Subject: Running With The Big Dogs 30 All the usual disclaimers apply. Please donate to Nifty. Quality adult entertainment is worth your investment. Do it for yourself and do it for that naked boy jacking off and blowing big teen loads to hot stories here in the Incest category. That horny kid won’t donate. Hell, he doesn’t even have a credit card. But you do. Please help ASAP. Thanks ! Nifty Stories Archive fty/donate.html Send constructive comments to hoo. Thanks, guys ! Running With The Big Dogs 30 We slept in the next day and around noon we went downstairs to homemade biscuits with country / sausage gravy, fruit salad, milk and hot coffee. Thanks again, Luis and Enrique! Our rancher hosts spent the day doing chores and prepping the hay barn for this evening’s farm fuck party. Resting up and getting horny for that. At breakfast I heard our youngest horn dogs, Camo and Kipper say they were gonna really cut loose in the barn tonight. Fuck yeah, little dudes ! Kolby and I talked about how awesome it is to get fucked by pierced cock. Joe Boxer overheard us and rushed over to say Kolby and I need to work together to convince our hot dads to get Prince Alberts so we wouldn’t have to drive two long days to Missouri to get the best ass fucks of our young lives. Right then we three made a Big Dog Pact. Two bionic dad dicks, ASAP ! Please and thank you. Dinner at 6 was light, really good veggie soup. Everyone helped each other shower and clean out our asses. Almost everyone had a boner but nobody did anything about it. Every guy was saving his energy for the night ahead. At 8 pm we walked shirtless and excited to the barn. Hunky rancher, son, Jade, greeted us enthusiastically. He was only wearing an old jockstrap and staffing the sign in / paperwork table. Coach Walker and my father turned in our HIV / STI test results and signed consent forms. Jade told us to have fun and the program would start shortly. I walked around with Ky and Joe Boxer scoping things out. A big banner read. Welcome. Brothers of Cum. The lighting was mellow, electric lanterns covered by colored scarves. Sexy mood music came from hidden istanbul travesti speakers. The tall gas heaters took the chill off the March night air. We saw a huge metal piss trough and two Porto Potties for number 2. There was a table with two punch bowls. One was marked Viagra and booze . The other sign said less booze. There were also bottled waters, energy bars and turkey jerky. Another table had many water based and silicone lube bottles, wet wipes, rubber cock rings and wooden clothes pins ! These ranchers spent some money on this suck and fuck party and thought of every fucking thing. Hot damn ! So far we had the 9 Big Dogs from Indiana, hot caterer studs, Luis and Enrique as well as sexy farm hands, smooth, half Cherokee, Ted and studly white guy, Bill but more guys were arriving. All the Big Dogs now wore only our soft running straps and tennis shoes. I stood near Jade at the sign in table so I could meet the guys as they arrive. First up was tall, middle aged and handsome, Michael who Jade greeted as Doctor. His husband, Christian is a lawyer, I think Jade said. He was tall and slim and just like, Michael, he sported a well trimmed beard. Jade took me aside later and said my friends and I should ask these dads to rim our hot young asses. He said they are the best tongue fuckers around and their beards make it an even more fun experience. Says they have been eating their son’s sweet ass since he was 10 years old. Their son, Jordan was already eagerly stripping naked right here at the sign in table ! He looked about 16, tall and lean, swimmer’s body, strong shoulders. Handsome face. A blond god, with a shaved crotch and a 6.5 inch cut cock Jordan was checking me out hard. As he and his sexy dads walked into the barn, Jordan leaned in and said,”Catch you later, man” The next arrivals were greeted by Jade as our military men from nearby Whiteman AFB. One was James, who goes by Sarge and he looked pretty good in his civvies. Jade stood up and gave him and the tall guy next to him a big friendly kiss. He was introduced to me as Dante, a handsome 50 something, Air Force Colonel, 6 feet kadıköy travesti 4 and a very hot shade of studly African American. Come on in, Flyboys ! I could tell Jade was pumped when a bunch of us spotted an amazing sight. Two of the fittest, most stunningly handsome young black guys we have EVER seen walked in the barn completely naked. The guy Jade called Donnel has to be 6 ft and sporting 9 inches of rock hard thick and cut cock. His nude Buddy was about the same height and looked around 7 inches of cock that looked darker than the rest of his sexy body. Jade literally jumped up and over the table to hug and make out with his two best suck and fuck buddies from college. The perfect muscular asses on Donnel and Cory were high and tight and just. Fucking amazing ! These studs took our breath away. Every guy in the barn want to have Sex with them. Line up and take a number, men. The Big Dogs were excited for these 24 year old buddies and chuckled when Donnel yelled, “There’s my little white nigger bro ! Get your tight white ass over here and feel how hard these big black cocks are for you, bro !” Jade felt them up and asked,”Have you studs missed my Metal cock head banging your love nubs ? They pressed together in a tight three way kiss. We definitely wanna see where this goes ! I watched as Camo and Kipper peeled off their jocks as they ran over, hard white dicks bouncing as they excitedly introduced themselves to the Black Gods. I was relieved when Donnel and Cory picked up the young guys, let then wrap their long white legs around them as they rubbed their Lilly white asses. They carried the boys over and sat them on hay bales covered by blankets. They stood there showing us their sculpted backs and epic asses and made out hard and deep with the young white boys. I heard Donnel say,”Hey, Cory. Next time we’re bringing our hot little bro’s. They would tear this shit up ! White boys go cray for big black cocks ” I saw Big Buck up front pick up a microphone as he stood next to Jade and Jade’s other dad, Joey. All the naked and near naked men and boys stepped closer. Welcome to our ranch and bakırköy travesti The Brotherhood of Cum. I am Buck, your Cum Cummander. My husband Joey is your Cum Captain and our hot son, Jade is your Cum Dawg. His dads have been sucking his junk and feeding him our spunk since he was young. The 24 year old stud smiled and nodded yes to the crowd. Jade squatted down and pulled down all three of their white jock straps, revealing all three pierced cocks. The crowd aaaahhhd and stared as Jade took turns sucking each daddy dick. He even got both big metal tipped dongs in his mouth but just barely. We clapped and cheered ! Buck continued, “I have heard the youngest guys say they want their mouths used tonight as cum dumpsters so they can get jacked and bigger cocks and that’s a good plan. Applause. But I wanna say it’s a good plan for horny men of all ages to stay vital and active and horned up on our lives as men and sexual beings. So tonight, follow the lead of my family and celebrate the The Cult of Cock and the Brotherhood of Cum ! Cheers and clapping. Men, you may have heard of the Catholic Stations of the Cross. Well, none of that here tonight. Laughter. We have something we think you horny fuckers will like better. Around the barn you will see our Stations Of The Cock ! Cheers ! Station Number 1. French Kissing Booth. Station Number 2. Your Pole in the Glory HoleThis plywood room can take two cocksuckers inside and up to six horny guys can stick your dick. Put your pole in the hole. Claps. Station Number 3. Ass Paddling. Ooohhh. Station Number 4. Rim Chairs. Is it better to give or receive ? Claps. Someone yelled, “Eat my ass !” Laughter. Station Number 5. Skull Fucking. Claps. Station Number 6. Spit Roast / Eiffel Tower. More claps. Station Number 7. Sling Fucking. Fuck or Get Fucked.? That is the question. Cheers ! Station Number 8. Advanced Cum Sharing. Fetching and Snowballs. Applause. Station Number 9. Big Boys’ Toys. Hydraulic Cock !Enthusiastic cheering ! Station Number10 Gang Bang. Pull a Train. All Aboard ! Choo Choo! Station Number 11. Orgy. Cummunion. The Sharing of The Sacred Seed. Older to younger. Younger to older. Amen, men. Wild applause and cheering. Every cock in this barn is hard as steel, dripping and raring to go. “Gentlemen, let the sucking and fucking begin !” Please send constructive comments to hoo. Thanks, guys !

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