Kenyan Massage Experience

Kenyan Massage Experience
Haven’t posted in a long time – so thought I would share a quick one….!

Recently decided to visit an old massage spa that I used to go to often when I arrived in Kenya. Its a nice simple little place that tries hard to offer all spa features.

I arrived and noticed the team had changed, but to my delight there were a lot more ther****ts on hand and a lot of them were very good looking and certainly in my category.

One of ladies recognized me and gave me a huge welcome plus a scolding for disappearing on them. She asked what I wanted and I replied, I needed a deep tissue as I had not had a massage for a very long time.

She then directed me to the room and let me change and shower. When she came back in she told me one of the new ther****ts would attend to me,… and because I have come back I could use the sauna for free, plus a drink of my choice. I quickly got my robe and headed to the sauna.

A few minutes in there (all alone) i was obviously hot and getting relaxed…. Then i heard a knock on the door, and my ther****t peeped round and said she wanted to introduce herself and find out if i was ok. I replied yes and just needed a water waiting for me when i had finished.

She then said… “btw, don’t get shy, you can be naked in here as its just you….!”

I was shocked at her relaxed attitude and nodded my head, with a smile.

Soon i was nearly ready to get out and i was aroused somewhat. I heard a faint knock on the door, but I didn’t pay attention as I was fully relaxed lying down. Then all of a sudden, my ther****t said…

“eheemmm… excuse me…. Time for your massage… please follow me…”

She literally starred at me with my dick hanging down semi-hard…. She handed me my robe and i followed her…. I was super hot, and steamy.

I got on to the bed and she removed my robe and placed all required towels and necessities.

As soon as she started, i knew i was in for it!!!

It wasn’t anything like my previous massages… she was very sensual…. She rubbed the oil all around and started right at my thighs…. rubbing deep right next to my balls….

I grew very hard… After a while she made me turn around and pretended she was trying not to see me…. she could see I had a ranging hard-on…

I apologized to her… and said “this has never happened to me and im deeply embarrassed.” She said not to worry that it will all be ok in the end….

Again, I was shocked at her comment…..

She continued and got incredibly close to my penis… I knew that was she was doing was actually teasing me…. over and and over again.

She didn’t touch me once and try to jerk me off…. but she played a very sensual game that made me feel amazing…

She was wearing the spa’s uniform. It was tight around her, just above the knee. She had an arse like no other and the buttons near her breasts were unbuttoned a little too low…. I could see her cleavage…. She would have been in her late 30’s early 40’s….

Up until today, keep wondering how far she would have gone…. Could it have been a tantic type of massage or even something else?

I’ve made my booking for the next one and asked for her in particular…. Lets wait and see what happens next…

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