Subject: My Dad’s Family 7 If you enjoy this or any of the stories that provides, please consider donating to fty/ Thanks! Enjoy your read! —– That workout was one of the hottest things I ever lived, so I kept replaying it in my head while going upstairs to take a shower. I couldn’t believe that just a few minutes before I had one of my brother’s nuts in my mouth: I could still taste it on my tongue and my dick was almost exploding by just remembering it. I went into the bathroom shared by my brother’s room and mine, I released the hardon from the pouch of the jockstrap and got into the shower. I started masturbating furiously and by the time the water wasn’t cold anymore I had already sprayed the glass with copious amounts of my cum. After that we spent the rest of the evening doing our things and then we ordered some pizza to eat together. When the delivery boy came, my brother went to pay him with only his short shorts on, and the guy couldn’t stop eyeing him up and down. Can’t blame him: with his workout pump going on my bro looked fucking good. When he came back I said: -You know that when they say to give them a tip they don’t mean your cockhead right? We both looked down to his shorts: you could see the point of his dick hanging out of the shorts and we started laughing out loud. He didn’t readjust anything, so his thing stayed that way for the rest of the dinner. We drank some beer while eating our pizza and then we decided to watch some tv together. We went into the living room and sat at the opposite ends of the couch, we searched for something to watch and then we settled on some dumb tv show. We joked about what the show for at least an hour until I started noticing that my brother wasn’t paying too much attention to what was on tv: he was on his phone scrolling through something and I think he was doing something with his hand but I couldn’t see much with only the light from the television. I caught him stealing glances a couple times and then looking away so I said: -What? -Nothing This happened a couple more times, he was seriously being weird, but I was pretty tired from everything that had happened that day so I was ready to get some sleep. -I’m going to bed bro, I’m pretty exhausted -Ok, I’m going to stay a little longer I’m not sleepy yet -Ok then, goodnight! -‘Night, see you tomorrow I proceeded to go upstairs to my room and jump on my bed. After more or less ten minutes I was almost asleep when I realized my throat was a little dry and I needed to drink something so I reluctantly got up again and went down to get some water. But when I was in the hallway I stopped dead in my tracks: I could hear some weird sounds coming from the living room, so I carefully rounded up the corner trying not to make too many sounds. I wasn’t prepared for what I was seeing: I was behind the couch, the television was muted but thankfully still on, because I could see the silhouette of my brother masturbating. That’s why he was acting weird, he was probably looking at porn and was waiting for me to go to bed to jerk off freely. The sounds were unmistakable: the low moans of the porn that was playing on his phone were covered by my brother’s grunts and the noise of his hand going up and down on his dick. This was so fucking hot I almost wasn’t tired anymore and neither was my dick, because it sprung to attention in an instant. From this place I could only see his back and his arm moving so I quietly changed place to one where I could watch more without him seeing me. From there the view was much better: even though the light from the tv wasn’t clear enough to get all the details, I could now see his right hand jerking his raging hardon, I couldn’t distinguish it clearly but I could imagine myself worshipping it and never getting tired of it. After losing the initial surprise, I got my phone and snapped some pictures without making a sound because this was an opportunity too good to pass up. I stood there watching my brother go at it for at least another ten minutes before I saw him getting close: his breaths were getting shorter and he was gaining speed until at one point he suddenly stopped and moaned so fucking şişli travesti loudly, then his cock erupted in a fountain of cum that splashed straight onto his chest and coated him. I must’ve counted at least seven splashes of the white stuff at full power and more of it dribbling down his staff. Though I would’ve loved to stay and clean all of that up, I ran quietly back to my room and went to bed again. I tried to sleep but my mind was still racing from before, so I went against my better judgement (I was also a little tipsy from the beer I had) and texted my brother. -I saw you were having fun ;D And then I sent one of the pictures I had taken before -Hahah you’re a perv bro -I was only going to the kitchen to get something to drink, it’s not my fault you were jerking off where I was passing through lol -Yeah, I’m guessing you didn’t stay to keep watching then -Well, I may have stayed a little longer lol -What, was your brother jerking off turning you on? haha -I mean, the show wasn’t too bad… 😛 -If I’d known you were still awake I would’ve asked for a blowjob Fuck. Did he really write that? I couldn’t believe what I was reading. Then he added: -Jk of course, pervert Ok so he was just playing. -Yeah, you can only wish you had me suck that dick lol I’m a pro -Yeah yeah, going to bed now, don’t dream too much about my big stick -I’ll try not to lol Goodnight I put the phone on my bedside table and then closed my eyes; a minute later I heard my brother coming up the stairs and his steps in the hallway, only instead of continuing towards his room he opened my door and ran to my bed. -What are you…? I had no time to finish the sentence that I felt him push me down on the pillow and slip one of his fingers into my open mouth. It was coated in something salty and sticky: it was definitely cum. I had my brother’s cum in my mouth. -Since you liked the show I got you a little taste I was in pure shock, I stayed motionless while he got up and went towards the door. -If you like it maybe next time I’ll give it to you straight from the tap Then he closed it behind him. I stood there and swallowed what was in my mouth. I was fucking horned up. I don’t know how, but I must’ve gone to sleep during the night because I remember waking up at one point and it was early morning. The experience from the night before was still fresh in my mind and my morning wood wouldn’t stay down. I needed some dick, so I ate some breakfast then I made myself comfortable on the couch and got on grindr to find someone who might host. I was absentmindedly playing with my cock in my pants when I heard my brother coming through the hallway and yell: -Goodmorning bro -Goodmorning to you Then I turned around to see him and my jaw would’ve got to the floor if I didn’t stop it from falling: he was just wearing his pajama pants and he was pitching a tent so fucking huge that it might have been one from the circus. It left little to the imagination, I could see the fabric pulse with each throb of the monster underneath. -Seems like you’re a little excited -Tell me about it, I jerked off twice last night but this thing won’t go down And while saying it he grabbed it and gave it a whirl -I saw that ahah I’m too horny too bro, get in line -What, you liked the taste I gave you last night? He smirked and winked. -Meh, It wasn’t bad but I like it better when I can have the whole meal haha And I winked back, then I added: -If you weren’t here I would have already invited someone over to suck -I may be in need of a good mouth to take care of this thing I was too horny to care by this point so I said: -I mean, I could suck it if you want He looked at me with what seemed like surprise but also curiosity and then he asked: -Are you serious? -Yeah I looked at him while he thought about it. Then he seemed to have got an idea: -Close your eyes then -What do you mean? -Just do it -Okay okay I got closer to him and then I closed my eyes, I heard a noise and then him come nearer. I could feel him standing in front of me when he said: -Now open them And I did that: my field of view was practically completely covered by my brother’s beylikdüzü travesti hard dick. I didn’t get to see too much cause as soon as I opened my eyes he grabbed his cock at the base and then slapped me twice on my cheeks. After that he put it back in his pajama pants and laughed: -I can’t believe you fell for that bro haha You should see your face right now -That fucking hurt -Sorry, my dick is kinda heavy -You’re a jerk -That’s what you get for spying on me Then he put one of his hands on my cheek and he caressed it: -Sorry for the bruises We both laughed at that and then he went to the kitchen to get some breakfast. If I was horny before, at this point I was begging for a dick to suck, any cock for that matter. So I got back on grindr and noticed that the neighbour who I got to play with was online: we chatted for a while and I asked him if he was hosting, cause I needed it bad. Unfortunately he wasn’t home alone so we had no place to go. Shortly after that my brother came back to the living room, his morning wood was down but he still had a pretty sizeable bulge: -I’m gonna go downstairs for a couple of hours of working out, since I’m home I better seize any opportunity I get to train more -Okay bro -Do you wanna come too? While the opportunity to look more at my hot brother was tempting, the constant teasing would have probably made my balls ache more for release. Besides this meant that I could probably invite my friend over without him noticing. -Nah, I need to get some other stuff done -Okay, you do you buddy. But don’t come crying to me when your ass gets saggy and you won’t find anyone to take you -Don’t worry about me, I have other talents besides that. I’m not like you, whose only redeemable quality is having a big schlong haha He laughed at that and then he left, I heard him going down the stairs right away. Which made me wonder if he would train in his pajama pants, even though that seemed pretty weird. I waited a little while and then I proceeded to text my neighbour again to tell him that he might come at my place if he still wanted that blowjob, to which he responded he would meet me here in 5 minutes. I guess he really enjoyed the first one haha 10 minutes later he texted he was outside so I got to the front door and let him in. I told him to go upstairs and wait for me in the first room on the left which was mine, while I went to check if my brother was actually working out. I went down the steps trying not to make too many sounds, and I peeked around the corner. There he was: standing in the middle of the room pulling up the bar. That would’ve been nothing unusual, if it weren’t for the fact that he hadn’t any pants on: his dick was flopping around with every movement he made. If my buddy wasn’t waiting upstairs I would’ve changed my plans and sucked him instead. I had to force myself to go back upstairs where I met my neighbour waiting for me on my bed, his cock already out waiting for me to get on my knees. I kneeled in front of him and started giving him head, it wasn’t my brother’s but boy was that dick scratching my itch. I got really into it and at one point he fell back onto my bed looking at my ceiling. I thought I saw a shadow passing by my door but thought nothing about it, my brother trained for a couple hours so we were still in the clear. After a couple more minutes of jerking and sucking on it I felt my friend tense up and shoot cum up in the air and some in my mouth. I got up and laid beside him so he started to masturbate me, it wasn’t long before I came too. We stayed there just a little more and then we cleaned up and I urged him to leave before my brother could have a chance to catch us. The rest of the day was pretty uneventful, we ate lunch, played some games on my switch (obviously smash bros too lol) then lounged around and talked a little before it was time for dinner. We didn’t want to cook anything so we resorted to ordering something online again. Then we watched some tv like the day before until I decided I needed to get some sleep. A full hour must have passed and I still wasn’t asleep when I heard my phone buzz on my bedside table. istanbul travesti It was a message for my brother: -Hey, you still up? -Yea, why? Can’t sleep? -No, I’m still too fucking hard -Haha Can’t you jerk off like normal people do? I saw you doing it yesterday, so i know you understand how to do that -I already tried that smartass lol It won’t go down -Sorry about that lol -Besides it might kind of be your fault -And why do you think that? -You should have locked the door bro Then he sent the purple devil emoji and a video. I opened it and I found out that I was watching myself give head to my neighbour: the shadow that I saw must’ve been my brother passing by and then pause to record my little adventure. -What? Seeing your bro suck dick got you horned up? haha Then nothing for a couple minutes. -Well you seem like a pro, but I don’t know if you could handle this And after that he sent a picture. I clicked on it and I saw his dick in all its hard glory. Before that moment I’d only seen it flaccid or for too short of a time to really appreciate it, but now there it was on my screen. I could marvel at it for hours, it was evenly thick from base to tip, except his cockhead was a little larger and it had veins running all over it. I was salivating when I wrote back: -I bet I could 😉 I saw he went offline and for like fifteen minutes I didn’t get anything back. Until a received a new message from him: -Prove it Fuck. This was it, this was the moment I was waiting for. My heart was beating off my chest, I could feel my head and my dick pulse with an intensity I had never felt before. I got up immediately and walked downstairs. I reached the living room, where I found him on the couch with his legs sprawled, his shorts tenting in the middle, his cock straining the fabric. He looked at me in a way that I hadn’t seen before, the air was filled with so much tension you could cut it with a knife. Then he gave me a nod and I knew that this time this was gonna happen. I got on my knees in front of him and got his shorts off with his help. His dick slapped back against his abs with a loud thud, finally free from any restraint. If I loved the picture, nothing could compare to having the real thing in front of me. I grabbed it with my hand and started to lick his balls just as I did the day before, I enveloped one with my tongue and then bathed the other one with my spit. I heard him grunt in approval: -Fuck yea, keep going I licked the shaft from the base to the tip and then I engulfed his cockhead in my mouth earning me some moans of appreciation. I felt lots of precum gushing out of his piss slit onto my tongue, its flavour was intoxicating, giving me a taste of what was going to come. I kept going and going, alternating different techniques, jerking him off for a while and licking his glans then swirling my tongue inside his foreskin. The whole time with him groaning and begging me to keep going until I heard him say: -If you continue like this, I’m gonna come in your mouth This was all too much for me so I started spraying my underwear with spunk without even touching myself, all this while I redoubled my efforts with my tongue. Soon after I felt it: his balls retracted and I sensed his cock start to spasm in my hand and then with another flick of my tongue I sent him over the edge. He yelled with pleasure and started to release his sperm inside of me. With each pulse my mouth was getting flooded with more and more cum; I tried to swallow all of it, but he was shooting more than I could gulp down, so some of it escaped my lips and dribbled on his fat dick. He grabbed the base of his cock and pushed every last drop of cum into my eager mouth. I loved the taste of it, salty and manly just like him. -Fuck bro that was good Then we looked at each other and started laughing. He added: -I fucking needed that -Fuck, me too -If I had known you were this good, I would’ve given it to you a long time ago -I told you so, you just didn’t believe me -Yea Yea, don’t get too cocky now, go to bed, I’m gonna go too -Alright We both got upstairs and he slapped my butt, we exchanged goodnight and went to bed. I couldn’t believe what just happened. You’d think that I wouldn’t be able to sleep. But for the first time in a while I drifted to sleep right away. ——————— If you enjoyed this story, please reach out to ail, I always like to hear your thoughts

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