Subject: My Uncle, My Brother and Me Part 2 All the usual disclaimers apply. The following story is entirely fictional and contains explicit descriptions of sexual activity between adult males and teenage boys within a family setting. READ NO FURTHER if you are under the age of eighteen or offended by such material. This is a fantasy only, a safe place to revisit memories of burgeoning sexuality. I do not condone in any way the sexual exploitation of minors. Keep such fantasies in the imagination only. Please donate to fty). It is the only way to keep this site up and running. Any feedback please to ail My Uncle, My Brother and Me. Chapter Three The following night my brother, instead of laying on his bed came over to mine. `Get naked and lie on top of the covers.’ he said. I stripped my pyjamas off, casting them onto the floor, relishing the cool air around my already stiff cock with the naughtiness of being naked. I lay back on the covers and Doug heaved himself onto the bed and knelt astride me, his cock facing my head. He slowly began to wank himself with one hand and reaching behind him did the same to my cock. `Play with my balls’ he suggested. I lifted my hand to his ball sack and ran my fingers around the globes swinging back and forth in rhythm with his stroking. It was bigger than my tight sack, the balls seemed heavier, swinging more freely. There was a light covering of hair on them. I gripped his sack in my fist and massaged the contents, squeezing gently at first, but with more pressure as his cock twitched in approval of my toyings, his other hand rubbing my cock harder and harder. I pulled on his balls, dragging them down towards my chest where, if I arched a little, they would rub. I liked the feel of his ballsack hair scratching on my tummy, the rough against the smooth. `Pull more’ he groaned, and as I did, I felt his scrotum try to contract as he achieved his orgasm, flooding my face with his cum. `Jesus, you do like that don’t you?’ asked Doug as I ran my tongue around my lips, chin and the tip of my nose, capturing his cum and savouring it. I nodded and smiled, bucking my cock in his fist to my dry orgasm as the scent of his sex filled my world. I used my pants this time to mop the rest of face, and, much to my surprise, my brother leant forward and kissed me, first on the forehead, then the tip of my nose, then full on my lips. `You’re alright shorty.’ I slept so happy and contented that night, like I had never slept before. After that we started a nightly routine. Sometimes Doug liked to wank himself off whilst I watched him, naked, from the side of his bed. Or I would lean in and wank him off or pull his balls. If I was lucky he would straddle me, pumping his cum all over my smiling face. After he covered my face I would lick it off, my own cock straining as I licked my brother’s cum from me. It was only a matter of time, I suppose, before the next move in our sex play became clear. It was maybe six or so months after we had begun our nightly games. Doug had opted for the straddle me option, his balls hanging and grazing my chest. On an impulse I leant forward, raising my head from the pillow, opened my mouth and took the tip of Doug’s cock into my mouth. It was leaking precum, and this was the first time I had tasted it. So sweet and sticky, so unlike the cum that istanbul travesti follows, yet somehow full of its promise. Doug stopped his wanking and looked down, his eyes wide with shock and pleasure as his cock started to dip into my mouth. I took only an inch or so initially, rolling my tongue around his cockhead, the foreskin peeled back allowing me to explore his tip. Then I slowly leant in, Doug’s cock sliding slowly further into my mouth. `Fuck, that’s good’ moaned Doug who slowly started to buck his hips back and forth, inserting and withdrawing his cock from my mouth. He got a little deeper each time, and I gagged a couple of times as he hit the back of my mouth, but I was determined to see if I could take his whole cock in my mouth. I coughed and spluttered, gagging a few times, but gradually relaxed and his balls started to tap my chin tentatively, gently, at first, but as we both got accustomed to the sensations, harder and harder, slapping and slapping. My cock started to leak what I realised was precum, like Doug’s. He felt it sticky in his hand and brought his palm up to his face to lick it off. `Mmmmm’ he said as he licked my juice from his hand. That seemed to take him over the edge and he orgasmed in my mouth, coating my tongue and gullet. I swallowed it all, feeling the cum slide into my throat and down to my tummy. Doug slowly withdrew his wet cock, staring with amazement. `That was fucking amazing bro! And you swallowed the lot, not one drop anywhere. How did you learn to do that?’ `I didn’t’ I said `but I just really wanted to do that, because, well, because, you know…just because, I suppose’ I shrugged, embarrassed. He leant in and kissed me tenderly, his lips parted and his tongue tickling my lips. I parted mine and his tongue explored my mouth. `I can taste my own cock and cum. Wow.’ he said when he broke away, `That’s really hot.’ He settled down next to me on my bed and cuddled me. We pulled the covers over ourselves, and fell asleep, wrapped up in each other, guilty and innocent and the same time. I then really took to giving blowjobs, as I found out they were called, and we had all kinds of positions — he sat on the edge of the bed with me kneeling in front of him, my head bobbing on his cock until he exploded. Or me laid on the bed, with my head upside down, off the edge. My brother would kneel in front of my mouth, and then he could then fuck my face really deep from that angle, and I could see his balls swinging and colliding with my nose. Or I would lean across him as he laid on the bed, wanking his cock with my mouth and hands until he shot all over my face or down my throat, depending on where I was in the routine. It was during one of these sessions, as I tugged on my cock, which was now at 4 inches when full, with the finest dusting of hair appearing above the stem, that I had my first proper orgasm. As Doug reached his, flooding my mouth and throat with cum, my hand moving so fast on my cock that it blurred that I felt it. Rising from my curling toes, descending from my head and nipples, down my chest and stomach meeting the wave that rose up my legs and thighs, my ass bucking violently as I fucked my hand, the orgasm hit, my cock spewing cum all over the side of the bed and floor, my vision gone, just stars and darkness and sensation. Doug grinned kadıköy travesti at my surprised expression. `Good huh? Now you see why I wanked a lot, and why I like to cum with you.’ The next night Doug beckoned me over to his bed and this time he sat on the edge as I stood over him, fucking his face, my cock overflowing with sensations of the sweet heat of his mouth, the sensation of my falling ball-sac hitting him on the chin, his tongue licking my young prick, the orgasm down his throat, weak-kneed and trembling, my legs splashed with his cum as Doug wanked himself off whilst sucking me. Chapter Four So where does my Uncle figure in all this? After my brother and I had been wanking and sucking each other very successfully for another few months, I was now nearly thirteen, and my brother was just fifteen. We had gone to sleep after I had blown Doug who had then come on my face as I came on his chest. I woke sometime after midnight feeling thirsty and went downstairs for some water. I had gone naked, as it was warm, and I assumed my Uncle had gone to bed by then, but he hadn’t. He was in the living room, and I could see his outline on the sofa through the partly closed door. But it wasn’t my Uncle that initially caught my attention, it was what he was watching on the TV. Those of us old enough to remember the world pre-internet remember blue movies? Porno films on VHS (google it!) which you bought from small ads in adult magazines or from a grubby looking adult store. This was definitely a blue movie, as it showed a big bear of a man, with huge nipples and rings to match, wearing a cap with a chain on it and nothing else. His cock was being sucked with great enthusiasm by a man! I was transfixed. Other people did this? Not just Doug and I? My Uncle knew about this and watched it? I watched the film as it played on, the hairy bear fucking the face of the slighter, smoother guy, much as Doug and myself fucked each other’s faces, and with similar noises. And it turns out a similar end result, as the bear pulled away from the guy’s mouth, stroked it a few times and shot a load all over the sucker’s face, covering it with thick, creamy cum. My Uncle continued watching, seeming oblivious to my presence, and my throbbing erection and I went into the kitchen to get the water. I turned the tap as quietly as I could, hoping the noise of the video would drown out any noise that I made. I tiptoed back, holding my water, but could not resist stopping again to watch the next bit of the film. The guy who had been sucking the bear was now having his bottom invaded by the cock of another guy, the camera angling in the sight of a thick shaft sliding in and out of his arse. I was fascinated, and felt a tingle in my bum that I hadn’t felt before. Doug and I, in our innocence, had never considered it, assuming fucking was only for cunts and faces, and we only had faces. The idea of our arses being cunts for guys had not occurred to me. My Uncle seemed to become aware that he was not alone, and looked around straight at me. I don’t know who was more shocked, him or me. He quickly grabbed a remote and stopped the video, the image going to that white noise static that you used to get before TV never stopped. He adjusted himself as well, I couldn’t quite see in what way, but I guessed he was pulling his trousers bakırköy travesti and pants back up. I fled upstairs as fast as I could, terrified I had committed some terrible crime and that my Uncle would be mad at me. I heard his tread coming up the stairs and hid under the bedclothes. The door to our bedroom swung open slowly and my Uncle’s voice, soft and reassuring, `Don’t worry Mikey. You aren’t in trouble or anything.’ He stroked my shoulder through the covers, and I emerged slowly, eyes widened in fear. `It’s too late to talk now, and Doug is asleep. We’ll talk tomorrow, with Doug as well, and get all our secrets out in the open.’ The door closed, leaving me to wonder what he meant by all our secrets…Did Uncle know what we did? Was it bad? He was watching a film with guys doing it, so maybe it wasn’t that bad? The following day was a Saturday, so there was no school or anything to delay the promised discussion of secrets. I had woken early, a bit panicked, and shaken my brother awake. Once he realised I hadn’t woken him merely to suck his cock for him, and started to pay attention, I told him what had happened the previous night. Doug paled a little, as I had, when I told him about possible Secrets, and about the film I seen our Uncle watching, and what I thought he was doing when he was watching it. We both got dressed in silence, wondering what our fate would be. Uncle Edward was already in the kitchen making toast and tea, and he smiled as we entered and offered us the same. Too scared to eat, we both mutely shook our heads and sat opposite each other at the breakfast table. Tea and toast took an eternity to produce, whole centuries went past, civilisations rose and fell, and after the longest ten minutes of my life, Uncle Edward sat down and looked at both of us. `Mikey,’ he started, `have you told your brother what you saw? The film?’ I nodded. `Okay,’ he said, and leant back in his chair. `Secrets on the table. I’m gay, which means I like to have sex with men instead of women, and I have been all my life. That’s why your Aunt Joan left all those years ago, I couldn’t give her what she wanted.’ He paused briefly `I don’t get sex as much as I would like because I have you two to look after, which kind of cramps my sex life a bit.’ He smiled ruefully’ `I love you both, so it doesn’t matter. I often watch videos, very late at night after you two have gone to bed.’ He paused again, and a slow smile crossed his face, as he then added `After you have finished sucking each other off and gone to sleep, that is.’ My brother and I went even whiter, and we both sat with downcast eyes at the scrubbed table. Uncle Edward chuckled `You are quite noisy you know, sometimes, and I am not stupid. I was your age once and as obsessed with my cock, and other boy’s cocks, as you are yours.’ I started to grin stupidly, and looked up, embarrassed but not scared now at my Uncle. `So, you don’t mind? You’re not angry with us?’ `Good god no,’ he replied `it’s safe, you’re indoors, and you trust each other, what’s to mind?’ He leaned in slightly. `I have watched a couple of times you know. Your bedroom door doesn’t always shut properly, and I could see quite a lot, you horny pair of sods!’ We started laughing at this, nervously at first, then with relief that it was okay, we weren’t in trouble. `Come on guys, family hug!’ demanded Uncle Edward. He opened his arms expansively and we shuffled off our stools over to his strong hug and firm chest. He hugged and hugged us, kissing us both and telling us how much we meant to him, and how happy he was with us both.

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