Kenyada & Cam

Kenyada & Cam
“Come on, baby,” begged Kenyada Henderson.
“No,” protested his wife. “I don’t feel like it.”
“Alright,” the forty-eight year-old rolled over to his side of king size bed.

Kenyada threw off the covers and walked into the master bathroom. He went into his closet and put on a pair of Polo Ralph Lauren relaxed fit jeans and a quarter zip fleece pullover. He picked up his wallet and cell phone off the nightstand and walked towards the bedroom door.

“Where are you going,” asked Stephanie Henderson.
“Out,” he barked.

Kenyada stopped in the dining room and went into the liquor cabinet. He grabbed a half empty bottle of Hennessy. He step outside and pressed the button to raise the garage door. He got into his ruby red 2014 Ford F-150 SVT Raptor and backed out of the driveway. He was horny and hated how frigid his wife had become. It was her fault he fucked around on her. He never used to cheat.

Inside the house, the second grade teacher began to cry. She knew her husband was off to meet some bitch. She couldn’t help that she wasn’t a sexual being any more. They had been married for 25 years and never had c***dren – mainly because Kenyada said he didn’t want any. She felt empty and alone.

Kenyada drove slowly and texted. He got the green light from his younger coworker to come over. He arrived at the apartment and knocked on the door.

Cam Dowdy opened up. The five-foot-eight, brown-skinned, slender man was only wearing a pink durag, chocolate flavored lip gloss, and a camouflage print thong. “Hey, daddy,” the in-between acting drama teacher smiled. “Come on in!”

“Nice outfit,” remarked Kenyada.
“Thank you,” the bottom replied. “What’s up?”
“Wife is tripping,” the high school guidance counselor and lacrosse coach bemoaned.
“That sucks!”
“That’s the problem, baby boi! She don’t suck me.”
“I don’t get why women are so stupid,” he snickered.
“Me either. She gotta know if she don’t please me, I’m gonna find someone that will.”
“Absolutely, daddy.”
“Can I get a glass?”
“Of course,” Cam answered switching away.
“You got a ass just like a woman.”

The sassy host shook his tail and looked over his shoulder. “You like that?”
“Hell yeah! You gonna drink with me?”
“Why not?”

Cam brought back two 13-ounce glasses each filled with ice.

Kenyada poured the brown liquor.

Cam scooted close to his older, handsome friend.

Kenyada put his arm around Cam. “Damn, your skin is so soft and you always smell so good!”
“Thanks, handsome,” Cam purred.
“Pull my dick out, faggit!”
“Yes, sir!”

Cam began stroking the growing member. At full erection, it was nine-and-a-half inches. “Oh, daddy! I love your big dick!”
“Do you, baby,” checked the five-foot-ten, hairy, broad-shouldered man.
“Yes, sir!”
“You’re such a little submissive motherfucker!”
“All for you, daddy!”

Cam bent down and put the meaty dick in his mouth.

“Damn, baby,” Kenyada groaned. “Nobody sucks dick like you!” He sipped his beverage while massaging Cam’s ass with his other hand. “Where’s that baby oil?”

“In my room,” cooed Cam as he rose up off the dick. “Wanna go back there?”
“You know I do!”

Kenyada stood up and followed the faggot down the hall.

“Stop looking at my ass,” giggled Cam.
“Be quiet,” Kenyada laughed as he slapped Cam’s right butt cheek. “That’s my booty! Don’t you forget it.”
“Yes, sir!”

Kenyada spotted the baby oil sitting on the nightstand next to the bed. He picked up the bottle and squirted some on Cam’s ass. “Twerk it for daddy!”

Cam gyrated. His juicy ass jiggled and shook.

“Dammit, baby! Daddy needs to fuck that pretty ass!”
“Come fuck it, nigga!”
“Turn around and let me see that fag stick!”

Cam did as instructed.

Kenyada reached out and gripped the eight-inch rock hard tool. “I can’t believe I like playing with your dick!”
“Why not, daddy!”
“Cause I’m not gay! But it turns me on to see how excited you get when I fuck you.”
“Good, daddy! Fuck me now.”
“Bend over, faggit!”

Kenyada shoved his big dick inside Cam’s tight brown hole.

“Awwww yeah,” cried Cam.
“Take this dick, faggit,” ordered Kenyada.
“Yes, sir,” the sissy whined.
“Damn! You got some good pussy!”
“You like that, daddy?”
“You know I do!”

Kenyada reached around to the front and started stroking Cam’s cock. “I wanna see you skeet, baby boi! Take all this dick in that pretty ass!”

“Yes, daddy,” the punk bottom called out.
“Ride me!”

Kenyada extracted his dick and got on his back. Cam mounted him. The freaky punk began to bounce up and down. Kenyada jerked on Cam’s pussy stick. “Nut on my chest,” he ordered the batty boy.

“Oh, daddy,” Cam wailed. “I’m gonna cum!”
“Yeah, faggit! Skeet on daddy’s chest!”
“Yes, sir!”
“Be a good boi! Let that nut out!”
“Yes, daddy! Fuck me!”
“You takin’ all this dick! Nut, boi!”
“Ye, sir! Yes, sir! Oh my god! Ahhhhhhhhhh!”

Cam’s cock exploded. He shot forth six pulses of gooey white cum.

“Goddamn, baby! That’s what I’m talking about,” celebrated Kenyada.

Kenyada flipped Cam onto his stomach. He hammered away as the bottom whined.

“You’re my little pussyboi! You know that right,” Kenyada asked.
“Yes, sir!”
“Tell me you love my big Black dick!”
“I love your big Black dick in my ass.”
“What kinda ass is it?”
“My faggot ass!”
“Damn straight! Oh, I’m about to cum in your ass, pussyboi!”
“Yes, daddy! Give it to me!”
“Grip that dick!”

Cam squeezed his cheeks together.

Kenyada could take no more.

He released a huge flood of baby batter into Cam’s creamy hole.

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