Subject: An-exchange-student-completes-a-family-11 Dear reader, This story and all characters in it are fiction, though many of the places here in the Chicago area are real. Thanks to Nifty for providing a platform for aspiring authors. fty/donate.html Feel free to send my any feedback, ideas, thoughts, fantasies/desires, at all, and I hope you enjoy this story. =========== Cast of characters prior to this chapter: -Josh Johnson: The story is told from his POV. He’s early 30’s, white, and has a cock that bends downwards at the middle, which is the thickest point. Imagine a 3-d boomerang pointed down, or better yet — a cobra head prepared to strike. He thinks of himself as straight or maybe bi. -Ollie (Johnson): Josh’s son, 12 years old. 4″ dick that tapers at the head like his dad’s but has a slight upward angle and thickness distributed along the length. Pink nipples, he’s pinkish in general but his asshole is more brown than pink. -Jerico: Ollie’s best friend for years, also 12. Jerico is the son of Iraqi refugees and has olive skin, thick dark wavy hair and hazel eyes. He’s a little smaller than Ollie. He’s also about 4″ hard and is uncut. Ollie and Jerico sleep over at each other’s houses a lot. He’s needy and gets jealous easily. -Qing: 17yo Chinese foreign exchange student from Hong Kong. He’s skinny enough to have a little tailbone bump. He has spiky dark public hair, purplish balls and is cut with a dark purplish mushroom cockhead. His cock is smaller than Josh’s but bigger than the 12 year olds’ cocks. His asshole looks well-used since his father and older brother have been fucking him daily since his was 9 years old until he left for this exchange program. He loved it and misses it. -Manny: Early 20’s, 5’5″ short muscular Latino top. He fucked Qing in the bathroom of the pizzeria where he works and they exchanged numbers. He has a two-color scorpion tattoo, and his cock is larger than Qing’s. It’s uncut with a flared red head hiding under that foreskin. Qing figured out that he likes boys a lot younger than himself and in the last scene had Manny over to tag team fuck little Ollie with him. =========== An afternoon came where I got a text from Jerico. It was a simple, “Can I come over?” “Of course!” I replied. He texted back: “Ok, b a while. Have to take the (bus emoji).” “Where r u?” I texted back. “Fresh Farms” He texted back. That was near his house. “I’ll pick u up” I replied. He messaged: “Don’t call Mom or Dad.” Jerico’s falling out with Ollie due to his jealousy over Qing was still in effect so I knew he was probably coming to see me, not Ollie. I guessed he wanted to get into my pants strongly enough that he was planning to take the bus across town to get here. On the way over, I reminisced about the night Jerico slept in my bed when we kissed and I fucked him twice, the way he tried so earnestly to deepthroat me even though it made him gag, and the way his little uncut cock felt shooting its load in my mouth. As I approached Fresh Farms I imagined just taking him and fucking him in the back seat right there. To be honest, I felt a little less guilty about fucking a 12 year old who WASN’T my son. I saw him at the front of the store just standing at the curb. He didn’t look horny. He looked sad. He got in and said, “Can we just go?” I said, “OK,” and started out of the parking lot. “I…didn’t eat lunch” he said. It was 4pm already. “Wow, hungry?” I asked. “Yeah,” he said. “Jersey Mike’s ok?” We stopped across the street and I got him a sandwich to go and drove back to my place. Jerico seemed to be brooding. Qing and Ollie were both out of the house so we had it to ourselves. I grabbed him a can of Coke for his sandwich, placed it on the table and we sat. “So why’d you skip lunch?” I asked. He looked at the table silently. “You’re the only one who loves me.” şişli travesti he said. “The only person in the world.” He looked up and his eyes were wet. “Ohh….. That’s not true. Your Mom and-” He interrupted, “They kicked me out.” I looked at him, stunned. “They – WHY?” I asked. “Why do you THINK?” he responded. I said, “You’re only 12! What do they expect you to do?” He replied, “They don’t care. Dad said if we were home — I mean Najaf where he grew up, I’d be dead already, so I’m dead to him.” I sat, horrified, absorbing this news. “So how did they find out?” I asked. “I was a little careless with the internet on the family computer.” I asked, “Don’t you know how to delete your history and stuff?” “Maybe I WANTED him to find it,” he replied. “WHY?” I asked. “I KNEW this would happen,” he said. “I think I wanted this to happen. I wanted to get it over with.” “But why?” I persisted. “I don’t want to live there anymore,” he mumbled. “But where did you think you could-” He looked at me, his eyes pleading. “Ohhh,” I said. “Baby, come here,” I said. We shared a strong hug, and I kissed the top of his head. He broke down crying in my arms and we stayed like that for a while. I said, “We have to go there, I have to talk to them.” “No, no no! I don’t want to see them!” he almost shouted. I asked, “Where are your things, your clothes, your schoolbooks?” “At home,” he mumbled. “Well, we have to at least go get your things,” I said. He looked distraught. “Ok, you don’t have to see them but we have to get your things. Of course you can stay here until this blows over.” He replied, “This will NEVER. Blow. OVER.” I drove to Jerico’s house, and rang the doorbell. Jerico stayed in the car and watched. His father Mustafa answered the door after a moment. He looked past me at the car and saw Jerico, and his jaw clenched. “You’ve come to gather the little faggot’s trash,” he stated. I said, “Mustafa, I-” He interrupted, “He wants to stay with YOU?” His face was reddening, in anger. “Do you know what POISON he will bring to your house? He will CORRUPT your SON! What are you thinking? In sha’Allah you will come to your senses!” I just stared at him wide-eyed, amazed to see this horrible thing happening in front of me. I couldn’t utter a word. He whirled and walked back into the house. It wasn’t an invitation, so I just stood there. He came back with a pile of clothes and threw them on the ground. He turned around and went back in, and I saw Jerico’s mother Hamida weeping in the entryway. She did nothing to stop her husband. Mustafa came out with another armload of Jerico’s things. He went in and came back out yet again with books and papers. He threw them on the ground and some of the papers scattered. I was glad there was no wind. He looked up, eyes shiny and wet, and his face red, and bellowed, “That’s everything that belongs to the little munharif!” He looked past me to the car. “Tell the shadh he’s NEVER welcome back! And for your sake, dump him in a ditch somewhere before he hurts YOUR child!” He went back in and slammed the door. As I bent to pick up Jerico’s things, I could hear Hamida loudly crying in the house. Then I heard the car door close and Jerico was coming to help me pick up his things. We both listened in silence to his mother weeping. Jerico cried in the car for most of the drive home. I was silent but held his hand in the front seat. I was angry. Legally what Jerico and I had done would be considered statutory rape, but the abuse his father had dished out was appalling. I didn’t think there could ever be reconciliation with his parents. Years later possibly, but not anytime soon. No wonder Jerico was so damaged and “needy” as Ollie said. We got home and my talk with Jerico centered around him telling me stories about the abuse in his childhood — so far, since he beylikdüzü travesti still had more childhood yet to experience — and me being variously appalled, saddened, and angry. Qing and Ollie came home and I asked, “Where have YOU been?” Qing replied with a grin, “having fun!” I guessed there was a story there I was going to learn in due time, but not now. I said, “Guys, I need to talk to Ollie for a moment, okay?” Ollie saw Jerico sitting at the table and his face fell. “Okay,” he said. I looked at Qing and jerked my head in the “get out of here” kind of way. Ollie sat at the table and I looked at him and said, “Jerico’s going to be staying here, probably for a while.” “Why?” complained Ollie. I said, “Ollie, you guys had a little fight, but you care about Jerico, right?” He grudgingly mumbled, “Of course I do.” I said, “Ollie, Jerico’s Dad..” Ollie looked up suddenly, concerned, “Oh, Dad, Mr. Hassan’s a bad dude!” I sighed, “Yeah, I know. Ollie, he kicked Jerico out of the house for being gay.” Ollie looked over at Jerico. “And Mrs. Hassan?” Jerico answered, “She hates me too!” I said, “I don’t think she could stop him from doing what he wanted.” Jerico corrected, “What THEY wanted.” “Oh Jer!” said Ollie. He stood up and walked to Jerico. He put his hand under Jerico’s arm to prompt him to stand up. Jerico looked at him, then me, and he got up and fell into Ollie’s arms in a hug. He started crying and then bawling. I saw that Ollie was crying too. I said, over the bawling, “He’s staying here. We’re going to be here for him.” Ollie responded, “Yeah dad, of COURSE.” Qing crept back into the room and looked at me. I walked over as we watched the boys hug and cry. “Did someone die?” he asked. “No,” I said. I quietly explained the situation to him. —————– That night, we made room for Jerico’s things in the house and Ollie and Jerico went to bed early, emotionally drained. They slept in the same bed. Qing and I stayed up a little later, and talked about things, catching up. Qing said to me, “You know, Jerico hates HIS dad but I really miss mine!” He tugged at his waistband and leered at me. “Did you ever sleep in the same bed?” I asked. “No,” he said. “He’d come into my room and fuck me there whenever Mom wasn’t around. My brother and I would sleep together a lot though.” I asked, “How old was your brother anyway?” He said, “There was a long gap between us. He’s seven years older than me. We shared a bedroom and he started fucking me when I was nine and he was sixteen.” He paused and added, “He said I asked for it.” He shrugged. “I used to be a lot more feminine.” He continued, “So anyway, he got in trouble with my Dad when Dad caught him fucking me once, and then a second time. The third time he caught us I knew he was going to get in trouble again and I said, “Dad, don’t get mad at him. I LIKE it!” Qing chuckled. “He said, ‘You LIKE it?’ And then he just walked out of the room and left us wondering if Cheuk was going to get in trouble. I was ten then.” “The next day Dad cornered me in the bathroom. Mom was out with her friends. Dad had put his hand on my ass and I remember he said, “You LIKE it.” He bent me over the counter and took off my towel. I was scared. He put something on my ass, maybe lotion or something. He was repeating the whole time, “you LIKE it, you LIKE it.” Then he just tried to shove his cock in my ass. It was bigger than my brother’s and I remembered thinking it was going to rip me apart. I wasn’t ready for him and I probably just clenched too much. I was in shock I think. It turned into a question, “You LIKE it? You LIKE it?” I said, “Yes, Yes,” even though I wasn’t sure if I did. I didn’t want to make it sound like I lied earlier about my brother fucking me. But when Dad came in my ass it felt powerful. I imagined I was absorbing istanbul travesti his strength, his qualities… like he was transmitting them to me with his orgasm. I liked that feeling.” He continued, “The next day it happened again, in the evening. I knew what to expect that time and I could relax and take it better. When I went to bed I told my brother about it. He wanted to see the evidence. So I showed him my asshole. It was still wet inside with Dad’s cum. Cheuk was fascinated and of course, he had to fuck me again. It felt different that time and from then on because Cheuk was more confident. You see, if Dad could fuck me, so could he. He had permission, basically.” Qing continued, “It turned into a conspiracy. Dad and Cheuk were both straight but they had a hole they could fuck anytime they wanted. When Cheuk would fuck me Dad was watching out for Mom and when Dad fucked me, Cheuk was looking out for Mom. We all kept it away from Mom. After a few ‘accidents,’ Dad got me an enema kit and showed me how to use it. I kept it hidden in the bedroom, until I left it in the bathroom once. Mom saw it and so Dad said he got it for constipation. After that, it stayed in the bathroom and I tried to always be ready. I always imagined when they came in me that I was absorbing their essence, their spirit…I don’t know if there’s an English word for it.” I asked, “Did anyone else fuck you in Hong Kong, or just your dad and brother?” Qing said, “Well, a few times Cheuk brought horny friends over just so they could fuck me. He wanted to show off to certain people that he had a fuckhole at home he could use. I loved it when that happened. It was like a different adventure each time. But my Dad made him stop when he found out. He was a hypocrite because he also had a friend who fucked me. He was old, like 50. He had these big droopy balls and a pot belly. His cock always felt kind of soft inside me. It was big, but soft like a worm. He was ugly but I liked it. I liked the way his big soft cock felt in me.” He paused. “Sometimes I see really gross looking guys and I get turned on thinking about them fucking me and leaving their nasty cum in me. It’s like I’m going to soak up this really depraved essence from them, but I crave it.” “Oh that explains me,” I said. He laughed, “Oh no, you’re not gross. You’re hot! I’m talking about like the wrinkled up great grandpa that stares at me on the bus.” I thought about a line of old men fucking Qing, no one turned away. Somehow it was hot. I asked him, “So when’s the first time you fucked anyone, I mean, like a top?” He said, “Ollie. First blowjob too. I didn’t realize how much I’d like it. I used to just jack off after getting fucked, or sometimes cum when I was getting fucked.” He smiled and looked at me. “So now when I fuck Ollie, when I FUCK your SON,” he grinned at how perverse he’d made it sound, “I feel like I’m giving him my essence too. Like maybe he’s half Qing by now.” I replied, “And part Manny and part me, I mean, apart from genetics.” He looked at me, “Josh, you have a great cock. You have no idea. Ollie loves your cock in him. Manny’s too, that one time. But I’m the one who he sleeps with and who gets to fuck him all the time.” I thought about Jerico. “About that…Jerico thinks you’re Ollie’s boyfriend. I mean, he thinks HE’s Ollie’s boyfriend, or WAS, until you arrived. And that you replaced him. That’s why he’s so jealous. His home life is a mess and he told me today that I’m the only person who loves him.” Qing asked, “DO you love him?” I replied, “He’s been Ollie’s best friend for years. I care about him a lot. It’s more fatherly. Especially now that I really understand who his father is. And he’s fragile.” I continued, “Jerico really needs us right now. He needs his best friend Ollie. I know his jealousy isn’t your fault, or Ollie’s. But you guys need to help fix it anyway.” Qing said, “I get it. Maybe I’ll just leave them alone tonight and sleep in your room?” I replied, “That… is a wonderful idea.” Qing’s eyes sparkled. “I’ve missed having a Daddy cock in me anyway,” he said.

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