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May the flies of a thousand camels infest your armpits for not succumbing to the passions of your fertile imagination! If you are underage (below 18) or object to the subject matter, leave now as the door that let you in will also let you out. Also, don’t forget if this story or series of stories make you quake in your shorts, donate! fty/donate.html Keep this great venue of erotica free and on-line! From Chapter 5: He told me that the water boy is in the locker room pre-game and post-game, and during the game he was right with the players and made sure that everyone had water. He said that if I liked his scent, I would love the combined scents in the locker room. He was still drowsy and nuzzled his nose into the back of my neck, and his cock throbbed again. We fell asleep again, this time my dreams were of my Brad making brotherly love to me, and me taking his cock inside me. ————————————– We awoke, and stumbled to the bathroom, Brad easily let loose his stream, I was a little shy and took a moment to do so. While I started pissing, my mind went over the events of last evening, as well as my thoughts. It was a strange feeling waking up with my head on my brother’s chest, his arm holding onto me tightly. We were both naked, I awoke a little before him and I let my hand play a little with the hair on his chest. I could feel my legs wrapped with his and the feeling of his hair on my nearly hairless legs. I let my hand stray down his eight-pack and the trail of hair as it thickened into his manly bush at the root of his cock, which was semi-hard. I felt the skin on his cock, and it was so soft, yet I vividly remembered how hard his cock was in my mouth. How something that was so rigid, was now not totally hard, but the skin felt so differently. “Dude, snap out of it, you’re just staring at my cock.” He said and it snapped me out of the memory I was in. “Sorry, lost in thought.” I said, giving my little pecker a shake and turning around to leave. “You don’t have to leave, just wanted to snap you out of the trance you were in.” He said stepping up to the sink and grabbing the shaving cream, “You can stay and talk with me while I shave.” I sat on the toilet, and watched my big brother lather up his face and start shaving. I was envious as if I did that I would be just going through the motions as I did not have any facial hair yet. “Now, you’re going to be one of three water boys tonight, the other two are a little weird”, his statement was interrupted by him making a face and drawing the razor up his neck to his chin. “Joey and Mike are kinda different, but still good water boys. They also help sometimes when the guys want eye black put on but don’t want to deal with the mess. I’ll have you do mine first, so that you know what to do.” He was done shaving and bent over and splashed water on his face to wash off the remnants of the shaving cream. “Why do you put that stuff on your faces anyway?” I asked, eyeballing my naked brother from head to toe. “It helps with the glare from the stadium lights and sunshine, but we also call it war paint.” He said as he shifted his weight to one foot, put his hand on the sink and faced me full on with his body. He was so gorgeous, his now smooth face, like mine, led to an abrupt forest line at his collarbone. His chest hair was kinda thick in the middle and became sparser where his chest met his armpit, though I could see the twenty to thirty hairs that connected his long pit hair to the shorter hair on the face of his pec. I openly let my eyes go down his body and looked at his cock and balls. He always poked out of his pubes by about three or four inches and it rested straight down, as if pointing to his large heavy balls. His powerful legs were covered in a thick forest of coarser hair than on his chest, and it extended all the way down his legs to his ankles where it stopped, his re-emerged as some hair on the top of his foot. His feet weren’t wide, but narrow and long I knew he wore a thirteen shoe. “Hey, when you get done ogling my body, I have more to tell you.” “Sorry, just wishing I was as hairy and big as you.” I said staring up to his big brown eyes. “Bro, we’ve talked about this, you’ll get there. Look, you have pubes, and if you look in your pits you have already started growing hair there too. Be patient, plus I have enough for the both of us.” He said as he rubbed his free hand through the forest in the valley of his chest and abs. “Come on, we need to talk more so that you know how to help us get into our pads and things.” He said with a turn and walked out the door towards the kitchen. I savored the hair on his cheeks and the little patch at the small of his back that caused a dark valley to start at the top of his crack. He started breakfast and told me to sit on the stool so that he could talk to me and answer questions. I watched him as he cracked the eggs and whipped them, he was making omelets, yeah! He told me about the straps that are on the pads and how sometimes it is a pain in the ass to get them snapped, because the jersey they wear is so tight with pads in it. So, one of my jobs would be to go around with the other water boys and help the guys get those snapped and in place. He warned me that although I can touch any part of him, don’t get handsy with the other guys. Normally the guys taped their own shoes, but sometimes they forget until after they get their pads on, then it is almost impossible to do it. If that happens, and they tell me to do it, ask how. In no time flat it seemed, Brad had made a large omelet for himself and a smaller one for me. I followed him to the kitchen table, and I sat next to him as we scarfed down our breakfast. It felt weird again, as I had never been naked for so long. The feeling was starting to feel like a good weird, not a bad istanbul travesti one. I peppered him with ‘what if’ questions about a host of different things, and he answered them all. Most of his answers were ‘just come and find me for an answer’, or ‘just ask’. We finished breakfast and saw that it was already noon, we had slept in a long time. “I need to get my muscles warmed up, so I am going to go for a jog.” He said as he picked out a pair of cut off sweatpants, socks and shoes. I sat on my bed as he dressed himself, just watching the different muscle groups work as he did different things. “When I get back, I’ll let you smell me if you want, but tonight after the game I am going to be exhausted. So, don’t expect anything please.” He said as he stood, shirtless, in his shorts without any underwear, and running shoes. I watched him close the side door behind him and through the window I could see him start jogging down the street. I knew he would be gone for a while, so I got underwear on, and some shorts and started finishing his laundry. Mom might get home early from her opening shift, and I didn’t want to be naked if she walked in. I emptied his gear bag of all his dirty clothes and put them in the wash. I took his helmet and pads and took a Clorox wipe to them so that they were clean, and it got rid of the excess oil from his sweat. I was just finishing his helmet when Mom walked in. “Hi Mom! Guess what, Brad got me a job as a water boy for his team tonight!” I said eagerly, giving her a great big hug. “That’s great! Listen honey, I am really tired, and want to take like a two-hour nap so that I am awake for the game. Where is your brother?” She asked looking around. “He’s off jogging to get himself all warmed up for the game tonight. I am so excited for him!” I said eagerly, returning to my handiwork and smiled at Brad’s cleaned pads and helmet. She kissed me on the cheek and went to her room. I changed the laundry to make sure everything was perfect for my big bro. Later, when the dryer buzzed, I ran to open the door and stop it so it wouldn’t wake Mom up. Taking the load of hot clean laundry to our room and dumping it on my bed and started folding. I heard the door open and Brad came into our room, covered in sweat, body glistening. “Mom is home and taking a nap, so we need to be quiet.” I said and he nodded. Brad took out his ear buds and put them on his shelf, as he did, I saw that it must have been hot outside as his grey cut-offs were black around the waist and forming a triangle at the top of his cheeks. He turned and just looked at me, and put his hands on his head, he was still breathing a little hard. I licked the copious amounts of sweat off of him and sucked a little on his long-wet pit hairs. I had a towel nearby, and when I was done licking what I could, I handed it to him to wipe off his face. He tossed the towel on his bed and untied his shorts and let them drop to his ankles. I knelt and savored his saltiness, and the wetness on my face. I did something that I haven’t done before, I got behind him and licked the wet hair at the small of his back and the top of his crack. He didn’t stop me, so I tried something new, I licked his crack. The musky smell hit me like a cannon ball to the face. It was pungent, but not gross. I nosed my face into his crack and felt how wet my face was getting. I opened my mouth and let my tongue lick up and down. I his pucker with my tongue and he let out a gasp, then a quiet moan. Without taking my face from his crack I reached over to his bed and took the towel and dried his legs as I licked his pucker again and again. At one point, he bent his knees and put his hands on his thighs and that opened his crack a little more. I took advantage of it and licked and even sucked a little on his pucker. The sounds he was making were pleasurable sounds, so that egged me on. I finally felt his hand on the back of my head pulling me in deeper. I tried poking my tongue into him and he let out a gasp, and his hand gripped the back of my head tighter. I did this licking of his crack from top to bottom several times until he gently pushed my head back. He stood, looking away, breathing hard for a moment then took the towel from me and threw it on his bed and sat on it. He kicked his shorts off, and tossed them into the hamper, and bent over and took off his shoes and socks and tossed them to the side. He sat there naked on his bed, his elbows on his thighs and slowly catching his breath. I spotted his cock was rock hard, albeit shadowed by him bending over. He got up and went to the bathroom to take a shower. As the sound of the water started, I laid out his jersey, jock, socks, and went and got his pads and helmet and laid them on my bed neatly. He came back in from the bathroom, hair still kinda wet, and saw my bed. He smiled at me, and said he was going to lay down and get his mind ready for the game. He told me to go and watch TV, but to make sure he was awake when Mom woke up so that he can start getting dressed and leave in time for the game. —————————— An hour or so later, my alarm goes off on my phone and I get up and start down the hall, it was 4:00 p.m. Mom comes out of her room and looks better and smiles at me. I stand in front of our door, knowing that Brad is napping nude. It doesn’t really matter, whenever Mom opens our door anymore, she does it facing away as not to see anything anyway. “Time to wake up the MVP.” I say as she kisses me on the forehead and goes into the living room and starts watching TV. I open the door to our room and Brad is laying on his back, not under the covers, totally nude, and hard. I take the few steps and put my hand on his shoulder to jostle him a little to wake him. His eyes open and he smiles at me, “Time for the MVP and best big bro to get up.” I say, leaving my hand on his radiating hot muscular shoulder. “I don’t know about MVP, but yep, time to get up.” He says as he does a couple full body stretches on his back in bed as I watch. “What time is it?” He asks rhetorically as he looks at the clock, “Shit, we need to get ready and go, I need to be there in half an hour!” He says as he jumps up out of bed and starts to look almost frantically around for things. “Brad, chill, and stand still.” I say as I pull him closer to my bed and get on my knees. I reach over and get his socks, and I grab one leg. He calms down and puts his hands on my shoulders as I put his socks on each foot, making sure the blocks from the nike design are straight in back. I reach over and grab his jock, and he steps one leg at a time into it, and I pull it up and it barely holds his cock and balls, especially since he was kadıköy travesti still had a partial. It took a moment for me to make sure that the straps are not twisted in his leg hair, and cheek hair. I know he likes to hang to the left, so I turned his softening cock to the left. His expression on his face was a mixture pride and happiness as I made sure that his uniform was perfect. As I reach over to get his padded long shorts, he says “You really know what to do and how I really wear things. It’s impressive.” I have him step into these padded shorts, which aren’t his compression shorts, but padding. I pull them up and make sure that his socks and jock didn’t get moved around at all. I use my hands to spread out any creases, and wrinkles. These shorts don’t frame him as well as his compression shorts, but I could still make out his cock and balls easily and rubbed my hand across them feeling the heat transfer out. Finally, his pants were put on, and laced up. I had him turn around as I made sure that everything was perfect on his perfect body. I stood up and had to force his pads into his jersey, and then still smooth out the fabric over it. Brad looked it over and nodded in acceptance of my work. I took the three steps to his dresser and grabbed one of his side less shirts and he put his hands out for the holes, and I gathered it up and popped his head through the hole and pulled the two pieces of fabric down and tucked it into his waistband. I again smoothed out the shirt across his muscular chest, and Brad stuck out his chest to my touch, then flexed for my touch. When I was done, all that was left was to get him into his pads, helmet and cleats. “You are the best of the best brother anyone could ever have.” He said, as he grabbed me and held me tight to him and kissed me deeply. I just melted into his strong arms, and he just held on to me. “You know that getting me out of this is going to be easier tonight, but I will be sore and tired. So, no playing tonight.” He said as he broke our kiss, but his words came out of him a millimeter from my lips. “Just being able to do this is a dream, and if I can help you out of it, and fall asleep on your chest like last night, you will make me happy.” I say in a fog of love for my big brother. “Hey, you two, don’t you need to get going?” We hear from Mom in the living room. “She’s right, we gotta go.” Brad said as he gave me another quick kiss and let me go. “We’ll see you there Mom.” Brad said as he and I headed out the door. Brad grabs his cleats outside the back door and bangs them together to get the mud off of them. We jump into the truck and off we go. We park the truck and he puts his cleats on and ties them tight. Hopping out, he tosses me the keys since he didn’t have any pockets to hold them. We enter the locker room and the smell slams me in the face like a sledgehammer, axe, deodorant, and the lingering old sweat smell mixed together was overwhelming. Brad introduces me to the coach and staff, and then starts to introduce me to other players, most of them in differing levels of dress, some nude. I looked around, while no one had the muscular build the same as Brad, all were lithe and or muscular in certain parts. Of the ones I could see, Brad wasn’t the only one with a hairy chest, there were several without shirts, all with different patterns of hair. Not one player though was out of shape, or unattractive in one sense or the other. Brad though outshone them all. I meet up with Joey and Mike, who I have in English lit, and we talk about mundane things for a minute or two before Brad breaks up the conversation. He hands me a plastic tub of black stuff and I recognize it as ‘war paint’. He says that he wants downward triangles from his eyes and explains the design. I have no problem getting my fingers in the black goo and painting up my brother. While I was doing this the players seemed to line up as Joey, Mike and I start applying it. Some just wanted a bar, while others saw what I did to my brother and wanted the same. I did, but not as big as his. Feeling these other guys faces, it was different, as some of them radiated heat like Brad, while others didn’t. After we were done, one of the staff handed some acetone to us so we could get that stuff off easier. It was like tar and was hard for me to et my hands clean. When all three of us were done, we came back into the locker room and all the players were starting to put on their pads. I found Brad immediately and I almost had to yank his jersey down his body until his head popped out the top. I reached in through the blue arm hole and found the snaps and took care of each side. Brad warned me about catching pit hair in them, so I was very careful. There were other players that were struggling and the three of us went from player to player reaching our small hands in under the players arms and snapping them into their pads. Joey wasn’t careful with one of the guys and caught pit hair and it was yanked out, and Joey was pushed to the floor. Brad’s hand immediately was in front of me pushing me back out of the fray. All the players funneled out of the locker room onto the end field and handed us three all their gear like gloves, etc. and we had to run it over to our benches. The guys started doing stretches and stuff, some of which made the three of us snigger a little as it was kinda funny watching everyone take big steps, and then long side-way steps and such. I knew from what Brad told me it was warm up exercises and stretches. The three of us got the four big thermos jugs from the locker room and brought them out to the spicket. One of the staff members came over and dumped a measured amount of Gatorade into each one and we started filling them. The same staff member came over with four bags of ice and dropped them in front of us. I opened the first one and dumped it into the filling jug. We had a small boat oar to mix it all up, and when it reached the brim, we switched out the jugs. They were heavy as hell, but two of us brought them to the bench at a time. By the time we were done with this, I was a sweaty mess, we all were. The stands started to fill with people fanning themselves relentlessly. I spotted Mom, she waved and then went back to fanning herself. Joey and Mike explained that we had to keep the squeeze bottles half full and try to fill them up before we took them out so the guys could have cold fluid. So, I was handed a caddy with eight squeeze bottles in them and started filling them to half. It was now six o’clock and game time. All the guys got their helmets on, and a couple of them told one of us to adjust this strap or that. I caught Brad’s eye before he disappeared into the group of players, and he winked at me. I was so happy. The game lasted what seemed bakırköy travesti like forever, it always does, on TV or in person. Brad was awesome, as the quarterback he was hit several times hard by the opposing team, but got up, shook it off and went back to playing. It was dark at eight forty-five when the final buzzer sounded, 27 – 0, we beat them! We followed the guys back to the locker room picking up discarded things as we walked, gloves, tape, etc. When we got into the locker room the scent was different, no axe, no deodorant, just pure testosterone essence in its most powerful form. The three of us helped here and there getting the guys out of their pads and such. It was very different reaching into the armpit now and unsnapping the holder when your hand turns wet as soon as it enters. I smelled my hand every time I helped out someone before wiping it off on a damp towel I had, and each time the scent was different, kind of like walking down a Chinese buffet, the overall smell was there, but the individual dishes smell different. Several of them had a smell that wasn’t at all pleasing, some did. Once we were all done and the guys started striping out of their gear, we walked around and got their droppings into their gear bags. These guys just stripped and left piles of clothing as they grabbed their towels and headed to the shower. It was hard work for the three of us to collect all the clothes and get them into the bags. The sweaty socks, jocks, etc. were a different experience for me, I have had Brad’s moist clothing on my face and nose, but this was different. Once we have gathered all the dirty clothes and put them in the bags, which was time consuming, the guys started coming back from the showers. Some with their towels around their waists, some with them thrown over their shoulder. I remember what Brad said about he wasn’t the biggest, so I looked at all the guys cocks and balls. Some hung down, some only had their head showing, some had low hanging balls, some didn’t. Then I started realizing something, were some of them like me without pubic hair, because some seem not to have a single hair. That’s when I realized they shaved, I felt so stupid. Brad came around the corner and had his towel on his broad shoulder and he was talking with another guy, this other guy had a lower hanging set of balls than Brad but not as big. His cock hung down almost the length of Brads hard cock. I watched them talk for a minute, and they were so close that Brad’s dick that was poking out a little was almost in the other guys pubes. When they finished talking Brad came straight to me since I was standing by his bag and tossed me his wet towel. I folded it and put it in his bag. He stood there for another couple minutes talking to another guy who was seated putting on his socks. “Alright bro, time to get home.” He said to me. “That’s your brother?” another player asked loudly, as he stood there naked putting on underarm deodorant. “Yep, this is my little brother.” He said back, grabbing me and putting me in a headlock playfully. “I wished my little brother was a water boy, hell he needs to know what men look like and learn to be one.” This other player said back “Adam, give your little brother a break or I’ll break your nose.” Brad said back, there was a tinge of anger in him. He looked at me and rolled his eyes. He looked around for his clothes to wear, then realized I was holding a neatly folded pile of his clothes. He quickly grabbed it with a look around and put it on the bench. Brad got dressed and reached down and zipped up his bag. I reached down and grabbed his helmet/pads/jersey and we started to leave. His hand found the small of my back and pushed me forward with his bag in the other hand. We walked out to the truck and Brad looked like a zombie, he was not standing erect or anything, he looked like he could drop his bag and fall asleep in the parking lot. We got in the truck and we drove home in silence. It was near halfway home when he said, “You did great, next time though don’t let your jaw hang open and openly stare at everyone’s junk.” “I didn’t realize…” “You were,” he said cutting me off. “Let’s just get home and I need to head to bed.” He said, almost in a way stating he was not inviting me to his bed. We pulled up and parked on the street, Mom’s SUV was in the driveway. As we entered the side door and Brad dropped his bag on the laundry room floor. I put his pads combo on top, I’ll come back and take care of it later. Mom surprised us in the hallway and gave us both a hug and congratulated Brad on his win. She quickly let me go and pinched her nose and pointed to the bathroom. Brad told her he was exhausted and wanted to go to bed. Mom said she was going to watch some TV in her room and sleep too. Brad and I went to our room and he took off his tank top, and just plopped onto his bed. I went over and untied his shoes and took them off, pulled off his socks and threw them into the hamper. He just sat there, eyes drooping. I motioned for him to stand and he did reluctantly, and I untied his mesh shorts and pulled them down. They fell to his ankles and he tottered naked in front of me, I knelt and grabbed one heavy ankle and pulled his shorts over his foot one at a time until he was totally nude. I stood and his face drooped. I could see where the straps from the pads had dug a little into the skin across his armpit, and his lower calves still showed the tightness of his cleats and tape. “Bro, lay down.” I said as I pulled his covers back. He laid down and I pulled the covers up to his chest, and his head turned and then his eyes closed. He was asleep in seconds. I stripped out of my clothes and smelled them, and they smelled like the locker room. I took a moment and smelled my hands and could still discern the smell of all the wet armpits I had my hands in. I lifted an arm, and sniffed and whoa I was smelly, though not in a good way that my hands smelled. I went to the bathroom, locked the door and jerked off with one hand and smelling my hand with the other. I came hard, harder than I have ever done, I actually shot cum rather than dribbled. I showered and went back to our room and Brad had turned on his side pulling the covers with him. I saw his wide back slowly expanding and contracting as he breathed. He had pulled the covers back enough that his fuzzy ass showed, and I could not help myself I touched his hair trail and then stopped. I lifted his heavy left arm and pulled the covers over him then let his arm back down. I laid in bed on my side with his shirt still wrapping my pillow. While my nose was being assaulted by his scent, my eyes slowly closed. I dreamt of my brother, his scent, feeling his muscles, licking his sweat, and licking his hairy hole. Remember that sprayed semen does not work really well with electronics, so be careful reading my stories that you don’t ruin a keyboard, phone, tablet or another vulnerable device. Email me anytime, as I respond to all emails that are legitimate. Keep mbl/

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