Subject: Preteen boyfriends This is a fictional story, and is not based on any real life characters. As Niftys guidelines dictate I’d like to disclose that this fictional story involves relationships between adults and children. Please consider that this is an erotic story, and is only appropriate for adult readers. ———————————————————————– Chapter: 1 In Melbourne Victoria, Sam walked down the steps of his apartment towards his regular coffee place, ready to start the day before catching a tram into the city. The city was still waking up, with not much more than the sound of a few vehicles, and the sound of a few Australian native birds nearby. Sam walked into the coffee shop, placed his usual order of an oat latte. Sam a very attractive early 30’s man, hazel eyes and dark brown hair, and muscles all over from years of swimming was a handsome man. He was dressed in skin tight gym gear and had just a little of his designer jockstrap visible above his shorts. Which often got him attention. The barista he’d met on grindr Nick, was a casual hook up when he moved into his apartment just a few months ago. Though Nick worked at the cafe, he seemed to do quite well for himself, little did Sam know until hooking with Nick a few times, that he actually owned the cafe and had been working there since he was 19. Sam ran his own online IT business, but still had an only fans account, not that he at all needed the money, but he did enjoy being sexy, as well as making a little extra cash on the side while he could. He also worked a few nights a week as a stripper, and was often gifted very generous rewards. Sam particularly liked talking to other filthy men who liked young boys as much as he did in his dms. Often he would meet privately after confirming they were legitimate. Sam himself as a preteen boy loved meeting up with his cousins and uncle for camping trips where his dad and uncle would often start them off by having him and his cousins suck the two of them off at a very early age, and then by kindergarten had them bottoming for their two massive 8 inch cocks. Sam loved his filthy family and enjoyed pervy exploits with his hot cousins too. As Nick finished making Sam his coffee, he mentioned that a customer mentioned how wild Sam was. Sam became a little nervous, but was still intrigued. ‘I have someone I’d like you to meet’ Stated Nick with a wink. Are you available tonight after dinner? Now feeling slightly less nervous and more intrigued, Sam agreed. He got on the tram and started heading off to gym, but on the way a group of half a dozen school boys got on, Sam being the stud he was and being heavily into young boys didn’t want to pass up the opportunity, and began rubbing his crotch, getting hard thinking about how amazing their school boy holes would feel on his fat cock. Being a stunner himself, he already şişli travesti had their attention, and they’d noticed him rubbing his crotch. ‘Hey.’ He winked as he caught their eye, causing all 6 of them to simultaneously, blush, with an awkward yet smitten. ‘Hey….’ ‘Um…. what are you doing there…. hehehe’ Exclaimed one of the school boys finally pointing out Sam rubbing his cock. ‘Gym injury.’ Sam replied, ‘just gotta massage it. Would be so much easier if I had someone to do it for me though.’ ‘Well I’m pretty good at giving massages.’ Said one of the boys. ‘No way’ I’m way better at them than you are!’ Exclaimed one of his friends. ‘Well I suppose you could all show me how good you are.’ stated Sam. ‘But maybe let’s get off here. Probably not the best place for this.’ Sam lead all 6 boys off at the next stop, quickly lead the boys to an Ally way that lead the back of a sauna. ‘Wait here.’ Said Sam, as he disappeared for a few minutes before opening up the exit door allowing all 6 boys inside. Sam was now wearing nothing but a towel, and offered 6 more to the school boys which they got undressed and put on without hesitation. Sam could not but help admire their young naked bodies, and how petite they were compared to him. He grew hard under his towel, which the boys all noticed yet were somehow all excited for as they followed him into a private room. ‘Now. Let’s get this message underway.’ Sam said laying back on the soft cushioning of the bench. The boys gathered round him and began to rub all over, making his erection rise to full mast at a staggering 13 inches. Sam, decided it was time to get steamy, so he pulled off his towel in front of the boys, and began stoking his monster cock. The boys astonished at his giant member looked stunned. ‘Come on boys, we’re all men here. And this isn’t gonna rub itself you know’ The boys obediently followed the incredibly charismatic Sam, and began stroking his enormous girthy cock. ‘Works better if you suck it.’ Stated Sam, grabbing two of the boys and leading them to his cock and balls followed by two more. ‘I can’t believe that you got us all to skip school and follow you here to suck your cock. We’re not even all gay!’ Stated on of the boys. Now all with raging hard ons, and naked while sliding their tongues all over the impressive 13 inches of pedophile cock. ‘That’s not all your about to do.’ Exclaimed Sam. ‘This was just to get me all nice and wet. But now it’s time for you all to take turns on fucking and riding my dick while I breed each and every single one of you.’ ‘No way! You’re way too big!! There’s no way you’re putting that big thing in me! Not in my virgin hole!’ ‘We’ll see about that.’ And with one swift movement, same had the 13-year-old twink ass up and arms held back. ‘Wait. What are you doing! No! Don’t put it in me! It’s way too big!’ ‘Oh fuck!’ ‘No!’ Begged the helpless beylikdüzü travesti blonde teen, as the big fat pedophile monster cock puckered up against his tight boy hole. ‘Ahhhhh! Ahhh! Ahhh!’ MY ASS! TAKE IT OUT! JUST TAKE IT OUT!’ He begged as he got railed by 13 inches of pole. But Sam just keep slapping his raw beefy cock in the no longer virgin boy hole. The blonde teen looked up at his friends for help, stunned by the sight, but then realised that they were no longer scared, but aroused. The sight of a the sexy man stud railing raw cock into their 13-year-old friend had them all at full mast, and suddenly they all wanted in on it! Sam had 2 boys working each of his balls in their tiny little mouths, whilst 2 grinded up against him waiting their turn and another just stood next to him while Sam would make the boy sit on his fingers. The cute blonde boy suddenly felt his hole adjust, as Sam carefully and precisely worked it over, suddenly due to Sam’s amazing skills as a top, ‘enjoying that cock Ryan?’ One of the boys said to their blonde friend, as Ryan’s screaming for dear life suddenly turned into moans of cock hungry teenage hornieness. ‘Fuck me with you big giant cock daddy!’ Screemed Ryan. ‘Really? You want cock now?’ Replied Sam ‘Yes daddy! I want it so bad!’ ‘Well then I need to hear you beg for it. Say fuck raw. I’m a whore, and I’ll fuck you like a little whore.’ ‘Fuck me raw. I’m a massive whore! I NEED CUM DADDY!’ screamed the teen desperate to be a total sub. Sam suddenly flipped the teen boy over, laying him on his back, and started filming himself breed the underaged cock slut he managed to so quickly train, pushed Ryan’s legs up past his shoulder and started fucking him senselessly until he came all over himself, but Sam just rubbed it all over Ryan’s chest and stomach before making the well fucked teen, lick each and everyone of his fingers clean. Ryan was trembling from a mind shattering orgasm, and Sam just leaned in and started making out with him to get a taste of all the cum he made his new teen sub eat. After as Sam was making out he continued to fuck the teen hole faster and more vigorously, before finally blowing a big fat load inside of and all throgh Ryan’s now quivering ass. Then just left Ryan upside down, ass in the air, and gallons of cum flooding from his hole and down his legs as he watch a scene of each one of his friends fucked senselessly by a man they’d just met on the tram that morning. Watching the day of debauchery unravel ththe 6 school boys watched one another take endless amounts of cock, now converted from mostly straight school boys to now cock hungry cum sluts, the boys lay there thinking to themselves. ‘I think I’m in love.’ Of course, it was getting late, and the boys had all left to take anonanonymous raw cock. So it was time to leave the Sauna and return to school. When they returned, their istanbul travesti father’s were all waiting for them. ‘Where have you all been? It’s nearly dinndinner time!’ Exclaimed the angry fathers. But jumping to the rescue, Sam exclaimed, maybe it would be better if I just showed you what all your boys were up to. He pulled out his phone which he had recorderd the entire event at the sauna, which the fathers watched in amazement, not realising that it had brought them all to full mast. ‘You turned our kids into total cock hungry sluts?’ Asked the dads. ‘You bet I did!’ Winked Sam. ‘And if I did my job properly im guessing you’ll all be wanting a turn on your kids after watching that video, and frankly, at this point, they’ll suck and ride any cock you give them. Yours. Their teachers, other parents, other kids in the school, even guys who walk past will be able to fuck them.’ The fathers contemplated. Are we really all considering fucking our own sons? The boys looked in astastonishment. ‘How does he always do that…..?’ Thinking of the video they’d all seen, and the possibility of endless access to multiple boy holes, the fathers turned around to their sons and said. ‘Boys, you’ll really suck and ride your fathers cocks wherever a whenever we want if we let this slide? ‘Yes please!’ Exclaimed the teen boys. Walking up to their father’s and muzzling their hard cocks. ‘Mmmmm….. You’re definitely gonna get it tonight…..Hmmmm…. But what are we gonna tell the school and these boys mums?’ ‘We’ll I don’t see that being a problem.’ Stated Sam. I’ve already sent all the male faculty, as long as they get a turn, they’ll be more than happy to say that your boys were all busy doing some extra curriculum activities for extra credit.’ ‘I can’t wait!’ Shouted the boys all at once!’ A small group of teachers and the school principal as well as the janitor were coming up to the boys and their dads. ‘Well it’s about time you boys report to the gymnasium a heap of horn mean are waiting to take turns on your slutty boy holes.’ Winked the principle. ‘Fuck. Please do!’ Said the boys almost drooling. Oh. One more condition young man. One of the fathers said turning to Sam. The only condition I have here is that you keep making those fucking hot videos of our sons being fucked. And feel free to grab them whenever you want, with as many of your buddies as you want.’ It’s a deal said Sam winking back. ‘But for now, I promised to meet someone after dinner. So I better get going. Enjoy your schoolwide fuck fest!!’ The fathers were already making a move on their boys, sliding hands down shorts, as they finger fucked cum from the pedophile who spent all day breeding them after just meeting them once on the tram. To be continued Thanks for reading my very first story on Nifty. Now the main part of the story I am hoping to write soon. But for those wanting to give constructive feedback back, updates, or simply want to ask story related questions to this fictional piece I wrote, you can do so via wickr: Nastyaustwink Any other comments may result in a blocked profile. So please be nice. Thanks again for reading my story!

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