Subject: Beach Showers With Dad (Part 9) Gay- Incest Please donate to Nifty! Beach Showers With Dad- Part 9 When I was in my early 20’s, I lived alone in North Carolina, far away from my family and was enjoying the newfound freedom of being on my own. During and after college, I was waiting tables at a local restaurant. In between shifts or on my days off, I lived for working on my body and doing my best to perfect my physique. Staring at my sculpted, smooth body and big cock in the mirror was a huge turn on and showing that body off to complete strangers was an even bigger one. I joined the local YMCA, and being far from home, I knew no one there, and no one knew me. This situation afforded me plenty of opportunities to show myself off, and lots of chances to get fondled and sucked off by older, mostly straight and married men in the showers, steam room and locker area. This YMCA was particularly large, and they had one locker room for families and another for adults. The adult locker room was generally filled with naked older men lounging around, showing themselves off and I had no problems finding men to play with me there. My only problem was that most of them were not fit and unattractive, so I had to be patient if I wanted to find someone to suit my tastes. When I was particularly horny however, would stick my cock in any old man’s mouth or let and old man finger my ass in the hot tub while he jerked me off simultaneously. It was actually pretty hot to see the way the older, uglier men worshipped my hot body… it was pretty obvious that most of them hadn’t had a boy of my caliber in a long time, if ever. One rule I had for myself however was that I never would play with the same guy twice. I viewed each encounter as a challenge, a conquest if you will and for me, the hunt was almost more exciting than the actual encounter. This story is not about one of my encounters with an old man however, it is a recollection of one of the hottest encounters I’ve ever had in public. At the Y one day I was working out in my normal, revealing attire. A tight T that showed off my nice pecs and flat abs, and fairly short shorts with a wide leg opening that could “accidentally” open up to expose my genitals to eager onlookers. This day, when I was between sets on the bench press, lying back with my legs spread fairly wide, I noticed a nice looking, well-built bearded 30 something guy sit down directly in front of me at the chest press. My cock chubbed up slightly at the prospect that this guy could possibly be interested, but definitely was not sure as he was more of a straight rugged type. I fought myself not to stare at him, it would have been awkward to do so while laying down on the bench, but from what I had seen when he walked past me, I liked very much. I did another set of the bench press and made sure to arch my back and push my torso up high, so he’d get a nice look at my bulge if he chose to do so. It seemed that not only was he taking my bait, but when I had the chance to glace over at him, he was pretty much gawking at my package and adjusting his own. Score! Now I just had to lure him back to the lockers to have some real fun. He stayed at the bench press in front of me, and not many other people were around, so without him noticing, I adjusted my briefs so that my cock and balls hung out the left leg opening of them, but they while still hidden by my shorts. I squeezed my bulge a bit now to show him that I was in fact showing off for him and my cock was starting to get a bit fuller. He rubbed his own and watch while I sat back on the bench and spread my legs wider, raising my shorts up slowly until the head of my dick was clearly exposed to him. He began looking around nervously, but his eyes kept coming back to my meat which was now almost fully on display for him. It now pretty clear that this hot guy wanted my dick, so I decided to try to let it şişli travesti soften up a bit so I could head back to the lockers without attracting to much attention from anyone else. As I got up, I made eye contact with him and nodded my head for him to follow me to the adult locker area. I walked away without looking back, knowing full well I’d be seeing him soon. I spent several minutes at my locker fiddling around with my gym bag. I was already out of my clothes; a towel wrapped around me and was now worried this guy decided to chicken out instead of following me back! I’d be more than pissed if I cut my workout short only to have to feed another hungry old man my load, or worse, jerk off by myself. This guy was very hot and straight looking and I wanted him badly. As I was about to give up however, there he was right in front of me, smiling at me mischievously. He had come from another entrance to the locker room and had caught me by surprise, but he was not alone! A very cute young boy in a swimsuit (maybe 13 years old) walked sheepishly behind him! This was the first time I’ve ever seen a kid in the adult area as it was clearly frowned upon by club ownership, but apparently this daddy was apparently too horned up to care! He guided the boy to a locker directly across from me and grabbed his package blatantly as he continued to ogle me. I noticed the boy steal glances at me also, but did not make eye contact The beautiful brown haired gently boy stood there silently as what I’m assuming was his dad began undressing in front of us both. The man was clearly now very excited and still staring at me while he undressed. I was beyond excited now and decided to open my towel slightly and give him a fresh look at my meat, without his boy noticing. He licked his lips and was now down to just white briefs which he filed out incredibly! Both his boy and I watched intently as he slipped out of them and let a big pink floppy dick and full balls free from their confinement. His reddish pubic hair was so hot and ran up a lovely treasure trail to his navel. I was in heaven and my cock was rock hard looking at this hung, hairy stud daddy in front of me. I decided to make the first move towards the shower area. The shower room had 6 shower heads total, three on each side of a wall. Thankfully, it was empty when I arrived, and I claimed the one on the far right next to the wall so I could turn towards in case I needed to hide my boner from a surprise visitor. I was already at half-mast when I saw them come in, the beautiful boy apparently shy was still in his swim trunks. My heart skipped several beats when the dad made a move towards the shower directly beside me! I was not at all sure where this was going with his son right there with him, but I definitely wanted to find out. This guy’s cock was probably about 5-6 inches soft and I couldn’t keep my eyes off of it. He both began soaping himself spending most of his time lathering up his thick hairy cock and low hangers. I started doing the same. The boy sort of just stood under the water, right next to his dad pretending to rinse himself off as his eyes alternated between the two hot cocks before him. As I watched the daddy put on his show, I began doing the same, and we were both now growing to full hardness. The man was now slowly stroking his huge slab of meat using the soapy lather he created. They were both turned toward me and I toward them, there was no pretense now about what we were doing. The boy’s boner was pressing against his swimsuit, stretching the fabric, and his dad noticed me staring at it. He quickly focused his attention on the boy and allowed his big cock to rub up against the boy while he began lathering his beautiful son. He now reminded me of my own father. He was staring at me as he undid the strings on the boys bathing suit, turned his around so the boy’s ass was now facing beylikdüzü travesti me and reached his hand down the boys backside and into right into his trunks. The boy’s suit had fallen down slightly exposing the top of his creamy white crack while his dads hand began ministrations on the boy’s backside while still within the confines of his suit. I was now totally rock hard and trying not to touch my cock for fear of cumming too soon. Slowly, he allowed the boy’s suit to fall exposing more and more of the lovely white boy ass until it fell all the way to the ground, leaving the boy totally naked. The dad continued to soap between the boy’s legs and around in between his cheeks, all the while smiling devilishly at me while his obscenely large cock bounced at me and oozed precum from its beautiful head. At this point, I couldn’t resist it any more so I reached out and quickly stroked his meat several times without the boy noticing. I took some of the precum off the tip and he watched while I licked it off my finger. I honestly cannot describe the level of hormones raging in that shower room, I was just praying to one else would come in, at least for a few more minutes of this. What happened next is a memory I’ll never forget. The dad moved his right leg out somewhat and bent the boy forward slightly over it. The boy’s lovely ass was now totally on view for me as well as a surprisingly full pink ballsac. The dad’s rock-hard cock was now pressed up against the boy’s right cheek. He grabbed his son’s ass with both hands, kneading and spreading the cheeks as wide apart as possible, exposing his son’s beautiful cherry pink pucker to me in all of its glory. I stood there in awe while he ran a soapy finger slowly over the boy’s hole and motioned for me to come closer. I was now getting nervous that someone would walk in on us, but at this point was not going to refuse this prize presented before me. As I took a step towards them, the dad reached out and slowly stroked my cock with his left hand while he continued to fondle his sons’ hole with his left. He then nodded down towards the boy’s hole, clearly granting me access to it. I reached out slowly with my right hand, just in case I misinterpreted the offer, and the dad released my cock and spread the boys cheeks even wider for me as I slowly traced with my finger the outline of his son’s lovely rosebud before me. The dad had this wild insatiable look in his eyes and was now pulling the cheeks so far apart that the pucker opened up to me ever so slightly. I applied just enough pressure until my finger penetrated the boy’s pooper about an inch or so. Just as I did so, out of nowhere, the dads cock erupted and shot a huge creamy load all over his sons’ red ass and on my hand. I could not believe the amount of daddy milk that coated the beautiful boy butt and I quickly snatched some of it up and rubbed it all over the hot pulsating asshole. I worked a bit of his dad’s cum into the boys hole, but then reality quickly hit as we heard voices coming from the locker area a hit and I did not at all wish to be caught rubbing a load of cum into this 13-year-old boy’s asshole, so I quickly rinsed off my hand and retreated into the sauna. This whole encounter only lasted less than a minute from the time I began rubbing the boy’s hole until the dad shot his load. I have never been so horny in all of my life and was shocked I hadn’t shot a load on the boys ass, but I was probably too nervous. After regaining my composure slightly in the sauna, the door opened, and the boy appeared by himself, wrapped in a white towel, as I now was as well. He stood before me, just smiling and finally making eye contact. He undid his towel and I was finally able to see all of him and what an amazing site of perfection he was! The lovely boy cock was still raging hard and aching for attention, it stood out proudly over a set of istanbul travesti hairless balls that were clearly looking to release their load… “Where’s your Dad?”, I asked him. Ina shy, but surprisingly deep voice he said, “he’s getting dressed, but told me to follow you in here”. “Fuck yeah boy, we need to hurry” was all I could say, as I stood up, grabbed the boys hot cock and forced my tongue in the boy’s eager mouth. I could not believe I was now making out with this beautiful angel and wanted it to last forever but knew we both needed to release asap. I grabbed those beautiful globes until I found that pucker hole again. His hole was still lubed up with his dads cum so my finger eased in and started pumping it fairly forcefully. While finger fucking his fantastic fanny, I pushed the his head down to my now very angry prick and he opened his mouth willingly. It only took about a minute of feeding him my cock while I fingered his hole for me to fill his mouth totally full of my load. As I fed him my load, I pushed his head all the way down on it causing him to gag. As he pulled off, my cock was completely coated with a creamy mixture of cum and saliva. I stood him up and grabbed him by the balls and took his boy cock in my mouth. I aggressively sucked him with one hand between his legs, still fingering his hot pussy. In less than a minute, I was treated to the tastiest load of my life. I told him how beautiful he was, kissed and fondled him a bit more, before heading back into the shower. There was a heavy-set man in the showers alone gawking at me, and the boy behind me as we entered. The boy and I rinsed off next to eachother and the fat man just stared at us stroking his hardening prick. The boy didn’t seem to mind the attention and was now clearly stroking as well and exposing his hole to the man. I was now boning up again as well. The boy loved the attention more than I did and was clearly getting off on being watched. He bent all the way over, with the pretense of washing the bottom of his legs, he was now almost touching his toes, and his ass was on full display for the man who was becoming more emboldened. The boy noticed my hard prick and reached out for it. I allowed him to stroke me while the fat man looked on. We were both getting off on the attention. The boy surprised me then, bent forward and started started sucking me off! He left his ass open and facing the fat man who wasted no time and stepped right up to the boy’s ass and begin fondling it greedily. He slid his thick prick between the boys globes several times, then, to my surprise, right there in the shower, he grabbed the base of his cock and lined it up with the boys pucker and slid it in. The boy didn’t even flinch and sucked on me even harder now. He was actually a very good cocksucker, certainly hungry for one more of my loads. The fat man pumped the boy’s ass several times very hard and then started cursing and calling the boy a hot slut as he emptied his balls into the young hole. At the same time, I released a second load into the boy’s mouth and, this time, he took every drop. Finally, I was able to rinse off and head back to the lockers, the Dad was now fully dressed back there waiting for his son. “Did you enjoy the sauna?” he said to me as I approached undoing my towel. “Very much, I cannot thank you enough” I replied. He smiled and winked at me again as he reached out and groped my prick one more time. He was still stroking me as his boy came around the corner, still fully naked. “Did you get manage to get this guy’s hot cock in your ass Tyler?” the man asked his nymph son. “No Dad, Mr Owens fucked me again in the showers while I sucked a second load from him though”. The man turned to me, disappointed and said, “What a pity… You really would have enjoyed fucking my boy… hopefully we’ll see you here next time”. Despite it being just about the hottest experience in my life, I was now a little upset at myself for passing up the chance to fuck this lovely boy. Still, I wish I could have the same experience again. As it turned out, I moved away shortly thereafter and never saw either one of them again.

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