Subject: The Littlest Ref As always, I get my story ideas from the things I see everyday. That is as realistic as this story gets, aside from the technical aspect of youth hockey (which are authentic). Again, the child star is an accurate description for a boy his age. I just think it takes away from the story to have to believe that a pre-pubescent boy is blessed with a John Holmes sized penis and the gallons of cum that go with it. Futher, for those people that doubt this would ever happen in real life, I say they are right. Children rarely are interested in having sex with an adult, let alone on the first meeting. But if your reading this, I take it you’re looking for a quick climax – and this is just fiction so just go with it. The adult star in this case has very minimal character development or description. If you’re reading stories in this category, then I assume odds are your fasicnation is with the underage characters. Like any hetersexual porn movie, the adult is merely a prop in this story and a description doesn’t change the outcome. STANDARD LEGAL STUFF: *This is completely fictional, except as already noted persons, places, and events referred to in this story are completely fictional. *If it is illegal for you to be reading this, either because of age or some other factor, STOP READING NOW! *Lastly, if stories involving sex between adults and minors, oral sex, anal sex, youth hockey, etc. are a turn off for you, STOP READING NOW! If none of this applies, sit back and enjoy. E-mail rants, raves, etc can be directed to ail (its my would be porn star name). Don’t bother flaming I won’t waste time reading it. The Littlest Ref (Mb, oral, anal) I’d been a hockey ref for a couple years now. It was long enough that I often was a referee for adult games, however I preferred to ref the youth hockey games. While its true I thought the kids tried harder and it was pretty cool to see them improving from game to game, the real reason was that I loved the look of pre-pubescent boys. I’d never actually done anything physical with one, I just enjoyed the way they looked and acted. My Saturdays had become routine lately, as one of the more experienced ref’s I’d taken on guiding the newer refs in their officiating of the youth games. Today’s game was two teams of 7 year olds and I was expecting to share the ice with an eager 15 year old by the name of Brian. Brian had great skills already and plenty of potential that just needed the right person to bring them to the surface. I’d ref’ed with Brian a couple times and like the young boys I loved to watch grow and develop, he too was growing and developing. I arrived at the rink and headed towards the locker room set aside for the referee’s to change for the games. Usually a Saturday afternoon of games could be handled by just two referee’s so I was suprised when I walked in to the usual locker room and was greeted by boxerbrief clad buns that I surely didn’t recognize as belonging to my usual Saturday afternoon ref, Brian. The youth I presently shared the locker room with had his back turned to me and was bent over digging through his equipment bag. Judging by the small muscular and clearly hairless legs I guessed him to be around 12 years old. I knew the league allowed refs this young, but I didn’t know they actually had any. My first thought was that he was a lost youth league player, but the familiar black and white stripes of the ref’s jersey quickly killed that idea. His back still turned to me it was clear my entry had been silent enough for him not to have heard me. I cleared my throat causing him to spin jerkily around on the balls of his feet and upset the contents of his equipment bag in the process. “I’m M-M-Marko,” he stammered. His offered me a slender hand as I paused kızkalesi escort to take in his dime sized nipples and gaze upon his abdomen caught somewhere between the definition of manhood and the rounded baby fat of boyhood. The reddish boxer briefs he wore gave only a hint of the boyhood they cradled. He certainly was one cute boy. A mop of dark hair and eyes to match rounded out the total experience. Swallowing, he again looked at me and explained that Brian had called the league office at the last minute to say that he was sick and couldn’t come today and he was the only person they could find at the last minute. It wasn’t necessary for Marko to thrust his level one card at me after rummaging around in his pile of equipment that he’d dumped only moments before for me to realize how green he really was, but it was another chance to gaze at the perfect globes that formed the backside I’d first been greeted with. Marko’s level one card confirmed that indeed he was as young as I first thought, he was just shy of his 12th birthday. Doing the math in my head, I figured out that he had gotten his level one card the day after he first became eligible – he was easily the youngest ref recognized by the league. He turned again to finish dressing – I couldn’t keep my eyes off him. I’d appreciated boys all my life, sex with one never crossed my mind, but here was Marko challenging all of those beliefs I’d lived with all these years. I was so distracted by the boy beauty it took me a couple tries to get all my gear right and I’d been doing this for years. I couldn’t help but think Marko was taking his time getting dressed, almost teasing me – he had to know. As dazed and confused as I was, I could swear he even cracked a slight smile once. Dressed, we both hit the ice. The game was as most Saturday games are between teams of 7 year olds. “Herd Hockey” was the term used to descibe the playing style of most 7 year olds, you could spend all week teaching them the aspects of every position, both offense and defense, but when Saturday came it was still every seven year old on the ice swatting at the puck regardless of what position they played. There really isn’t much penalty calling at this level, not that we go easy on them, just that they have too much else to master to be able to put it all together and still play rough enough for there to be more then the occasional penalty called. It was all I could do to focus on the game and keep my eyes off Marko. Even under all the padding, he still captivated me, so much so I let a few penalties that I would have called normally slip right by me. It wasn’t that I was being any nicer then usual, Marko had most if not all my attention while we were together on the ice. There was that smile again, I could swear he knew the effect he was having on me and working it to his advantage. I had to be crazy. As much as I was thinking about the two of us alone in the locker room after the game and seeing him naked and doused in the natural cologne of a sweaty boy; I just couldn’t imagine that he was sharing any of the same thoughts that were presently bombarding me. Finally the buzzer sounded and it was back to the locker room for Marko and I. Marko stripped down to his boxer briefs and the t-shirt he’d worn underneath the padding and everything else. Just as I had been fantasizing about, the sweet smell of a sweaty pre-pubescent boy drifted towards me. Out of the corner of my eye, I watched as Marko massaged a spot on his thigh just above the lower hem of his boxer briefs. I expected him to roll up the leg of his briefs and inspect the damage, apparently among all that I missed was a wild shot that struck Marko in the leg in such away that it narrowly missed all of his padding. tarsus escort My jaw dropped as Marko wiggled his way out of his boxer briefs and was completely exposed to me. I caught a glimpse again of his perfectly formed globes, but what caught my attention the most what what the briefs had been cradling all along. As the waistband came down Marko’s pale white hairless boyhood came clearly into view. I guessed it to be about 2 1/2 inches and about the diameter of my ring finger. His robin egg sized testicles hung close to him not having been bathed in testosterone yet. He was as perfect as I imagined! Stripped down to just my boxers, I could feel my own cock stirring. I sensed that Marko was acutely aware of the effect his nakedness was having on me. Marko, as far I could imagine, feigned distrust in his own assment of what to me looked like a small welt forming. “Could you take a look at it?” he asked. I was torn as to how to respond. If I said yes, I was certain that my own arousal would send a naked 11 year old boy running out of the room and screaming god only knows what. On the other hand if I said no, would that seem just as suspicious? I had just as many visions of explainations to the police as a result of saying no as I did if my arousal were to betray me if I said yes. I couldn’t actually form the words, so I simply walked towards him and nodded my consent. I kneeled on the floor in front of him, he lifted his narrow hips off the bench to bring the welt closer to me. His soft boyhood was mere inches from my face now, I could feel my own manhood swelling even more then it had. Much more of this and I was going to be in pain from the raging errection he was giving me. “Looks ok to me,” I said, taking a gamble I continued, “Here let me rub it a little and see if that helps.” I gingerly applied pressure with just the tips of my fingers and began rubbing the angry red spot on his leg. Marko relaxed under my massaging touch causing his legs to spread a bit wider. Closing his eyes, he leaned back against the lockers; continuing my massage, I watched as his small member swelled and pointed directly at me, almost accusatory. I could only imagine what this would look like if someone were to walk in on the two of us. Marko’s giggle broke my trance, “Your willie’s poking out just like mine,” he said pointing at the 7 inch tent I was sporting in my boxers. Marko pulled his leg away from me and said, “Let me see it!”. Suprised I blurted out, “What?” “I want to see your willie,” he repeated, “you got to see mine, I get to see yours, otherwise its no fair!” I couldn’t believe how I got myself into this situation. Here I was arguing with a very naked, and by my estimation, aroused 11 year old boy wearing nothing but a pair of boxers that was doing nothing to hide my own arousal. Were someone to walk in on us, there was no way I could possibly offer an explaination that would even come close to sounding believable. Repeating his demand, Marko said, “If you don’t let me see it, I’ll tell my mom where you touched me.” I was trapped, short of meeting his demands, I feared a long prison sentence as my only alternative. I hooked my hands in the waist band of my boxers and let them drop to my ankles. There I was just as naked and aroused as he was. Marko stood up and approached the door of the locker room, my mind was screaming to get my things and get out of there, but I couldn’t take my eyes off the way the globes of his ass clenched and unclenched with each step or how his now rigid boyhood bounced and swayed with each step. It was almost like he knew I was watching his every step, I was amazed it could take as long as it was for an 11 year old to cross from one end of the small locker room to the other. anamur escort He reached the door, and my heart skipped a beat. I was sure that this was the last of my freedom for quite sometime. Expecting him to open the door and rat me out for being a child molestor, I was speechless when he reached up and turned the deadbolt lock securing the small room from unexpected visitors. I sat back down on the bench and watched as Marko walked back across the room towards me. Marko reached me much faster then he reached the door across the room, I was all but sure he knew exactly what he was doing. Reaching me, he gave me the impression he was pointing at me with his still very errect member. “Suck it,” he said, “Suck my willie.” Who was I to argue? My mouth and his boyhood met somewhere in between. I closed my eyes and parted my lips and his slender shaft entered my mouth. I had to open my eyes, if only to confirm the fact that my face was buried in the hairless crotch of an 11 year old boy. My eyes didn’t deceive me, nor did my mouthfull of his rigid flesh. Marko had his hands on my shoulders and was gently fucking my mouth in rhythm with my sucking. Absentmindedly, I reached my hand around and sought out the pucker hidden by his fleshy globes. He swatted my hand away and I figured that was as far as this was going to go. It seemed like hours that I was teasing Marko’s rigid shaft with my tounge and mouth, but I’m sure it couldn’t have been more then minutes. Marko stopped fucking my mouth as I felt his penis twitch rapidly in my mouth. I didn’t need to hear the boy whimper to know he was in the midst of a dry orgasm. Pulling his penis out of my mouth, Marko dropped to his knees and grasped my rigid penis already dripping with pre-cum. Marko swallowed my entire member without hesitation, I began to believe that this wasn’t Marko’s first time. As if he had some sixth sense, Marko pulled my rigid penis out of his mouth just short of my own orgasm. Grasping it with his hand, I was expecting him to finish me off by hand. I was completely caught off guard when he scooted his hips up and aimed my swollen cock right at the crevice I’d been in seach of only minutes ago. It took Marko a second to get his aim right, but I could feel the wrinkled skin of his pucker wrapped around the now rather sensative head of my cock. Marko grunted and forced his hips towards my crotch. I felt the head of my cock push past his sphincter and lodge in the warm tightness of his insides. I was completely unprepared for Marko to relax and sit the rest of the way down on my cock. I was amazed, but it was true. I couldn’t see my cock buried deep inside of him, but I could feel his shapely globes resting on my hips. I didn’t need any more proof then that. I continued to be amazed as Marko rode me expertly, sitting up until just the head of my cock was inside of him and then letting himself slide down the length of my cock again. Several times he did this slowing down and speeding up, clearly he was in charge controlling both his and my pleasure. I was too lost in the pleausure he brought me to do much more then lay there and enjoy the ride. I felt Marko impale himself on my cock one last time as his pucker clenched repeatedly on my invading cock. I knew he was lost in another dry orgasm, I lost all control as well and flooded his innards with my own cum. Marko rested in my lap as my cock deflated and slid out of his battered ass. Crawling off my lap, he quickly got dressed as I sat there still in a daze. “Brian thought you’d like me. He says he’ll see you next weekend as usual. Thanks, I needed that.” With that he kissed me and let himself out of the locker room. I hadn’t noticed it before, but I caught a glimpse of the necklace he was wearing on the way out, it was M&B enclosed by a heart. All the sudden it hit me, “Oh my god! I think I just fucked Brian’s boyfriend!” I got dressed and left, my mind was already on next weekend. I think Brian and I are going to be a little closer from now on and I suspect that isn’t the last I’ll see of Marko either.

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