Butt-plugged Nina (3 alternative versions)


This story contains BDSM, humiliation, lesbianism and anal

Having got her new butt-plug Nina wanted to show it off! What better way than on a webcam on a well known adult site!
The title of her show was ‘humiliate this fat sub with her new toy
The large black plug slid into her loose arsehole easily as she got on all fours and wagged her pale white fat arse at the webcam. The first message popped up on screen saying “spread your nasty fat arse wide”
Nina being the obedient slut she is happily obliged spreading herself exposing the large plug buried up her anus. The next message popped up saying “you look like a fat sow with you saggy gut and tits hanging down like that”
Nina responded by jiggling her flabby belly and tits saying “look at my nasty fat love handles! I love having them squeezed hard and slapped whilst getting fucked deep and hars by my masters”
The next message read “play with your massive cunt you nasty degraded whore”
Nina reached back between her legs and rubbed her now wet pink hard making squelching noises as she did whilst wagging her arse like a bitch on heat.
“Eat your nasty pussy off your fingers for us” read another pop-up
Nina slid four fingers easily inside her now glistening wet cunt moaning “I need a fist or two inside me about now! I’m super horny and in such need of a good hard punch-fucking”
She continued to finger her huge pink cunt until her finger were glistened with her pussy juice, turning to the camera she brought her wet fingers to her nose and breathed in her pussy scent saying “my pussy smells so fucking nasty”
She put two fingers into her mouth and began to suck her juice from her two fingers before putting all four in and slowly fucked her mouth with them.
“Your depraved fucking bitch slap your tits” came another pop-up
Nina reached out and came back into shot with a large flat hair brush and began to slap her saggy tits hard with the hard bristled side making instant red marks appear on her pale white tit flesh.
“Spank those nipples you dirty fucking whore” read the one of the pop-ups that were now coming in quickly
Lifting one of her droppy tits up she repeatedly spanked her nipple hard making her gasp before lifting her other saggy tit and spanking the end hard making her nipples red and very swollen.
“Get back on all fours you fucking old whore and spank your big wet minge with that brush” came another request
Liking the idea Nina span round and shoved her fat saggy arse at the webcam again before reaching back between her thighs and began to slap her pussy hard making herself yelp and grunt. She also slapped her arse cheeks hard making them ripple and wobble with each strike until the were bright stinging red.
Nina reached up and began slowly pull the plug from her anus leaving it gaped open, the plug was covered in her arse-juice and Nina knew what her audience wanted. Up close to the webcam she started to lick and suck her own arse from the large plug relishing it and acting like complete whore whilst doing so.
“Come on you dirty nasty fat whorebget yourself off for us!” A message read
Nina laid back on the bed with her legs spread lewdly as she reached underneath herself and began to roughly fuck her anus with the plug whilst she pushed her other hand easily into her big wet cunt. She laid there fucking herself shamelessly whist messages popped up reading “you fat bitch fist yourself harder” and “it’s disgusting to watch a fat pig like you wobbling around whilst behaving like a brazen Trollop”
Nina just laid there getting off on the nasty comments and fucking herself grunting and squealing like a pig.
To finish her show she again got close to the webcam and took turns sucking her pussy off her fist and her arse off the plug smiling whilst doing so.

Wanting to show off her new plug buried up her nasty arse Nina dressed in a extremely short tight black leather mini skirt with stockings and thigh length boots and a skimpy tight black top.
In her desperation to behave like a slut and show off her fat nasty arse to the public Nina decided to go to the supermarket where she bent over and squatted down in front of men and women who she’d escort wanted to get fucked and abused by.
“You dirty perverted bitch! I’m going to call security!” Said a young supermarket assistant as he caught her squatting in the middle of an aisle with four fingers up her wet cunt.
Nina pleaded “please don’t! I’ll do anything to make it worth your while not to tell”
The young guy smirked and said “follow me you dirty bitch” as he then led her out back to the warehouse.

Behind some racking the young guy pulled out his cock which made Nina’s eyes light up as she dropped to her knees and greedily wrapped her mouth around his growing erection.
“Get your tits out you nasty bitch” he ordered as Nina worshipped dick like a pro.
Nina pulled out her saggy tits and began to pull on and rub her nipples hard.
“Fucking nasty flabby titted whore! Only good for sucking dick aren’t you!” He hissed as she played with her nasty droopy tits.
“Yes mister I’m big fat cock addicted whore who loves sucking stranger dick” Nina gasped in between taking mouthfuls of hard cock.
“You like sucking strangers do you?” Said the guy who then called out to a couple of workers who walked over to to find him getting sucked off by Nina.
“Caught this fat bitch showing her cunt and arse out there to the customers! I just getting my pay off for not turning her in to security” he explained
“Stand up bitch and bend over! Show them what you’ve got up your fucking arsehole” he commanded and Nina stood and bent over whilst he grabbed her flabby arsecheeks hard and spread them wide apart revealing the large plug filling her anus.
“Fucking look how fucking wet this nasty pervert is” said the guy as he spread her sloppy pussy apart showing off her creamy wet pink.
“I think this whore needs to pay us off as well or I’ll call the police” snarled one of workers at Nina
“Please don’t turn me in! I’ll do whatever you want me to do” pleaded Nina who was growing even more hornier being in this situation.
The workers surrounded her and began to pull off her slutty clothes whilst roughly groping and slapping her tits, arse and pussy until she was wearing just her boots.
“Look at this” said one of the workers grabbing a handful of Nina belly fat “she’s got an apron! At least it’ll give me something to hold on to whilst I ream your dirty slut arse” he added.
“Let’s fill up this fat depraved slags arsehole and send her home with a reminder of what she’ll get if she try’s to flaunt her nasty disgusting body in here again” said another of the group as they then bent her over the racking and held her in position exposing her arse.
Pulling out the butt-plug the first worker stuffed it into Nina’s mouth and pushed his dick easily into her battered old bumhole and began fucking her deep and hard.
“I’m gonna fill you with spunk you fat bitch” he hissed as he buggered Nina relentlessly.
The others watched and pawed at Nina’s body whilst she sucked and licked her own anal juices from her plug.
“Take this you pig cunt” grunted the guy as he began to fill her gaped arsehole with hot spunk.
As soon as he pulled out another worker was already in position waiting to plunder Nina’s used red anus and thrusted his dick hard into her pooper as the guy who just screwed her in the arse offered his cock for her to suck.
“Clean my dick you old skank” he ordered as Nina pulled the plug from her mouth as eagerly wrapped her lips around his cock.
Nina looked back over her shoulder and said “Harder please mister! Destroy my arsehole! I need to be taught a lesson”
Grabbing her round her wide flabby waist he began to piston her arse violently making her whine and her droopy tits and belly flap around.
“I’m gonna drop a load in your arse you fucked up fat cunt” spat the guy in her arse as he began to groan and empty his balls into her now bruised sore anus.
Pulling out he walk round to her face and where Nina was hungrily waiting to suck his dick clean whilst the other worker was getting ready to give Nina another deep hard arse-fucking.
“Beg to suck your nasty arse off my cock you greed fat cock whore” demanded the guy teasingly waving his cock in Nina’s face.
“Please let me suck izmit escort bayan my dirty arse juices of your hot dick sir! I love the taste of my arse and hard dick mixed together” pleaded Nina
With another hard dick now pummelling her now wrecked anus she greedily gobbled her nasty bum juices off the other guys cock.
“You perverted old Trollop! bet there’s nothing you wouldn’t do just to get your arse, cunt and mouth filled with dicks and spunk” said the worker getting his dick sucked as the one fucking her arse now was rubbing her soaking wet cunt hard and fast making Nina moan in pleasure before filling her reamed out butt-hole another hot sticky load.
The first two guys were both ready to give Nina another load each so they rolled her onto her back and got her to spread her legs back over her head so her battered gaping pooper was now pointing upwards. Climbing up and standing around her all three guys began to jack off whilst slapping and rubbing her messy pussy and blubbery arse-cheeks. One by one they took turns pushing their cocks up her arse again and giving her another hot load each which Nina gratefully received before they finally plugged her cum filled arsehole and let her go.

When she got back to her house Nina set up her webcam stripped naked and recounted what had happened to her to the people watching whilst playing with her sopping wet cunt. Any doubts about the story she told were soon put rest as she squatted and placed a wine glass under her battered red-raw plugged pooper. Nina slowly pulled out the plug as six hot loads of sperm flowed out of it filling her glass, after making sure she had every last drop of cum she placed the glass to her lips and slowly drank the loads and licked glass dry before declaring “I cannot get enough! I want more spunk”

After enjoying her first web-cam show with her new butt-plug Nina
decided to another but with my friend from work Marie as her Dom. Marie was a pretty blonde just turned twenty with a big arse and massive shapely tits.
“Doggy my fat slave and be quick about it” Marie commanded as
Nina eagerly got on all fours wearing nothing but her butt-plug before Marie roughly spread Nina’s cheeks wide apart then slapped each fat saggy cheek extremely hard leaving big red hand prints on Nina’s white flesh.
Then from off screen Marie brought in a massive lit candle and a large bottle of champagne.
“where shall we drip the wax then?” asked Marie
“Shall I drip it over your fat flabby saggy arse?” she added
Marie began to tilt the candle and drizzled Nina’s fat marked cheeks with hot wax making her moan and wag her fat plugged arse at the webcam showing she loved it.
“Do you want to fuck your bottle and show the audience what a nasty desperate fat bitch you truly are?” Asked Marie
On hearing this Nina got very excited and tried reaching for bottle of champagne but Marie slapped her extremely hard across the arse saying “you’ll have to earn that privilege my naughty little porker! Now roll over”
Quickly shifting position Nina laid there watching as Marie stripped off then stood over Nina with her back to the webcam.
Marie placed one of her bare feet over Nina’s face to which she began kissing and sucking whilst she began friggin her own overused cunt.
“Does worshipping my nasty smelly foot get you off nasty little oinker?” Inquired Marie as Nina responded by moaning and kissing the underside of Marie’s sexy painted toes.
Marie then squatted her big sexy arse over Nina’s face
“Smell my arse and pussy you nasty pig bitch” growled Marie as Nina spread her cheeks apart and began to sniff between them moaning loudly expressing how much this was turning her on.
“You loving it aren’t you fucking fat freak! Being dominated by a girl over half your age” laughed Marie as she teased Nina by slowly wagging her sexy arse over her face “Now eat my pussy and bumhole now ” she demanded as sat her moist wet pussy on Nina mouth and began to pull on her saggy nipples stretching them till Nina began to yelp. Nina licked madly at Marie’s hot wet pussy with her nose pressed against Marie’s hot fragrant arsehole.
“Now get your tongue up my cute izmit sınırsız escort tight bumhole you fat submissive cunt ” ordered Marie
Nina lapped slowly around Marie’s anus kissing and sucking it too before pushing the tip of her tongue inside Marie’s anus giving her new fit young Mistress a long slow rimjob.

Marie lifted up off Nina’s face and commanded “Right you perverted porker get fucking that champagne bottle! Show your web audience how big and sloppy that cunt of yours is” Nina grabbed her bottle and squat her baggy wet pussy on to it frantically fucking herself whilst Marie run her painted nails hard down Nina’s back and across her red arsecheeks before giving them several hard slaps making Nina grunt and jerk in a mix of pleasure and pain.
“Look at the mess you’ve made on that bottle you lardy slut! Get your fucking fat arse up off that bottle and clean your cunt off it” growled Marie
Nina lifted up and began licking and sucking the bottle like a cock cleaning off her own pussy juice whilst Marie push the top of sexy foot inside Nina’s gaping pussy and began foot fucking her hard before commanding making Nina suck her foot clean.
“Let’s open the champagne I’ve got a nasty surprise for being such obedient whore” said Marie
After opening the bottle Marie laid on her back and poured champagne over her pussy and arse.
“Come lick it off my pussy! Do a good job and I’ll give you your surprise you nasty fat cunt” Marie barked
Nina lapped and sucked at Marie’s pussy and even began to rub a finger round Marie’s tight little arsehole making Marie gasp as she let Nina slide a finger up her bum before she pulled it out and sucked it.
Giving Nina the bottle Marie commanded “put the top up my bum and fill me with champagne bitch!” Nina pushed the tip of the bottle in to Marie’s tight anus making her gasp as she felt the fizzy liquid filling her arse before Nina pulled out the bottle and waited excitedly to see what Marie did next.
“Lay down there you old fat sow! I’m going to quench you thirst and you best not spill a drop!” Marie strictly instructed as Nina laid on her back. Standing and placing all her weight on Nina saggy titted chest Marie squat down over Nina’s face, Nina’s tongue licked up and down between Marie’s parted buttocks waiting for her first taste champagne from Marie’s bumhole.
“Suck it from my arse you dirty fat fuck! Come on suck my pooper bitch! You should feel privileged having the chance to do this” Marie shouted sternly at her.
Nina eagerly glued her mouth on to the pouting tight bud and sucked filling her mouth with champagne which she swallowed before sucking up another mouthful.
When she had sucked Marie’s arse dry Nina laid there kissing Marie’s shapely bum
“Open your mouth slut! Ive got more champagne for you” Marie hissed as she spread her cute pussy open and gave Nina a short burst of pee in her mouth which drove Nina wild as she began to rub her pussy manically gasping “I love your pussy champagne just as much as your bum champagne mistress!”
“Such a naughty little piggy! Lay on you back and fist yourself and I’ll let you eat my sweet pussy again” Marie said
Nina got into position and slid her fist easily to the wrist up her own slack pussy and began pummelling it whilst waiting for Marie to squat her beautiful pussy over her mouth.
“Come on you nasty pervert! I want you to make yourself cum as you eat my pussy” Marie snarled as Nina spread her legs wide reached down began to fuck her arsehole hard with her anal plug as well as fisting herself deeper and harder.
Marie again squatted over Nina’s mouth making sure her nose was pressed hard up against her arsehole, Nina moaned and groaned as she licked and sucked the sweet pussy on her face. Marie lifted up slightly and began to pee again over Nina’s face again making her finally cum in a big way as she grunted and moaned loudly whist wobbling around on the floor.
After she’d calmed down Nina took her fist and butt-plug out of her worn out holes and began to lick them clean as Marie got up to get dressed.
Marie threw her dirty used knickers and socks at Nina saying “you can keep those to sniff when your getting yourself off again fat piggy whore! I might even bring you a nice cream pie next time I come round”
“Yes please mistress! I’d so love to eat strangers spunk from your beautiful holes!” Replied Nina

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