Subject: Twins Get Free Pizza – Chapter 12 Nifty archivist: please add to my story series under gay/incest category Twins Get Free Pizza Welcome back to the twins story. Sorry for the long wait between chapters, but now I’m back with more. Thank you for reading. This story is entirely fictional. It depicts a loving, consensual sexual relationship between 2 young teen brothers, 1 older teen brother, and their father. This is my first story series on Nifty. I really appreciate hearing from readers. I can be reached at ail Remember: as you enjoy all the stories on Nifty, please consider donating to keep this archive alive and running strong. A donation of a few dollars a month helps keep the service viable. Chapter 12 *********************************************************************** For seven months I’ve been sleeping every night with my 13-year-old younger half brother, Connor. Well, not always sleeping. He has such an amazing body. I love exploring his bare chest, his lightly muscled belly, and most of all his spry young penis. I love sucking him off. I love the delicious reward I receive each time I bring him to a toe-curling orgasm – and he has so many in a row. I love sharing the flavor of his seed with him. Right after he cums, he takes my face in his hands and presses his young mouth to mine. At first, I play hard to get. I keep my lips sealed, but Connor pries them apart with his lithe young tongue and soon we are sharing his most recent load. We love swapping the cum back and forth between our mouths, letting it mix with our saliva and trickle down our throats. Of course, when I come in his young mouth I am eager to do the same. There are no barriers between us. Our bodies belong to each other, and their fluids. When we are feeling particularly spunky, we swivel to do each other in 69 position. We don’t do this much because I much rather watch my 19-year-old cock rocket in and out of his 13-year-old mouth. I love seeing him close his eyes and savor the flavor of my sex. I love seeing Connor work his throat to try to get my dick as far inside him as possible. I love watching his mouth swell as I shoot my load into him. He loves watching me suck him off too. But, at very special times, we will suck each other off in 69. One of those special times is the monthly anniversary of the night I took his cherry – his 13th birthday when he asked me to be his first. That magical night lives in my memory like a religious conversion experience. I swear, the moment I entered his young body, the clouds parted and the light of the universe shown down upon us. When I came in him, all the galaxy vibrated with my orgasm. It was amazing. It was even more amazing that I was taking Connor’s cherry right beside his twin brother Callum. Joe, our father, was busy taking Cal’s cherry on the same king-size bed. To enter Connor at the same time Callum’ cherry was plucked was beyond description. Admittedly, my eyes, my lust, and my love were entirely focused on Connor. Never before have I loved şişli travesti anyone as much as him – and in the 7 months since then, we have grown much closer. Tonight is the 7th anniversary of our love-making. I am tucked in between Connor’s smooth legs licking up and down his wonderful dick. We are working to bring ourselves off as close to when the other cums as possible. Connor stops sucking me off and lies still, enjoying the tongue bath I am giving his young penis. It is a beautiful penis – stiff and upright the way only a 13-year-old’s penis could be. He has grown since I first started sucking him off. His shaft is a little thicker, his dick maybe half an inch longer, and there are the first few wisps of pubic hair at the base of his cock. When they started to show up I began to name them after NTC – the Korean boy band with 21 members. It made Connor laugh to hear me talking to his new pubes by name. I spend lots of time between his legs, I want to be on a first name basis with all his parts. After all, he named my dick Conney. I get to name his boy bits too. I pull off the glorious rod and say, “Con, you gotta suck me. How else are we going to cum together. Get back to work.” Connor giggles and slides his young lips back over my raging hard-on. His mouth feels warm and familiar. His tongue on my dick is like the caress of a familiar pet. Blindfold me and have me sucked off by 10 different 13-year-old boys, and I could tell you exactly when Connor latches onto my rod. Oh gods, that would be nice – being sucked of by that many different boys – sign me up! But I know his touch. I know his suck. I return to his young penis with a will and a hunger. I slide his foreskin down off the rosy head and lick his pee slit. Many times I’ve drank from the fountain that is his dick. His pee is second on the list of my favorite fluids. But right now, I want him to come. I want him to burst a load in my mouth. I bob my head up and down between his legs – sliding my cheeks on the insides of his smooth thighs as he opens and closes his legs – thrusting into my mouth. His loads have been increasing as well. Now he comes almost as much as I do – we compared our ejaculations on the one time we didn’t immediately swallow each other down. More boy spunk means more boy spunk! I win no matter what. He is grinding down on my shaft, playing with my balls the way he knows will set me off. His delicate touch on my ballsack is completely opposite the passion and fervor he is showing my dick. He is sucking me with all his might. I feel the back of his young throat as he takes me deep. I feel the niggling twinge in my balls that signals how close I am to shooting into him. I slide a finger up to his ballsack – dripping with my saliva – and get it wet. I know exactly what to do to send him over the edge. We will cum together. I work the finger between his flopping legs and right up to the holy of holies – his asshole. Besides his dick, his butthole is my favorite place to hang out and tongue. beylikdüzü travesti There is nothing better than spreading the ass cheeks of a young boy and pushing your tongue right inside the ring of muscle at the very core of him. I tongue fuck Connor almost as much as I actually fuck him. His hole is so sensitive and responsive. I’ve made him cum from simply pushing my tongue into his hole. He loves it. Right now, I press my wet finger against the opening to his body. I push slowly and insistently – applying the right pressure to stretch his muscles and let me inside. As I go down on him, I push my finger up inside his hot body, feeling his moist squishy chute in my quest for his boy button. His legs stop their thrashing and drop open to either side of my head. He stops sucking me and starts to simply lick at my glans in an absent minded way – his whole focus is on his ass right now. My finger wiggles deeper, and I find his button. Even though he is barely sucking me, I won’t have any trouble cumming in his mouth. Once I feel his body clench and spasm in his boygasm, it will send me over the edge and I will burst. I tickle his button. He tenses. His whole body goes rigid with anticipation. I bob up and down on his young dick again. This time when I am at the top of my suck, I press my finger harder against his prostate as I slide down. This drives him over the edge. Connor arches his back. His legs tense, his belly tenses, his body vibrates. I feel his asshole spasm around my intruding finger and his young balls pull up against his pelvis. Then with a mighty grunt and a cute boyish moan, he lets loose with a gushing orgasm. His penis thrusts to the back of my mouth and starts to spew forth his young seed. I pull back a little bit and let his first shot hit my tongue. That is all I need. Without another thought, I feel my load racing up from my balls to spray into his waiting mouth. Connor’s second squirt matches my first. Then it’s all cumming. My mouth fills with his seed as I fill him to bursting with mine. Grunting and squirting. Neither of us lets the other’s cock go. Our dicks are spraying their loads into each others’ mouths. Three, four squirts of boy juice. I love the taste of Connor’s creamy salty sweetness. I fill his mouth with my offering – three and four shots. In the true youthfulness of a boy, I am done and he still squirts. After my final thrusting gush in his young mouth, he squirts one more pearl into mine. We lay there with our tongues around each other’s dick but don’t lick anymore once they are so sensitive. I gently pull back and suck that last of his seed from the tip of his dick. I pull back and close my lips over the treasure – not swallowing – ok, maybe a little, it’s so good! He does the same. He is spent, so I spin around and press my lips to his. Our lips open to each other and seal us together. Because I am on top, his cum flows from my mouth into his. He presses his cheeks together to send my seed back to me. Our seed – his istanbul travesti youth juice and my spunk – mixes in our mouths. There is too much to hold and some escapes our lips to dribble down his chin and onto his body – to be licked up later. We mix our cum till we are one. He pushes against me and we roll so he is on top – excess cum dribbling across my chest. Our cum slick tongues stoke against each other. I swallow once we are one. I feel Connor swallowing also. Our mixed loads going deep inside – renewing the bond between us. It is our communion. It is the joining of our fluids. It is our religion. I worship his young pubescent body as he worships my teenage virility. We separate and he sits above me, his young naked body astride me. He pushes back till our wet dicks rub against each other. He swallows the rest of the loads in his mouth, smiling down at me. I smile at him. I am so lucky. “Oops, missed some,” he says as he runs a finger across my chest to scoop up excess cum. He pops his finger into his mouth to lick it clean. I sit up and lean towards his smooth chest. I stick out my tongue and lick up a dribble of our cum that is hanging off his left nipple. I know his taste and I know my taste. This is the taste of the two of us together – the best flavor of all. I lick all the cum dribbles off his chin, off his neck, and off his chest. I nibble at his skin and make him giggle. He bends backwards and puts his hands on my legs – arching away from me. I continue to clean off his smooth skin with my tongue. I grind my manhood against his boyhood and hold him against me. He roll back up and says, “I love you.” I smirk and say, “You’re just saying that because I make you cum buckets and buckets.” He puts one hand on my stomach and one hand on his tummy. He begins to rub his hands in a circle. “Yum! Buckets of cum in our tummies. Tastes so good.” I look deeply into his eyes. “Connor, I love you so much.” He grins and says, “I know.” Then after the briefest pause, “Oh, I have a surprise for you.” “What’s that?” “You remember all those stories you told me about Jacob, your first boyfriend?” “Of course I do,” I whisper. Jacob. That name squeezes the air out of my chest. I feel desire and guilt. But mostly loss. He was my babysitter when I was 12. He was 16. He taught me so much about my body when he shared his body with me. But he got in trouble when someone saw him touching me – we were both naked. I liked what we did together. I told the detectives I liked it. He got arrested and charged with sex abuse. He had to move away from me. I cried that day, harder than I’d ever cried. He was my special friend, my first boyfriend. I never saw him again. “I found him, and I invited him to dinner. Tonight.” I sit bolt upright. “What the actual fuck?” Connor smirks and rolls off me. He climbs off our bed and saunters towards the bathroom, his young firm ass flexing as he walks. “You should take a shower. I’m going to if you want to join me. You smell like sex – my sex. He’ll be here…” He looks at the clock. “…in one hour.” With that he is out the door and down the hall. “Oh shit!” I flop back on the bed. My mind tripping over itself in fear, anticipation, guilt, and worry. “Jacob,” I whisper. “Oh, Jacob.” …to be continued.

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