Subject: Nosotros 8 The usual disclaimers apply here. Adhere to them the best as you can. I don’t encourage nor condone diddling in the taboo fun with family, yet I know it happens & will continue to do so. I’m an open book with my own experiences & wishing they had gone further. Feel free to send feedback, ideas, thoughts, or any fantasies/desires. Up to talk about experiences, past or present. So hopefully you enjoy. Feel free to chat me up and give your own words. You could always not use real names in case of anything. Also, donate what you can. Tons of us still jerk to the great stories at our leisure. Do you part you horny fty/donate.html ———————————————————— (Joey’s view) Curled up in his bed, I was really feeling it in missing dad. He was only gonna be gone for 5 days or so, but well, I know work is work and it’s important to him. I just miss him so much, that’s all. I was bummed out that he called today and said he’d be gone for another three or four days, to get some problems settled. He could tell I was sad and pouty, as he asked if I was alone, and I said yea, I was in his bedroom by myself. For the moment, he turned my frown upside down, as he said in a loud whisper “Mi amor, you know I love you and miss you a lot, right?” to which I grumbled out a soft sad “Yea”. “Well, just so you know, I’m saving up my milk for you, so when I get back, you’ll get a real big treat.” That got me to giggle and smile, as I eagerly asked “For real dad!?” which got a good chuckle out of him. He’s honest and tells me “Yea, Im hard everyday thinking of you, but haven’t touched it. It’ll be for you when I get back home, okay?” “Plus, I got some gifts for you and Tucker, so hopefully you guys like that too. But I gotta go mi amor, just a few more days and I’ll be back, okay?” Sadly, I give an “Okay dad, I love you”, which gets a very warm “I love you too mi amor, see you soon.” That was this morning, and now that it’s night, it felt like forever and ever and like he’d never come home! Like 5 more extra long days and today was the 5th day too, meaning he was supposed to be back already! I got more pouty as I tried pulling his colchas around me even tighter, losing his smell he left on the bed cuz I wouldn’t stop sleeping in it. But after a while, I felt like I couldn’t relax much, so I peeked out and saw it was almost one in the morning. Fighting with my own thoughts to try and go to sleep, I figured to go get a snack and play some video games to pass the night. Plus, it was still a whole ‘nother month before school starts, and I would get into some good sleep way before that cuz dad would make me do it. Reluctantly, I toss the colchas off and sit up for a few seconds, wondering what I could get for a snack, but more so, what game I would play? I know! I’ll play PS4, but then, it dawned on me that it was in Jace’s room. “Hmmmm, maybe he’s not home..or well, maybe he’ll let me play” runs through my head, but then, I know he’s a damn meanie and just a jerk too, and I don’t know why. We always butt heads and fight, and I can’t stand when he spanks me! He’s always smacking and hard pinching my butt cheeks when he gets mad. I know I piss him off at times, but it’s cuz he deserves it for being an ass with me! “Sigh”, but I already know better than to fight with him when dads not around the house. The one and only time we did, dad sure made an example out of our asses. His spanks hurt so much with his big strong hands, and he sure made me and Jace cry a lot a lot. Even grounded us for two weeks after. Quickly, I shake my head from the memory as I get out of dad’s bed, and putting on his slippers, I noisily make my way out of his room. I get some butterflies in my tummy as I head downstairs, wanting to check to see if Jace was around before finding some food. I slow down a bit as I approach his room, and noticed the lights are on low. “Maybe he’s gone” I think out loud as I stand in front of his door, standing still to see if I hear anything, yet I couldn’t. My tummy feels a lil fluttery as I figure out what to do, and then, I figured, I might as well knock to see if he’s there. “Knock knock knock knock”, my hand lightly taps the foor, and nothing but silence responded. So, after a few more seconds, I decided to knock again but harder this time. “Knock knock knock..Jace, are you in there?” my voice cracked as I said that last part. Again, it was quiet as I stood there, making me a bit more nervous and like I had to pee. I know I shouldn’t go in there without permission, but I so wanted to play games to forget dad wasn’t home. So, as nervous as I was, I opened up the door and walked in, getting hit with the smell of something burning the second I make it past the door frame. More so, after walking to the lil hall his room has, I stop dead in my tracks as I notice Jace sitting on his bed with only a beanie on and some socks. My eyes widen a bit, as I noticed that he’s naked, his laptop in front of him on a pillow. I’ve never seen Jace naked, except when he’s shirtless during the summer when we’re outside. I feel glued to the floor, not knowing what to do, knowing he’s gonna get real mad once he sees I walked in without his saying so, and more so, that he’s butt naked on bed. It feels hard to breath but can’t help but notice how nice Jace looks like, and then a second later, my body gets real cold. Goosebumps run up and down my body as the smokey smell is getting to me a little bit, and on top of that, looking at Jace’s face, he looks up from his laptop at the same time, and his eyes connect with mine, before turning into a scowl. ———————————————————————- (Jace’s view) “Fuck, this shit is good” I let out with a good smile, as I’m smoking my blunt Xander got for us earlier. A bit happy dad is gone for a bit, I settled into a good edging session while eating some pizza. I was somewhat delirious and lost in my high and watching all sorts of porn, from very homoerotic DP’s to small tight latin bubble butts. More, cause it’s been 5 days since I last came. Fuck, my cum rag was a bit soaked as I just kept edging myself over and over. Care free as fuck, I knew the smell would be out of my room by the time dad got back, so figured I didn’t have to lock my door. What I didn’t figure, was the plump lil shit would come bother me or walk in without asking me. Even though I was in such a good mood, he almost killed it for me, when the back of my mind told me to look up, and low and behold, there’s my plump baby bro standing there while I’m butt naked on bed watching porn. My face must have made him too scared, as he looked like a deer caught in headlights, and more, he knows I’m prone to hitting his sweet ass. Naturally, “Whaaaat?” comes out in such an annoyed tone as he starts to tremble a lil bit, just kinda standing there fidgeting while I wait for his response. In a studder, he cracks out “Im-m s-sorry Jace..I juust wanted to play some video games. I knocked twice and..” Instantly, I cut him off and roughly answered “So you thought you could just fucking walk in?” His istanbul travesti eyes get watery a bit as he stands there, dropping his hands to his belly button, which he does when he’s really sorry and sad. I’m not sure if it’s the kush or shit, but I cool down for a second as we both stay silent in place. Then, I tell him “Toss me my boxers” as I press the power button on my laptop. Instantly, yet shaking a bit, he goes for it before tossing it to me, and clumsily, I put it on. His eyes never leave my body as he stares at my dying hard-on, looking away a bit as he realizes I caught him. “What do you want?” firmly comes out as I move my laptop to the side and get up to get another slice of pizza off my desk. “Well, I..I wanted to get a snack and I wanted to play some games cuz I can’t sleep and I miss dad a lot” his voices cracks as he finishes off his sentence. I feel for the lil shit, as I was the same when I was younger, except, dad would leave us our grandparents instead of home alone like now. “Can’t you knock before coming in?” was the response I gave him, which he softly replies “But I knocked twice, and you didn’t answer and I thought you were gone.” I give him a mean look while I scarf down a slice, thinking if I should tell him to go back to his room or let him play. “Jace, can I have some pizza please” he asks when he realizes it’s from one of our favorite places. I think for a second before telling him “Yea, you can, but you gotta get some coke before you can.” Not knowing if it’s just me being mean as usual, he stands there lookin at the pizza and me, wondering what to do. “Go!” I scold him as he looks a bit down, thinkin that I’m tricking him and gonna lock the door behind him. Sadly, he makes his way out my room, giving me time to scarf down another slice before I make myself comfy on my bed. I turn on the playstation while I make myself comfy, and even though it took a little longer than needed to, Joey walks in surprised and quiet, a bit shocked I didn’t lock my door on him. “What took you so long?” I rhetorically ask as I extend my hand for the pop. Quickly, he heads to my bed and hands it to me. After popping it open to chug half of it, I tell him “Go ahead and eat some.” He eagerly walks over to the box and grabs some slices easily scarfing down two while I open my library of games for him to choose from. He wipes his hands clean before I pat the bed, signaling for him it’s okay to get on. Once he does, he lays on his tummy after I hand him the control, and he quickly goes to Brawlhalla, which he loves to play. While he boots up the game, I reach for my next hit while he plays. After a few minutes, I’m even more high as I see he’s actually decent in playing the game, getting a few chuckles out of me noticing that some players are trying to take him down during the matches as he’s pisses them off with a hit and run style. While his next match was loading up, he looks back at me and gives me a funny lil face before saying “That always smells funny Jace, when you and Xander do that.” “Yea, you’ll love it one day too when you’re older” plainly slides out before my hands goes and smacks his cheek firmly enough. “Owwww Jace, what did I do?” he asks annoyed while I laugh at pissing him off. Right as he’s about to argue with me, I point to the TV saying “It started and you’re losing already!” which makes his head snap back to the screen. He quickly yells out “You liar, I haven’t died yet!” With a mind of its own, I realize my hand stayed right on the back of his left thigh as he continues to play, and that’s when I notice that plump lil ass of his I love to pinch and smack. It’s always been a horny thing ever since I learned to jerk off. More so, during the last few times he showered with me, I was just so fascinated with his smooth tan cheeks and the shape of it, and always took my time washing it well when he showered with me a few times. My cock always got steel hard and I had many good jerk sessions and fantasies. The lil shit did annoy the hell out of me too, so it was easier to just be mean and get more touches of that plump ass when we fought. After the last few showers we had together, and I got to rub his tiny ass slit, and I got hooked. I just had to feel that ass up whenever I could. A split second later, reality nudged me a bit, as I realized my hands were going up and down his thigh, stopping right by his taint and back of his balls before sliding down to the back of his knee. I freshly noticed he’s wearing white socks and his red short shorts, and one of dad’s shirts. It gets a lil harder to breath as my cock flexes hard enough so I can notice, telling me it’s loving what I’m doing and feeling. My left hand goes down and adjusts my cock, massaging it a bit as I kept rubbing his leg. What I didn’t notice, was his current match had just finished and he lost too. Not sure if its cause I distracted him or what not, but he looks back at me and simply asks “What you doing Jace?” I simply state “Just rubbing you and noticed you have a lil fat ass.” That seems to offend him some cuz of my tone, his facing showing me he was uspet which I give a simple “That’s a good thing you dork”. His expression changes as he lays his head down on the bed and enjoys me rubbing and feeling him up, softly saying “This is much better than when you hurt my butt Jace. You’re always so mean.” “That’s cause you annoy the shit out of me, and always want to fight with me too” which gets a “Nuh uh, not true!”, getting him to look back at me. Before I could truly think, I softly let out “Plus, you have such a hot lil ass too, I gotta feel it somehow.” My room stays extra quiet except for the faint sound of my hand going up and down his thigh, enjoying the feeling and not being able to stop myself. “Really Jace, you like my butt a lot?” I nod my head twice as my eyes dart at his gaze for a split second before looking back at his covered cheeks. “You like how it feels Joey?” I lustfully ask as he nods his head in approval, his eyes looking hazy, probably the high finally hitting him from being in my room. My thoughts speak up one by one as I keep looking at his face and back to his ass, wondering what step I should take. Finally, I admit I can’t take it anymore, and just need to see more. Using the pent up energy from my horny desires, I move around till I’m laying directly behind him, his head laying on my bed as he quietly breaths. “Oh fuck yea!” yells in my head as my bulge grinds into the bed, and my arms go around his cheeks. My hands softly move up and down his back, as I lean forward and take a whiff of his cheeks. It smells clean yet a lil sweaty, making my mouth water more as I push my face into his covered crack. Joey let’s out a lil groan while my face goes as deep as it can, taking a deep whiff and I squeeze and massage his cheeks. “Jaaace” he lets out as he lightly quivers, my cock already leaking as I enjoy the warmth and smell of his boy ass. I wanted to make it last, but the kush took down my inhibitions, so I went for it. I get off the bed and stand at the edge, telling him “Come here Joey.” Lookin back at kadıköy travesti me for a split second, he scoots down to the edge of the bed, his legs hanging off after I grab his ankles and pull him to me. He squeals and moans when my hands quickly slide down his ribs and then touch his hardend nipples. I make sure to spend some time feeling his perky boy tits under his shirt. “I’ll make you a deal Joey. Let me punish you one time to make up for all the times you pissed me off, and you can play my games whenever you like. Deal?” seductively comes out, his whimpers fueling my urges for him as he shakes and shivers a bit. “Jaaaace, you always hit so hard. It’s going to hurt a lot” whines out from him as I feel up the side of his meaty tummy. “Nah, this time it won’t hurt, promise” confesses to him as he looks back at me with a worried face. Softly, and with a groan, he lets out “Okay Jace, deal”, while the tip of my fingers rub his nips once again. “Fuck yea” comes out in a loud whisper as my hands slide down his tummy, making him shudder as he likes it a lot. “I gotta taste your hole Joey” I lustfully let out as he asks “You do Jace?” to which I nod my head “Yes”. Goosebumps form as we both shudder, both of us wanting to take it further and probably be at peace after this. Or at least, that’s my thought. Quickly, I grab one of my pillows and get it under him as best as I can, making sure he’s comfy as my hands stay on his cheeks, and then, I kneel to his left side. It’s still hard to breath, his light whimpers keeping me on edge as I notice a lil tear in the back side of his shorts. My hands feel shaky, as eager as they are, feeling up his round plump covered cheeks. I give each one a firm squeeze, loving how it feels while, jiggling them a bit to drive us both wild. I swear I saw him push his lil buns out out, almost making me drool with how seductive he looked. Without thinking, my right hand quickly goes up, and then “Smack”, right on his plump buns, getting a whimper and “Jaaace!”, but this time, it sounded good. I kept my word and didn’t make it hurt. He kept whimpering as I gave his other neglected cheek a well deserved “Smack”. Back and forth I go between rubbing his ass, giving that sensual smack, and sliding my right thumb up and down his covered taint. And when my finger made yet another trip down, I felt a lil dent in his shorts, so I lean forward and notice a tear before sitting. Holding my breath for a moment, my horniness takes over as my index fingers reach in and start to rip the hole, getting a “gasp” out of Joey as I tell him “I’ll get you new ones, promise.” My cock flinches hard and pulses out precum the moment his smooth tan crack comes into view, my eyes hazy from seeing his tiny red slit as I lean forward. I truly want to just sit there and enjoy the view and smell of his plump boy ass, but my tongue lost it’s mind and dove into his perfect crack, pulling my entire face with it. An overwhelming surge of pleasure went through me the second my tongue landed on his tiny, tight, slightly sweaty slit, moving the broad side up and down right on his hole to tongue him. He squealed so loud, giving me more energy to keep going as I held onto his tan cheeks and kept slipping and sliding my tongue on his virgin boy hole. His body shivered every few seconds, my face buried in his crack and not wanting to let up. I simply couldn’t believe how good his sweaty lil hole could taste, I could definitely eat him out over and over..and many times too. “Jaaaace!” he moans out, my eyes opening, welcomed by the view of his taint and smooth lil sac. I could feel goosebumps on his cheeks, noticing his toes scrunching as I continue to devour his lil red hole. Moving a bit, I can feel the tip of my cock is soaked in precum as I pull back for a few seconds to admire his ass. Looking back at him, I can see he laid his head down while he lets out more sensual whispers. As my finger tips touch and caress his warm crack, I notice that he has goosebumps up and down his back too. So I let go of his sweet ass for a moment to squat behind him, more precum lurching out as I get an even better view of his tiny hole. My thumbs hold the inside his cheeks as I lightly pull them open, loving how tight he looks as the tip of my right thumb touches his hole. His cheeks try to squeeze as it feels so good to him, so a second later, I bury my face right back into his hole and continue to eat him out. A shiver hits me hard as he pushes back onto my tongue, my eyes rolling back even though they’re closed as we get lost in the moment. It’s a bit funny to be whimpering with him, as those urges I had for his sweet ass since the last shower were getting satisifed and so damn good too. Right when it felt overwhelming for myself, I pull back and smack his butt cheeks, rubbing both as I groan and tell him “You taste so fucking good Joey.” He finally gets a moment to get up on his hands as he looks back at me, his horny lil expression getting me to stand up as I keep massaging his smooth buns. His eyes widened at seeing my hard cock strain against my boxers, getting such a nervous and excited “Jace, it looks so big!” as I grab his hips, pulling him into me while I push my bulge into his hot ass. I know my face is in a scowl, as I keep humping him in small yet firm motions, pushing my precum oozing bulge into bliss. It was my turn to be shocked when Joey asked “Can I taste it Jace?”, making me stop in place right on his ass. I was quiet for a few seconds, not knowing what to say as we stared at each other. I never thought he could or would ask something like that. Then, I had to make sure I heard right. “You wanna taste my dick Joey?” gets quick nods out of him as I slowly move my hips again. I didn’t plan on this happening, much more ever getting to this point, but his sincere “Please” does the trick, smacking both his cheeks lightly before moving off him. He scrambles off the bed and stands in front of me, and in a jiffy, he pulls down his torn shorts. I shudder a bit at seeing his smooth naked plump body, and like how his uncut dick stands out almost like mine. He stares eagerly at me, waiting for me to pull down my boxers. I’m a bit self conscience, as I’m the thin one of the bunch, yet just as strong as they are. My mouth speaks before I’m able to think and asks “You like what you see Joey?” as my tight body flexes a bit. I try my best to muffle my groan through my jaw as his eager hands reach out and feel my abs and chest. His hands feel a bit clammy and shaky, both of us crossing into new territory in our bond. In a whisper, I tell him “Take my boxers down”, which he does without skipping a beat. He “gasps” the moment my veiny cock pops out, the tip shiny from all the precum I leaked out. “FUCK” comes out painfully, feeling his hands on me for the first time as he strokes my dick. I just stand there and let us enjoy, noticing his cheeks turn red from the fun we’re having. I couldn’t help but reach over and lightly pinch and play with his hard nipples. His legs buckle after a few seconds of playing with them, holding onto my waist as it was too bakırköy travesti good for him. His high pitched whimpers make my cock pulse out more precum as I ease up, softly telling him “I need to cum bad, I need to shoot my milk.” Giving me a big warm smile, my eyes widen as my cock thobs, somewhat confused yet turned on when Joey gets on his knees, opening his mouth wide open and hanging out his tongue. He doesn’t say anything aside from “ehhhh”. I don’t know if it was the weed or more, just, it wasn’t clicking in my head what he wanted till he closed his mouth to speak. “Can you feed me your milk Jace?” innocently came out as I scooted forward on his knees. “What the fuck? You want to swallow my cum Joey” comes out in disbelief as he grabs on my legs right above the knees. Another strong shiver runs through me as he eagerly nods “YES”, even telling me “I’ll try my best to swallow it all”. Fuck, that’s all I needed as he sat back on his heels, never letting my legs go as I bent my knees slightly, so my balls were closer to his hungry mouth. “Suck my nuts a bit” lustfully comes out as he does so, making me almost buckle over from how good he was at it. “Hot damn, you’re gonna make me blow real hard Joey” groans out as I firmly grab and stroke the head of my slippery dick. My eyes get so hazy and roll back some as he slurps on my hairy balls, churning up my hot milk real good and quick. As much as I wanted to draw this out, everything felt better times ten thanks to the kush, and more, getting things I never thought of or would ever get. “Fuck Joey, you gotta swallow every drop, you gotta” grunts out desperately as I get close to the edge. “Mmmmm” grumbles from his throat as left palm gently pushes his head back, that eager cum hungry tongue sticking out as I start aiming my precum soaked cock head right at his mouth. “Fuck, I’ma nut!” painfully comes out as I place my frenulum on his tongue that’s lightly wiggling under it. Blast after blast of hot milk starts squirting into his eager mouth, and watching his devour it makes it more intense. “Hoooooo-shiiiiittt!” bellows out as I almost stand on just the tips of my toes, my hand not wanting to stop stroking, making sure he gets all the fresh cum possible to swallow. It’s such a powerful shock to see him happily swallow my milk, even sucking my sensitive head to make sure it’s all taken down. Even with my hands holding onto and pulling his head back some, his cum hungry mouth has such a damn good grip on my cock head. My eyes roll back a bit as I endure this sweet torture, satisfying everything in me in one hit. My whole body can’t stop trembling, as I stand on my tippy toes, and finally, I can’t take it another more, using what spare strength I could to pull away from him. Even the “pop” sound from leaving his hungry mouth fueled that horny fire to keep going. Catching my breath, I look down at him while I still hold his head, loving how he’s smacking his lips and using his finger to make sure he got everything. The lil shit didn’t miss a drop at all, and looks so happy from doing a damn fucking good job. Before I could ask, he makes me feel good about myself, telling me his honest “Mmmmm, you taste real good Jace!” as he grabs onto my wrists and uses them to stand up. “Yea Joey?” rolls out, getting his nod of approval as I tell him “Well, you can have more if you’d like soon”. That gets a giggle out of him as he rushes to hug me, loving that he can get more hot cum from. And well, he’s probably happy as me that we found some mutual ground, and I got my nut satisfied. But then, I realized that he hasn’t cum himself. “Hey, wanna try something else real quick?” catches his attention as he looks at me with big eyes and a small smile. I give him a warm smile and tell him “Get on my bed” which he does in a split second. After I climb on, I lay down smack in the middle with a pillow under my head and half my legs hanging off while I tell him “Turn around and straddle my face”. He gets a lil blushed as I grab his meaty legs and hoist them over my chest, sliding my arms under his legs and easily grabbing onto his buns. “Just relax and enjoy this, okay?” comes out in a calm tone to make sure he’s comfy. I can already feel my cock half hard as I move my hands a bit to try and get a good grip on his cheeks. And once I do, I part them enough and see his winking lil red slit. “Fuck yea” groans out as I slightly pull his ass to my face, sucking on his hole as he bucks and shivers. I let my tongue go crazy as it whips around, making it pucker as I bathe it in spit. “Ohh Jaaaaace!” squeals out as he lays his head by my cock, his ass trying to grind itself on my hungry tongue more, shivers making him tremble as I slurp on his taint too. And well, since I had him like this, I figured I would try something that I learned in my early days of dry cumming. I moved him up just a bit, so I could press my spit soaked tongue into his taint, trying to rub his lil button from the ouside. It seemed to work a bit, as his squeals got a tad bit louder, and fuck, was he really sucking in air when he would gasp. My mind kept yelling over “Keep going, make the lil shit cum good” as I devoured his lil virgin red boyhole. A part of me needed that assurance I was good in bed despite my body, and he would be my proof, as I seriously needed him to cum too. “Jace, oh Jaaaace” screeched out as my thumbs lightly rubbed the sides of his tiny hole, my tongue reaching further down to tickle his bald lil sac too. His trembling seemed to get stronger, so I figured he was well on his way to dry cumming hard. So I slid my arm under his legs, and even thought it was a bit of an odd position, I reached up to press on his taint while I held his sac in my hands, my mouth slobbering on his tiny slit, getting whatever it could wet with spit. I just kept humming into his hole as he grabbed onto me, and next thing I know, his arms and legs squeezed onto me, his cheeks trying to close too as his dry orgasmed crashed so hard into him. His hole puckered and squeezed the tip of my tongue as he trembled after letting out a very loud “Oh shit!” I realized I could feel the tip of his stiffy as he shook over and over, my tongue never letting up its job as he rode out his orgasm. Finally, after a bit, he whimpered and whined, my cue to slow it down as I eased him off of me. I was steel hard and leaking but felt it was okay to ignore my raging hardon as my right hand smacked and then relaxed on his plump ass cheek. After a minute or so, he lazily moves himself and hugs onto my side, grinning as he puts his face a bit into my armpits. “You like Joey?” calmly comes out as he says “It was so good Jace. You really like my butt, huh?” comes out as he giggles a bit. I can’t help but chuckle and lightly blush myself as I tell him “Yea, for a long time now, and more than you’ll ever know”. Even though I’m horny, I feel spent as Joey asks “Hey Jace, can I sleep with you? I don’t want to be alone since I miss Dad a lot”. Of course, I feel for the lil shit and I understand him, so I tighten my arm on him some and tell him “Sure, it’s fine. Plus, we can have another round in the morning if you’d like”. That gets a big giggle out of him as I feel his lil hardon poke my leg. In no time, our slightly sweaty bodies cool down enough, helping drag us into sleep along with the weed already soaked in us.

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