and wrapped my arms around him. He laid his head on my shoulder and started to cry hard. “I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I’m sorry.” Tijs sobbed between cries. “It’s okay!” I responded while I held him close. I turned around to Tim. “Can you get him a drink?” I asked Tim. Tim turned around and saw Daphné who stood in the doorway. He looked at her and she stood there staring at him. When he went downstairs, she followed him, leaving Tijs and me alone. We sat down on his bed. “I’m so sorry. I never meant to hurt you.” Tijs sobbed. “I missed you so much. I feared you would hate me forever.” “It’s okay!” I reassured him. I couldn’t stand to see him cry. I loved him so much, and it broke my heart to see he was hurt. Tim came back with a bottle of rum and a glass of water. Tijs drank the water first and then poured himself some rum. He drank it all at once. I asked Tim to leave us alone. He closed the door behind him. “I didn’t mean to hurt you.” Tijs started. I just kept rubbing his back while he sobbed on my shoulder. “I wanted to reach for you so many times, but I thought you wouldn’t want to hear from me.” Weird how we thought the same. I felt so silly all of a sudden. We had both been so stubborn. “Can we be friends again?” Tijs asked. “Yes, I would like that too!” I reassured him. “Will you stay for my party? Please?” He begged while he wiped his tears. I smiled, while I felt tears swelling in my eyes. I thought I had lost my friend; I felt so relieved. I nodded. “Can you stay after the party, to talk it over?” Tijs asked, while he lifted his head off my shoulder. He looked pleadingly straight in my eyes. “Of course I will. But dry your tears, he’s not worth it. You have to enjoy your birthday!” I said. Tijs smiled. “At the risk of sounding too sappy…the best birthday gift is that I have my best friend again.” I laughed. That was so untypical for Tijs. We hugged and Tijs went to his bathroom to wash his face. “Come, let’s go down, to have the best party ever!” He smiled while he put his arm around my shoulder and took me downstairs. “Did you know Tim was bi?” He asked while we walked down the stairs. I was a terrible liar, so I just smiled sheepishly and shook my head. I wondered how Daphné would react. I didn’t have to wait very long to know the answer. While we walked to the pool area, Daphné crossed our path. She didn’t seem to see us, she walked past us. She seemed angry, or hurt, I couldn’t tell in the split second I saw her. I went to find Tim. He was leaning against the wall of the poolhouse. He was sipping his beer. Tijs hadn’t left my side, so we both went to him. “Have you guys made up?” He asked. “Yeah, we still need to talk it over, but not today.” Tijs responded. He patted me on my chest. “I’m just glad I’ve got my pall back.” He planted a kiss on my cheek. Suddenly I realised I had forgotten about Brecht. I gave him a call. “Oh, I’m glad it turned out okay!” The relief in his voice was clear. He was such a sweet boy. “Do you want to come over to the party? I’m sure Tijs wouldn’t mind!” I invitingly said. “No, now you’re okay, I’m going back to Bert. I’ll talk to you later, have fun!” I wanted to ask Tim details, and what had happened with Daphné, but since Tijs was around, I didn’t know how comfortable Tim would be to talk about it. When Tijs was in conversation with some of his friends, I got a chance to talk to Tim. “How are you?” I timidly asked . “Not good.” He gloomly responded, while he took a swig of his beer. I wanted to ask more, but beylikdüzü travesti Tijs had just returned. I felt sorry for Tim. I wanted to hug him, but I knew I couldn’t with all those people around. It was strange that I was now afraid to hug Tim in public. In my mind, I believed that people would suspect that we were more than brothers. I feared it would show if I would hug him. I shot him a look which I hoped would come across as to console him. He finished his beer and went to the bar to get another one. When he came back, he had not one, but three beers in his hand. He handed one to Tijs, who took it and took a big gulp of it. Tim handed me one too. Strangely, he knew I’m not a beer drinker. I’m more into wine or cocktails. But I didn’t want to contradict him, so I took the beer from him. Before I could take a sip from it, he said: “Wait, I want to make a toast! To the best brother I could wish for, and to his best friend, who finally saw the error in his ways!” He laughed, but it was not a joyful laughter. He took both Tijs and me in his arms for a group hug. Then, very much out of character, he kissed our cheeks. He let go of us. He put the bottle of beer on his mouth and drank it in one gulp. Before I could say anything, he went to get a new one. I guess he was determined to get drunk. Poor guy, I wish I could console him. On his way back to us, he saw some guys he knew from the gym. He started talking with them. Every once in a while, he glanced over at me. I hoped he found some distraction. Tijs insisted that we should dance, so we went on the dancefloor. We danced for hours, and before I knew it, I saw that half the people were gone. I looked at my watch. It was almost 2 in the morning. I had lost track of time while dancing with Tijs. I suddenly felt very guilty towards Tim. I had abandoned him. I went to look for him. I found him on the terrasse, talking and laughing with some guys. He was pretty drunk, but otherwise, he seemed okay. I was relieved and went back to Tijs. I felt a bit lightheaded. After the beer Tim had given me, I had switched to cocktails and only now, when I was no longer dancing, I felt how drunk I actually was. Not so drunk that I felt ill or anything, more tipsy. When I found Tijs, I noticed he was also a bit intoxicated. We started dancing again, and Tijs became more tactile. Touching me, caressing my ass, and dancing quit close, almost grinding against me. I had to admit, it was not unpleasant. I liked the attention. After a short while, Tim came to us. His friends had left. Almost everyone was gone home, apart from some die hard party animals. It was getting more chilly, so Tijs suggested we go to the living room and talk. It was clear Tim was not able to drive anymore. We talked a bit, drank some more and had fun. It was like the good old times, as if nothing had changed. After a while, I started to nod off. No wonder, it was past 4 in the morning. All the guests had left. Tim suddenly announced that we should head home, he stood up, swayed a little and took out his car keys. I was tipsy, but still reasonable enough to realise Tim should not be driving anymore. I suggested taking a taxi. “Don’t be silly, I can still drive!” Tim slurred his words. “No, you’re not able to drive safely. Besides, there’s room enough here. I would love to have you sleep over.” Tijs chimed in. Tim seemed to enjoy the idea, so we went upstairs. We sat on Tijs’ bed. He had a huge bed, we could easily fit all three in there. I sat next to Tijs and he had placed his hand on my thigh. It was not the first time this evening that he touched me. But I didn’t mind, not even a bit. Then Tijs asked the million dollar question, which caused my heart to race and my face turn red. “So Tim, how did you discover you were bi?” I hoped Tim would be sound of mind enough to not tell the truth. I became very nervous all of a sudden. Lucky enough, Tim just shrugged. For me this was a sign that he didn’t want to respond to it, but Tijs didn’t know Tim like I did, so he pushed the matter. “What was it?” Tijs laughed a little drunk. “Did you have sex with a dude and found out you loved it?” He laughed maniacally. Boy he was so wasted. I got very nervous, but luckily Tim was still not responding. But then I noticed that Tim looked at Tijs’ hand on my thigh. Was he jealous? I hadn’t thought about that. I wasn’t jealous of Daphné, but maybe if another guy gave attention to Tim…? I just didn’t know, and truth be told, I was too drunk to think about it. I moved my leg, but Tijs didn’t realise it was because I wanted his hand away from my body as long as Tim was present, so he put his hand right back, but this time, closer to my crotch. The fact that I became hard, didn’t help. Now my hard dick started pressing against his hand. I looked at him and he smirked back. “You know what would be hot?” Tim softy said. “If you two made out.” While he said that, he looked down, but then he caught my eye and I could tell he meant it. He wanted to see me make out with someone else. Tijs looked at me and smiled awkwardly. I started laughing too. I became very nervous. Even though I had been intimate with Tijs before, we never actually kissed. We both looked at Tim. He looked dead serious. “Go on!” he insisted. Tijs looked back at me. I looked into his eyes. We moved our heads closer together and just before our lips met, we started giggling again. Man, why was I being so weird about it. I wanted to make out with Tijs, but it felt so weird since it didn’t come naturally. I guess Tijs felt the same way, because suddenly he placed his big manly hand at the back of my head and pushed his lips onto mine. I was so surprised (pleasantly!) that I forgot the awkwardness of it all. I felt his tongue against my lips. I slowly opened my lips and let him in. I put my arms around his neck. Once my initial shock was passed, it felt really good. Tijs was a great kisser. We kept going for a long time before Tijs broke the kiss. “You’re kind of a pervert!” He teased Tim. “Perving over a guy kissing your own brother.” The words were harsh, but Tijs said them in such a way it was clear he was turned on. Tim smiled and winked at me without Tijs noticing it. “Maybe you guys should make out too?” I suddenly blurted out. I had never thought about it, but then I realised that I would love to see Tim getting it on with another guy. I was surprised by how quickly Tim agreed. He got off the bed and walked over to Tijs. Tim put one finger on Tijs’ chest and pushed him down on the bed. Tim straddled him and leaned over him to kiss him. Tijs moaned softly. “He hadn’t done that when I kissed him.” I thought with a hint of jealousy. The feeling of jealousy quickly vanished and made room for lust. It was hot to see my best friend and my brother make out. What started out as a joke or a dare, suddenly became something else. And I was not the only one who felt it. Suddenly Tijs grabbed me by my shirt and pulled me closer. He stopped kissing Tim and turned to istanbul travesti me. Our lips met in a tender kiss. I opened my mouth to let his tongue in. It started tenderly, but became more passionate and wild. Tim started licking Tijs’ neck. While Tijs and I were kissing, I opened my eyes and looked directly into the beautiful eyes of my brother. I saw something in his eyes. It was clear that he was horny, but there was something more, but I was too caught up in what was happening to think about it. While he kept licking and kissing Tijs’ neck, I kept staring into his eyes.I felt so connected with my brother. Tijs was totally oblivious to the connection that Tim and I had at that moment. It felt so great to kiss my best friend while making eye contact with Tim. Tim began to unbutton Tijs’ shirt. He did it slowly, all the while keeping eye contact with me. We were all three drunk enough to be uninhibited, but not so drunk that we didn’t know what we were doing. My brother was slowly undressing Tijs, while my best friend placed his hand on my crotch.. He started massaging my bulge. Tijs unbuckled my belt and with one swift move, he opened my pants. He himself was now only wearing his boxer briefs. I kicked my jeans off and got my t-shirt off. The only one who was still fully dressed was Tim. I couldn’t do anything about it, because even though we were moving on dangerous ground here, I didn’t want Tijs to know that Tim and I had an incestous relationship. Tijs rolled back on his back and pulled me with him, so that I was half lying on him. Tim climbed his other side. Tijs suddenly displayed a horny smirk: “Two brothers… HOT!” was all he said, before first kissing me and then kissing Tim. Tijs propped himself up on his elbows. He looked seductively at both of us. “The only ones who didn’t make out together yet are the two of you.” He pointed out with a mischievous smirk on his face. “It’s my birthday, so you’ll have to do as I ask.” He bit his lip in anticipation, curious to see if we would take up the challenge. I looked at Tim, he looked at me. To Tijs it must have seemed as if we were debating if we would cross that line. Little did he know that we were only debating whether or not we would share our secret. We both sat on our knees on the bed, with Tijs laying down, resting on his elbows. His left leg was between my legs, his right leg between Tim’s legs. He looked at both of us in anticipation. Tim shrugged, I didn’t need much convincing either. We leaned to each other and our lips met. Tim placed his hand on my cheek and my mouth parted to let his tongue in. The alcohol was making many of the decisions. Tijs moaned softly. I got up from under us, kneeled next to us on the bed and whispered: “Wow, guys, that’s super hot!” Tim and I stopped kissing. I turned my head towards Tijs, while Tim started nibbling on my ear. I smiled at Tijs. “You guys are SICK!” He exclaimed, but not in a malicious way. He seemed to be in awe. He leaned in and started kissing me, Tim joined in, and the kissing became more frantic. It was the hottest thing I had experienced up until that point. Tijs had started to massage my bulge, while Tim had grabbed Tijs’ ass and spanked it gently. It didn’t take long before we were all buck naked. “Suck my dick!” Tim suddenly moaned. We didn’t know who he meant, so both Tijs and I got down and took turns sucking Tim, who loudly moaned: “Fuck yeah!” Tijs and I lapped our tongues acros Tim’s dick making out while his dick was between us. His dick was wet with precum and saliva. Tim had placed his big hands on both of our heads and guided us up and down his pole. Tijs suddenly pulled back, laid down on his back, grabbed his legs behind his knees and pulled them towards his chest, exposing his tight hole. I stopped sucking Tim and dove right in. I wanted to eat him out so badly. Tim moved over to Tijs’ face and swatted his big dick in Tijs’ face. Tijs moaned loudly while my tongue dug deeper and deeper inside of him. “Tim, fuck me!” He suddenly groaned. “I’m ready!” Tim moved behind Tijs, while I went to sit behind Tijs, taking him in my arms, holding his legs in place. Tijs took Tim’s nipples in his hands and started to pinch them, while Tim was milking his dick to get more lube on Tijs’ hole. When Tim pushed his dick in, I could feel Tijs tense up. He was holding his breath. Tim was too horny and too drunk to be gentle. It didn’t matter though, because Tijs seemed to be able to take it all. Maybe the alcohol helped him too. Tim looked me straight in the eye while he kept fucking Tijs. He took Tijs’ legs and guided them around his waist. He leaned back a bit, so that Tijs glided off of me. For a few seconds I was lost, not knowing what to do next. Luckily, Tijs came with a solution. “Sander, I want to fuck you.” He whispered. “Please, let me fuck you.” I went over to him and squatted down on his dick. I tried to push myself down, but it hurt too much without lube. Tijs chuckled a bit, reading my mind he said: “There’s some lube in the bed stand.” When I had lubed his dick and my hole, I gave it a second try. It worked better this time. When I sat down completely on Tijs’ dick, I felt Tim’s hands around my waste. He gently started kissing my neck and shoulder, while Tijs had put his hands on my hip and guided me in the right rhythm. I kept moaning, this was so hot. Tijs fucking me, with Tim holding me close. I guess we all were in a haze, because it didn’t take us long before we were panting all three and our fucking increased. Tim was the first to cum. This triggered Tijs. He rammed his dick one last time in my tight ass before crying out: “Shit! Fuck, yeah! Take my cum!” This left only me. I was wanking furiously, when Tijs took my hand and took it away from my dick. He pulled me towards him, and I almost fell over. His dick left my ass, along with the cum that dripped out of it. My dick touched his chin. He repositioned himself a bit and took my dick in his mouth. He placed his hands on my ass and pushed my dick deeper in his mouth. I started fucking his mouth. Tim, who had pulled out of Tijs, had walked around the bed and started kissing me, while he wanked himself. I felt my orgasm coming up, rolling over me like a wave. I panted loudly, as I shot my load inside my best friend’s throat. He did his best to swallow it all. At the moment I started shooting, Tim lost it too and huge spurts of his cum landed on both Tijs and me. We were all three sweating like pigs. I rolled off Tijs, while Tim laid himself down on the bed. We were panting and tired. Only now I started to realise what just had happened. My first threesome, the first time that someone knew that Tim and I were more than brothers. Fuck, what have we done… Tijs was the first one who moved. He took his boxer brief and started to clean himself off. When he was done, he tossed me the boxer brief and started laughing: “One for the collection, for old time’s sake.” Tim shot me a confused look. I just turned red and avoided eye contact. We hopped in the shower to rinse off, but we were all too tired to properly wash. Still damp, we laid on the bed, and it took less than a minute before we were all fast asleep. But just before I closed my eyes, I saw Tijs had that sad look on his face again. Poor guy.

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