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Chapter Fifteen


Never Been Good at Goodbyes


By the time we got back to our apartment it was getting late – somewhere between 10:30 and 10:45. Robbie and JJ hadn”t come in yet so we were alone in the dim light. I sat on the sofa and surfed on the internet on my phone; an activity that seemed so mindless and hollow after the last few days in Venice. I came across a poem by Laurence Binyon about Venice and read it to James:

White clouds that rose clouds chase

Till the sky laughs round, blue and bare;

Sunbeams that quivering waves out�race

To sparkle kisses on a marble stair;

Indolent water that images

Slender�pillared palaces,

Or glides in shadow and sun, where, over

Walls that leaning crumble red,

Milky blossom and fresh leaf hover,

Or glitters in endless morning spread,

Far and faint for dazzling miles

To lonely towers and cypress isles,

Where phantom mountains hang on high

Along the mist of northern sky:

O Love, what idle tale is told

That these are glories famed and old?

For to�day I know it is all in you,

This vision, bathed in magic blue,

My sea that girdles me round and round

With winding arms in deeps profound,

And bears our thoughts like golden sails

To be lost where the far verge gleams and pales,

My sky that over the mountains brings

The stars, and gives us wondrous wings,

My dawn that pierces the secret night

To the central heart of burning light

And thousand�coloured flames and flowers

In radiant palaces, domes and towers!

A marvel born of sky and sea,

`Tis all in you, that have given it me.


“My God! What a perfect description!” he said.

I wiped the beginning of wetness from my eyes. I”ve never been good at saying goodbye and this place had grown on me so quickly it took me by surprise. We only had one more day, then we had to move on and leave this gorgeous place and all our new friends behind. I found my appetite for travel was waning. The plans we had kind of talked about had us going back north across Austria into the Czech Republic and Prague, then Berlin and finally to our `extraction point” of Amsterdam. I was unhappy about having to leave Venice. Now I was ready to go home. James saw the emotions crossing my face, I guess.

“Don”t be so dramatic” he said “it”s just a vacation. We can always come back again.”

“Maybe…who knows when though” I moped. He threw his arm around me and pulled me to him. I snuggled in and we just kind of blankly spaced out. Around midnight Robbie and JJ showed up. Robbie went to his room and JJ came and sat beside us and leaned his head over on me. I could tell he felt the same sadness about leaving as I did. He smelled like a mixture of perfume and musky feminine scent. I guess they didn”t get a shower after their activities today.

“Baby brother, you stink” I said “you need to hit the shower and go to bed. We need to make the most out of tomorrow, since it”s our last day.”

He didn”t even offer me any lip; just got up and exited the room. James had apparently fell asleep at some point. I shook him and suggested that we turn in so we could get an early start in the morning. We got up and turned the lights off on the way to the bedroom. It took me a while to get to sleep; my mind kept replaying the events of our mezitli escort time here. The last time I looked at the time it was 1:34am.


About 4 � hours later I was wide awake again. I tried to lay there and rest but it was no use. I got up and dug through my backpack until I found my running shorts and pulled them on. All my moving around woke James and he groaned and got up and pulled his shorts on to join me. It was still not quite fully daylight outside, but we went out and started a run anyway. There were very few people moving around this early so we ran all over the town, me in the lead with James at my heels. We crisscrossed the canals a couple of times and ended up in one of the small campos. We stopped to catch our breath and decided to get a pastry and espresso while we were taking our breather. Once we were done, we picked our run back up and found our way back to the apartment where we jumped into the shower.

It was 7:15 by the time we got dressed and went down to the living room. Robbie and JJ had crawled out of bed; Robbie was sitting at the table and JJ was on the sofa with his knees pulled up to his chest looking sad. I understood how he felt. Around 8 o”clock I got a text message from Paolo asking if we were ready to do some more sightseeing. I texted back that we”d meet him at the Rialto and we”d go from there. Robbie was on the phone to Nina and they were meeting at the Rialto as well. We got out and headed toward the Rialto, stopping to let Robbie and JJ get a quick bite of breakfast. When we got to the bridge Nina, Andrea, Paolo and Aldo were sitting on a bench together by the water waiting on us.

“We were thinking…you haven”t even been on the canals since you”ve been here” Nina said.

“No, we had other…interesting…things to do” Robbie told her, smiling.

“Well, nobody should come here without seeing the canals, so we”re taking you for a ride” Aldo said, “my father has a small boat that we can use and you will all get a private tour of Venice by water. We just have to get to my parent”s house in Cannaregio.”

With that we took off on another winding journey through a hundred turns and across a dozen small campi until we came to Aldo”s parent”s house. His dad was a big burly man; a larger, older version of Aldo. The two of them checked out the boat and made sure everything was in working order. Once they decided everything was satisfactory, we all got on board and pulled into the small canal and away from the house. Aldo turned out into the Rio di Misericordia, then into the Rio di Noale and finally into the Grand Canal. We took a left and, in a few minutes, we were passing under the Rialto Bridge. They were right, of course, nobody should go to Venice without taking a ride on the canals. Paolo had Aldo take us up the Rio di Ca”Foscari, through the Rio di San Pantalon and onto the Rio de la Muneghete to go by his school the Universit� Iuav di Venezia. A turn onto Rio de S Zuane Evangelista took us through a way less travelled area, the canal was very narrow in places until it finally spilled into the Rio de S. Giacomo da l”Orio, which led us to the Rio de S. Agostin and eventually back out to the Grand Canal. It was getting close to lunch time so we decided to take the boat back and find something to eat.

The Osteria we chose was close to Aldo”s family home, in a very small campo, definitely off the beaten tourist path. Once again, the food was excellent. If I lived here, I would probably weigh 400 lbs. We did a little more sightseeing, then Paolo and Aldo said their goodbyes and gave us big bear hugs before turning around and going back toward Cannaregio. The rest of us wandered more or less toward the apartment. The brothers wanted to have some `afternoon delight” and, this time, James and I were in agreement. Three bedroom doors closed and the Revis”s apartment might never smell the same. James flew out of his clothes and was waiting for me on the bed. I attempted a sexy striptease, which came off more like a comedy routine, but he still liked it. I wasn”t sure what James had in pozcu escort mind, I sat with my back against the wall. He scooted up and sat with his legs over mine so he could grab both our dicks and jack us together. He wrapped both his hands about our cocks and leaned in to plant his tongue in my mouth. We kissed and he ground against me while stroking both of us. I pushed him back and lay on top of his and started fucking against his dick with mine until he lifted his legs letting me know he wanted me to take him. I picked up the lube off the nightstand and squirted some into his crack and spread it by rubbing my dick up and down, then settled it in the dimple of his hole and began applying pressure. I could feel him flex it, willing it to relax, then I started sinking in. I felt his sphincter clamp down just after the ridge of my glans passed into him. I kept up my forward motion until my balls were pressed against his cheeks and his were resting in my bush. He let out a long breath and kind of went limp. I started slow motions in and out of his ass. After a few strokes I sped up and after a few minutes I was pounding him and making him grunt loudly on every downstroke as my balls slapped his ass. He reached between us and frantically stroked his dick.

“Let”s cum together” he whispered.

Matching orgasms is not as easy as it sounds, but I slowed down a little until he had time to ramp up. Then when he said he was getting close I went back to slamming him as hard as I could. He started spewing about a half-second before me but we were almost synchronized. While still buried to the hilt inside of him and throbbing, I reached down and scooped up some of his cum with my fingers and sucked them clean. I went back for seconds and he grabbed my wrist and had me feed him. I lay down so I could reach him for a kiss and my dick fell out of him. After a long kiss, I went downward and started sucking my cum out of him, then went back up and shared it with him. We were a sticky, musty, sweaty, hairy mess as we lay in each other”s arms catching our breath. Now that we were spent and it was quiet in the room, we could hear JJ and Andrea in the next room going at it. The headboard of his bed was on the same wall as ours and it was tapping the wall, but above that was the keening noises that Andrea was putting out. This went on about five minutes after we had stopped before I heard little brother give a loud grunt and everything got quiet. The two of us got up and showered off, then went back to the living room to wait on the others. Robbie came out bare-ass naked to the kitchen, swinging his angry red dick, to get something to drink before going back in for round two. JJ and Andrea came out fresh and clean and ready to go. We sat chatting and heard the shower start in Robbie”s room. A few minutes later those two came out and we were all finally ready to go out again.

We decided to spend our last hours in Venice at St. Mark”s. We got Nina to call ahead and book us a tour of the Doge”s Palace before we left the apartment. Practically every surface in the palace was covered with art. We walked from room to room admiring the place. When the guide led us toward the prison, I stopped and looked out from the Bridge of Sighs and saw the last view prisoners would have seen of the city. Tears came to my eyes as it came back to me that after tonight, we wouldn”t be seeing Venice again. James fingers interlocked with mine and he pulled me onward in the direction of the voice of the tour guide.

Once again Nina”s connections came through for us; after the tour she made a quick call and we went to eat at one of the Michelin star restaurants on the banks of the Grand Canal at a greatly discounted price. It was very romantic, sitting right on the waters”s edge, candle lit tables; a perfect last meal in Venice.

We were booked on the night train to Prague, and had to board the train for departure at 22:00. We went back and got packed up to go and the girls walked with us to the train station. Robbie and JJ were saying their goodbyes so James and I just said escort bayan bye and walked inside to find our cabin. We went ahead and pulled the bunks down and started getting them ready for the night. The message came to board and shortly Robbie and JJ came dragging in. I hadn”t seen JJ looking so sad since his puppy died. I pulled him down beside me and held him as the train started moving. We both had tears. James kissed me on the forehead and said “we”ll come back here for our honeymoon.” I smiled. James climbed into the top bunk and Robbie took his; JJ and I sat and looked out into the darkness for a while but inevitably exhaustion overtook us. For the first time since we were little kids JJ stayed with me and slept with my arm around him.

Early in the morning we had to change trains, so we grabbed our things and moved over three sets of tracks where we had to show our passports and all that again before boarding the train to Prague. We got on board and JJ was sticking to my side like a lost puppy.

“You shouldn”t have let her get to you” I whispered to him.

“How does that work?” he asked. I was stumped for an answer. His heart was breaking and my big brother skills weren”t very good.

“I don”t know. When I found out about Bernie, I thought my heart was destroyed, but fate stepped in and hooked me up with James” I said, “It”s that whole `when one door closes another one opens” thing.”

“I don”t ever want to feel like this again” he told me.

“Then you can never feel the love again either. It”s a trade-off. In order to have one, you get the other” I said, feeling profound.

He gave me a patented JJ look of disgust.

“I don”t make the rules, and I”m not saying I”ve got life all figured out, but you do have ups and downs. Things may not be looking great now but it”ll get better down the road.”

He sat thinking about what I said and after a minute he hugged me and whispered “I”m glad you”re my brother.”

James came in to take his seat and gave me a raised eyebrow as if asking what was going on, I just mouthed `later” and he nodded.


A little after 1pm we pulled into Praha Hlavni Nadrazi, the main Prague train station. We only planned to stay here two nights; our next train left Sunday at 2:40 for Berlin – just a little over 48 hours. We put away our things and went out for some sightseeing. We didn”t really have the excitement for it that we did at the beginning of the trip. I found an itinerary online for things to do in Prague so we kind of went by that. One of the top attractions is the Charles Bridge. The guide said “Midway across the bridge is the brass Lorraine Cross, of which is said that if you make a wish at the cross, your wish will be fulfilled in the following year!” I”m pretty sure I knew what all four of us wished for. We went from there and walked around the Mala Strana and to the Lennon wall. Even as jaded as we were, I had to admit that Prague at night had a lot of charm. We walked for a while, got a slightly early dinner and went back to the hostel.

Saturday morning, we continued with our tour of the Prague castle complex which included St. Vitus Cathedral. Prague Castle complex was amazing, especially the cathedral but not only the cathedral. Our interest level was increasing. No matter how sad we were about leaving Venice, Prague was a beautiful city; like something from a book of fairy tales. By the time we were done with the castle complex we had a way late lunch (or early dinner) and just walked around taking in the city. By nightfall, we checked out the city lights, then made our way back to the hostel. We were so tired; James and I just went straight to bed.

Sunday, we had breakfast and then toured the Jewish quarter and a few other sights before it was getting time to go grab our stuff and head for the train. We got on board and began another nearly five-hour journey to Berlin. We”d been warned to make reservations early for hostels in Berlin so we made our arrangements last night online. We were booked with a 4-bed room at the One80 Hostel for 3 nights.


Lambodara ail

I”m back. Pneumonia and Covid. Between the two I was sick for a little over a month. Sorry to keep you guys waiting on the story.

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