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While Ann and Robin sat in their parents room watching a show their friend Jean showed up. Jean had been drinking Canadian Mist. She spiked both Ann and Robins drink. They all began to laugh at each other. Robin put a sticker on Ann’s head…it said “Happy Hour”. Jean was excited she jumped on top of Ann and started to kiss her neck. Ann’s phone went off it was her boyfriend Kenny. Jean started teasing Ann by biting her nipples and humping her softly. Ann told Kenny what Jean was doing to her. He decided to come to town but only if they both agreed to sleep with him.

Ann and Jean were excited. Ann had never had a threesome before and was thrilled. Ann pulled out her Nipple Nibblers and her and Jean applied it too the hood of their pussys so that they could feel the tingling sensation that it sent out. Ann got into her mini skirt and Jean got into her nightie. Robin was looking up porn getting excited. Ann and Robins mother was in the other room and Robin knew that when Kenny got their she would have to stay in the room.

Kenny showed up and they all watched porn. Kenny started to finger Jean while Ann watched. Robin decided it was best if she were to go to the other side of the room. She put on head phones to ignore what was going on. Kenny continued to finger Jean and then Jean began to finger Ann.

Things were getting hot in heavy. A knock at the door interrups. They must answer it, no one must know what they’re doing. It is Ann & Robins sister Marie, whom izmit escort has a big mouth, she wanted help. Ann refused and Robin pretended to be into a movie. As Marie stormed out they locked the door and continued where they left off.

A few minutes later another knock on the door. It was their cousin Joe. He walks in the room and ask what everyone was doing. They claim to be talking and then he realizes that they are preparing for a threesome because Jeans tit was hanging out. They tell him not to say anything but he says he is going to his room to get his video camera. He leaves the room and comes back he says he wants to check his email and tells them to continue on. They lock the door and they continue where they were before.

After 5 minutes there is another knock on the door. It is Joe’s wife Maria she comes in the room and ask what is going on. Joe explains to Maria that Ann, Jean and Kenny are having a threesome and that they are giving a live show. Maria is thrilled and shuts the door and locks it. Maria has a seat next to Robin who is lying next to Joe.

Ann starts to eat out Jean. You can hear the moaning intensify Jean starts to grab Ann’s hair and thrust her head into her wet luscious pussy. Kenny watches and then wants to be involved. Ann moves aside so Kenny can get some of Jean’s sweet pussy. Joe watches and takes pictures. Joe tells Ann she should sit on Jeans face. Ann leans up over Jeans face. Jean eats out Ann as Kenny eats Jean out. The moaning yahya kaptan escort and groaning could make you wet just from the sound.

Joe and Maria watch in awe. They turn to get Robin to watch but she refuses after all it was her sister involved. Maria gives Robin a play by play of who was doing what. Eventually Kenny sits up and Ann starts to give him head. She slowly wrapped her tongue around his long hard shaft and swirled up too the top. Kenny moans with anticipation. Jean kisses Kenny and nibbles on his neck.

Joe and Maria are very turned on. They try to convince Robin to come in the room with them. Robin perceived this as a joke so she didn’t move. Joe and Maria left the room and went to have their own fun. Jean tells Kenny she wants him to fuck her. She has never seen a cock so big in her life. She tells them she won’t unless they use a condom. Robin gives up her last condom. She wouldn’t want to stand in the way of Jean getting fucked hard.

Kenny starts to fuck Jean as she fingers Ann. The moaning grows and breathing increases. Ann becomes jealous she wants dick too. Kenny gets Jean off and then Ann gets on top of him. Jean starts to finger Ann’s ass. Kenny gets jealous and turns Ann over and sticks his meat in her ass. He fucks Ann until they both cum in unison.

Meanwhile Joe and Maria are just starting to get comfy. Joe starts to kiss Maria from head-to-toe. He bites Maria gently on the neck. As he pulls her hair. Robin gebze escort walks into the room and ask if she can join. Joe looks at Maria for her seal of approval. Maria looks at Robin and asked her what took so long. Robin goes towards the two and starts to remove her shirt. Her creamy white breast are revealed in the open. Joe pats the bed and tells Robin to come over.

Robin leans on the bed and starts to kiss Maria. Joe starts to nibble on Maria’s breast. Joe slowly goes down and spreads Maria’s legs and begins to eat her juicy box. Maria begins to nibble on Robins breast. Robin lays to the side and begins to watch Joe. Maria starts to finger Robin and they both begin to moan. Joe makes Maria cum and then goes to Robin.

He starts to nibble on Robins clit and she archs her back with ecstasy. She gets really wet but makes him stop. She wants to suck on his huge stick. As Robin begins to show Joe why her nickname is Robin Bobbin. He begins to tremble and she could feel his balls become filled. Maria begins to eat Robin out as Robin got wetter and hotter she began to move faster. Joe shot his load into Robins mouth and as soon as he did Robin came in Marias. They all lay there and basked.

A few minutes later Robin went down on Maria and it turned Joe on. He came up behind Robin and started fucking her hard. The bitch got what she had cumming. As Maria was starting to get off Joe got off Robin. Robin laid aside and Joe fucked Maria until they both came.

They all took a shower and scrubbed each other off. After they got out they met up with Kenny, Ann, and Jean. They played truth or dare. The antics continued. Oh what a night to remember.

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