A Gift From Mum

A Gift From Mum
I came home from school, and mum had left me a present. As I entered my room, my eyes immediately focused on the lacy black knickers that were on display upon my pillow. As my school bag hit the floor, my cock was rock hard. My heart pounded as my eyes focused what a wonderful present. She knew what it would do to me, and I was eager to comply.

Since I’d been caught by my Mum, our dynamic had changed, and my deepest fantasies now seemed within reach. As I walked to my bed, my mind swirled captivated by the gift that had carefully been left for me.

The note simply read: “Enjoy Darling.”

The knickers were black, lacy in the front, and silky in the back. Closer inspection revealed a magical scent that was distinctly mum’s pussy. The crotch was still slightly damp, and decorated with white matter that could only be her cum.

As I held my prize to my nose, I realized that my right hand had found my hard throbbing cock within my underwear, and I was already stroking my member with purposeful aggression.

I licked the gusset of the knickers, tasting mum’s cum, and my dick began to spill pre-cum all over my fingers. I took her knickers away from my mouth just long enough to lick my fingers clean, only to quickly return them to my wanting cock.

“You like them Darling?” said the voice behind me.

As my balls boiled, I could only sigh, “yes. Thank you mum.”

“Good. Now lay down.” The voice instructed.

As I did as I was told, mum came to me, wearing only a t-shirt that came down just below her waist, and her knickerd covered pussy straddled my right thigh. My skin sensed every silky fiber of the damp knickers that covered the moist, hairy pussy the object of my desire.

For an instant, there was a pang of guilt as I thought, “This is my Mother.” But that brief moment of hesitation only served to fuel my lust. Not only was this my Mother, but this was the object of my most private fantasies ever since I can remember noticing the swellings beneath her t-shirt, her 38C titties, sporting nipples hard like number two pencil erasers, protruding through the fabric of her shirt. My cock ached, and I would have done anything she asked. Anything.

I inhaled her scent from her knickers again, and looked down to see the white sheer lace that covered the dark wisps of pussy hair which ground against my thigh, flexing to provide friction against her swollen clit. My mind felt wicked, and my eyes roamed from her damp hairy pussy, over the t-shirt up to the erect nubs that pressed out to greet me, over her sensual jaw line, to her blue green eyes that engaged me with a stare so full of lust I could have cum right then and there.

“Show me. Do it for me” was all the encouragement I needed.

Mum had been leaving me precious gifts in places since our encounter a few weeks ago; My cock would become rock-hard, and I couldn’t resist my need to stroke my cock with her knickers until I my balls would boil over with cum.

I was well and truly captivated.

As she slowly, humped my thigh, my tongue lapped at the silky black knickers that my left hand held to my face. My right hand struggled to get my shorts down so I could have free access to my hard young cock.

Mum’s beautiful brunette hair framed her face and as her eyes burned into my soul. My breathing became deep and ragged. I’d been jacking-off to her image for as long as I could remember, and now her soft, silky skin caressed my thigh, and for a moment, I actually questioned whether or not I was dreaming.

As my hand tugged on my stiff prick, I felt her lean forward to steady herself as her legs tensed and clamp down on my thigh. As she began to quiver, I felt my balls tighten, and my stomach clench jet-after-jet of jizz rocketed from the tip of my dick. The first strand landed square on my cheek, the second hitting me just under my chin, and the third and fourth drained onto my chest.

“Oh yesssss.” She hissed as her juices flooded through her knickers, coating my leg.

Mum’s pussy was soaking wet, and my young cock barely softened. mum ran her tongue over my hairless chest, collecting as much of my spunk as she could, then she leaned to me, kissing my full on the lips, sharing my cum with me. I ran my fingers through her hair, and over her back, as I eagerly kissed her back.

Abruptly, she sat upright, “Come on, you’re going shopping with me,” she instructed.

“Where are we going?” “You’ll see,” she beamed.

She used her black knickers to wipe my cum from my face and chin as she said, “Come here.” She lead me to her bedroom, where she went to her knicker drawer and pulled out a sexy pair of sheer white, nylon knickers. “Put these on” she instructed.

As I put out my hand and took the knickers, I gave her a bewildered look.

“You heard me. Put these on. We’re going shopping.”

Without objection, I took the knickers and headed to my bedroom, my hard cock bouncing before me with each step. I resisted the urge to wrap the knickers around my cock. Instead, I slid my feet through the leg-holes, feeling the delicate material against my skin, pulling the knickers up until the material strained to cover my rock hard cock. I had to tuck the head down to the left to try to get everything in place. The material between my legs and over my arse strained to conform to my shape. My heart was pounding over the prospect of wearing these forbidden treasures in public, and I was delirious with anticipation.

I wanted to cum again so badly, but it was so thrilling to wear Mums knickers, I just stood staring at my cock throbbing against the silky material. I turned to notice Mum wearing a pair of shorts and a white top, and given the appearance of her still erect nipples, apparently a very sheer bra.

“What do you think,” Do they make your nice young cock feel nice?”

Breathlessly, I stammered, “They’re fantastic.”

“Good. Put some shorts on, we’re going shopping.”

Forty minutes later we were standing in the middle of Chester. The silk of my knickers caressed my now perpetually hard young cock, and my senses raced, as my mother took me by the hand.

“Come-on, this will be fun!” Mum said with a sparkle in her eye.

With each step, my shorts rubbed against my silky knickers, and I could feel the pre-cum oozing from the tip of my hard cock. We went in to House of Frazer and as we approached the Ladies underwear department the first table was covered with knickers, `mum said “Help me find something sexy, something that you can’t resist.” My eyes scanned the table, and my mouth went dry.

“It makes you horny just to be in here, doesn’t it?” she whispered to me as she noticed my cock straining against my shorts.

The look in my eyes, and blush in my cheeks undoubtedly spoke for me, but I managed to stammer, ” Yeah. It does?”

“Being here with you, my Darling son, does me also,” she said with a wink.

We had selected three or four pairs of knickers when an attractive sales woman approached. She must have been in her late 40s. I didn’t feel the least bit ashamed as my swollen dick strained against my shorts, which was painfully obvious to anyone who would care to notice. Lyn’s nametag offered introduction, and the black skirt served to highlight her long, tanned legs. The white blouse she wore unbuttoned to the spot right between her breasts accentuated her narrow waist and full, round tits. Her hair cascaded to her shoulders, and she carried herself with confidence and grace. My eyes scanned her form, and as she asked if she could assist us, I felt my face redden as though I’d just been caught with my hand in the cookie jar.

“Yes, we’re looking for something sexy. Something he won’t be able to keep his hands off of.” My Mother said.

With a nod, and a slow turn, Lyn said, “I have exactly what you’re looking for. Please follow me.” She walked away with a smooth sashay that neither Mum nor I could resist staring at.

At a rack near the rear of the store, Lyn showed us a heavenly array of knickers in every color, in the silkiest of materials, all cut in a high thong style. “The comfort and sensuality of these are something that neither you, nor he, will be able to resist” she said, absent-mindedly caressing the crotch of a yellow pair.

“Mmmmm” mum cooed as her fingers traveled over the same yellow material. “I’ll bet these feel great.”

For my part, I was speechless.

“But how do they look?” mum asked.

“Wanna see?” Lyn shot back with a wicked grin.

“Oh, sure” mum chimed in, not entirely sure what to expect.

With a lookout glance to either side, Lyn calmly and carefully raised the hem of her skirt so the pair of sexy white knickers she was wearing came into plain view.

I heard myself audibly gasp as she ran her finger under the elastic of the leg-band to display the softness of the silk. “The way they caresses your pussy is unbelievable.”

I glanced at Mum, and her eyes were riveted to Lyn’s crotch. “You’re beautiful, er, uh, they’re beautiful,” she stammered.

“Why, thank you.” Lyn blushed. “Let me show you to a fitting room” she offered as she selected several colors, “size M ?”

Mother politely nodded, and took me by the hand as Lyn lead us yet further to the rear of the store, behind the rear display wall. As we entered the curtained room, Lyn pulled the d**** behind her, offering the three of us a measure of privacy.

“Here, try these on,” Lyn said as she offered mum a black pair of knickers.

Without saying a word, Mother pushed down her shorts and knickers in one motion, and separating them after they were off, handing me her lnickers, which I quickly noticed were wet. Unabashedly, mum stepped into the silky material before Lyn and my watchful eyes, snuggling them into place. “How do they look?” she asked as she turned to display her arse to Lyn and me.

I silently watched as Lyn extended her hand to caress the soft, smooth skin of Mother’s arse, she said, “they look wonderful.”

Mum said “you wanna see something so sexy?”

“Sure,” Lyn replied.

Mother looked at me as I stood there like a dope, and said “drop your shorts.”

It took my mind a moment to register her demand, but once I did. I unbuttoned and unzipped my shorts, letting them fall to the floor, revealing my white knickers. They had become nearly transparent where my pre-cum had leaked from the tip of my cock and soaked the material.

Lyn’s eyes filled with lust as she stared at the knickers that restrained my throbbing cock. She glanced at my mother and simply moaned her approval. “knickers”, she purred.

“May I have your knickers?” Mum asked Lyn.

Lyn silently nodded, and reached up under her skirt, removing her knickers with one smooth motion, handing them to mum.

“Mmmmm…” was all my Mother said.

“Here knock yourself out” was all mum said as she handed me Lyn’s knickers.

Lyn’s knickers were incredibly soft and delicate. I ran my fingers through the material, and lifted them to my face as I inhaled her musky scent. The crotch was damp, and there was the faint aroma of pee. For a moment I didn’t know what to do next. I looked over as Lyn stood watching me.

For my part, my heart was racing, and I couldn’t believe my eyes. This was easily the hottest thing I’d ever done.

Lyn reached out, and gave my hard cock a squeeze within its silky confines, while biting seductively on her lower lip. I watched my mother snake her hand between her thighs, causing her eyes to close momentarily in sexual enjoyment.

Soon Lyn’s breathing became ragged and wanting. She stared at me as I pulled my cock from the white knickers I was wearing, only to wrap Lyn’s sticky, wet knickers around the hard shaft with one hand, and I held mum’s knickers to my face with the other. The term ‘heaven’ only begins to describe what I was feeling. Instinctively I stroked my cock and caressed my balls.

In seconds, Lyn’s eyes locked on to me stroking of my hard young cock coated with her knickers, her left hand roughly squeezing her own tits.

That’s all it took for me. With several grunts, rope after rope of thick, white cum shot from the tip of my dick, all over the back of mum’s shirt. Mum turned around and kissed me full on the lips. What a good boy you are” Mum said.

We paid for the new knickers, which amazingly were on sale for 50% off, though we didn’t notice any signs to that affect.

As we headed to the car I carried mum’s shopping bag filled with her new knickers, amazed at what had just happened. The back of mum’s shirt was wet from the splattering of cum I’d given her, and she seemed to enjoy the display of unknown origins she was putting on as we left the shops.

Not truly believing what I’d just witnessed and participated in, I said, “Mum, I gotta go shopping with you more often.”

“Yes,” she giggled, “we make quite a team. Do you think we should have mentioned that we were Mother and Son?” or do you think she had an idea””

“We’ll just have to make it a point to visit her again, soon.”

As Mother and I walked through the carpark to our car, I was still in a state of sexual euphoria. My mind was literally spinning with what had just occurred.

I jumped in the passenger seat with a devious giggle, and mum took her place behind the wheel with a non-descript “Wow.”

We looked at each other and I said, “I have never seen anything so hot, so amazing, so INCREDIBLE, in my entire life! I gotta go shopping with you more often!”

Again, Mother simply giggled, and she was grinning like a Cheshire cat.

As she started the car, and backed from our parking spot, I noticed that mum had her legs slightly splayed, her pink shorts cupping her crotch snuggly, leaving the smooth, bronze skin of sexy thigh entirely on display. Her tits pressed against the thin material of her white top, and it was obvious her nipples were still at attention. Her skin seemed to virtually glow, and the sunlight caught her beautiful brunette hair as we merged with the other vehicles leaving the carpark.

We traveled along in relative silence for several minutes, the sound of rock music from the radio only serving as ambient noise. I was beginning to realize that we both were suffering from perm-a-grin.

“That was pretty hot, wasn’t it.” She said with a smile.

“Oh yeah.” Was all I could muster. My cock remained semi-stiff inside my knickers. “Wow.” Again seemed like the only appropriate comment.

We continued to make our way home, and I asked with a sly smile, “Can I ask you who was the first girl you ever kissed was? I mean really kissed.”

“Yeah, you can ask, but that doesn’t mean I’m gonna answer” she shot back.

“Come on, please? Who? When? Where? Details, please!”

I could swear I noticed her squirm. “It was Bronwen.”

“Bronwen?! Your best friend Bronwen?!” You could have knocked me over with a feather. I never suspected. How did I manage to overlook this one?!?

Bronwen hab rearly black hair who’s most notable physical attribute was her huge boobs, and she had been mother’s best-friend for as long as I could remember. Her hair normally hung to shoulders, and she had blue eyes. Because Bronwen was never terribly athletic, but she had a natural ‘womanhood’ about her. Standing roughly 5’6″, About a size 16 she was pretty to the extent that you’d expect for a woman her age. Mum told me she was in her late 40s. she was somewhat self-conscious about her big boobs 40DD. I couldn’t ever recall seeing her without her wearing a heavy-duty bra, which only succeeded to create a feast for the eyes that would send people into a catatonic stare. Most often, she treated me just like her very own son:.

“You’re k**ding?! More! I’ve got to know more! How’d that come about?” I pursued “” I could hardly believe my ears, and I didn’t want to miss a thing.

“Whoa, hold on there, little fella!, it’s not that big of a deal,” Mother teased.

She pulled in to a lay by and put the car in park, and turned slightly to face me and I was facing her now which also allowed some room for my dick to expand. “Come on, details! Details, please!”

“Well,” she said feigning an attempt at being nonchalant, “One Friday afternoon when I went over at her house, her husband was out at work.

Mum then turned slightly to face me, her nipples at full-attention, “We watched a fairly romantic movie, drinking the wine whole time. By the end, we were both pretty well on our way to being drunk when Bronwen made a comment about her husband not kissing her much. After a few minutes of chit-chat on the topic, I told her she could practice on me if she liked. At first she didn’t want to, because it wouldn’t be the same. Well quickly I worked up the courage, and leaned into her and kissed her full on the lips, which caught her off guard at first. The next thing I knew, she was responding, and soon we were French kissing with each other.”

As I listened to my mothers detail the softness and sensuality of kissing another girl, and how her mind and body reacted in such a sexual way. I sat, mouth agape, listening in awe. Absentmindedly, my hand had found its way down to my swollen member, and I was gently squeezing it through my shorts. I noticed mum’s hand was gliding back-and-forth along her smooth thigh, caressing it, as she recalled the details of the encounter. Her face and neck appeared to be flushed, and I swear her nipples looked as though they were going to poke through the material that strained to keep them covered.

Feeling bold, I took my hand from my prick, and extended it to meet with her straining nipple. Mum didn’t as much as flinch. As my fingers reached it, I gently began to strum and caress it through the thin material, occasionally using my thumb alternating with the backs of my fingers.

“Then what?” almost got caught in my throat, dry from my heavy breathing as I continued my assault on her nipple.

“Well,” she said hoarsely “We kinda went from there. Practicing on one another.”

“I’d love to hear the details.”

“I see that,” she said as she leaned forward, providing me better access to her firm 38C tits as she reached for my rock hard cock in one smooth motion.

“Like what?” again she teased while squeezing and rubbing my throbbing member through the confines of my shorts and knickers. “You want to hear about the first time I felt her big boobs?”

“Oh yes,” I panted as I increased the aggression of my groping of her tit.

“Well,” she said “a few days later, we found ourselves in almost the same circumstance, but this time, I think we both had the same thing in mind.” With that, Mum reached down with her other hand, and pulled down the waist band of my shorts and her knickers, allowing my cock to spring free. She grasped the shaft, just squeezing the girth, and the feeling of her hand on my straining cock made my heart race faster.

I took that cue and quickly lifted the hem of her top to above her tits, leaving them exposed for me to play with. Now with both hands, I squeezed her firm breasts and teased the crinkled flesh of her hard nipples. In part, I wanted to see if I could make her cum just from playing with her tits.

Mother described the scene, half panting, half moaning, “It didn’t take long for us to end up on the couch in her living room. We began kissing softly, eventually growing more urgent, in a deep French kiss. Before I knew what I was doing, I slid my hand up and I was squeezing my own tit, twisting my nipple between my thumb and fore finger through my t-shirt. My pussy was on fire, and I could feel my knickers getting damp. Maybe more damp than they’d ever been before. Then I realized I wanted to, no, I needed to feel her tit to see if she was as aroused as I was.”

My right hand strayed to mum’s boob, caressing her skin, working my way to the material that covered the her hairy pussy. They were damp. I used the knuckle of my index finger to firmly press the material into her heat, against her soft folds. Soon I was working my knuckle in a circular motion, and mother was gently rotating her hips in kind, trying to maximize the pressure I was creating.

Mum’s breathing was getting heavier as she continued, “It wasn’t long before we were lying in each other’s arms, kissing like long time lovers, our legs intertwined. I was caressing her sexy titties through her shirt, as she slowly humped my thigh which was pressed into her crotch. She felt so warm between her thighs, and her titties seemed so big and firm, I couldn’t believe I was touching another woman like this, let alone loving it so much. It seemed so natural. At first, Bronwen seemed more hesitant than I was, somehow unaware that my pussy ached, and needed to be touched. So, I decided to help her along. I took her hand that had been tentatively caressing my side, and I guided it to my wanting titty, and held her hand, showing her that it was o.k., that I craved her touch. This really seemed to set her off, and she really began to get into it. As she squeezed my tit, she broke our kiss, and with her eyes closed threw her head back, moaning softly with her eyes closed.”

Mother’s eyes were filled with lust as she continued “Then suddenly, her urgent humping of my thigh stopped, her legs clamped down, and I felt warm moisture saturate the crotch of her knickers as sobs and whimpers escaped her mouth. Bronwen was cumming, and cumming hard. She seemed to convulse for a full minute before the leg-lock began to subside. I couldn’t have been more proud of myself for getting her to cum, and I began kissing her softly, telling her how fucking powerful, and incredible I thought her orgasm was. We hadn’t removed a single piece of clothing.”

Pre-cum was oozing from the tip of my cock, and mum looked down at it with a fire in her eyes. I leaned forward and kissed her full on the lips, my tongue twisting and wrestling with hers in a passion I’d never experienced before.

“Get your shorts off,” Mum commanded as she broke our kiss, simultaneously straightening herself and sliding her thumbs beneath the waistband of her shorts and knickers. In one quick motion, she was naked from the chest down, and the car hand come to smell of her wonderful musk.

I did as I was told, yanking my shorts and knickers down to my ankles, awaiting what would happen next.

As mother swung her leg over to straddle my lap. Her dark hairy pussy pressed against my raging hard-on, immediately smearing her juices on the shaft, as she gently began to rub her clit against me.

Mother whispered, “you wanna hear more about Bronwen and I?”

“Please,” I begged breathlessly.

Mum rose up, and a sticky wet sound signaled the disconnection of her pussy from my cock. My senses were spinning as she reached down to direct my cock to her hairy cunt, easing herself down until just the tip of my penis touched her hole. With her other hand she spread her pussy lips as she let her body weight descend upon my pole, easing my dick into herself, one inch at a time. With her eyes closed, I eased my seat back so she’d have easier access, and it wasn’t long before she’d completely impaled herself upon my throbbing member. We were as one. I felt her pussy clench around my cock, squeezing and relaxing, until she finally came to rest, getting used to the size of my dick deep within her. To this day, I have never felt anything quite as perfect.

Her eyes opened and immediately caught my gaze. We looked into each other’s eyes, and she hissed, “Yessssss, that’s what I needed. My pussy has never felt so full, god you feel sooooo good! You like having your big cock in your mother’s pussy?”

“Oh yes, my mother, sitting on my dick I love it!”

“Well my loving son,” she resumed as her hips began to gyrate against my thrusting cock, “it didn’t take long before Bonwen and I were experimenting with one another in all kinds of ways, kissing as we held each other’s naked bodies so closely, our titties and hairy pussy’s rubbing together.”

Her story telling was slow, deliberate, and seductive as I thrust my meat into her pussy, I couldn’t tell if she was reliving the details for her benefit or for mine. “We’d caress each other until we couldn’t stand it anymore. She would finger my hairy pussy and I’d finger hers,” she panted, “Then I’d suck her big, beautiful tits, and she’d lick my cunt, or vice-versa.”

I couldn’t believe I was fucking my mother, here in a lay by, listening to her tell me graphic details of her lesbian affair with her best-friend Bronwen. At that point, I was glad I’d already cum twice that day, for fear of the moment getting away too quickly.

My hands kneaded her firm arse cheeks, and it wasn’t long until I snaked my index finger along her sweaty crack, down to her puckered arsehole. I teased and caressed the wrinkled bud, pressing the tip of my finger at the entrance.

Her breathing was ragged, and we’d met in a perfect rhythm of my cock working her pussy like a well-oiled piston as my index finger invaded her ass.

“Oh fuck!” she cried with her eyes closed, head thrown to the side of mine. Her mind was now solely focused on the intense sensation of her pussy gliding up and down on my cock.

Here we were, Mother and Son locked in the most intimate of exchanges, in the front seat of our car in broad daylight in a lay by. My how I wish I could have stopped time, right then and there but unfortunately, I could feel the cum beginning to boil in my balls.

“Oh fuck yeah! You like that, don’t you, mum? You like fucking my hard young cock, you like fucking your nasty son, don’t you?

“Mmmmmm yesssssss! Please fill my cunt with your spunk, Mark, ’cause I’m about to cum all over your young cock! Nuhhhh, uhhhhhhh.

I pressed my finger all the way into her arse, and as I gently wiggled it back and forth, I could feel my dick sliding in and out of her wet hairy pussy. It was incredible, and I was concentrating on not cumming until she did.

Suddenly her arse clenched around my finger, and her pussy clamped down on my cock, and I felt her thighs begin to shudder against mine as she buried her face into my chest.

“Huhhhhhhhhhhh, goddddddd! she cried as her orgasm swept over her. Two more thrusts into her quivering cunt, and my balls boiled over, my cock erupting its cum into her hairy pussy.

“Ohhhhhhh!” I grunted as I emptied my load into her pulsating womb. In moments I felt the warm liquid running over my balls between my legs, and down to my arsehole.

We lay together without moving, each of us trying to calm down and catch our breath.

After several minutes, I gently eased my finger from her arsehole, feeling it gently return to the soft pucker I’d found. My cock deflated, and with each moment I could feel more cum running over my dick and balls. Her hardened nipples softened, but her firm tits continued to push into my chest. The sensation was incredibly erotic as I held my mother close to my heaving chest. She raised her head, and we kissed the most sensual kiss I’ve ever known.

“Wow,” I sighed as we broke our embrace.

Mum drove home the rest of the way without cleaning up, and without putting on our underwear or shorts, just for the thrill of it.

“Wow” indeed.

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