The following is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to persons living or deceased is purely coincidental. This story depicts sexual situations between minor males including incest and if reading such is illegal where you reside or you are not at least 18 years of age, please read at your own risk. This work is the property of the author, Kewl Dad, and should not be reposted or reproduced without his permission.

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The Reynolds Twins

By: Kewl Dad

Chapter 22
I”m not like you!

“Jaden, wait up!” Aidan yelled as he struggled to close the gap between himself and his brother.

“What”s up bro?” Jaden said skidding to a stop.

“Have you seen Zak?”

“Nope, not since lunch, why?”

“I was supposed to meet him at his locker, but he didn”t show up.”

“Want to go look for him?”

“If you don”t mind, I could use some help.”

They checked the halls, the bathrooms, and finally headed to the bus stop to see if he was waiting for his bus, but still no sign of him.

“I”m worried J, he hinted that someone was messing with him before. What if he”s in trouble?”

“We”ve looked everywhere, maybe he got sick or something and went home early.”

“I…I don”t know, maybe.”

Jaden got a text alert just then and he pulled out his phone to read it, “It”s mom, she wants to know where we are.”

“Tell her…we need ten more minutes, I just thought of one more place to look.”

Jaden sent the text while following Aidan to the back of the school where the athletic fields were located. There was no practice till later and they were vacant at the moment. But as they approached the bleachers they saw a lone figure sitting there, his head buried in his hands.

“Come on, that”s him…over there,” Aidan said pointing.

Zak didn”t look up until the two started climbing the bleachers and when he did the first thing the twins noticed was that he”d been crying, and the second was his black eye.

“What happened?” Aidan said sitting beside his friend, “Who did this to you?”

“Oh, someone is so dead,” Jaden said sitting on the other side, “just tell me who and they are toast.”

“It”s okay,” Zak sniffed, “I”m used to it by now.”

“No one should ever get used to being bullied or abused. Just tell us who it was and we can make sure it never happens again,” Aidan said soothingly.

“It”ll just make things worse. You can”t protect me all the time…and they”d just get me after school.”

“They, there”s more than one?” Jaden said angrily, “Fucking cowards,” he said seething and turning bright red. He hardly ever cursed and usually the F word was only used as a description of sexual activity.

“They live in the same apartments I do, so if they don”t get me here, they”ll get me there.”

“Does your mom know?”

“No, and I don”t want her to. She has enough to worry about. She don”t need me cryin” around about being bullied.”

“This isn”t right. Are these boys older? If they are they could be in real trouble if you let the school and the police know.”

“No! I don”t want the police involved in this. My family and the police don”t get along at all. Somehow they”d wind up blamin” it on me, or my mom and I”d still get beat up.”

“Zak, it doesn”t have to be that way…”

“I”m not like you, I can”t just ask someone to help me and magically it happens. My life is so different than yours. I don”t have a nice house, or parents that love me. I”m a poor kid and no one cares what happens to me…not the school, not the police…no one.”

“We care,” Jaden said slipping an arm around Zak and replacing some of his anger with compassion.

“We do, all of us…me Jaden, Jeremy, Dee, Jimmy, everyone at our table and my folks care. We”re on your side and we can help if you”ll let us.”

“I can”t,” he sighed, “I just wanna” go home.”

“Come on, my mom will take you. I don”t want you walking home and you”ve missed your bus.”

Jaden received another text then and it was his mom wondering where they were. Quickly Jaden texted her back and without explaining, asked if she could take Zak home. Of course she agreed.

“Come on, mom”s waiting.”

At first Zak was reluctant to allow them to take him home, but his options were limited and he really wanted to get home and just hide in the room he shared with his older brother. He knew there”d be hell to pay there too. His older brother Jason would want to know what happened and then he”d browbeat Zak for not standing up for himself and letting this happen. There was just no way to win. Sometimes he just wished the bullies would finish him off and he wouldn”t have to worry about it anymore.

Lately though, since meeting Aidan, he”d begun to hope that things could change. He wasn”t exactly sure how he felt about Aidan, but he knew he liked him and when they were together he got a funny feeling in his tummy and his palms got all sweaty. He”d never really thought about his sexuality that much. He”d noticed both boys and girls and found them both attractive, but other than some messing around with his brother and a friend, he didn”t know much about sex. Of course he masturbated regularly, but lately it was Aidan”s face that he saw when he pleasured himself, and not some faceless body.

“Hello Zak,” Mrs. Reynolds said not mentioning the black eye for fear she”d embarrass him, but she was sure she”d hear all about it once she had the twins alone, “I was getting worried, you boys were so late.”

“We…um had some stuff to do. Sorry mom,” Jaden said taking charge, “and Zak missed his bus, so we offered him a ride. Thanks mom for taking him home.”

“Yeah, thanks ma”am,” Zak said trying to hide his black eye with his hand.

“You”re welcome Zak, any time. I”m glad to help.”

“You can let me off at the 7-11 ma”am,” Zak said feeling panicky as they neared his apartment complex.

“All right Zak,” Mrs. Reynolds said looking back in the mirror and making eye contact. Yes, that was definitely a black eye, and she knew it hadn”t been delivered by her boys, so there was a story there somewhere.

Aidan got out with Zak as he had the last time and walked him to the sidewalk, “Think about what we said Zak. We can help if you let us. This will only get worse and we can stop it now and you won”t have to worry any more.”

“I can”t, but thanks. I gotta” go. See ya” tomorrow,” he said giving Aidan one last sorrowful look, “I know you mean well…but like I said, I”m not like you.” Then he walked away without looking back.

“What”s going on?” Mrs. Reynolds asked as Aidan climbed back in the van. She had waited for his return because she wanted to hear from both boys at once.

“Some bullies got a little rough with Zak,” Aidan began, “and we tried to talk to him about it. That”s why we were so late. We found him on the bleachers by the practice fields.”

“And who are these bullies? Did he name names?” she asked sounding upset and a little angry.

“No, he doesn”t trust the school or the police or anyone. He just thinks it will make things worse, especially since the boys live in the same apartment complex.”

“It”s complicated,” Jaden added suddenly, “We”re working on it mom. Will you trust us enough to see if we can handle it before you get involved?”

“Well, you boys have a good track record with this kind of thing…so, yes, but…if things get worse I want you to promise me you”ll let me know.”

“Don”t worry mom, we won”t take any chances. If we think Zak”s in danger, we”ll get help.”

“All right, but I will be discussing this with your father and he may want a few more details.”

“There”s not much else to say, but I”d be glad for dad”s input.”

“Okay, well…I don”t suppose there”s any progress on getting Zak to come visit us?”

“Actually at lunch we talked about it, and he said he was still thinking about it…then this happened…”

“What about his mother, do you think she”s aware of what”s going on with Zak?”

“He says she has enough to worry about. I get the impression that his mom doesn”t really care what happens to him. I know he has an older brother too, and I don”t think they get along all that well.”

“That”s a shame. If they were closer maybe the older brother could put a stop to the bullying.”

“Not all brothers get along like me and A,” Jaden reminded her.

“I know, but it”s a shame. Siblings should always watch out for each other…even if they don”t always see eye to eye.”

“Yeah, well…maybe his brother doesn”t know about it. I mean, he didn”t even want to tell us, so maybe no one at home knows about it.”

“Well, I”m sure they will now…once they see his black eye,” Mrs. Reynolds said sighing, “Maybe that”s a good thing, maybe now they”ll realize he has a problem.”

That evening over dinner they discussed Zak”s problem, and Mr. Reynolds added his take on the situation.

“You know bullies are really cowards and it probably wouldn”t take much to get them to back off. But until he”s ready to tell someone in authority about it, there”s not much that can be done.”

“We”re gonna pass the word at school among our friends and see if anyone has seen anything or knows who the bullies are.”

“Just be careful, we don”t want them coming after you boys,” Mrs. Reynolds said looking concerned.

“We will, we won”t confront them, but there are other ways of stopping stuff like this. Like making sure Zak is never alone, most bullies only pick on kids when they”re alone,” Aidan said looking serious.

“Yes, there is safety in numbers,” Mr. Reynolds said helping himself to more roast, “but you can”t be with him every hour of the day, especially when he”s off school property.”

“I know, but we can at least let the bullies know he”s not alone and maybe they”ll take the hint and back off,” Jaden added.

“Well, just be careful, and don”t be afraid to ask for help if things get dicey.”

“Dicey?” Jaden laughed, “Dad…what does that even mean?” Then they all laughed.

The next day Zak was noticeably absent from school and Aidan was a nervous wreck all day. At lunch he barely picked at his food and his friends” attempts to cheer him up were ineffective. He feared the worst and couldn”t bare to think about the possibilities. What if the bullies had seen them talking and attacked Zak for telling on them, what if his mother had punished him for fighting, what if his brother laid into him and did more damage than the bullies? What if, what if? It was all too much to bare.

As soon as he was in the van that afternoon he opened up to his mother, “Mom, Zak didn”t show up at school today and I”m really worried. Do you think we can go over to his apartment and see if he”s okay?”

“Well, we could, except we don”t know his apartment number since we”ve always dropped him off at the 7-11, and there”s always the possibility that his absence may have had nothing to do with what happened yesterday. Maybe he just didn”t feel well, or needed a day off to think and recuperate.”

“I wish I could call him…” Aidan said squirming in his seat, “he has my number, but I don”t have his…cause he doesn”t have a cell phone, only a regular phone.”

“Maybe he”ll call you,” she said softly, but she doubted that would happen, “let”s give it one more day. If he”s not back in school tomorrow we”ll see if we can find out where he lives exactly and then go see about him….okay?”

“I guess,” Aidan sighed, “but I won”t sleep tonight for wondering what  happened.” 

When they got home Aidan went up to his room, but Jaden lagged behind to speak to his mother in private.

“He”s got it bad for this kid mom, just in case you haven”t noticed.”

“Yes, I got that feeling right away. How do you think this boy feels about your brother?”

“You should see them sneaking little peeks at each other at lunch mom, it”s so cute,” he chuckled.

“I see, well…I just hope Aidan doesn”t wind up getting hurt. This is a very difficult situation and I”m not sure what we can do to make things easier.”

“Remember Jimmy?” Jaden said giving his mom a soft look, “it was a bad situation with him too…and now just look at him…at us, things can change if people care enough to help.”

She knew he was right, but she also knew she had to be careful and not move too fast. She had a good relationship with the school administration and she supposed that was the first place to start. But again she cautioned herself that she had to be careful, she didn”t want to tell too much too soon. It would be tricky, but she had walked this tightrope before with Jimmy and  his family and she was confident she could do what needed to be done.

“You know,” she said hugging her son, “you and Aidan are about the most caring people I have ever known and I promise I will do whatever I can to help. Now come on, I”ll fix you a snack and you can take it up to your room and share it with your brother.”

At school the next day the twins waited anxiously as Zak”s bus unloaded and were relieved to see that he was among the throng hitting the sidewalk. Rushing over to him Aidan patted him on the back.

“Man, I”m sure glad to see you today. I was worried when you didn”t show up yesterday.”

“Didn”t feel good, that”s all. Ma said I could stay home so I did.”

“Feeling better today?” Jaden asked smiling warmly.

“Yeah, I guess. Did I miss anything?”

“Naw, nothing at all,” Aidan said feeling happier than he had in a while, “except me,” he added grinning.

Zak grinned back. No matter how bad he felt, Aidan seemed to have a way of making him feel better.

At lunch Zak sat down with them, but he didn”t have a tray or a lunch sack.

“Forget your lunch?” Aidan asked not wanting to embarrass the boy.

“Yeah, and I forgot my lunch money,” he said looking down, “but I”m not really hungry”. The truth was his lunch money had gone to the three boys who were terrorizing him, and though it wasn”t much, they took it just for spite.

“We”ll all share,” Jaden said fishing out half a sandwich and sliding it Zak”s way. Someone else produced a bag of chips, someone else a cookie, and finally a juice box.

Though he wanted to protest, Zak”s hunger won out, and he thanked everyone and ate the offered food. He felt some better, though he knew his worries were far from over. At least he knew he had friends who cared, and even if he didn”t think they could help him with his problem, it was nice to know they were there for him.

“So…did you talk to your mom any more about coming over?” Aidan asked as they headed outside for some fresh air after lunch.

“Naw, she was in one of her moods. I just stay out of her way when she”s like that. Between her and my brother, it”s like living in a nut house.”

“Oh, too bad. I was hoping maybe you could come over this weekend.”

“I don”t know. I”ll see how she is when I get home today.”

“Okay, maybe you can call me later…if you feel like it.”

“Oh, yeah…okay…except, I sort of lost your number. Otherwise I would have called you last night to tell you why I was absent.”

“Oh, okay…when I get back to my locker I”ll write it down for you again.”

“Okay, I promise I won”t lose it this time,” Zak said grinning.

Aidan made sure Zak had his number tucked into his notebook when they parted a few minutes later at his locker and he promised to meet him by the front doors when school was out. As they split off to go to class Aidan watched him till he disappeared into his classroom then went off to his.

After school Aidan hurried to his locker and grabbed the books he needed and hurried out to find Zak and wait for Jaden. His heart was beating out of his chest as he approached the front doors, but he began to slow down when he saw Zak leaning up against the railing on the front steps.

“Hey,” Aidan said approaching with a big smile, “J should be here in a minute.”

“Cool,” Zak said giving Aidan a weak smile, “You guys don”t have to babysit me you know.”

“We”re not, we just like hanging out, that”s all.”

“Riiight,” he chuckled, “I get it. You think if you hang around me those guys won”t bother me as much. Well…I guess it”s worth a try.”

“I don”t know what you”re talking about,” Aidan teased, “I”m just hanging with my friend, that”s all.”

Zak nodded and looked out at where the buses were waiting. He knew Aidan and the others were only trying to help, but in the end he didn”t think it would make much difference. His life wasn”t easy, it never had been, and he didn”t see it getting any better anytime soon. But somehow just knowing the others cared meant a lot to him. And that Aidan cared for him, was the best feeling of all. He”d never felt this way about anyone before, and though it was all new to him, he thought it was the most amazing thing in the world.

“Hey you guys,” Jaden said bursting through the doors, “What no black eye today?”

“J!” Aidan scolded, “why would you say that?”

Zak had an amused look on his face, “It”s okay. Might as well laugh as cry.”

“Well, since J brought it up, did you have any problems with them today?”

“Naw, not really,” Zak said looking away and diverting his eyes.

Aidan knew that meant he wasn”t being exactly honest, but he didn”t want to press him. He wanted Zak to trust him and tell him things in his own time.

“Well, you know we got your back bro,” Jaden said nudging Zak gently with his shoulder, “So are you riding the bus today or do you want to ride with us?”

“I should ride the bus…” Zak said squinting his eyes and making a face.

“Aw come on, we hardly get to hang out at school. If you ride with us we can talk on the way. Mom won”t care.”

“Well…I don”t know, your mom is probably tired of me bumming a ride.” 

It was obvious Zak wanted the ride, he just needed the twins to talk him into it.

“Come on,” Jaden said hooking an arm around Zak. Aidan took the hint and took the other side and together they led him off to the parking lot.

Mrs. Reynolds wasn”t surprised to see Zak and she made it a point to show him he was welcome.

“Hi Zak, good to see you”re okay and back at school.” she said cheerfully, “when are you going to come visit us?”

“Thank you ma”am. I don”t know…I”m gonna ask my mom about it next chance I get.”

“Well, you”re more than welcome to come over and we”ll pick you up and take you home. I know the boys are looking forward to it.”

“Yes ma”am, I”d like that. I just have to ask my mom.”

Jaden had gotten in the back with the other two and once Mrs. Reynolds was through visiting with Zak the three chatted along the way. As they got closer to the block which held his apartment and the 7-11, Zak leaned forward and spoke to Mrs. Reynolds.

“Ma”am could you take me on to my apartment this time. It”s the first building on the right.”

Mrs. Reynolds was surprised, but pleased that Zak was starting to feel comfortable enough with them to let them see where he lived and she hoped he would eventually open up to them on other levels. 

“Right there…number 152,” he said pointing to the faded blue door with the numbers painted on in white paint.

Aidan made a mental note of the number and smiled. He climbed out to allow Zak to get out, but didn”t accompany him to the door. Instead he stood beside the van and said his goodbyes.

“Thanks for bringing me home,” Zak said to Mrs. Reynolds as he climbed out, then to Aidan, “Hey, thanks for…you know. I”ll ask my mom about coming over and call you later, okay?”

“Yeah, still got my number?” Aidan teased.

“Oh, shoot…I think I left it back in my locker,” Zak teased back.


“No, just kidding,” Zak laughed, “it”s right here in my notebook.”

“You…wise guy,” Aidan laughed, “well…talk to ya” later, okay?”

“Yeah, later,” Zak said turning to go, “I”ll call as soon as I find out for sure.”

Aidan watched Zak as he fished a key out of his pocket and unlocked the door and started inside. Before closing the door Zak turned and gave Aidan a little wave then the door closed and Aidan sighed and climbed back into the van beside his brother.

“That”s new,” Jaden said once they got rolling, “Letting us take him all the way home.”

“Maybe he”s starting to believe that we really care no matter what,” Mrs. Reynolds said smiling in the rear view mirror.

“I think you”re right mom. He knows it doesn”t matter to us where he lives or how much money he has. We like him for who he is.”

“Doesn”t hurt that he has a crush on Aidan,” Jaden laughed.

“He does? How do you know?” Aidan asked quickly, not the least bit embarrassed.

“Oh please, you two show all the signs. Sneaking little peeks at each other, acting all nervous when you”re together, cocking your heads like puppies when you”re listening to each other talk.”

Mrs. Reynolds laughed, “Well, as long as it”s mutual and you”re not just stalking this boy, I guess it”s all right,” she teased.

“Good one mom,” Jaden laughed.

“Very funny you two,” Aidan said, but he was grinning.


“My mom said I could come over Saturday, but I don”t know if I can spend the night or not.”

“That”s cool, either way is good. We can pick you up and take you home,” Aidan said happily.

“Yeah, well…I caught her in a good mood for once,” Zak laughed, “that like hardly ever happens. My brother gave me a hard time though.”

“What”s with your brother anyway? Don”t you two ever get along?”

“Naw, I mean…yeah, I guess sometimes, when he wants something,” Zak said not elaborating. The truth was when his brother was horny and wanted sex he could be downright friendly.

“Well, I guess the age thing might be part of it. I”m glad I have J, we like never fight…well except when I had the brain tumor. I was sort of a butt back then.”

“Yeah, I guess you had a good excuse,” Zak said sounding amused, “Sorry about that, but you seem fine now,” he said blushing despite the fact that Aidan couldn”t actually see him.

“I feel great and I”ve even started to work on my videos again. For a while there I was afraid I”d never get that back, but I”m not as hung up on myself or fame as I was before.”

“If I get to come over promise you”ll let me see some of them.”

“Okay, but I don”t want us to spend all our time looking at my videos. I want us to have some fun.”

What kind of fun? Zak wondered. He was not really used to hanging out with other boys and he worried they wouldn”t have much in common.

“Yeah, well…I hope you can stand being around me. I”m sort of boring.”

“Look Zak, I”m not expecting anything from you. I just like being with you, that”s all. If that”s too weird I understand,” Aidan said putting his heart out there.

“No…not no, it”s not weird. I like being with you too, I just…I”m not good at this.”

“No worries, well…J just yelled at me that dinner is ready. I”ll see you tomorrow at school, okay?”

“Yeah, totally. Uh..goodnight..and thanks.”


“Was that lover boy?” Jaden said coming up to make sure his brother heard his dinner call.

“It was Zak if that”s what you mean. He can come over Saturday, but he”s not sure he can spend the night.”

“Well, hopefully he can…I”ll give you guys some space and you can seduce him,” he giggled.

“J…I don”t even know if he likes me that way.”

“But you like him that way, right?”

Aidan actually blushed, “I…I mean he”s cute and all, but I”m not sure I”m ready for…you know, a boyfriend again. I just want to get to know Zak and see where things go. I”m not in any hurry and I”m sure he”s not either. I don”t think he has very many friends.”

“He does now, he has all of us at the table and once word gets out he”s part of our group he”ll have even more friends.”

“Well, hopefully someone else won”t steal him away from me before I can make my move,” Aidan teased.

“Come on, dinner is ready and I”m starved.”

The next day at lunch Aidan noticed that Zak seemed more animated and happier than usual and he liked to think he had something to do with it. Zak had brought his lunch today, a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and an apple, but there was always plenty of food at their table and he wound up finishing off Jeremy”s tater tots and Aidan”s chicken nuggets. No one went hungry at their table, they made sure of that, but they did it in a way that didn”t hurt anyone”s pride.

After lunch  Aidan took Zak aside and led him out to the common area and they found a seat away from the other kids and talked.

“My mom said I could probably spend the night,” Zak said curling up on one of the fiberglass seats with his feet under him.

“Aw man, that”s great. If you can we”ll have pizza and watch a movie and play video games and we can stay up as late as we want.”

“Uh, I was wondering. Where will I sleep?”

“Well, my other friends usually just sleep in my bed, but if that”s too weird we have an air mattress we can blow up and you can sleep in the floor.”

“No, no, that”s not weird. I mean I used to sleep with my friend Derek when I spent the night.”

“Okay good, I promise I won”t try anything,” Aidan joked.

“Aww I know that,” Zak said blushing brightly.

“I just want you to feel comfortable and welcome, that”s all.”

“Thanks,” Zak said smiling, “I already do.”

“What about your brother, do you guys share a room?”

“Yeah, but we have our own beds.”

“That”s good,” Zak laughed nervously, “so do me and my brother Jason.”

“How old is your brother?” 

“16, and he”s a pain in the ass. He just got his license but we don”t have a car so he don”t get to drive.”

“I can”t wait till I get old enough to drive, I”m gonna get a job and save up money for my own car.”

“Won”t your folks just buy you one?”

“I doubt it, they”re not that rich,” Aidan laughed, “plus they”re not gonna buy me a car just like that. They believe kids should work for their stuff. But…I might be able to make some money from my videos.”

“Yeah, that makes sense. Course I”ve never istanbul travesti seen them, so…I don”t know if they”re good or not, but I bet they are.”

“Well…if you really want to,” Aidan said pulling out his phone, “I could give you a preview…”

“You can do that…on your phone I mean? Yeah, let me see,” Zak said excitedly.

Aidan knew exactly which video he wanted to show Zak, but it wasn”t one he had posted yet. It was his cover of  Wicked Game by Chris Isaac with just him playing the acoustic guitar and a drum track in the background. It wasn”t by any means ready for posting yet, but he thought it was pretty good and it had special meaning to Aidan.

Aidan started the video and handed the phone to Zak who held it as if he were afraid of dropping it. Then as the music began and Zak heard Aidan”s pure sweet voice he became mesmerized. He knew Aidan was special but he had no idea just how special and to think he had any interest at all in someone like him seemed impossible. Yet, he”d shown time after time that he did care and it was almost as if this song was being sung just for him…about him. He found his eyes were wet with tears and he dared not look at Aidan for fear he would think he was a whiney-assed crybaby.

When the last line was sung “nobody…loves…no…one” he sniffed a little and handed the phone back to Aidan.

“That was…was like the coolest thing I”ve ever seen in my whole life. I can”t believe you can sing like that, and play the guitar. Man, you are so talented. Now I see why all the girls are crazy about you,” he said blushing.

“Yeah, I love my girl fans, it”s a shame I don”t like girls romantically,” Aidan laughed, “only boys.”

Zak blushed again, “And I bet you could have any boy you wanted.”

“But there”s only one I really want to get to know right now,” Aidan said doing his own share of blushing.

“Oh, uh…well, I bet he…um likes you too,” he said not daring to believe the boy was him. 

“I hope so,” Aidan said trying to be as obvious as he could, “but he”s not an easy guy to get to know. I”ve been trying hard, but I think I may have finally cracked his shell.”

Zak turned to Aidan and searched his face, “I hope it works out for you.”

“So do I,” Aidan said wishing he could just come right out and tell Zak what he was thinking.

The bell rang then and they had to go their separate ways, but all Zak could think about the rest of the day was what Aidan had said, and the video on his phone which seemed to be just for him. He was happy, but scared. Nervous but hopeful and more confused than he”d ever been in his life. He still wasn”t sure if he was gay or straight, but he tried not to think too much about that. All he knew was how he felt about this cute blond twin who made him feel so happy and had opened up a whole new world of possibilities for him.

When school was out the three met up at the front steps but Zak insisted on riding the bus today and neither twin protested. They were sure he”d be safe on the bus, and after all there was no way they could watch over him every minute.

The twins walked him to the bus and said goodbye then watching until he was aboard before heading off to find their mother”s van.

“Where”s your buddy?” Mrs. Reynolds asked as they slid in behind her in the second row of captain”s seats.

“We let him ride the bus today,” Jaden teased.

“Let him?” their mom chuckled, “so now you”re in charge?”

“Just kidding, but we figured it was safe for him to ride the bus today. I”m pretty sure the guys who are picking on him don”t ride his bus.”

“Still no idea who these boys are?”

“No, no one has seen anyone messing with Zak so far. Maybe the word got out that our group is watching out for him and they decided to back off. We do have a rep for getting things done,” Jaden said proudly.

“Yeah, most kids know we don”t have a problem reporting that kind of thing. I mean it”s not like we go around tattling on everyone, but if we see a kid in danger we”re not afraid to act.”

“That”s a very good way to look at things. That way you keep the respect of the good kids and well…the bad kids know they can”t mess up around you and your group.”

Aidan was quiet then, gazing out the window while Jaden filled his mom in on the day”s activities. He had a lot to think about. His feelings for Zak were growing by the day and he still wasn”t sure how Zak felt. He hoped he find out more about that Saturday and he really hoped that Zak got to sleep over. That would give them more time to explore their relationship. He was nervous at the thought of sleeping in the same bed as Zak, then he thought how ridiculous that sounded. He”s slept with almost all his friends at one time or another, and had messed with most of them.

He wanted things to be different with Zak. He didn”t want their relationship to be based on sex. He wanted them to get to know each other first and then…if it felt right they could explore that subject. With John it had been just the opposite, they”d begun with sex and then they”d fallen in love. Well, he had to admit, that worked out just fine too, but he really wanted this time to be different. He knew Zak didn”t have as much experience as he did and he didn”t want to put any pressure on him or scare him off.

“Hey, A…we”re home,” Jaden said pulling him out of his funk.

“Oh, yeah…just spaced out is all.”

“Mom, can I talk to you for a minute,” Aidan said once they were in the house.

“Of course honey. Jaden why don”t you go fix you and your brother a snack while we talk?”

Jaden gave Aidan a curious look, but he knew his brother well enough to know he”d confide in him later. 

Mrs. Reynolds took Aidan into the little home office at the front of the house and they sat down on the couch there and she waited for Aidan to begin.

“Well…I been thinking mom…about Zak. I…I really like him…a lot. Maybe more than a lot,” he said nervously.

“Oh, is that a problem dear? Are you afraid he doesn”t feel the same way?”

“Well, I”m not sure exactly how he feels mom. But that”s not really the problem. I”m just worried about how things will work if we do…you know, become friends.”

“Oh, you mean because of his home situation?”

“Yeah, I mean I can”t ask you to keep going to pick him up and take him home….” he said fishing around for how she felt about that subject.

“Dear, if that”s your only problem, don”t worry. I don”t mind giving Zak a ride when he needs one. You know I”ll help in any way I can.”

“There”s more. I mean…if we do become…um, you know…it won”t be like with me and John. John”s mom was cool and I could sleep over there and he could sleep over here…but with Zak I don”t know how we could make it work.”

“Well, first of all I think you”re worrying about things that may or may not be a problem. Why don”t you just take it slow and work on becoming friends first, then I”m sure the rest will work itself out.”

“Yeah, you”re probably right. I do tend to over-think things sometimes.”

“Yes, sometimes, but usually you come up with the right answer despite that fact. I have faith in you son. I think you”ll figure things out in the end. Just take it slow and try not to worry so much.”

“Okay, I will. Thanks mom,” he said giving his mom a warm hug, “you”re the best.”

“You”re welcome honey. Ready for your snack now?”

“Yeah, I”m starved.”

Jaden had nuked some pizza rolls and had bottles of Gatoraid ready for them and Aidan grabbed his and thanked his brother.

“Everything okay?” Jaden said after a few minutes.

“Yeah, I”ll fill you in later. I just wanted to get mom”s opinion on something. It”s no big deal.”

“Okay, no probs,” Jaden said wolfing down a pizza roll. He worried about his bro, but he didn”t expect him to tell him everything, just most things.

“So, what”s with you and Jimmy? Except at school you guys haven”t been hanging out much.”

“He sort of got grounded. He got a D on his math quiz and his mom is making him study every night till the next quiz. If he makes at least a C on it she”ll ease up on him some.”

“That sucks. Doesn”t he get any time off?”

“Yeah, I”m going over there Saturday and spending the night, that way you and Zak will have the place all to yourself,” he said grinning.

“Oh, well…we…um…might not need that much privacy.”

“Why? I thought that was what you wanted.”

“I do, I mean…I hope we get there eventually, but I don”t want that to be all we have. You know? I want to get to know him first and become friends.”

“Oh, okay…well, he can sleep in my bed if you want. Just in case he doesn”t want to feel pressured or anything.”

“Yeah, thanks. That might be best. Yeah..that could work out. Takes the pressure off both of us.”

“Why are you so nervous when it comes to Zak?” Jaden asked grinning, “I”ve never seen you this freaked out over a boy.”

“I…I don”t know…really, I don”t. I mean it”s not like I haven”t liked a boy before, it”s just well, with Zak it”s different.”

“Maybe it”s cause you really, really like this boy.”

“I don”t know. Sometimes when I think about how much I loved John and how much it hurt when he had to leave, well…I”m not sure I want to go through that again.”

Jaden put his hand over his brother”s and looked into his eyes, “I know it”s scary, but you can”t give up on love just because of what happened with John. You”re probably gonna love a lot of boys till you find the right one. We”re young and there”s no way to control our lives right now, but we can”t let that keep us from trying to be happy…now.”

“I know, I just want to take it slow and not make the same mistakes I did with John.”

“Okay, then take it slow, but don”t be afraid to feel what you feel. If you really like this boy and he likes you back, go for it.”

“Thanks,” Aidan chuckled, “seems like it used to always be me giving out the advice, now look at me…so unsure of myself and you”re the one who”s got it all together.”

“Where do you think I learned it baby bro?” Jaden laughed.


The week passed slowly and by Friday Aidan was a bundle of nerves. But he was excited and happy as well and wanted Zak”s first visit to be enjoyable for them both. They”d play video games and watch a movie, there would be pizza and snacks and sodas or sports drinks, and on Sunday they”d walk to the park and shoot some hoops or just bike around the neighborhood, with Zak using Jaden”s bike.

When they split up that evening at the bus stop Aidan once again confirmed the time and then they said their goodbyes and the twins went off to find their mom”s van. Once inside Aidan was quiet until his mother spoke to him.

“So…tomorrow is the big day. Still picking him up at 1 o”clock?”

“Yes mom, I checked with him just before he got on the bus. He said he”d be at the 7-11 to save time.”

“I”m surprised his mother didn”t call me. I wonder if I should call her?”

“, I don”t think you need to do that. It might just make things weird for him. He said she was in a good mood when he asked and we don”t want to risk changing that.”

Although Mrs. Reynolds had misgivings about the situation she certainly didn”t want to rock the boat at this point so she agreed to leave things as they were. She knew how much this meant to her son and she wanted it to be everything he hoped for.

Later back at home, after finishing his snack, Aidan went about picking up the room he shared with his brother and making sure everything was ready for the sleepover. Jaden did his part by making sure his side of the room was clean and their mother had promised to change the sheets the next morning so everything would be fresh.

“What movie are you gonna watch?”

“We”re gonna rent a couple at RedBox tomorrow I thought I”d let Zak decide which one we watch first. We might have time for two if we don”t play video games too long.”

“Or make out too much,” Jaden teased.

“I don”t think there”s any chance of that happening,” Aidan said stiffly, “I don”t think he”s ever made out before and I”m certainly not going to seduce him or anything.”

“Hey, just saying…if two boys like each other, sometimes stuff just happens spontaneously. Don”t fight it if it does.”

“Yeah, well I doubt that”s gonna happen on our first date,” Aidan said, then sitting down on his bed he covered his mouth with his hand as if he”d said a bad word, “I just realized I said date…our first date.”

“Yeah, sort of is. I mean you can”t count all those times hanging out a school. This is the real deal, the real test. I almost wish I was gonna be here to watch you two being all shy and flustered around each other. Awww…puppy love is so cute.”

Aidan threw a pillow at his brother, but he was grinning, “Puppy love, is that what you think it is?”

“Well, you”re both still pups…so yeah, puppy love.”

“Well, whatever it is…it”s got me nervous as heck. I feel like my stomach is all tied up in knots when I”m with him.”

“Yep, that”s love all right. I used to feel the same way around Jimmy, but now we”ve been together so long I just feel happy and comfortable when we”re together. It”s weird how things change.”

“You know I never really asked you this, but…the thing with Dee…did it make you want to try girls?”

“What do you mean, as in have a girlfriend and dump my boyfriend? Cause if that”s what you mean…no, I love Jimmy. I liked that we did that together, and we”ve both agreed that if we found another girl as cool as Dee we”d do that stuff again, maybe even go all the way, but for now we”re perfectly happy just to be together.”

“Sometimes I wish I liked girls that way. It would make life so much easier and give me more options.”

“Yeah, it doubles your chance for a date on Saturday night,” Jaden joked, “but seriously bro, there”s nothing wrong with only liking guys, or girls, or both. We are what we are, we”re who we are, and we just need to accept that and be happy with it.”

Aidan got up and walked over to his brother”s bed where Jaden lay sprawled out sideways.

“So…tell me about how it was with you and Jimmy and Dee…I want to hear it all again…”


Meanwhile a short distance away Zak was eating a bowl of cereal and watching cartoons on a tiny little flat screen that his mom had bought at Walmart. There wasn”t much else in the house to eat and his mom was out again, God only knew where, and what little money she had would probably go for beer or cigarettes.

Suddenly his brother Jason burst in the front door, and seeing Zak he marched over and fell down beside him.

“Give me a bite,” he said grabbing for Zak”s bowl.

“Just take it,” Zak said offering the bowl.

“I don”t want it all, just a bite. What”s up with you? Where”s mom?”

“Who knows?” Zak said shrugging, “probably at the bar.”

“Kind of early for the bar,” He said taking a bite of cereal and then handing the bowl back to his brother.

“That”s okay, I”m done,” Zak said getting up.

“Fine!” Jason said digging into the cereal, “where you goin”?”

“I”m gonna” do my homework.”

“Homework on a Friday, what”s that shit all about?” Jason said following his brother into the small bedroom they shared.

“I”ll be busy all weekend.”

“Oh, yeah…you”re going to that queer boy”s house…right?”

“Shut up,” Zak said angrily.

Jason thumped him on the head with his spoon getting milk in Zak”s hair, “Watch your mouth bitch.”

“I”m not a bitch,” Zak grumbled.

“Can”t tell when you”re sucking my dick,” Jason laughed, “is that why you”re defending that gay kid, you like him that way?”

“No,” Zak said lowering his gaze, “it”s not like that…we”re just friends. He”s really cool, him and his brother.”

“Whatever dude, I don”t care if you suck his dick, long as you still suck mine.”

“Just leave me alone Jason, I need to do my homework.”

“Okay, but later…I need a blowjob. Right now I gotta go meet Billy and the guys.”

Billy was Billy Nelson and one of the bullies that had been making Zak”s life a total hell all year. Zak didn”t know till later, but Billy Nelson was also the boy that had made the comment about Aidan deserving to die because he was gay, and nearly getting into a fight with Jaden over it. Instead he had thrown a book at the Principal, striking him in the face, and though he”d managed to escape criminal charges, he”d gotten a two week suspension.

But even during his absence the other two members of his gang had continued to harass Zak, and upon his return Billy had taken his frustration out on Zak and given him a black eye. Sometimes he wondered what his brother would think if he knew that his buddy Billy was tormenting his little brother, but he dared not tell him for fear it would only make things worse.

“Where are you going?” Zak asked softly, not wanting to sound too interested.

“To the mall, Billy is going to lift some CD”s and we”re gonna sell em and buy some weed. If you”re good I”ll share with you when I get home.”

“I don”t smoke weed and you know it,” Zak said frowning, “and you shouldn”t either.”

“You need to learn to live a little bro, weed helps take the edge off things.”

“Isn”t it bad enough mom does that shit? And look where it got her.”

“Hey, I”m nothin” like her. I”m not gonna wind up on welfare. I”m gonna make something of myself.”

“Like what, go to jail?” Zak smirked.

“Watch it shit head, you”re startin” to piss me off.”

“Whatever, just go and let me do my homework.”

“Okay, later bro. Remember, be ready to suck some dick when I get home.”

Zak frowned, but he really didn”t mind sucking his brother off. In fact he enjoyed it most times, and sometimes Jason would jerk him off and that was sort of nice. His brother had been hinting that he wanted to have anal sex, but so far Zak had resisted. It wasn”t that he feared it would hurt, after all Jason wasn”t all that big, but he had always thought of that stuff as serious and best saved for someone you really cared for.

He knew it was probably only a matter of time before Jason quit asking and just made him do it, but he kept hoping that his brother would find a girlfriend and leave him alone. In a way he would miss the attention and the closeness, but he was hoping just maybe that Aidan might fill that gap.

He finished his homework and found a can of Spaghettios in the pantry and heated them up and ate then while watching TV. He knew his mom wouldn”t be home till late, if at all, and it was anyone”s guess when Jason would come stumbling in, high or drunk, but he was used to being alone.

He considered calling Aidan, but he didn”t really have anything new to say, and he figured Aidan had better things to do than talk to him. He took a shower and stripped down for bed and around 11 he heard the front door open. 

A few minutes later Jason came walking in, “Hey bro, ready for some dick?” he laughed, “Gotta go take a shower, unless you like it dirty.”

“, take a shower,” Zak said making a face, “and hurry, I”m tired and wanna get some sleep.”

“You could just let me fuck that tight ass of yours, that way all you gotta do is lay back and enjoy,” his brother said leering at him.

“No way. I”m not letting you in my ass, so forget it.”

“Aww…I bet you”d like it,” he said starting to undress. When he was down to his underwear Zak could see that he was already erect. 

Jason wasn”t all that well hung, probably 5 inches long and not all that fat, but he was always horny and could come more than once most times. He was a typical teenage boy in that regard, and since an occasional blowjob from Zak was his only form of sexual release, except for his hand, he was always eager for Zak”s attention.

Zak heard the shower running and Jason singing loudly and off key, then it was quiet and a few minutes later Jason walked in wearing nothing but a towel. His hair was still wet and droplets of water glistened on his hairless chest.  Zak had always had a bit of a crush on his older brother and admired his body, and once he”d reached puberty he found him sexually exciting as well. 

In fact it was Zak who had first initiated the sex play between them, starting with hand jobs and progressing to oral sex. Jason had pretended he thought it was weird, but that had never stopped him from accepting his brother”s help, and now it was he who initiated the sex.

“Ready bro? Sure you don”t wanna” roll over and let me pop your cherry?” he almost pleaded.

“No, I”ll blow you, that”s all. Turn out the light and get in bed.”

“Okay, okay…don”t get all pissy. I know you like sucking this dick and drinking my jizz down. I gotta admit, you give better  head than most girls do.”

Zak knew that was bullshit, and that no girl had ever been near his brother”s dick, but he wasn”t about to challenge him on it. He just wanted to get this over with and get some sleep. Tomorrow he would be able to forget all this and enjoy himself at Aidan”s.

When the light was out Zak got up and went over to his brother”s bed and knelt beside it. He could smell Jason”s soap and shampoo, but it didn”t completely mask his musky teenage scent. The scent that drove Zak into a frenzy at times like this. With his brother it wasn”t so much about pleasing him as worshiping him. No matter how much he complained about having to service his brother, the truth was he enjoyed it…no, loved it, and looked forward to it.

“Lick my nuts,” Jason said in a deep husky voice, “make it last bro. Take your time and edge me.”

And Zak did as he was told, but it was a draw as to who enjoyed it most.


Aidan was up early and after breakfast he reminded his mom about changing the bed linens and she did that while he and Jaden cleaned up the kitchen and loaded the dishwasher. Mr. Reynolds had a golf date with his boss, and though he didn”t play often he liked the occasional 18 holes, and the weather was perfect for it.

At 11:30 they dropped Jaden off at Jimmy”s and swung by the grocery store for snacks and rented two movies from the RedBox there, and by the time they were done it was time to pick Zak up. As they approached the 7-11 Aidan”s heart fell when he saw no sign of Zak, but suddenly just as he was about to voice his fears, Zak came tearing around the corner and when he saw the van he headed that way.

Mrs. Reynolds didn”t even bother parking, instead she pulled up as close to him as possible and Aidan slid the rear door open for him.

“Hi, I was worried when I didn”t see ya at first.”

“I was running late, sorry.”

“No prob, you”re right on time really.”

“So…are you ready for some fun…fun…fun,” Aidan giggled, his nervousness making him giddy.

“You okay?” Zak laughed.

“Sorry, just happy and excited,” Aidan said calming down some.

“It”s okay, I”m pretty excited too. So where”s Jaden?”

“Oh, he”s at Jimmy”s this weekend. He said hi though.”

“Oh, so he won”t be there…at all?”

“Naw, so you can sleep in his bed now. Mom put clean sheets on the bed so you won”t have to smell his stinky feet,” Aidan joked.

“Oh, okay…whatever is fine,” Zak said, actually feeling a little disappointed that he wouldn”t be sleeping with Aidan. He knew that was silly, that he had no reason to think anything physical would happen, but it would have been nice to be close to him.

“I got movies and video games for us and we have pop and Gatorade and snacks…lots of snacks, and later we”ll have pizza.”

“That”s cool, but you didn”t have to go to all that trouble.”

“Aw, it”s no big deal.”

“Thanks again,” Zak said to Aidan, then to Mrs. Reynolds, “and thank you ma”am for picking me up.”

“You”re welcome Zak, I just want you boys to have a good time this weekend and I hope you”ll like it enough to come back and see us again.”

“I”m sure I will,” Zak said smiling, “I”m just glad to get away from home for a while.”

The garage door was wide open and Mr. Reynolds was checking the tire pressure on his Durango, but he looked up when they drove up and wiped his hands on a shop rag and headed their way.

“I know you guys had your mouths set on pizza, but what do you think about steak instead? A guy at work gave me a huge box of steaks and I”m dying to try them.”

“That okay with me, you down with it Zak?”

“That sounds fine,” Zak said, “I don”t think I”ve ever had a steak before.”

“Well, steaks it is, then and I”ll make some of my twice-baked potatoes and maybe some broccoli with cheese,” Mrs. Reynolds said smiling.

“Yum…my favorites. You”ll like em too I bet,” Aidan said rubbing his flat tummy, “Need any help dad?”

“Naw, you boys go have some fun. I”m gonna finish up here and go gas up and grab some charcoal for the steaks. I”ll start cooking about 5 and we”ll eat around 6, that okay?”

“That”s perfect. Oh…dad, this is Zak,” Aidan said realizing he hadn”t introduced his friend, “Zak this is my dad, the best dad in the whoooooole world,” he said holding his arms wide to demonstrate how good his dad was.

“Hello Zak, ignore my son, he must want something,” he laughed.

“Hello sir,” Zak said grinning. He liked how easy Aidan”s folks were about things and how friendly they were.

“Dad, I meant it…really. I hate to brag, but I think I”ve got the best rents in the world.”

“Well, we think you and Jaden are the best sons in the world,” Mrs. Reynolds chuckled.

“Thanks, we try our best,” Aidan laughed, “Come on Zak, I”ll show you around.”

After a brief tour of the house Aidan wound up the tour in his room. “That”s J”s bed over there, this is mine. We share a desk and the closet, but we have our own bookcases and stuff.”

“Wow, your bed is big,” Zak said sitting down on the edge of the bed Aidan had claimed.

“Yeah, we used to have twin size beds, but it was too hard to fit both of us in one bed,” Aidan chuckled, “see me and J used kadıköy travesti to sleep together most nights…when we were younger.”

“But not now?” Zak said then blushed.

“Well, sometimes. When I got home from the hospital my dad moved J”s bed right beside mine so I wouldn”t roll out of bed and J was right there for me if I needed him. After I got better he moved his bed back, but sometimes we lay in my bed or his and talk and sometimes we fall asleep there, it”s no big deal.”

“I think that”s cool. My brother is a jerk most times. We used to have bunk beds when we lived in our old apartment, but now we have our own beds, but the room is so small…”

“Is he ever nice?”

“Well, sometimes.” When he wants a blowjob, Zak thought, “he doesn”t mess with me or anything. He just has his own friends and stuff.”

“Too bad, I”d love to have an older bro, especially if he could drive me places,” Aidan laughed.

“Yeah, well Jason has a license, but we don”t have a car…”

“Oh, too bad. Does your brother have a job or anything?”

“Naw, he just hangs out with his buddies and gets drunk or stoned most of the time…but I don”t do that stuff,” he added quickly.

“Yeah, I been drunk once, but it wasn”t that much fun and I”ve never been tempted to do drugs. I just don”t get why people take drugs.”

“Yeah, me either. I”ve never even drank so much as a beer. I guess…cause I see what it did to my dad…and now my mom…”

Aidan nodded, “Oh, sorry. Hey, wanna play some video games?” Aidan said wanting to get Zak”s mind on happier things.

“Yeah, okay…but I haven”t played much. You may have to show me what to do.”

“No problem, come on we”ll start with a race game, they”re easy.”

A half hour later Mrs. Reynolds knocked on the open door and came in carrying two bottles of Gatorade and a bowl of popcorn. 

“Here”s something to hold you boys till dinner,” she said sitting the bowl down between them and handing them the drinks.

“Thanks mom.”

“Thank you ma”am,” Zak said smiling up at her.

Mrs. Reynolds could certainly see why Aidan liked the boy. He was polite and sweet-natured and with that red hair and those freckles he was very cute. He had a tight little body too, but she knew that Aidan wasn”t hung up on looks or physicality. If he liked this boy it was because of what was inside and what kind of person he was.

“You”re welcome guys. I”ll let you know when dinner is ready.”

“Okay, mom…thanks.”

“Your mom is nice,” Zak said taking a handful of popcorn.

“Yeah, she”s the best. Hey, maybe later we can go out and play catch or something while my dad is cooking the steaks.”

“Sure, that sounds good,” Zak said grinning, that sounded very good.

“Uh, can I use your bathroom?” Zak said after finishing off his Gatorade.

“Oh, sure…it”s right there,” Aidan said pointing to the open door.

“Oh, yeah..right…I forgot,” Zak said blushing. How cool was it to have a bathroom right next door?

Aidan noticed that Zak didn”t close the bathroom door and moments later he heard the distinctive sound of water hitting the toilet. 

He really did need to go, Aidan chuckled to himself, Must”ve been the Gatorade.

Eventually he heard a flush, then the water at the sink running and then Zak walked out looking content as a bee in clover.

“I like your bathroom. That”s a neat shower you got.”

“Yeah, I like it. J and I used to take baths when we were little and play with our toys, but now that we”re older we hardly ever  use the bathtub. We mostly take showers…sometimes together to save time.”

“Oh…are we…gonna…?” Zak asked blushing.

Aidan laughed, “No, no…I didn”t mean that we were…well, not unless you want to…”

“, I was just kidding…” Zak said blushing even brighter red if that was possible.

“Look Zak, I don”t want this to be weird or anything. If I do or say something that makes you uncomfortable just let me know. I want this to be fun for you and I want you to come back. So, if I get too pushy or too weird, let me know…okay?”

“I don”t think it”s weird,” Zak said softly, “I wanna do stuff just like your other friends,” he said blushing.

Aidan wasn”t sure exactly what Zak meant. Did he mean the normal sleepover stuff, or the after the lights were out stuff? He was afraid to ask for fear he”d just embarrass both of them, so he just decided to take it slow and let Zak lead the way.

“Okay, cool. I”m bored with this game,” Aidan said turning off the game and jumping up, “First I gotta pee.”

In the back yard Aidan showed Zak around and told him about some of the good times he and his brother and their friends had there. Sitting beneath the shade of the tree in the corner of the yard they enjoyed the unseasonably warm temperature and continued their talk.

“When I was younger, like maybe six or seven, we lived in a house, back when my dad was still there. We had a big fenced yard and Jason and I used to play all the time. We got along pretty good back then, before he turned into a jerk,” Zak chuckled.

“What…um happened to your dad…if you don”t mind me askin”,” Aidan said curiously.

“Sure you wanna” know?”

“Only if you want to tell me, it”s no big deal.”

Zak sighed, “He got into some trouble and went to prison. That was when I was 11 and I haven”t seen him since.”

“Oh man, I”m sorry. Jimmy”s dad is in prison too. His dad abused him and finally hurt him so bad his mom turned him into the police.”

“That”s one thing I can say about my old man, he never hit me. He wasn”t always that nice, but he never hit any of us. I just think…well, that he liked booze more than us.”

“I”m sorry, but at least you know you don”t want that to happen to you, and that”s a good thing. You can”t help what happened to your dad, but you can make sure it doesn”t happen to you…or your kids, if you ever have any.”

“I don”t think I”d ever want to have kids,” Zak said looking thoughtful.

“I think I do, but that may be kind of hard considering…” Aidan laughed, “I mean unless I find some lady to have my baby and then sign it over to me.”

“Oh, why? OH…cause you like boys and not girls?” Zak said blushing.

“Yeah, I guess I could be satisfied to just be an uncle, cause I”m pretty sure J will have kids…someday.”

“Really? But, I thought him and Jimmy were…”

“Oh, they are, but both of them like girls too…so who knows? Someday they may get a girl and have kids. Did you know J wants to be a teacher someday?”

“No, really…that”s cool I guess. I”m not sure I”d want to be responsible for a bunch of kids though.”

“You never know, we”re still young and still figuring things out, but…If there”s one thing I”m sure of it”s that I”m 100% gay and I don”t see that ever changing.”

“I…I guess I don”t know exactly what I am…yet.”

“And that”s okay. You have time to figure it out,” Aidan said smiling, “but no matter what you decide, I”d still like to be your friend.”

Zak nodded and smiled, “I”d like that.”

“So, wanna shoot some hoops?”

Out front they took turns shooting baskets on the basketball goal on the front of the garage. Eventually they dissolved into a game of one on one and Aidan was surprised at how wiry Zak was and it was a close game right up to the end.

Winded and sweating they went inside for a drink and then went out back to keep Mr. Reynolds company while he started the grill. 

Zak seemed especially interested in the procedure and Mr. Reynolds made a point of explaining everything he was doing. When the coals turned grey Mr. Reynolds sent Aidan in for the steaks and when he returned with them he threw them on the fire. Anticipating the usual teenage appetites, Mrs. Reynolds had prepared six thick steaks and both boys mouths were watering by the time they were ready.

By the time the steaks were ready Mrs. Reynolds had the twice-baked potatoes and broccoli and cheese ready.  In addition there was Texas Toast with butter and parmesan cheese and tall glasses of iced tea. Zak was nervous at first, but his hunger soon won out and he thought that he had never tasted anything as delicious as the food before him.

“This is really good,” Zak said grinning, “I never knew I liked broccoli before.”

“The boys love it, as long as I put cheese on it,” Mrs. Reynolds said smiling.

“I”ll eat any vegetable with cheese on it,” Aidan said wolfing down a bite of twice-baked potato.

“What”s in these potatoes?” Zak asked digging out a forkful.

“Oh, cheese, milk, butter, bacon bits, chives, and green onions and a few secret spices.”

“Secret huh?” Mr. Reynolds laughed, “like what, salt and pepper?”

“Among other things,” she said not elaborating.

“My mom makes these all the time,” Aidan said, “I could make a meal out of them by themselves.”

“Well, that and a big pot of soup and you have a meal.”

“The steak is really good too,” Zak said, “I like pizza, but this is even better.”

“Definitely more filling,” Aidan moaned, “I”m about to burst.”

“Well, don”t do that, when you”re full stop eating and you can save the rest for later. I”m sure you”ll want a snack later.”

“Okay, okay…I”m done then,” Aidan said pushing back  his plate, but he noticed Zak had almost cleaned his plate and showed no signs of stopping anytime soon.

“Done,” Zack said wiping the last of the meat grease and cheese off of his plate with his bread and popping in it”s mouth.

“There”s coconut cream pie for dessert, but if you”re too full you can save it till later.”

Aidan groaned, “Yeah, I”m too full. How bout” you Zak?”

“Yeah, I”ll wait too. He said gathering up his plate and silverware and sitting his empty glass in the middle, “what shall I do with my plate and stuff?”

“I”ll take care of it Zak. You boys go on and enjoy yourself. We”ll take care of this.”

“Thanks mom,” I”ll do cleanup tomorrow night and I”ll make J help me,” he laughed.

“I”m sure he”ll be glad to help, if he”s not too tired after spending the night with Jimmy,” Mr. Reynolds teased.

Zak blushed, but didn”t comment until they were back in the twins” bedroom, “Do your folks know about Jaden and Jimmy? I mean, that they”re….you know, boyfriends and stuff?”

“Oh yeah, they pretty much know everything, even that they have S.E.X.” Aidan laughed, “They had the talk with us when they figured out that we were doing more than holding hands with our boyfriends.”

“Wow, I don”t get it. Aren”t they mad? Don”t they think being gay is wrong or sick or something?”

“No, I told you my rents are cool. They get it. They understand that who we like…sexually, isn”t a choice, it”s the way we”re born. Sure, they”d probably rather we”d been born straight, but not for the reasons you might think. They just want us to be happy and they know being gay isn”t always easy. They worry about us, but we decided it was better to be out than hiding and so…we came out and now most everyone accepts us and we really haven”t had any problems.”

“Wow, that”s so…so amazing. I can”t believe you can just be…you know…I mean…”

“Gay?” Aidan laughed, “you can say it. I”m proud of who I am. Uh, it doesn”t bother you…that I”m gay…does it?”

“, it”s cool. I think you”re really brave to just be who you are and not worry about what anyone else thinks.”

“It”s not that I don”t care what people think, or even respect their feelings, but I just can”t let it affect my happiness. I know who I am and I”m comfortable with it. If someone  has a problem with it they don”t have to come around me.”

“But all the kids at that lunch table, they”re not all gay…right?”

“No, the safe table is for anyone as long as they respect the other kids there. That one girl that came with you that first day, she wasn”t comfortable with all the gay kids so she didn”t come back. I don”t think she was really offended or anything, but she just didn”t take the time to get to know us. If she had I think she would have seen we”re really no different than most kids.”

“Actually…you are different than most kids,” Zak said, then quickly added, “You”re nicer and more understanding.”

“I guess the fact that we sort of felt like we were outsiders for a while made us want to do something. Then we found out we”re not alone, that there all all kind of ways to be on the outside besides being gay. That”s really what the safe table is all about, about letting kids just be who they are without having to worry about being bullied or teased about it.”

“Like me,” Zak said sadly, “I might be on the outside in more ways than one.”

“What do you mean?”

“Oh nothing,” Zak said looking away, “What can we do now?”

Aidan was sure Zak wanted to say more, but he wasn”t about to rush him. He”d opened up slowly and they”d made great progress so far, no need to force the issue.

“Well, you were wanting to see my videos…”

Aidan fired up his laptop and pulled up his YouTube channel and began the videos starting with the early ones he made on his own and progressing to the newest with Isaac, Jeremy, and Jaden backing him up.

“Dude, why aren”t you like in California in a Disney show, or touring, or at least making CD”s and selling them?”

Aidan laughed, “Cause I”m 14 and mom and dad won”t let me.”

“Oh, too bad. Can”t you at least make some money on your videos on YouTube?”

“Actually…I do, notice these little ads at the beginning of some of the videos. Each time someone clicks on a video I get a little money, but it”s not all that much.”

“Hmmm…I don”t see why they won”t let you cut a CD or something. You could be making money for college or something.”

“Well, the problem with that is…record companies expect you to tour to promote the CD and I can”t do that.”

“But what if you bypassed the record company and made your own CD”s and sold them online or something?”

Aidan looked at Zak with new respect, “Actually…we could do that. I have a CD burner on my laptop and eventually we could buy one of those units that mass produces CD”s…”

“I mean even at five bucks you could make some serious money.”

“You know that just might work. But…I”d need some help. Do you think you”d be willing to help me for maybe…a buck a CD?”

“Heck yeah,” Zak said excitedly, “but…I just thought of something: what about the other guys in the band?”

“Well…there”s 4 of us, 5 counting you…so, a buck a piece.”

“I couldn”t take as much as the other guys, how about 50 cents for me and the other 50 cents is for overhead.”

“Oh, yeah, I guess we gotta buy CD”s and print labels and stuff. Hey, how about I talk to the others about this and get back with you on Monday?”

“Sounds good. Can we watch that one you showed me at school again?”

“Okay, but it”s not posted. I have the file on my laptop though.”

Aidan pulled up the video and started it and then watched Zak watching the video. His green eyes flicked over to Aidan and he blushed then went back to the video. His pink tongue came out and licked the corner of his mouth and Aidan felt a stirring below.

God,  he is so cute, Aidan thought, as he let his eyes wander down to Zak”s chest and shoulders. His tee shirt was a bit tight and faded, but Aidan thought he looked sexy in it. His jeans were faded and had a rip at the knee, but then that was the fashion these days, though he doubted Zak was trying to make a fashion statement.

“That was good, I like that one,” Zak said when the video ended, “How come you haven”t posted this one?”

“Well, it”s not really finished. I want to add some more tracks to it before I post it.” The truth was he had made it one evening as he was thinking about Zak and he thought of it as Zak”s song and he really didn”t want to share it with anyone else.

“Oh, I like it just like it is. I wish…I wish I had a computer or a phone so I could watch it anytime I wanted.”

Having a friend without the usual electronic devices was a challenge for Aidan, but he knew there wasn”t much he could do about it. He certainly couldn”t buy him those items, but…

“Hey, I just remembered. I have an old tablet. It”s a small one, like 9″ or something, but when we got the laptop we quit using it. I think it”s in the closet, hold on.”

Aidan finally found the tablet, still in the box it came in beneath a stack of old magazines, and when he showed it to Zak he was like a kid on Christmas morning.

“I can put some of the videos on here, plus there”s some built in games, and some other cool apps. Let”s check it out and see what”s on here…”

They spent the next hour or so downloading files onto the tablet and Aidan gave Zak a crash course on operating the tablet and accessing the files and apps. When Aidan was sure he had it down pat he suggested they plug the tablet in to charge and play some video games.

It was obvious Zak was new to video games, but like most kids his age he adapted quickly and was soon giving Aidan a run for his money. As they played they talked and Zak opened up a bit more about his life.

“My dad used to have these cards,” Zak said softly, “they had like naked women on them, and sometimes when he was gone or too drunk to know what he was doing, I”d get them and look at them.”

“How old were you?”

“About 10…I think. The thing was…I don”t know why I kept looking at them, cause…well, cause they really didn”t do anything for me. I mean I guess it was just cause it was dirty and all that stuff, but it really wasn”t that exciting. I mean I didn”t get hard or anything.”

“Yeah, the first porn J and I saw was straight, but it was always the guys we were most interested in, especially me.”

“My brother liked em” a lot. He used to…jerk off to them, but he didn”t think I knew it. He”d wait till he thought I was asleep and then he”d use the flashlight under the covers to look at em” and beat off,” Zak said grinning.

“Did you ever…do it too?”

“I really didn”t know how exactly, not till I was older. Actually…Jason taught me how,” he said blushing.

“That”s what older brothers are supposed to do…teach their younger brothers how to do stuff.”

Zak was quiet for a moment then then he looked at Aidan and blushed, “Yeah, I guess. So…you and your brother just sort of learned together I guess.”

“Yeah, well…we had some help from our friends too. We were lucky, we had friends with older brothers who passed along the sacred teachings,” Aidan laughed.

“Do you…I mean…did you guys ever…you know, do stuff together?” Zak asked softly not looking at Aidan.

“You serious? Two horny boys living in the same house, sleeping in the same room, most of the time in the same bed…you think? Not to mention we”re twins and it”s like doing yourself. I mean we can almost feel what the other one is feeling,” Aidan chuckled.

“Jason and me…we do stuff,” Zak said softly still not looking at Aidan.

“Is it stuff you both like?”

“Yeah, yeah…I mean it was actually me who started it.”

“Well, then that”s cool. It”s nice to have someone to…ummm…you know,” Aidan laughed.

“You don”t think it”s weird?”

“Why would I think it was weird? As long he”s not forcing you or anything…”

“No, no..nothing like that. All we do is…well…” Zak said sighing, “I shouldn”t be saying this stuff.”

“It”s cool. You don”t have to tell me everything. I can imagine what kind of cool stuff two boys can do,” Aidan laughed.

“Just oral…” Zak said quickly, “but…he wants to…you know…do the other thing.”

“And you don”t?”

“I don”t know. I mean I”m not afraid. Jason isn”t all that big, but I don”t know, that stuff seems, serious.”

“It can be. It”s best if you really like the other person, which of course is no problem for me and J, cause we love each other.”

“I guess I love Jason, but it”s not like with you and your brother. Sometimes he”s a real ass to me.”

“Yeah, older brothers can be like that, so I”ve heard. But you guys are only like two years apart, right?”

“Yeah, when we were younger it didn”t seem like such a big deal and we got along better, then when he turned 14 things changed. Him and his friends started calling me names and picking on me. It was hell anytime they were around.”

“Does he still hang out with these guys?”

“Some of them…Billy has been his friend for a long time..”

“Billy? Not Billy Nelson?” Aidan said becoming agitated.

“Yeah, why…you know him?”

“He”s the kid that hit the Principal…right?”

“Yeah, oh…damn, I forgot about that…he was the one who said that stuff about you. Oh man…I”m sorry. He”s a jerk and an idiot and some day he”s gonna go too far and wind up in juvie.”

“I can”t believe your brother is friends with this kid,” Aidan said frowning.

“I”m sorry…if you want you can have your mom take me home,” Zak said sadly.

“No, no…this has nothing to do with you, or your brother really. Billy is responsible for himself, no one else is.”

“If it makes you feel any better, Billy is a jerk to me too. He”s the one who…who gave me the black eye.”

“What?” Aidan said looking at Zak intently, “Does your brother know?”

“No,” Zak sighed, “I”m not sure what would happen if he knew.”

“I think you should tell him.”

“I can”t…it”s not like with you and your brother, we”re not that close. You know what he said when he saw my black eye? He said I should man up and grow a set and defend myself.”

“But maybe if he knew it was an older kid, and that it was his friend,  he”d feel different.”

“I doubt it, but anyway…if I told on him, Billy would probably just beat me up worse.”

“That we can fix,” Aidan said, “if you”ll tell the school it was Billy.”

“I can”t Aidan. I”m sorry, I can”t. Please don”t tell anyone..please.”

“As long as things don”t get worse, but if they do…then I can”t promise I”ll keep quiet.”

Zak nodded, “Thanks.”

“You wanna take a shower?” Aidan asked then, “you can go first if you want.”

“I…okay, I could use one I guess.”

“Cool grab your stuff and I”ll show you how the shower works and show you where everything is.”

Zak did as he was told and followed Aidan to the bathroom where Aidan handed him a towel and washcloth and showed him what he needed to know. Zak stood waiting for Aidan to leave before he started undressing and Aidan finally took the hint and as he left he closed the door behind him.

He chuckled as he heard the latch turn. Does he think I”m going to come in and molest him? Aidan wondered. Still he guessed he could understand Zak being sort of nervous since this was all so new to him. He tried not to take it personally though, and vowed to try to make Zak feel more at ease.

Eventually Zak came out wearing a pair of gym shorts. Aidan hadn”t noticed if he took any underwear in with him and he couldn”t really tell if he was wearing any through his baggy shorts. He tried not to stare at Zak, but he was just so cute standing there with his wet hair all a mess and beads of water glistening on his smooth chest. His nipples were erect, tiny pink nubs surrounded by dime size circles of brown, and his muscle definition was amazing for a boy his age who didn”t work out or play sports.

“Need another towel for your hair?” Aidan asked pulling his eyes away from the sexy boy.

“Uh, yeah or a hair dryer.”

“Come on, we have one of those too.”

Aidan pulled the hairdryer out of the drawer and handed it to Zak and hung around while he dried and brushed his hair.

“I like your hair,” Aidan said when Zak had it just like he wanted it.

“Thanks, I like yours too,” Zak said blushing.

Aidan laughed, “Well, now that we have agreed that we are both two gorgeous studs I think I”ll take my shower.”

“Oh, yeah…okay…I”ll just go watch some TV or something.”

“Sure whatever you want to do, or you can stay and talk to me, I”m not shy in case you haven”t noticed.”

Zak stood there for a moment uncertain what to do then turned back to the mirror and started primping his hair again. Aidan took that to mean he was staying, and he left him only long enough to grab a clean pair of underwear. When he returned Zak was brushing his teeth with the toothbrush he”d brought and pretending to ignore Aidan.

Aidan smiled to himself as he stripped off his shirt watching Zak watch him in the mirror.

“I got us a couple of movies at Redbox to watch,”  Aidan said as he dropped his jeans and then stuffed them in the hamper along with this shirt. 

Standing in just his royal blue boxer briefs he reached into the shower and started the water and adjusted the temp.

“Uh, that”s cool. I hardly ever get to see anything besides regular TV.”

Aidan started talking about the movies and as he did he dropped his underwear and stepped into the shower and closed the frosted glass door. Zak took that opportunity to swivel his head and look that way, but all he could see was Aidan”s silhouette through the frosted glass, yet even that was erotic.

“I don”t really watch all that much TV, mostly with mom or dad on family night, or when I have company…and that”s usually a movie. Mostly we play video games or I”m online looking for new ideas or making my videos.”

“I wish I had internet,” Zak said hopping up on the vanity and getting comfy as he watched Aidan”s sexy body through the frosted shower door.

“I”d be lost without it, but my mom and dad said they didn”t have it growing up and they turned out okay I guess,” Aidan laughed.

“I”d be happy if I had a cell phone, even one that just had talk and text,” Zak sighed.

“Does your brother have one?”

“Naw, not yet, but he”s trying to find a job and he says he”s gonna get one for sure and…he even said he might put me on his plan too if he can find one of those cheap deals.”

“There are pay as you go phones,” Aidan said, “You buy the phone and then just add minutes for like 25.00 or something. One of our friends has one of those. He uses it mostly so his folks can keep in touch with him, but sometimes he texts us.”

“Yeah, too bad I can”t get a job.”

bakırköy travesti “Well, maybe not a regular job, but you”re forgetting the CD thing. If we get that going, you could make enough money to buy your own phone.”

“Yeah, I forgot about that. So you really want to do it?” Zak asked straining to see if he could make out any details of Aidan”s body. 

“I”ll discuss it with the others and let you know, but I don”t see why not. I think it”s a great idea. Hey, you don”t by any chance sing or play an instrument?”

“You kidding, I have no talent of any kind. I”m not even athletic.”

“But you”re smart. You came up with the idea for the CD”s.”

Zak shrugged, then remembering Aidan couldn”t see that he said, “I guess. I do okay in school, but mostly cause I don”t want to be hassled by the teachers. It”s bad enough being hassled by the bullies.”

“We”re gonna have to talk more about that,” Aidan said, then suddenly he shut off the shower and the door slid open catching Zak off guard.

Suddenly there was Aidan in all his glory. Blond and wet, his body a wonderland of curves and muscles and his skin so soft and perfect looking. Even his pubes looked like they were styled, and as far as Zak could tell in the few seconds he dared to stare, his balls were smooth as a baby.

“Not much to tell. Guys like me are fair game for guys like that.”

“You don”t have to be. We”ve helped other kids escape their bullies and we can help you…if you”ll let us.”

“I just can”t, not now…I mean since the black eye Billy has pretty much left me alone. I think he”s scared or something.”

“He should be,” Aidan said grabbing his towel and purposely bending over to give Zak a good view of his perfect ass.

Zak swallowed hard and squirmed as something else grew hard between his legs. He tried not to look, but it was almost like Aidan was putting on a show for him, which in a way he was. He couldn”t believe how perfect Aidan”s body was and to think this little God of a boy wanted to be his friend, was almost too much to handle.

“Lately since I”ve been sitting with you guys and hanging around you I haven”t had much trouble…except that one day.”

“Well, maybe word is getting out that you”re with us now. Most of the idiots like Billy know not to mess with us.”

“Can I ask you a question,” Zak said trying to keep his mind off Aidan”s flopping cock, which attracted his eyes to it like a moth to a flame.

“Sure, what”s up?” Aidan said turning his full attention to Zak and starting to dry his hair now.

“Do you have other kids…uh, watching out for me when you guys aren”t around?”

“Well, there are a lot of us…and well, we might have put the word out. I hope that”s okay.”

“Yeah, at least I know I”m not crazy,” Zak laughed, “I mean kids who never paid me any attention before were chattin” me up and stuff.”

“And you know what, those kids are starting to like you for who you are. Weird how that works, isn”t it?”

“I guess, but why can”t kids be like that all the time?”

Aidan dropped his towel and grabbed a hair brush and brushed his hair out for a second before answering.

“Well, sometimes guys like you put up walls and it makes it hard for other kids to get in. I mean you just automatically assume that everyone is gonna” be a jerk to you so you can”t see the kids who are really cool and want to be your friend. Anyway, that”s what I think happened in your case.”

“Maybe,” Zak said frowning, then his frown was replaced by a sly smile, “I can”t believe I”m sitting here talking to a naked boy,” he laughed.

“I do it all the time,” Aidan joked, “in fact I prefer naked to clothed any day. You should try it.”

“Maybe later,” Zak said blushing, “when the lights are out,” he added grinning.

Aidan didn”t press him, instead he slipped on a pair of baby blue boxer briefs and led Zak back to the bedroom.

“Movie time,” Aidan said loading the DVD and grabbing the remote. Then falling down on his bed he beckoned Zak over, “We can both lay here and watch the movie, I promise I”ll be good,” he teased.

“As big as this bed is you could fit four of us in it,” Zak said stretching out and propping his back up against the headboard.

“And don”t think we haven”t,” Aidan laughed, “although lately it”s just been three of us, but not as often as we used to. I guess my brain tumor slowed us down some.”

“You mean…you and your brother…and his boyfriend?”

“Yeah, and when John was around sometimes the four of us.”

“Uh, don”t you worry about them getting jealous?”

“Nope, what we do we do openly and out of love. We don”t sneak around and everyone”s included, so no one gets their feelings hurt. It”s great, but when John was around, it was mostly just the two of us.”

“Wow, I guess I just don”t understand that stuff. I know if it was a girl and guy, the girl would get jealous.”

“Yeah, well some boys might too, but not us. Like I said we love each other and respect each other and so we all enjoy it.”

Aidan adjusted his position then so he was leaning against the headboard too and started the movie. For a while they were deep into the movie and neither spoke, then during a romantic scene between a girl and a guy Zak spoke again.

“I was wondering, when did you first figure out that you were, you know…gay?”

“Ummm…well, actually I didn”t really think about it one way or the other till I was about 11 or 12, that”s when me and J started messing around big time.  I guess at first I just thought it was regular boy stuff, you know? Most boys experiment at that age, but then I realized there was more to it than that. I began to notice other boys and I”d get hard just thinking about what they”d look like naked.”

“Then we started having a lot of sleepovers and I”d get chances to see my friends naked or at least in their underwear and eventually we managed to get them to mess around too, and I think that”s when I realized this wasn”t just fun and games for me, it was serious stuff.”

“Me and J talked about it…a lot, and he made it clear he liked girls too, but I was pretty sure, even back then that I only liked boys. J was cool about it and he never made me feel bad about it and we still messed around a lot, but when I met John and we became bf”s I think J was sort of relieved. I think he felt like I was too clingy or something. I mean we never really talked about this stuff, but that”s how I felt. Then not too long after that him and Jimmy got together and ever since then things have been even better for us.”

Aidan had paused the movie when the action began again and he waited for Zak to reply.

“So…by now I should have figured this out?” Zak said sounding unsure of himself.

“Not necessarily, I was lucky. I had J right here with me and good friends who helped me figure out what I liked and didn”t like. Not to mention the coolest rents in the world who are 100 percent supportive.”

“Except for my brother and a friend back at my old school, I”ve never really done anything like that.”

“And did you like it with your friend, and with your brother”

“Well, yeah…it felt good…what my friend and me did, and I like making Jason feel good…and sometimes he…you know…helps me feel good too…”

“I think you”re stressing way too much over this Zak. Kids today don”t need to worry so much about labels. If you like someone and like doing stuff with them, then that”s all that matters. Doesn”t matter if they”re a boy or a girl, it”s the person you like…right?”

“I guess, but I just don”t want to lead someone on then let them down.” Zak meant Aidan of course. He had strong feeling for Aidan, but he was afraid he couldn”t be everything that Aidan needed.

“Is there someone you like?” Aidan said feeling a little disappointed since he was hoping he and Zak could become closer than just friends.

“Sort of,” Zak sighed not looking at Aidan, “but this person is like way bettern” me and more experienced and so cool…”

“You”re cool too, and if this person likes you back then none of that other stuff matters, “Aidan said trying to be helpful even through his disappointment.

“I don”t know if he even likes me…as much as I like him…”

“So it”s a boy?” Aidan said feeling even more despair. If it had been a girl he would have been able to deal with that better, but competing with another boy was tougher.

“Yeah,” Zak said blushing.

“Do I know him?”

“Yeah,” Zak said so softly Aidan could barely hear him.

“Well, the first thing you need to do is tell this boy that you like him. I mean I assume he”s gay or at least open to being liked by another boy…”

“He”s gay.”

“Oh,” Aidan was really upset now. How had he not noticed Zak was interested in some other boy? He knew most of the out gay boys and suspected many others, but he couldn”t remember Zak hanging around with any of  them before, “Well…as cute as you are, and sexy, he”d be an idiot not to like you back.”

“You think so”

“I know so. I mean if it was me…that you liked…I”d be so happy I would want to shout it from the rooftops.”

“You would?”

“Yeah,” then it hit Aidan who Zak was referring to. How could he had been so dense, he wondered, it”s me…it”s me he likes and he”s feeling me out to see how I feel, “Look Zak, I don”t want to mess things up for you and this other boy, but I gotta tell you how I feel.”

“Oh..okay,” Zak said finally looking at Aidan sideways and blushing.

“I know we haven”t known each other that long, and this is our first time to really be alone…but, I really, really like you and…not just as a friend. I think you”re so cute and sweet and yeah…sexy, but I mean I understand that you might not be ready for anything like that, but I just gotta tell you how I feel and I hope that no matter what happens we can still be friends, but I really wish we could be more than friends.”

Zak was grinning now, “You mean it?”

“I do, I really do. You”re all I”ve thought about since we met. Why do you think I want to protect you and help you every way I can? I…I”m not sure love is the right word, but I think I could very easily learn to love you.”

“Me too,” Zak said simply, “Don”t you know? That boy I like…it”s you.”

Aidan sighed and reached for Zak”s hand, “I kind of figured that out…toward the end, but I still wasn”t sure. I was so….so jealous when I thought you liked someone else. I know this is happening kind of fast, but I”m willing to slow down and let you decide what happens from now on. I just like being with you and we don”t have to rush things,” Aidan said squeezing Zak”s  hand, “but…can I kiss you?”

Zak nodded, blushing bright red, and then they leaned in for the kiss and it was magic from start to finish.

When they pulled away both boys were flushed and smiling.

“Wow, that was…amazing,” Zak said in awe, “I never knew that kissing was so exciting.”

“With the right person it can be better than sex with the wrong person, if you know what I mean.”

“I don”t know much, but I”m willing to learn.”

“And I we have lots of time. We can just take it slow and see what happens, okay”

“Not too slow,” Zak teased, “I”m a fast learner.”

“I bet you are,” Aidan chuckled, “Hey wanna go grab some of that coconut cream pie?”

“Yeah, okay…sure,” Zak said surprised at this turn of events.

“Come on then, let”s go,” Aidan said hopping up and pulling Zak out of bed.


Not far away at a Jimmy”s house Jaden and Jimmy were just settling down in bed for the night. They”d played video games and watched a movie, ate pizza and candy, drank pop till they were stuffed, and now they were ready for some fun in bed.

“You smell good,” Jaden said nuzzling Jimmy”s neck playfully.

“It”s my natural manly odor,” Jimmy joked.

“Ummm…manly,” Jaden said as he made his way down to Jimmy”s erect nipples.

Jimmy moaned lowly and reached down to stroke Jaden”s long blond hair, “J…can we talk?”

“Huh?” Jaden said looking up at Jimmy with a curious look, “Now?”

“Yah, now might be best.”

Jaden pulled away and rolled onto his side and stared at Jimmy questioningly, “This must be important.”

Jimmy sat up then and looked at Jaden worriedly, “First of all I want you to know that nothing has changed between us as far as I”m concerned.”

“Uh, what do you mean?” Jaden asked frowning.

“Well…this last week…when I said I was grounded…that wasn”t exactly true.”

“What are you talking about?” Jaden said sitting up a little further.

Jimmy sighed, “J…I love you and nothing has changed, but…I”ve met someone…a girl and I”ve been seeing her almost every night this week.”

“Wait, a girl? But where did you meet this girl? Do I know her, is it someone from school?”

“No, she”s the daughter of a friend of my mom”s. She”s new to town and she didn”t know anyone so my mom suggested she invite me to her birthday party and that”s  how we met. OH J, she is so cool, I know you”d like her if you met her…”

“Wait, you met a girl and you been hanging out with her and you never told me till now?”

“Yeah, sorry. I was going to tell you, then I decided to wait till we had some time alone…and I invited you to sleep over.”

Jaden looked away trying to digest all that Jimmy had said and make some sense of it, “So…what does this mean…I mean for us? Are you breaking up with me?”

“No! No, nothing like that. I just wanted you to know that I have a…a another friend now…a girl.”

“A girl friend?” Jaden asked raising his voice a little.

“No, not like that…well, maybe…”

Jaden sighed, “So what now? Am I supposed to share you now..or what?””

“I don”t know…I mean…I want you to meet her and I want you two to  like each other. I mean it”s not like we haven”t been saying all along that we like girls and might want to be with one someday. Dude, she let me finger her and she blew me.”

“Oh…good, so you won”t need my help getting off,” Jaden mumbled.

“J…don”t be that way. I still love you and I want us to be together, but…I want to be with Kalie too.”

“So, what are you saying? We work out a schedule or something…I get you odd days she gets you even days?” Jaden snorted.

“No, that”s not what I meant. I just wanted you to know I was seeing her, that”s all.”

“OH, well that explains it all,” Jaden said smirking, “so I”m competing with a girl now. That”s fine, that”s great.”

“J…I thought you”d understand…especially after what we did with Dee.”

“So are you saying this girl wants to mess with both of us?”

“Uh, well…no, she”s not really into that.”

“So, she”s just for you then?”

Jimmy sighed, “If you don”t want me to see her again I won”t.”

“Is that what you want?”

“Uh, what do you mean?”

“I mean is that what you want, or were you hoping you could have a girlfriend and a boyfriend?”


“I”m tired, I think I need to get some sleep. You don”t need me anyway.”

“J…don”t be that way…”

“What way?” Jaden said hotly, “Just because I thought I had a boyfriend…one I could trust.”

“You can trust me, that”s why I told you about Kalie. I didn”t want there to be any secrets between us.”

“Well, good…I guess that”s all settled then,” Jaden said moving as far away from Jimmy as possible and burrowing beneath the covers, “Goodnight.”

“J…” Jimmy sighed, “Goodnight. I love you.”

Jaden only grunted as he pounded his pillow into submission and settled in for a long sleepless night.


At the Reynolds house Aidan and Zak returned to the bedroom with huge slices of pie and tall glasses of milk and when Zak dug into his pie he had one more thing to be happy about. Meals at his house were spotty and usually came out of a can or carton then to the microwave. The pie was delicious and the crust so flaky that Zak couldn”t believe someone could actually make such a thing by hand.

“My mom is like the best cook in the world, but she cooks healthy stuff too. It”s not all junk food and sweets.”

“My mom wouldn”t know a stove if it bit her,” Zak laughed, “she can barely operate a microwave.”

“So who cooks at your house?”

“Me or Jason, usually just heating something up in the microwave. We eat a lot of cereal…when there”s milk.”

“You definitely need to hang out here more then.”

Zak shrugged, “I can”t keep letting your mom pick me up and take me home, she”s gonna get tired of me fast.”

“No…she won”t, and you know why? Cause if you”re my friend and being with you makes me happy, then my folks are all for it, cause my folks are all about me being happy.”

“I guess I”ll never understand how a real family works.”

“Sure you will, cause before long you”ll be part of our family. That”s just how it is. Jimmy is like one of us and so was John and you will be too.”

“I hope so, that sounds nice.”

“Come on let”s finish the movie now.”

They hopped back in bed and as soon as the movie started Aidan reached for Zak”s hand and held it the whole time. When the movie was over they took a pee break and Aidan suggested they watch the second movie and if they got to tired they could watch the rest tomorrow.

Zak readily agreed, only now he scooted down and lay flat on the bed with his pillow propping up his head just enough to see the TV. Aidan scooted down and took his hand again and started the movie.

They”d been watching the movie for about 45 minutes when Aidan looked over at Zak and saw that his eyes were closed. He smiled and watched the cute boy sleeping and decided not to wake him and make him go to the other bed. After all they were unofficially sort of boyfriends and there was no reason why they shouldn”t sleep in the same bed.

He stopped the movie and suddenly the room was dark except for an LED nite light by the bathroom door. It took his eyes a moment to adjust, but he could just make out Zak”s sleeping form, his chest rising and falling with each breath, and suddenly he muttered something in his sleep and smiled.

Aidan smiled back, and for the first time in a long time the pain of losing John was gone. He knew he would still miss John and always think of him as his first love, but he also knew it was time to move on and this seemed like the perfect time.

Trying not to waken the sleeping boy he snuggled close and threw an arm around him and watched him sleeping till he too succumbed to sweet slumber.

Zak awoke a while later and was aware of something warm and firm against his backside. Struggling up out of sleep he remembered where he was and realized it was Aidan snuggled up behind him, an arm thrown around him and pulling him close.

He liked the feeling and snuggled back a little and noticed something hard was poking him back there. He smiled as he thought about what the hard thing was, Aidan”s penis. He knew his own penis was hard most of the time and he could only imagine how hard it would be if he was snuggled up to another boy. 

Then realizing his own penis was indeed already hard he reached down and began rubbing it through the front of his shorts. He involuntarily shivered and moaned lowly as the pleasure washed over him and he was quite sure that he would come at any moment if he wasn”t careful.

Meanwhile Aidan also had awakened and he was immediately aware of two things, that his hard penis was pushing into Zak”s butt crack, and that Zak”s hand was rubbing against his arm as he touched himself between the legs.

Without saying a word Aidan let the arm he had draped over Zak move lower. Zak froze with his hand on the hard lump inside his shorts as panic swept over him, then Aidan”s hand moved down and covered his own and squeezed it gently. 

Without speaking Aidan pushed Zak”s hand aside and snaked his own hand inside Zak”s shorts and wrapped his fingers around Zak”s hard 4.5 inch boy spike.

“Ugghhh,” Zak moaned.

Aidan smiled to himself but still did not speak, then slowly he began to move his hand up and down Zak”s stiff member iliciting more moans and shivers.


“Roll on you back,” Aidan whispered as he removed his hand from Zak”s shorts to allow him to do so. Then with both hands he pulled down Zak”s shorts to free his rampant boner. Snaking the shorts on down and off Zak”s feet he tossed them on the floor and moved into position between Zak”s legs.

Pushing Zak”s legs apart a little he dived down and began licking and sucking on his hairless nuts causing Zak to cry out in pleasure, twisting the bedsheets in his clinching fingers.


Emboldened by Zak”s apparent approval of his skillful manipulation Aidan took things to the next level. Pushing Zak”s legs up a bit to allow access to the inner sanctum he began to lick Zak”s taint and then his tight pink pucker.


“Make up your mind,” Aidan chuckled, then went back to rimming the boy till he was slick and sloppy.

Then moving back up Aidan nuzzled Zak”s soft pubes with his face before attacking his cock. Grabbing it in his hand be began licking up an down the shaft then across the head lapping up Zak”s tasty pre-cum in the process.

Zak lay there panting, letting Aidan do all the work, but as much as he was enjoying what he was doing, he longed to taste Aidan”s cock and bring him as much pleasure as he was receiving.

“Wait, wait…spin around,” Zak panted, “so I can do yours.”

Aidan understood what Zak had in mind and after quickly losing his underwear, he guided them into the classic 69 position. Though Zak had never really touched a boy”s butthole before, after being rimmed and feeling such pleasure, he was curious to find out what it felt like to be on the giving end of a rim job. It took some doing but he was able to get a good taste of Aidan”s starfish and Zak thought he had never found anything as erotic and exciting as licking another boy in this most private of places.

When Aidan went down on him however he felt the need to reciprocate and left his prize and returned the favor. Aidan”s cock was bigger than his own, and actually a little longer than his brother”s but he still had no problem taking all of it into his experienced mouth.

Aidan grunted his approval as he continued to suck and lick Zak”s cock and soon the boys had a nice rhythm going and their orgasm was rushing toward them like a runaway train. Zak came first, crying out around Aidan”s throbbing member and that was all it took to send Aidan crashing onto the shores of release. His cock pulsed and exploded filling Zak”s mouth with his baby batter even as he was gobbling down Zak”s tasty treat.

When they were spent and milked dry they lay there panting, their face pressed against the thigh of their lover and rested for a long minute. It was Zak who spoke first and what he said summed it up for both boys.

“I guess we”re friends now, really good friends,” he said with a hint of mischief and good humor in his voice.

“God yes, really, really, good friends,” Aidan panted.

They peed and washed up a little but neither boy bothered dressing and as they lay down naked together they snuggled close and kissed before falling asleep still holding hands.

End Chapter 22

Oooofff…Aidan finds a boyfriend and Jimmy finds a girlfriend and OMG, what is next? Will poor Jaden figure out a way to share Jimmy or will this be the end of his and Jimmy”s relationship? And what about Zak and his bullies? Will Jason come to Zak”s defense when he finds out who Zak”s bullies are, or browbeat him for being weak?

Thanks to everyone for your kind words and support and keep those emails coming to: ail

And a big thanks to Stan in Florida for editing for me…….

Kewl Dad 


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