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Here it is: John and Mark Williamson � identical twin brothers, 19 years old Paul Williamson � John and Mark’s father, 42 years old Jason Gray � John and Mark’s cousin, 18 years old Mike Gray � Jason’s father, Paul’s former and current boyfriend, 42 years old Matt Henderson � John, Mark and Jason’s cousin, 19 years old Connor Grant � Twins friend, son of local pastor, informally adopted by Williamson family, 18 years old Xavier Grant � Connor’s brother, currently in the Navy, 20 years old. Alejandro Martinez � Migrant worker, friend to all the cousins. 18 years old. Miguel � Alejandro’s cousin and boyfriend, 18 years old. Chance Stone � Friend of Jason’s, 18 years old Trevor Nolan � Friend of Jason’s, boyfriend of Chance, 18 years old. And now, back to the story! ******** Five tired looking young men dragged themselves out of bed at dawn on Sunday morning. In a reversal of the usual morning routine, they showered and had breakfast before starting morning chores. Jason and Alejandro said their goodbyes before John, Mark and Connor began herding the cows into the milking area. Connor and Alejandro engaged in a lingering kiss before Alejandro climbed into Jason’s pick-up truck. They had bonded quickly and enjoyed each others’ company all night long. Alejandro was sad to leave and promised to keep in touch everyone. He hoped that he could come back for the next Fall harvest season. “You really like him, huh?” Mark said to Connor as Jason and Alejandro drove off down the driveway. “Yeah,” Connor replied, looking a little sad. “We have things in common, plus the guys that we love the most aren’t with us and we don’t know when we will see them again.” “I know that John and I are lucky,” Mark replied, “We have never been apart, not even for one day. It must be hard for you, Xavier and Alejandro and Miguel.” “Yeah it kinda sucks,” Connor replied, “but I got you guys now, so that makes it a lot easier to take!” “You sure do have us,” Mark replied, “now and forever!” “I love you both so much!” Connor exclaimed as Mark pulled him close and kissed him tenderly on the lips. “I love you too,” Mark murmured between kisses. “Hey!” John said in a loud voice, “Do I get one of those too?” “From which one of us?” Mark replied with a smile. “Both!” John replied, “But I’ll start with Connor!” Mark stepped slightly to the side and let John put his arms around Connor and place his lips softly against his. “I love you too!” he told Connor between kisses. “I love you!” Connor replied softly. “Ok, break it up you two,” Mark said, interrupting their kisses. “We’d better be working, not fucking when Dad get home!” “I couldn’t have sex right now anyway,” Connor laughed, “My ass and my cock hurt from too much sex last night!” “I can identify with that!” John replied, joining in on the laughter. “Yeah,” Mark said, “It’s going to be early to bed night tonight, and it won’t be to get started on sex!” “I guess I won’t need to put out the barbed wire to keep you guys out of my bed tonight then!” Connor joked. “Not tonight,” Mark agreed, “But tomorrow night all bets are off!” “I’m sorry that I didn’t wait for you guys to break my new bed in,” Connor told the twins. “Me and Alejandro kind of took care of that last night!” “We are still going to break it in with you,” John replied, “until the mattress has had the three of us on it, it isn’t truly broken in!” “I like the way you think,” Connor replied, “almost as much as the way that you fuck!” “The feeling is mutual,” John laughed, “Now let’s get to work! The trio was hard at work when Paul got home. He too was tired after a night in bed with Mike and told the boys that he was planning to take a nap after lunch. The rest of the day was quiet. After lunch everyone relaxed in the den watching TV. They all fell asleep in the middle of the movie, only waking up in time to handle the late afternoon chores. After the work was done, they had dinner and went to bed early, Connor sleeping alone for the first time since he had moved in with the family. He woke up in the middle of the night, stretched out in the queen-sized bed and thought about how his life was unfolding. He didn’t miss his parents or his sister at all. He hadn’t been close to her; she was much like their parents, overly pious and sanctimonious. Then she ratted him out when she caught him giving oral sex to an old schoolmate. No, he didn’t miss her or his parents at all. Xavier on the other hand, he missed very much. He hadn’t seen him in over two years. Not since the day that he left to join the Navy. Silent tears trickled down Connor’s cheeks, dropping onto his pillow as he cried for a few minutes before going back to sleep. ******** Monday morning saw a break in the weather. The sun warmed the earth and by noon everyone was back in the fields harvesting hay. As the boys worked the back field they passed by the pond and could see that the leaves were off the trees. It would be late spring before they could be back there to skinny dip and enjoy sex by the water. It was something to look forward to as the days grew shorter and the nights got colder. By Wednesday, the harvest was complete. Alejandro, Carlos and Juan would be leaving the next morning. Jason and Alejandro went out for ice cream one last time and stopped by the conservation area for a final sexual encounter. It was too cold for an outside fuck, so they took turns riding each others’ cocks while sitting inside the truck. After Alejandro had deposited a large load of cum inside Jason’s ass, they sat naked for a while, talking, and making out. “I really mean it when I say that I want you to come back next year,” Jason told Alejandro. “I love you and I know that Connor does too, we all want you back. I’ll beg my father to make it happen!” “I love you and Connor,” Alejandro replied. “And Mark and John too! I have never met anyone like you guys before. You guys who are so open and accepting, so ready to love new people.” “Not just anyone,” Jason replied, “You’re special and easy to love.” “It’s killing me to leave,” Alejandro said, choking on his words. “You’ll be back,” Jason replied, trying to comfort him, “and you have all of our phone numbers, so when you have Wi-Fi, we can all chat. Wait until you see how we chat!” “How do you chat?” Alejandro asked, perking up a bit. “Stark-fucking-naked!” Jason exclaimed. “I better call when I’m alone then!” Alejandro laughed, “So I can watch and join in!” “Now you’re talking!” Jason laughed. It was still a sad time the next day when Alejandro, Carlos and Juan had packed up and were ready to leave. Alejandro gave Jason a big hug right in front of Carlos before climbing into the RV. “I hope they can come back next year,” Jason said to Mike as they RV disappeared down the driveway. “You like Alejandro, I assume?” Mike asked as father and son stood side by side. “Yeah, a lot,” Jason replied, sounding sad. “I’m sure we’ll find a way to make it happen,” Mike replied as he put an arm around Jason’s shoulders. “In my experience things have a way of working themselves out if they are meant to be,” he added. “I hope so!” Jason replied. “The good news is that Matt will be here on Saturday!” Mike reminded Jason. “Holy shit!” Jason exclaimed, brightening up. “There’s been so much going on that I forgot that this is the weekend!” Jason was excited as he and Mike walked towards the house to wash up the breakfast dishes. He still felt a tug at his heart about Alejandro’s departure, but now he had Matt to think about! ******** On Monday night John and Mark had joined Connor in his bed and helped him to break it in. They gave the mattress a good workout with John and Mark both taking turns fucking Connor before he fucked Mark. When Tuesday morning arrived, Connor fucked John and then watched as the twins did a 69. The 69 was at Connor’s request because watching the brothers have sex of any sort was a big turn on for him. Thursday and Friday were regular workdays. Everyone was still tired from the harvest and after work each day they just lazed around until bedtime. There was no sex going on at either house, they were saving it up for the weekend. On Friday night at around 11:30 pm, Connor woke up after having been asleep for about an hour. He tossed and turned until midnight but just couldn’t settle down. Finally, he got out of bed and went downstairs to the kitchen to get a glass of milk. He poured a large glass, found a couple of cookies, and went into the den to consume his midnight snack. He was sitting in the dark when Paul found him on the sofa. Paul had got up to get a glass of water and saw someone sitting in the den, lit up by the glow of the clock on the PVR. Paul walked into the room and saw Connor sitting on the sofa wearing only his underwear. “You ok, Connor?” he asked, sitting on the other end of the sofa. “Yes, thanks,” Connor replied, “I couldn’t sleep. I heard that sometimes it’s good to just get out of bed and wait until you’re tired enough to sleep.” “That’s true,” Paul replied, “I was wondering how you are doing though; you’ve had a lot of change in your life in the past month or so. That can be incredibly stressful, trust me I know!” “Yes, it’s stressful,” Connor agreed, “but honestly I am so happy being here, that it helps me to deal with the stress most of the time.” “You’ve looked kind of sad since Sunday,” Paul observed. “It’s ok, I’ll get over it,” Connor replied, “I’ve just been thinking about Xavier more lately. It’s been so long since I saw him, and I guess now that things are settling down, I’m thinking of him more.” “Do you know where he is?” Paul asked, “Like what ship or Base?” “All I know is that he is on an aircraft carrier somewhere at sea. He can never say where when he emails me.” Connor explained. “Do you know which carrier?” Paul asked. “I’m not 100 percent sure, but I think it’s the Bush one,” Connor replied. “Why do you ask?” “I was thinking that you could try sending him a message now that you are living here,” Paul replied, “You could tell him that you are alright and that you hope that he comes for a visit when he gets leave.” “I guess I could try that,” Connor replied, “but I’m not sure I want to tell him what happened yet. I’d hate to upset him while he is at sea. I’ll think about it though. Thanks for the idea.” “Anytime, Connor,” Paul said as he shifted off the arm of the sofa and onto a seat cushion, “I love you and want you to be happy.” “I love you too, Paul,” Connor replied. Then he asked, “Could you hug me? I could really use a hug.” “You never have to ask for a hug, son,” Paul told Connor as he put his arms around him. “You can just help yourself!” They hugged for a few minutes before Connor asked, “Would it be ok if I slept with you tonight? Just sleep, so I can be close to you. I’m not asking for sex.” “Of course, you can Connor,” Paul replied before giving Connor a kiss on the forehead. “I could use someone close to me tonight too!” They put their glasses in the sink, made their way into Paul’s room, and crawled into bed. Connor snuggled up to Paul and placed his head on his chest as Paul gently stroked his hair and kissed his forehead again. They lay like that for about 10 minutes. Just cuddled together, listening to each other’s soft breathing. Then Connor said, “I changed my mind,” “You want to go back you your own bed?” Paul asked, feeling a little sad that their closeness was about to end. “No,” Connor replied, “I’d like it if we made love. That is, if you want to.” As Connor said the words, he pulled back a bit so he could look into Paul’s eyes. Paul looked back into Connor’s soft brown eyes, then moved his head closer until their lips touched. They kissed, then Paul said, “I’d love that Connor.” Before kissing him deeply, probing his mouth with his tongue. Connor slid his hands down Paul’s body until he found the waistband of his underwear, then hooked his fingers on the edge and pulled them down, taking care to not snag his hard cock on them. He kissed his way down Paul’s lightly haired chest, taking a detour to suck on his nipples for a few minutes each while Paul moaned from the pleasure. Then he continued down until he reached his hard cock and kissed the tip. A drop of precum had already formed and his kiss picked it up and smeared it across his lips. He slid his tongue over them and tasted the salty product of Paul’s cock, before moving a bit lower so that he could lick and suck on his hairy balls. One at a time he sucked them into his mouth then let them slip out coated in saliva. It was time to suck on Paul’s cock and Connor took it deep in move continuous motion. The head reached the back of Connor’s throat and Connor’s experience allowed him to take it without gagging. “Oh fuck, Connor!” Paul groaned as he felt every inch of his big cock disappear into Connor’s throat. The warmth and wetness of Connor’s mouth caused Paul’s eyes to roll back in his head for a moment as he experienced exquisite pleasure. Connor gave Paul head for close to 10 minutes, taking care not to make him cum. He wanted that to happen when his tool was far inside his ass, not in his mouth. He let the large cock meat slip out of his mouth before kissing his way back up Paul’s body until he reached his mouth. He darted his tongue in and out of Paul’s mouth as Paul moaned with increasing arousal. Paul felt Connor’s lips leave his and then heard his voice softly urge him to, “Take me now please, I want you now!” Paul held onto Connor and rolled them both over until Connor was on his back. There would be no time for rimming right now, Paul wanted to plant his cock in Connor’s tight ass as soon as possible. He helped Connor slide a pillow under his butt, then pushed his parted legs up and onto his shoulders. He grabbed the jar of lube he kept by the bed and smeared some onto Connor’s tight hole, then put the head of his cock against it and gently pressed it forward. “Oh!” Connor exclaimed as he felt the head enter his ass. He had been fucked many times by the twins and their cocks were the same size as their father’s. Still, a thick cock penetrating his ass was always a surprise combined with some discomfort, followed by growing pleasure. Paul kept pushing his cock inside Connor until he felt his şişli travesti balls resting on the teen’s ass. He gave him a moment to get used to having his butt filled with a rock-hard tool, then gave him a deep kiss and began thrusting. In and out he drove his hard cock as Connor moaned and held onto him. It was a tender mating, with kisses being exchanged the whole time. Paul fucked Connor for over 15 minutes, Varying the speed and depth of his thrusts. Pausing when he was close to cumming, speeding up when the feeling passed. Finally, he could hold off no more and began to pant and moan loudly, “Oh Connor, I’m going to cum! Oh my god Connor, oh fuckkkkk, ohhhhh Connorrrrr!” His cock pulsated hard, shooting cum deep into the young man’s ass as Connor clung to him telling him that he loved him. When his balls stopped pumping sperm, he lowered his body onto Connor’s and held him until his soft cock slid out of his ass. They lay together, their bodies intertwined, while Paul caught his breath. “It’s your turn now, Connor,” Paul told him. “Just lay back for a bit and let me pleasure you.” Connor stayed on his back as Paul worked his way down his body until he could suck on his balls. Connor’s balls weren’t very hairy, that was something Paul liked about the twins’ balls as well. Come to think of it, Paul mused to himself as he sucked on the large nuts, Jason and Matt didn’t have hairy balls either. Fuck, I love these guys, he thought to himself as he licked his way up Connor’s 7-inch cock and used his tongue to slurp up the large amount of precum coating its head. Connor started to moan louder, so Paul backed off. He wanted to get fucked, and he was sure he could swallow his cum some other time, tonight he wanted his nice cock inside. “Fuck me now, sexy boy,” Paul told him, “I want to take your cock the same way that you took mine.” “I’d like that too,” Connor replied with a smile, “A lot!” Paul lay on his back, his ass on a pillow to push his butt up higher, spread his knees and raised his legs. Connor lay atop him, supporting himself on one hand and his knees until he had spread lube on Paul’s asshole. Then he lowered himself to his elbows for closer body contact and pushed his cock into Paul’s ass. “Oh god Connor,” Paul moaned, “It feels so good!” “It feels good to me too!” Connor exclaimed as he started thrusting in and out. He fucked Paul for a bit more than 10 minutes. Hard thrusts, gentle thrusts, deep kissing the whole time. As he got close to cumming he changed his position so that he was holding Paul’s raised legs and giving his ass long thrusts in and out with his large cock. He started to moan loudly and pant as his orgasm approached. “Oh Paul, oh my godddd, Paul I’m cumminggggg!” Connor cried out as he came hard, his cock throbbing and spewing jizz into his ass as Paul held him with his legs and told him that he loved him. Connor collapsed on top of Paul and felt his cock pop out of his ass. They kissed and cuddled for a while before falling asleep. Paul woke up at 4:00 AM in the morning with Connor still on top of him. He gently rolled their bodies sideways so that they were now cuddled face to face on their sides. When they both woke at 5:30 am they could hear water running upstairs. The twins were awake, and someone was in the shower. When the water was shut off, Connor told Paul that he had better go take his turn so that he would be ready for work. “Thank you for loving me, Paul,” Connor said as he swung his legs over the side of the bed and sat up. “Thank you for loving me too, Connor,” Paul replied as he watched Connor stand up. “You can sleep with me any time you like.” “I’ll be back soon,” Connor replied as he picked his underwear up off the floor. “Count on it!” “I am!” Paul replied. “See you at work!” Connor teased with a laugh as he left the room. “Careful on the commute!” Paul called after him. God, I love that kid! Paul thought as he got out of bed. How the hell did I get so lucky as to have the love of my sons, my nephews and Connor! Connor reached the top of the stairs as Mark emerged naked from the bathroom drying his hair with a towel. John was right behind him. They both had the look of men who had just had sex. Relaxed and pleased with themselves. Mark looked at Connor, naked, holding his underwear in his right hand, and said, “So, did you and Dad have fun last night?” Connor tried to play innocent and replied, “What?” Like he didn’t know what Mark was talking about. “Don’t play coy with us,” Mark laughed, “We could hear you guys each time one of you came!” “Oh sorry!” Connor replied, looked embarrassed. “Why be sorry?” John asked with a grin, “We aren’t sorry that you both had a good time, why should you be sorry about it?” Ok, I’m not sorry!” Connor laughed, “I had a good time!” “Now you’re talking!” Mark told him, “Don’t ever apologize for having pleasure with any member of the family. We don’t apologize to Dad for having sex with you!” “Good!” Connor replied as he stood by the bathroom door. “Yeah, keep that in mind on Sunday afternoon when you meet Matt. Because there is going to be some fucking going on when Dad is out with Uncle Mike!” “Do you think that Matt will want to have sex with me?” Connor asked, his cock hardening at the thought. “Let me put it this way,” Mark replied, “He sent us a message asking us to keep Jason busy while he introduces you to `Little Matt’ and gets to meet `Little Connor’!” Connor laughed hard at that before replying, “I saw his dick, it’s not so little!” “Neither is yours!” Mark replied, “Now go wash it so we don’t smell it while we work!” ******** On Friday night in New York City, Matt was finishing up the packing of just about everything he owned. He was leaving some clothes behind for visits to his parents, but pretty much everything else was now in boxes. His mom came into the room and sat on the side of his bed and watched him as he sealed up the last box. “Are you excited about the big move now that it’s here?” she asked. “Yes, for sure,” Matt replied, “But I’m really going to miss you and Dad!” he added choking up a bit. He knew that the move was the right thing for his life, but as an only child he had been very close to his parents, particularly his mother. Leaving them was going to be difficult! “We are going to miss you too!” Amanda replied, getting a little teary eyed herself. “But we know that this is going to be good for you. Every child eventually wants to set out on their own path through life. Parents know it’s going to happen; we just struggle a bit when it actually does!” “I’ll come visit!” Matt exclaimed, “I won’t be that far away!” “Of course, dear,” Amanda replied, “And be sure to bring Jason with you when you do!” “I will Mom, I promise!” Matt replied as he hugged her. “I’m glad that you found someone you love,” Amanda told him, “It sounds like you will be surrounded with love there, so I have no worries about that!” “That’s true!” Matt replied, “Jason, John, Mark, Connor, Uncle Mike and Uncle Paul. For sure I will have lots of love!” “Lot’s of sex too, if I know my brother and Paul,” Amanda said. Matt have never talked about sex with his uncles or his cousins other than Jason. His mother had just assumed it. “Maybe,” he replied, “What makes you think that I will?” “I know my family, they can’t help it, it’s in our blood,” Amanda replied, “I’d be still having it with my brother and Paul if I wasn’t married to your father. So, I’m just assuming that it will happen with you if it hasn’t already.” Something in Matt’s reaction to her words told her that he had already had sex with his uncles and his cousins. Call it women’s intuition. “You already have,” she said to Matt, “Right?” “Right, does that make me a bad person?” Matt asked, blushing. “No, it just means that you love your family,” Amanda replied, “Most people wouldn’t understand it, but I do. It might get complicated if you weren’t gay, but since you are, you won’t bring an outside woman into it and won’t have to bury your desires like I did with your dad.” “Do you regret marrying Dad and giving up your life with the family?” Matt asked. “No, I love your father with all my heart and wouldn’t trade that for anything. Besides,” she said, “I wouldn’t have you for my son if I hadn’t married him!” “Lucky for me then!” Matt chuckled, “Otherwise I might look like your brother!” “Cheeky bugger!” Amanda shot back with a laugh. “I was always careful to avoid any possibility of that happening with him. Although, you might have looked more like your Uncle Paul, if your dad hadn’t come along!” “At least I still would have had a big dick!” Matt blurted out before he caught himself. “Ooops!” he exclaimed as he blushed. “You got blessed with that too, did you?” Amanda said, blushing a bit herself. “Too bad you’re gay!” “Mom!” Matt exclaimed, “Oh my god!” “This from my son who sleeps with his uncles!” she laughed. “Anyway, I just came in to tell you that I love you and want you to know that I’m always only a phone call away!” “I love you too, Mom,” Matt replied as he gave her a tight hug. “And for what it’s worth, if I wasn’t gay, I’d let you see it.” “Darn the luck!” Amanda said as she got off the bed and walked towards to door, “Now get some sleep, it’s going to be a long day tomorrow!” As she walked down the hall, she thought about what she had said to Matt. She had said too much, but she knew he could handle it. It was in his blood; he would carry on like nothing had happened. Just like she did when she had sex with her father, brother, uncles, and Paul. She enjoyed it and had zero regrets. Would she have slept with Matt if he had been straight or bi? Probably! Early the next morning they loaded all the boxes into the trailer that Matt’s father had rented and set out for Pennsylvania, leaving at around 7:00 AM. Jason was in his room, having just showered after the afternoon chores when he heard a vehicle coming up the driveway and stopping in front of the house. Matt’s here!!!!! Jason thought as he pulled on a pair of jeans, grabbed a sweater, and ran down the stairs and out the door that Mike, anticipating the excitement, was holding open for him. Matt’s mom and dad got out of the car first, stretching after the long drive. Then a back door of the car opened, and Matt stepped out. At least, Jason thought it was Matt. The guy who stood there with a hesitant look on his face, didn’t have long hair. Matt had cut it and now had a head of shorter blonde hair that made him look like a young Alex Pettyfer. Jason’s mouth hung open while Matt’s parents looked on with amused expressions on their faces as they watched his reaction. Matt had his hair cut a week or so before and they were just getting used to it themselves. They too had been shocked when he got home from the barber shop, but they thought that it looked good and that gave it Matt a more mature look. “You cut your hair!” Jason exclaimed, stating the obvious. “Oh my god!” “I thought it was time to go for an older look and I figured that long hair while working on a farm wouldn’t be the best thing either,” Matt explained. “Do you like it?” he asked with a worried look on his face. The truth was, Matt looked fucking hot with his new hairstyle and Jason recognized that right away. He wanted to use the words, `you’re fucking hot’, but Dave, Matt’s dad, was standing there. Instead he said, “It looks amazing! Holy shit I didn’t recognize you at first, shorter hair looks great on you!” Matt relaxed as he heard Jason’s words. It was going to be alright! “I donated my hair to an organization that makes wigs for women undergoing chemo,” Matt announced. “That is fantastic!” Mike called out to Matt as he stepped off the veranda. “Such a great cause!” Mike knew what he was talking about, Jason’s mother had battled cancer and had lost her hair during her treatments. She had benefited from the gift of a natural wig herself. “We thought so too,” Amanda told her brother. “We are so proud of him!” Mike shook Matt’s dad’s hand and hugged and kissed his sister before giving Matt a hug too. “Welcome back Mattie!” he told him. As Mike stepped away Jason took his place and gave his cousin a big hug. “I missed you!” he told Matt. “I missed you too!” Matt replied, “But I’m here now!” Mike suggested that Amanda and Dave come inside for a drink before they unloaded the trailer. Then he said, “Jason, before you come in, did you want to show Matt the new goats we bought?” Jason looked puzzled for a moment, then said, “Oh yeah sure, I’ll do that!” Then he took Matt by the arm and lead him towards the barn, “We won’t be too long!” Jason and Matt entered the barn and Jason said, “They’re in the loft, come on up!” “The goats are in the loft?” Matt asked with a bemused look on his face. “Yeah, come see!” Jason told him and they climbed the ladder and entered the hay loft. “So, where are they?” Matt asked, looking around, spotting a jar of lube on top of a hay bale. “There are no goats up here, silly!” Jason laughed. “There’s just you and me!” “I didn’t think goats could climb a ladder,” Matt laughed. “It’s just an excuse…” Jason began before blurting out, “Oh my fucking god Matt you look so hot! I’ve missed you so much!” “Thanks babe,” Matt replied, a moment before grabbing Jason in his arms and pressed his mouth against his, their tongues meeting as they kissed hard. Jason yanked Matt’s shirt off over his head and grabbed a hold of his belt buckle, fumbling with it until it was open and undone. He undid the button at the top of Matt’s jeans then pushed them down to his ankles. Matt’s cock was already hard and pushing out the front of his boxer-briefs. Jason made quick work of pulling them down so that Matt could kick them away. Matt tore Jason’s clothes off and was on his knees sucking his cock in less than a minute. He had his hands on Jason’s smooth ass cheeks massaging them as he gave him head. He sucked his cock for a couple of minutes before looking up into his eyes and in a hoarse, lust-filled voice told him, “Turn around and bend over, I have been dying to be inside you since the day I left!” Jason did as he was asked. He turned to face away from Jason, bent over until he could gasp his ankles in his hands and said, “Fuck me Matt, fuck me with that big cock of yours!” Matt was on Jason’s ass in a flash. He reached for the lube that Jason had left out in anticipation of this moment, spread some between Jason’s round cheeks, then tossed it aside. He used his thumbs to pull Jason’s cheeks apart then put his cock against his hole and slowly fed it up his ass while Jason moaned loudly. “Oh god, Matt,” Jason moaned, “I have missed this so much! Missed being close to you, missed bottoming for you! Fuck me babe, fuck me good!” Matt held onto Jason by the waist and drove his cock in and out of his ass as Jason grunted over and over as his body absorbed the shocks of Matt’s abdomen contacting his buttocks. It was a frantic fuck as months of pent up desire were released. It was over in 5 minutes as Matt’s cock throbbed and shot several days worth of saved up cum deep into Jason’s butt. “Oh Jason, oh my love, ohhhh fuckkkkkkk!” Matt cried out as his cock erupted, spurting beylikdüzü travesti jizz inside him. They remained like that, Jason bend over with Matt’s cock stuffed up his ass, for a few more minutes. Neither of them wanting to be apart. Finally, Matt’s softening cock slipped out of Jason’s wet hole and they both straightened up and after Jason turned around, returned to deep kissing. “Now you do me!” Matt told Jason. “I haven’t been fucked since I left here! I need your cock so badly now!” “I thought you were having sex with that guy you went to school with?” Jason asked as Matt lay on his back atop a hay bale and raised his knees and legs to prepare for Jason to fuck him. “Just hand jobs and blow jobs,” Matt replied, “Brian thinks he is straight and won’t fuck!” They both laughed at that. So, a guy jerks and sucks other guys off, but he isn’t gay or bi. Right! “Um,” Jason said, hesitating a moment, “I’ve been doing a lot of fucking.” “Good!” Matt replied, “That’s perfect, you’re not rusty in your fucking skills! Every time you told me about having sex, I got so horny! I just wished I could join in!” “You’re back now and there’s going to be plenty of joining in!” Jason told Matt and he stepped between his spread legs. “Starting right now!” Jason pressed the head of his cock against Matt’s lubricated asshole and pressed it against it. In a second or two it was inside him. Both young men were moaning as Jason inserted it the rest of the way in, until his balls were resting against Matt’s butt. “Fuck me babe!” Matt moaned, “Breed my ass!” Jason thrust his hips back and forth, driving his cock in and out of Matt’s ass. He increased the pace of his thrusts until their bodies were making slapping sounds as they made contact. “Yeah, Jase,” Matt groaned, “Fuck me! I have missed this so much!” Jason pounded Matt’s ass with his rod as his face turned red with exertion. Some sweat dripped from his brow as he fucked his lover good. He managed to last about 5 minutes before he came. “Fuck Matt, oh fuck Matt!” he yelped, “Gonna cum, oh Matt I love you! Ohhhhhh fuckkkkkk, fuckkkkk!” Jason slowed his thrusts as cum squirted into Matt’s ass while he looked down into Matt’s loving eyes. When his breathing returned to near normal, he pulled his cock out of Matt’s butt then leaned over to kiss him over and over while the told each other how much they loved each other. “I’m so happy that your back!” Jason said as they got to their feet and began to get dressed. “It has been ages since I got to hold you and kiss you!” “The good news is that I’m back here for good!” Matt replied, “We can finally be together forever!” They engaged in another prolonged kiss before they climbed down from the loft and headed into the house. Matt’s mother was in the kitchen getting a refill on her drink while Matt’s father and Mike were in the living room. She saw the boys come into the house and gave them both a knowing smile before asking, “So, how were the goats?” followed by a wink. “Horny!” Matt replied with a grin. Jason blushed hard at the exchange between mother and son. She knew that they had just had sex and Matt wasn’t even trying to hide it! “Well I’m glad that you took care of that,” Amanda told the boys. “There is nothing worse than a couple of horny goats!” Jason thought he was going to die. He wasn’t used to anyone outside of the male members of the family acknowledging that there was any sex going on. Now here was his aunt talking about it, all be it in code!” “It’s ok Jason,” she told him with a wink, “Your secret’s safe with me!” The boys each took a coke from the fridge and followed her into the living room and joined the conversation about the trip from New York. ******** Matt’s parents were staying at Matt’s father’s parents’ home until their return to New York City on Monday. They stayed for dinner at Mike’s before leaving for Matt’s grandparents’ house. After they were gone for the evening, Jason and Matt went to what was now their room where, before falling asleep, they engaged in a much less hurried love making session. On Sunday morning Mike, Jason and Matt took care of the morning milking session and related chores before Matt’s parents came back in the afternoon with his grandparents in tow. They spent the afternoon socializing before being joined by Paul, John, Mark, and Connor for a large family dinner. Jason and Matt were upstairs showering and getting dressed when Paul and the boys arrived. Paul gave Amanda a hug and introduced the boys to their aunt and uncle. “Boys, this is your Aunt Amanda and Uncle Dave,” he said. “Amanda, Dave, these are your nephews John, Mark and Connor.” Connor blushed at being introduced as a family member, while at the same time he was getting a warm feeling inside. He was so happy to be welcomed into his new family like this! “Nice to meet you boys!” Amanda replied with a big smile. “It’s been forever since I saw you two,” she said looking at the twins. “My, you’re all grown up!” “Nice to meet you too!” John and Mark told her, “We didn’t even know that you existed before this summer!” “Yes, your mother was quite the treat, wasn’t she?” Amanda said to the twins. She knew from Matt and Mike that there was no love loss between the boys and their mother and felt comfortable to make that sort of comment. “She sure was!” Mark exclaimed as John nodded in agreement while Paul and Dave chuckled. “And you, Connor,” Amanda said to him, “I knew your mother too, I went to school with her.” “I’m so sorry,” Connor replied deadpan. “I hope you got over it.” Amanda laughed and replied, “I like you already!” “Likewise!” Connor replied, breaking into a smile. Paul introduced the boys to Dave and handshakes were exchanged all around. It was a moment after that when Jason and Matt came down the stairs and walked into the living room. The twins and Connor looked over at Jason and Matt and you could almost hear Mark and John’s jaws drop when they saw Matt’s new haircut. Connor was less shocked because he hadn’t met Matt in person yet. “Holy fu…!” Mark exclaimed, catching himself before he got the whole swear word out. “Sorry!” he apologized for almost dropping the F-bomb. “You like my hair?” Matt asked with a grin on his face. He loved seeing the twins’ reactions! “Heck yes!” John replied, “You look great! We just didn’t expect it!” “Yeah it looks great!” Mark replied, “Wow, what a change!” Then Matt looked over at Connor and smiled, “At last, I get to meet my new cousin, live and in person!” Connor had a big smile on his face as he replied, “Great to finally meet you!” Connor had taken one look at Matt and knew right then and there that he liked him and wanted to get to know him a lot better. In bed and outside of it! Matt was experiencing the same feelings. Connor was even better looking in person and he had already been hot on cam. Now here in the flesh, Matt took an instant liking to him and wanted to spend time with him, clothed and naked! “Same here!” Matt replied with a grin. Connor stretched out his right hand to shake hands with Matt. Matt was having none of that. “Nuh huh!” he chuckled as he opened his arms, cousins get hugs!” They gave each other a quick hug then stepped back so that Dave could introduce his parents. When all the greetings were done, they moved into the dining room and sat down to a meal of roast beef, oven roasted potatoes and mixed vegetables, followed by apple pie for dessert. They spent a few more hours together before Paul and the boys got ready to head home. There were hugs and handshakes at the door and when Matt hugged Connor goodbye he whispered, “You’re fucking hot!” into his ear. “So are you!” Connor whispered back before heading out to the Paul’s pickup. Both Matt and Connor could hardly wait to see more of each other. A lot more of each other! Matt’s parents left shortly after Paul and the boys had gone. It was an emotional parting for Matt and his parents, they would be leaving for home in the morning. Mike and Jason left the three of them to say their farewells and comforted Matt when they were gone. Everyone knew that it would be easier as the days went on, but the initial goodbyes were difficult all the way around. There was no sex that night at either house, everyone was resting up for the week ahead. ******** On Monday morning, Matt joined Mike and Jason for milking and chores before helping make breakfast. Matt, like Connor, caught on quickly to the farm chores and was willing to work hard. Mike was very happy with the new member of the team! “What are you guys up to today?” Mike asked Jason and Matt over a plate of bacon and eggs. With the field work done, they all had more time on their hands for other things than work. “Matt needs a better pair of work boots,” Jason replied, “So we thought we’d go into town and pick him up some.” “Sounds good,” Mike said, “Take the credit card and pick up anything else that you guys need while you are at the store.” “I’ll pay you back when we get home,” Matt told Mike. “No, you won’t,” Mike replied, “You live here and work here, so whatever you need comes out of the farm earnings now. That includes your clothing, food, whatever you need!” “Don’t forget lube,” Jason joked, “You’ll be needing lots of lube!” “Oh my god!” Matt exclaimed blushing. Even though he had enjoyed sex with Mike a few times, he was embarrassed at Jason’s sex-related joke. “Lube too!” Mike replied laughing, “We don’t need you or Jason off work because one of you has a sore ass!” Matt was laughing and shaking his head as he said, “Are you sure about all that Uncle Mike?” “Absolutely!” Mike replied, “That’s how it works. You aren’t a guest anymore; you live here and that’s how the farm works. The three of us will regularly discuss finances and decide the budget for farm, personal necessities and play money.” “Yup!” Jason joined in, “Welcome aboard!” Matt smiled and thanked Mike and Jason before they all got up from the table and went about washing the dishes. As they were putting everything away, Jason’s phone chirped with a text message coming in. Jason read it before turning to Matt and saying, “It’s from John, do you want to drop by their place for the afternoon?” “Sure!” Matt happily replied. “It will be great to hang out with them again!” “Cool!” Jason replied, “Hey Dad, me and Matt are going to go by Uncle Paul’s after shopping. Cool with you? We’ll back in time for the next milking!” “Tell you what,” Mike replied, “Paul is going to come over here, we can handle the next milking if you guys want to stay later at your cousins’.” “Great!” Jason replied, “In that case, we will be back after dinner!” “Sounds like a plan!” Mike replied. Jason and Matt got showered and dressed then left for town. They shopped for about an hour then stopped by a burger joint and bought lunch before heading to their cousins’ house. When they got there, they noticed that Paul’s truck was already gone. “I bet he’s already in Dad’s bed having fun,” Jason laughed. “I wouldn’t take that bet!” Matt laughed, “I sometimes wonder why they don’t live together; then they wouldn’t need a special occasion to get laid!” “I’ve thought about that too,” Jason replied, “Not sure how that would all work though. Like where would they live and where would we all live? “I don’t know,” Matt replied as he tapped on the door. “It sure would be different if it happens!” “Maybe we’d all live together,” Jason suggested. “Damn, we’d never get any sleep with all the sex going on!” Matt laughed as Connor walked towards the door waving them inside. The conversation was forgotten for the moment as they entered the house and into the kitchen where Connor stood waiting. “Hey sexy!” Jason said as he greeted a smiling Connor. “Hey stud!” Connor replied, his eyes twinkling with amusement. “Thanks!” Jason replied, taking the `stud’ compliment with a grin. “He was talking to me!” Matt told Jason while giving him a gentle elbow in his side. “Obviously!” “Don’t get me in the middle of this!” Connor exclaimed laughing. “In the middle of what?” John’s asked from the top of the stairs. “Did the sex start already? And when did Connor ever refuse to be in the middle of sex?” “Since never!” Connor called up the stairs, “Now get down here you two, we have guests!” “Guests?” Mark asked as he and John came down the stairs without a stich of clothing on, their flaccid dicks swinging back and forth as they moved from step to step. “All I see are Jason and Matt, they practically live here!” “When I see you two naked, it’s no wonder I want to be over here all the time!” Matt joked. “So, why are they naked but you’re fully clothed?” Jason asked Connor. “I was elected as the greeter, in case someone else got here before you guys,” Connor replied. “And did someone else come?” Jason asked. “Yeah, the milk truck came, and it left about 5 minutes before you guys arrived. “You shoulda stepped outside naked and gave the guy a thrill!” Matt told Connor. “Probably would have given him a heart attack,” Connor laughed, “He’s not in very good shape!” “But what a way to go,” Jason kidded Connor, “One look at your hot little butt!” “He has a hot butt?” Matt asked as John and Mark looked on with amused expressions on their faces. “Very,” Jason replied. “You should show him!” Jason told Connor. “Yeah, show me!” Matt told Connor, “I want to see it!” Connor laughed as he turned around to put his back towards Matt. He undid the belt and button on his jeans, lowered the fly and dropped the back of his pants to show off his smooth, hairless ass. “Bend over a bit please,” Matt asked Connor, “I’d like to see how it looks like that!” Connor obliged and gave Matt a good look at his rounded buttocks. “Fuck, you have a nice ass!” Matt exclaimed, “Can I see your dick now?” Connor stood up straight and turned to face Matt. He pulled his pants and underwear to his knees, letting his now fully erect cock spring free. Matt checked out Connor’s 7-inch cut cock and his large balls hanging below the hard shaft. His pubes were trimmed neatly, and his cock throbbed gently in time with his heartbeat. Matt glanced at Mark and John, their cocks were now fully hard too, and said, “Holy fuck Connor you’re so hot! How the fuck do you guys get any sleep around here? I’d be sucking his cock and fucking his ass all damn night!” “It ain’t easy,” John replied, “Connor sucks cock and fucks ass like a pro too!” At that, Connor smiled and said, “Take your clothes off Matt, I want to see what I will be sucking and fucking later! You too Jason, let’s get naked!” Matt put on a little show as he took his clothes off, giving his hips a side to side sway before peeling his underwear to reveal his 7.5-inch cut cock and his pear-shaped buttocks. “Fuck,” Connor whispered, “You’re so f-ing hot!” “I know, huh?” Jason replied as he kicked his own underwear aside. “And now I get to share a bed with him every night!” “I’m not jealous,” Connor replied just as Matt gave his big cock a stroke, “Ok, I’m fucking jealous!” “Luckily, I like to share!” Jason said. “Me too,” Matt chimed in, “And I feel the need to share right now. Get the rest of your clothes off, Connor!” In a minute, all istanbul travesti 5 young men were standing naked in the kitchen. Each with an erection and wanting to do something with it. “Dad said we can use his king-sized bed,” Mark said, “We just have to change the sheets when we are done!” “Then what are we waiting for?” Jason exclaimed, “Let’s get this orgy started!” John and Mark led the way into Paul’s bedroom with Jason right behind them. Connor was following Jason and Matt was trailing Connor. Matt put a hand on Connor’s ass as they entered the bedroom and said, “I know we only met yesterday, but do you want to have sex with me? I’m really attracted to you!” Connor turned to Matt and smiled, “I’d be crushed if we didn’t have sex with each other, I’m very attracted to you too!” “Do you kiss strangers?” Matt asked Connor while looking into his deep brown eyes. “No,” Connor replied with a gleam in his eye, “I’m Connor, how do you do?” “I’m Matt,” Matt replied with a grin, “Please say your full first name,” Connor told Matt. “Okay, I’m Matthew,” Matt sad to Connor, curious why he was being asked to drop the short form of his name. “There’s something about the name `Matthew’ that sounds to sexy to me,” Connor told Matt. “Can I call you Matthew when we have sex?” Matt’s cock got even harder than it was before as he listened to Connor’s explanation. The sound of his voice and the earnest, sincere look on his face and in his eyes were turning him on even more than he already was. “Yes, of course, as long as I can call you Connor!” Matt replied with a grin. “Deal! Nice to meet you, Matthew,” Connor laughed, “Now kiss me!” Connor and Matt stood beside the bed, wrapped their arms around each other and pressed their mouths together in a deep kiss as John, Mark and Jason climbed onto the bed and positioned themselves in a triangular shape and prepared to go down on each other. Jason licked John’s balls while Mark was sucking one of Jason’s nuts into his mouth. John wasted no time in going down on his brother’s cock while Matt and Connor were kissing each other with increasing passion and grinding their hardons against each other. “Sit on the edge of the bed,” Matt told Connor while Jason, John and Mark sucked on each other’s cocks. “I want to taste you!” Connor did was Matt requested, spreading his legs so that Matt could kneel on the floor between them. Matt took a moment to get a close-up view of Connor’s hard cock. It had a slight left bend to it, thicker in the middle that at the base and towards its head. The head’s soft skin was coated with a light amount of precum. The edge of the glans had a purplish color as Connor was becoming more aroused. Matt stuck out his tongue and made it slide around the edge of Connor’s cock head, then over it to lick up his precum. He probed the piss-slit to pull more precum out of it before sucking the head into his mouth. He felt Connor’s right hand on the back of his head as he opened his mouth to suck the full length of his erection into it and slightly down his throat. “Oh fuckkkk!” Connor moaned as Matt sucked his cock. “This feels sooooo good!” Matt gently sucked Connor’s hard meat while the twins and Jason were sucking each others’ cocks as they lay on the bed. The air was filled with the sound of wet blow jobs being administered to rock-hard dicks. Matt took his mouth off Connor’s cock and said, “Move back further, then lay on your back, I want to see that sweet hole!” Connor obliged, knowing that more pleasure was about to follow. Matt stayed on his knees and pushed Connor’s legs up at the knees. Connor spread his legs and Matt pulled his butt closer to the edge of the bed. He could see Connor’s puckered hole and stuck his tongue out to give it a quick lick, causing Connor to moan quietly. Connor’s ass tasted good. Matt wanted more of it and buried his face between his butt cheeks and began to lick and suck on his ass. Now Connor was moaning louder, drawing the attention of Jason, John, and Mark. “I want to eat ass, who’s up for being rimmed?” Jason asked. “Me first!” Mark replied enthusiastically. “I’ll do you while you do him!” John told Jason. Mark knelt facing the head of the bed, Jason knelt behind him and stuck his face between his ass cheeks and began to rim his ass while John was doing the same to him. They rimmed each other for around 10 minutes before John and Mark switched places. Connor asked Matt if he wanted to get rimmed, but Matt had other ideas. “I’d really like to fuck you now, if you want that,” Matt told Connor. “Oh, fuck yeah!” Connor replied with a big smile. “I want that big dick of yours inside me!” “Roll back further,” Matt instructed Connor, who did as asked, raising his legs at the same to give Matt better access to his ass. Matt moved between Connor’s legs and used his body to push his knees apart more. Connor’s cheeks were spread wide enough that Matt could make out his target, Connor’s saliva-lubricated asshole. Connor felt the head of Matt’s big cock press against the opening of his ass. Matt was leaning over him supported by his outstretched arms, with his hands on either side of his body. Connor looked up into his eyes as he felt the head of his cock push harder against his rectum. Matt’s eyes squinted in pleasure as his cock penetrated Connor’s hole. “Oh fuckkkk!” Connor moaned as he felt Matt’s big cock push deeper and deeper inside him. “It feels so good!” “Oh, fuck yeah Connor, your ass is so tight!” Matt moaned in return. “Fuck me good stud,” Connor told Matt, who responded immediately by gently thrusting his cock in and out inside his hole. Mark, John and Jason observed Matt and Connor fucking and Jason said, “I need some of that too, which of you is going to fuck me and which is going to feed me his cock down my throat?” “I want your ass!” John told him enthusiastically. “I’ll complete the spit roast!” Mark said as Jason got on his hands and knees and Mark moved to sit on the bed in front of his head. Mark watched and waited as John slathered lubricant onto Jason’s asshole then slowly stuffed his large cock deep inside. Then he edged forward on his knees while feeding his own boner into Jason’s open mouth. As soon as Jason and a cock in each hole the twins began thrusting in and out, nailing him from both ends. Matt was fucking Connor’s ass with long slow strokes of his cock. He pulled his cock back until it was almost out and then slid it back deep inside as Connor moaned and begged for more. The pace of the thrusting was increasing for both the cock that was inside Jason’s ass and the one up Connor’s butt. Jason’s moans were stifled by Mark’s cock in his throat, but Connor’s were load and only interrupted by Matt’s passionate kisses. Matt was the first to cum. “Ohhh fuckkk Connor, I’m gonna cum! Oh god I’m gonna cum!” “Pump that load into me!” Connor cried out, “feed me your cum!” “Oh fuck, oh fuck!” Matt yelped as his cock pounded Connor’s ass spewing hot cum deep inside. Connor looked up at Matt’s face and watched it contort with pleasure as his cock throbbed inside his ass depositing a large wad of cum inside. He loved the look of ecstasy he saw as he took Matt’s load. “Ohhh fuckkkkk!” Connor heard John cry out from the other side of the bed. “I’m cumminnggggg!” He cried as he panted and moaned while he injected cum into Jason’s butt. The sounds of John’s orgasm were quickly followed by those of Mark as his cock spit cum into Jason’s mouth where it was eagerly swallowed. Jason loved the taste of cum and Mark’s cock pumped plenty of it into his mouth and down his throat. There was a short pause as cocks were removed from orifices. Matt’s softening rod popped out of Connor’s ass, releasing a trickle of cum out of his slightly battered hole. John’s mostly hard cock did the same as it was pulled out of Jason’s butt and Mark’s saliva coated cock brushed against Jason’s right cheek as it left his mouth. “You have to fuck me now,” Matt told Connor before leaning down more to kiss him again. “Right fucking now, I want you inside me so bad!” “Gladly!” Connor exclaimed, “How do you want it?” “Bend me over the bed,” Matt replied, “Bend me over and fuck me hard!” Jason, John, and Mark watched as Connor got off the bed and Matt lay face down one it with his ass in the air. It was like watching live porn as Connor got on his knees behind Matt and said, “First though, I am going to eat your hot little ass!” “Rim him good,” Jason said, “He loves to have a tongue up his butt!” Connor didn’t reply, he just buried his face between Matt’s smooth butt cheeks and began to tongue his tight puckered hole causing him to moan out loud. He ate his ass for almost 10 minutes before Matt begged to be fucked. “I’m so horny, fuck me Connor, fuck me please!” Matt told Connor. “Here it comes,” Connor told Matt as he stood behind him, “I’m going to make love to your ass right now, Matthew!” Connor pressed the head of his cock against Matt’s wet hole and pushed. It slid easily inside his saliva coated hole and he kept pushing until he was balls-deep inside. “Oh god yes,” Matt moaned, “This is what I need, fuck me stud!” Connor was happy to oblige. He started thrusting his cock in and out of Matt’s ass. He fucked him hard and fast, like Matt wanted. Their bodies made slapping sounds as Connor’s body contacted Matt’s with every hard shove of his cock up Matt’s ass. The grunting and moaning were turning Jason on even more than he already was. “I have to fuck someone,” he announced. “I need to be inside an ass!” “I have just what you need,” John joked as he got on his back and raised his knees. “Come take me Jason, I’m all yours!” Jason lay over John’s body and helped him place his legs onto his shoulders. He noticed that Mark’s cock had never gone soft and said, “Want to fuck me as I fuck John?” “I thought you’d never ask!” Mark kidded as he watched Jason dab lube onto John’s hole. “You can use John’s cum for lube,” Jason told Mark as he slowly penetrated John’s asshole with his throbbing, hard cock. Mark waited until Jason had his cock buried inside John, then he got behind Jason and edged right up to his muscular butt. He held his right cheek to the side and then pushed his cock as far as it would go up Jason’s ass. “Fucking hot,” Matt moaned as he watched his boyfriend become part of a sexual sandwich with their twin cousins. As Jason began to fuck John, Connor was about to blow his load inside Matt. “Oh god Matthew,” I’m gonna shoot!” Connor groaned, “Oh Matthew, oh Mathew! I’m cummmmmingggg!” Connor cock exploded inside Matt’s ass, firing shot after shot of white liquid inside it as Connor moaned and gasped. Matt could hear the wet sounds coming from his ass as Connor’s cock thrusted inside his cum filled hole. Fuck this is so intense! Matt thought to himself. Connor is a great fuck! Jason fucked John’s ass and took Mark’s up his own at the same time. It felt amazing to Jason to have his cock inside one hole while taking another one up his own. The moans coming from both John and Mark were heightening Jason’s arousal and he was loudly moaning himself as he felt like he was about to cum. “Oh fuck, I’m gonna cum!” he gasped as Mark’s cock rubbed against his prostate. “Oh, fuckkkk yeahhhhh!” he cried out as his cock started pumping cum into John’s tight ass. The friction of Mark’s cock against his prostate while he was cumming gave Jason one of the most powerful orgasms he had experienced so far in his life. It felt like he was pumping his balls empty with massive pulsations between his legs spewing out the load. Mark felt Jason’s ass contracting around his cock as he was cumming. The gripping feeling caused Mark to blow his load deep inside Jason while at the same time, John came without evening touching his cock. His cock bounced up and down firing jizz all over Paul’s sheets. When the trio had separated themselves from each other, Matt looked at the mess all over the sheets and laughed, “Imagine if we left that for your dad to find when he gets home!” Mark laughed and replied, “Yeah, it would be the last time he’d ever let us use his bed for sex!” John joined in the laughter and said, “We’d be confined to the barn for sex after that!” “I like sex in the barn!” Connor said with a grin on his face. “That’s good, then you won’t mind meeting me out there after dinner!” Matt told him. “Round 2, you and me?” Connor replied, with a wink. “Round 2, we all take turns on you,” Matt replied, “Call it our family welcome party!” “If you think that is a punishment for him,” Mark told Matt, “It’s not, he likes that sort of thing, right Connor?” “Damn straight, I love a line up for my ass!” Connor laughed. “Really?” Matt asked, “Me too!” “We are all just sluts,” Jason laughed. “Just for each other,” John said, nodding his head in agreement with the `sluts’ comment. “If you ever want more, I know two guys who I bet would be willing,” Jason commented. “Really, who?” Matt asked. “Two guys from school,” Jason said, “Chance Stone and Trevor Nolan.” “Are they hot?” Matt asked, looking interested in the idea. “Yes, they are,” Connor replied, causing Jason to look over at him. “You know them?” Jason asked. “I went to the same school as you!” Connor replied laughing. “So, of course I do. What I didn’t know was that they were into guys!” “Can they keep a secret, like our secret?” Mark asked, looking a bit dubious about bringing outsiders in. “They fuck in parking lots, I’m thinking yes,” Jason replied. “Plus, they wanted to hook up with me and Alejandro. I think that they are horny like us and would be up for group fun, if we actually wanted to do it of course.” “Let’s think about it,” John said. “In the meantime, let’s milk the cows then get something to eat.” “After that, I am going to milk 4 cocks with my ass,” Connor announced with a wink. “And I will milk yours the same way!” Matt replied while moving his eyebrows up and down in a sexy way. After dinner they did just that. Matt, Jason, John and Mark all took turns fucking Connor as he lay bent over a haybale. When the last cock had been drained, Matt swapped positions with Connor and enjoyed a thorough fucking by Connor’s cock. On their way home, Jason and Matt talked about their afternoon and evening. “So, I see you like Connor!” Jason commented. “The guy is a fuck machine and sexy as hell,” Matt replied, “What’s not to like!” “I know, right?” Jason said. “I’m really happy that he’s with our family now!” “I wonder what his brother is like,” Matt mused. “Is he as hot as Connor?” “I don’t remember him that much,” Jason replied. “Xavier is older than us and I was so busy having sex with you that I wasn’t looking around much back then!” “We’ll have to ask about that,” Matt said as they headed up the driveway to their house. “And if our cousins are up to meet Chance and Trevor, I am too.” “Cool,” Jason replied as he parked the truck. “Hey, Uncle Paul is still here!” he added as he saw Paul’s truck. “Let’s go see if we can catch them fucking!” Matt replied laughing. “After you!” Jason replied as they got out of the truck. ******** Thanks for reading my story. I’m sorry that is has been so long between chapters, but sometimes life gets in the way! Hopefully, a new chapter will come before too long. In the meantime, I am always happy to hear from readers. Thanks to everyone who has already written to me about this story! Hearing from readers is very motivating. I really appreciate it!

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