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A very heartly welome to all readers.This website has seen many of the best sex stories, though some are true some pure fantasies but they all are erotic. So after pondering a lot on this I decided to tell my story. This is the only sex incident has happened in my life so there will be no more stories from my side and hence feel that you people will believe this is a real incident now it depends on you!

This story may be long but if you read it completely I’m sure you’ll love it! Now let’s start the story names here are changed for obvious reasons. My name is Animesh and I am a south Indian staying in Pune. The object or rather woman of my attraction is Mrs.Seema Mehta. She stays in my building opposite to my house. She is a Sindhi by birth but is married to a Gujarati man love marriage you see.We all know that Sindhi girls are generally very beautiful so is Seema.

She is astonishingly gorgeous! I have never seen a man or boy not staring at her in our society at the streets wherever she goes. She looks very similar to Bollywood actress Aarti Chabria if you know her lol, Seema is 28 years old.She is tall at 5’8 and a with a very fair skin complexion. She has large breasts,though not like those football size breasts but large enough that it would not fit into the palm of any man.

They are perfect in shape with no sagging atleast it appeared like that from outside but I was sure they were bigger from inside.She had a round ass it looked very cute and not like those huge asses of some women.She worked out in a nearby gym so she had absoute flat stomach and toned legs.She wears sleeveless dresses most of the time and when she raises her hand one could see her clean and smooth armpits.

Her armpits had no hair growth it seemed but they were just so clean like her complexion. So just imagine with all these features and you will understand what sort of a beauty she is. She is a Computer Engineer but does not go for work as her husband gets a fat pay check and also she has a 1 year old baby girl to look after.Now about me, I’m 22 years old now but the incident took place when I was 19 years old and Seema was 25 years old and just married.I am 5’10 just two inches taller than her. I am fair but not as much as her I have a muscular built but it is more natural as I am an athlete football player! I am handsome not bragging but many girls have fallen for me but I have a steady girlfriend since past 6 years. I am not those cute types but more of the rough and tough types with my unshaven look but I do have a dimple like John Abraham.

I’m sure many of you have features like me and by saying all these I do not expect any favours from girls by mailing me. My dad is into construction business so I have studied in the most elite school and colleges in Pune. I’m currently pursuing electronics engineering and that is what helped in this incident to happen. I have always been an admirer of Seema didi since she came in our building. She speaks so softly looks so cute with a smile on her face.

She is our neighbor so my mom is friends with her. Also nowadays newly married girls know little about cooking so my mom used to teach her because of this didi used spend many hours at my house. I was just admitted into engineering then though I was a bright student but I had problems with maths right from my childhood. During my first semester I just managed to pass in maths. Next morning my mom requested Seema didi to help me out with math.

She was very kind and readily accepted to teach me daily. During my first class we sat opposite to each other,on my study table.I loved looking at her face while she was explaining me the concepts, I did not look at the shape of her breasts or any other part of her body as it is she always dresses neatly,though my devil mind was forcing me to look. She gave me some sums to do and when I got it wrong, didi came and sat close to me and was explaining.

I was not concentrating on the sum but her lip movements and her cheeks. After she left,I was dumbstruck I did not know what to do but this is the kind of girl I wanted as my wife. My gf was similar to her in looks but Seema didi’s behavior is what caught my eye. I was attracted to her badly. Occasionally she used to bend a bit and I used to get a glimpse of her breasts or she used to raise her arm and I would stare at her glorious armpits.

I am a lover of nicely shaped breasts and clean armpits. I would pray that she raises her hand everyday.I used to stare at her in limits such that she did not get suspicious. Now she used teach me daily and we became good friends. Once she noticed a sms from my gf on my phone and asked me,”Ani who is this girl? Your phone has maximum messages from her” I replied,”Didi she is just a friend of mine.”Didi came a bit closer to me and said,”Come on dear,

I’ve been through college life don’t hide it from me she is your gf I can figure it out” Now I was speechless didn’t know what to say,”ya didi you are right,we have been together for 3 years and I love her a lot”.she said “ya I hope its not that you are just doing timepass with her. Show me pic if you dont mind” I showed her some pics in my phone hmmm she is very pretty cute face and nice hair what’s her name?”

I hesitatingly said,”didi her name is Nidhi please dont tell this to mom, No I won’t trust me you are lucky man she is really good! Even you look decent so it’s not a surprise. Wow! She just said i look decent. Now what does that mean I kept wondering.Does she has a soft corner for me? I became more confident while talking to her.Slowly izmit rus escort I became us such good friends that she once saw porn in my mobile but did not tell my mom but scolded me.

She used to caress my hair and face sometimes while teaching and I loved it. One night I had a doubt in a problem so I went to her house to clear it.Their maid opened the door I heard some noises and understood that didi and her husband were quarreling over something very badly so I quietly went back home. Next morning when she came to teach me I asked her what was wrong yesterday. She said that it’s none of my business and i should concentrate on studies.

I felt very bad that I asked her a personal question what a duffer I am thought. Next day she said,”I’m really sorry for talking to you like that yesterday I felt that I could not discuss such things with you but then I have no other friends here with whom I can share this with”she continued,”last sunday me and husband went for a party and over there a friend of my husband requested me to dance with him I felt there was nothing wrong in it so I agreed to it.

When we came home my husband scolded me for dancing with him. He now suspects me of cheating on him but I couldn’t convince him that I never cheated on him, I replied but didi yours was a love marriage no still he doesn’t trust you o what? He was very loving at the start of our marriage,but now since few months he is busy with work and always finds some thing to fight with me,all love stories don’t always work I felt bad for but at the same time

My devil mind started working I thought that she found me worthy of discussing her private life with me. It doesn’t take a genius to guess that she would be upset with her sex life as well but I dare not ask her about it. I felt this is a chance for me to fulfill her desires and also mine. I knew that she would never take any step towards having sex with me so I would have to be braver and take my chance.

I visited her house next day thinking that this is it, I did not care whether she would like it or not but I decided to do something. I switched on the TV and we were watching a football match. Seema didi commented,”these football people have a physique to die for”I jokingly asked,”even I am an amateur footballer so does that apply to me? She smiled and said,”Well I just said in general but even you have a good body

I was very excited hearing this after some time she went to her bedroom and started reading a novel laying on bed with her stomach downside. I thought this is the moment I had to do something. I went to her room quietly and saw her in that position.Seema didi was wearing a salvar kameez sleeveless cream coloured and she kept the dupatta aside. I slowly came besides her and slept there. She smiled looking at me.

I somehow gathered courage and came close to her and kissed her rosy the smell of her body was so mesmerizing.She reacted negatively and stood up immediately.she said,”Ani how could you? I consider you like my younger brother and how could you even think like this. I kept my cool and said,”didi even I see you as a sister but I know you are going through a bad relationship with your husband so I thought I could make you happy and feel wanted and loved.

I love you didi your smile your behavior just melts my heart.Its not lust but admiration of your beauty. I still wonder how I said those words but I said it perfectly. Seema didi stood silent for sometime and said I understand but its attraction not love and you mean that you wanna have sex with me?huh? Please don’t think like that. I’m not interested in such an act. I moved closer to her and held her hand but she shook it apart.

I said, I understand that you don’t want to cheat on your husband but think about this we live only once and life is short so we should enjoy it rather than living in hope that your husband will provide you happiness and I’m not a stranger you know me very well. I would keep you happy and no one would ever know about such a thing. Please think about this I held her hands tightly and touched her lips with mine and then I took her upper lip in between my lips

And sucked them all this time she stood quietly but suddenly she resisted and asked me to leave. I pleaded to allow me to go further. I begged her and finally she said ok but not today let me see whether you really love me or is it just lust so leave for now I left happily. The next few days we exchanged cute smiles. I pleaded her to let me have her through my facial expressions and her saying no by smiling. I knew that I would get my woman it was just matter of time.

I helped her with her daily chores did everything to please her. Finally the day came. I was expecting Seema didi to come to teach me. Mom had gone to our native place and Dad for his business things. The door bell rang I saw didi was looking a bit different today she had visited the beauty parlour yesterday. She was looking stunningly beautiful and sexy. She wore a spaghetti top pink in colour which was low neck and very tight.

It was so tight that the shape of her large breasts could be be seen completely as it is it’s cuts,cleavage and a bit of nipples. She had very round boobs so it looked fantastic. She wore 3/4th shorts cream in colour tight enough that the shape of her ass could be seen clearly. As round as a balloon.Wow superb! She just taken a bath and put on a nice perfume so her body smelt really good. She kept her hair loose which came just below her shoulders. I was staring izmit escort at her boobs badly.

She caught me today and I complimented on her attire ans her beauty.She gave me a cute smile. She came and sat close to me and was correcting my sum just then my hand brushed her boobs. My breathing stopped for a few seconds and my little brother stood up like a pole absolute tight. I tried to press it down with my fingers. Just then she got up and my fingers got pressed onto those tight boobs.

She was unaware of this but this was too much for me and I just could not control. I suddenly held Seema didi by her shoulder and turned her towards me and kissed her lips slowly. She started to resist but I politely asked her to allow me today I pleaded again but she refused. I again planted a kiss on her baby soft cheeks and then her lips and pushed her onto the nearby bean bag.

She resisted strongly but I held her strong and hugged her and said into her ears,”didi I love you very much please say that you love me at least I wouldn’t do anything without your consent” She seemed flattened by this. She finally said,”Ani I love you too,you cared for me so much even my husband doesnt treat me the way you treat me but I’m not sure whether I should have sex with you or not”I quickly replied,”didi please,lets do it once if you dont like it then I would not do it again please!

I kissed her forehead.She smiled and said you are very lusty huh? But do you have protection? I replied in negative. Didi said don’t worry as it is me and my husband are planning a baby so I don’t mind even if I had your baby. I just smiled and kissed her hurriedly and just as I was starting to press her boobs she said wait dear lets do it slowly and you will enjoy it. If you rush you will be unsatisfied after the act. So, I took her in my arms and took her to bed and placed her on it.

She seemed to love my strong hold it was evident from her naughty smile. I slept besides her, placing my hand on her stomach and cuddling her.Her big boobs appeared right under my nose, I was dying to squeeze the hell out of it but I controlled my temptations.I started kissing her cheeks and all over her face,Seema didi then held my head from behind and pushed it towards her lips. They were full and so soft perfect in shape.

We began with soft touches and then started to suck each others lips. I became excited and started to part her lips and suck her tongue. Her saliva was plain with no ugly taste on it. I started to drink it, violently kissing her by holding her head.We kissed for around 10 minutes when I thought I should proceed further. I started kissing her neck and tried to remove her top. Seema suddenly stopped me and within few minutes she came on top of me omg!

I could see her deep cleavage half of her boobs popped out from top. They were as fair as milk. She started kissing my face caressing my stubble with her cheeks. She then sat up and started to tie her hair.I could see her delicious armpits clean as ever. I was dying to smell them but that part later I thought. Seema was kissing my neck and then she unbuttoned my shirt and threw it away after that she removed my vest and did the same with it.

She smiled looking at my well toned chest and broad shoulders. My chest is hairy but not like a bear but I have some quantity of hair everywhere. She seemed to love it as she said, Even at 19 you are so damn manly and well developed” I loved her appreciation and kissed her. She caressed my chest pressing her soft hands on my hard chest. She licked my nipples and then the whole of my chest and proceeded downwards.

I do not have six pack abs but they are slightly visible. She started to lick it madly like a cat drinking milk. Seema kept her hands on my stomach and pressed them softly all over. Sweat beads formed on my abs even as the a.c. was on. Seema licked them lustily. After fulfilling her desire with my upper body she unbuttoned my jeans. I stopped her there. I told her,”now if you wanna see my penis first you will have to naked and let me enjoy your body”

I quickly started removing her top. She was wearing a matching pink strapless bra. I unhooked them in slow motion to unveil the most beautiful and pefect Indian breasts. I’m sure it can’t get better than this. I just stared at those two mounds. They were round and not sagging at all. Both of them sticking close to each other and forming a wonderful cleavage light pink nipples which were like a cherr wow just superb!

I placed both my hands simultaneously on them and at first I just rubbed my hands all over them feeling its softness. Then I started kneading them badly in fact so badly that she said,”oh please Ani do it slowly it is hurting me aaahhh but I paid no heed to her request. I kept on pressing them like sponge. It was so soft and supple but also hard enough to get back to its normal shape. I felt like just eating them.

I was licking them all over spreading my saliva all over them. While I was doing all this Seema kept her eyes closed and soft moans indicating that she was loving my hard hand on her soft titties. I played with her boobs her for 30 minutes even then I was ready to do more. I slowly lifted her left hand and stared at her armpits then slowly kissing all over her hand I came towards her underarms.Wow I sniffed it for the first time and I was in heaven. There was no body odour whatsoever.

It had such a special fragrance; it is unique.Wow I felt like smelling it for the rest of my life. I started licking her armpits like a dog every inch of her armpit was being kocaeli escort licked by me. Then I turned to the other armpit and did the same. I was pressing her boobs simultaneously the look on Seema didi’s face was like a those babes is porn films biting her lips eyes closed and tongue licking my face. I slowly proceeded downwards towards her stomach and navel.

She had a small but deep navel I spit inside it and licked it allover. Her tummy was very flat without any flab anywhere. I turned her around and was kissing her back. With my hands removing the button of her shorts.I removed her shorts slowly and I got the view of a pink coloured panty. It was very small it couldnt cover even the crack of her ass properply. What an ass she had round and fair without any marks on it.I rubbed my hand all over it squeezing it softly and patting them in between.

I turned her again and removed her panty and for the first time in my life saw a vagina for real.It was as light pink as rose small growth of hair over it vertically in perfect shape. Not anywhere on her skin there is even a strand of hair. I touched them with my my hand and didi shivered a bit. I quickly split her pussy and put my index and middle fingers in it.She sent out a loud cry. I got more excited and started fingering her fiercely. My long fingers were completely burried in her pussy.

Seema was now shouting and moaning loudly.She had a quick orgasm and some liquid started to flow out from it. I hesitated a bit then I started to lick those juices to get its taste. It wasnt exactly sweet but plain with the fragrance of her pussy I liked it and started licking it and drinking those juices.Seema didi said,”Though I was satisfied with my husband for his manhood and masculinity he has never fingered my vagina nor has he ever licked it, I love you dear muaahhh I gave her a kiss on her lips and then again started to suck her pussy wild as if I’m eating a lollipop. She had another orgasm in sometime.

I lay on the bed hugging her and fondling her boobs. She got up and removed my jeans she stared at the bulge on my boxer and smiled.Seema didi removed my boxer and took my penis in her hand. My manhood is about 6 inches long she said her husband penis is slightly longer than mine but is very thin. Mine is thick with a huge head like a mushroom.

She fondled with my tool shaking it up and down and suddenly took it in her mouth.She first licked the tip of my penis and slowly put half of it in her mouth and started sucking it. She put the entire cock in her mouth at once and stayed in that position for sometime.Omg, I was loving it is a feeling that cannot be explained.She sucked my cock vigorously for 5 min. I was about to explode after all this is my first time and so I was at peak. I removed my cock from her mouth and somehow controlled it.

We were now gonna start the main act I pushed didi down and parted her legs quickly. I kept my cock on the entrance of her pussy and pushed it slightly but it wasnt going in. Didi then held my cock and guided it into her pussy I applied more pressure and it was half inside. I stayed in that position for sometime and slowly started pushing it in and out. I slowly increased my speed and started pumping her harder. Didi now began to enjoy the act. She was moaning and grunting loudly.

I was fucking her in the missionary style I held her boobs which were making noises due to my pumping. Her titties were bouncing really fast I held them and sucked her nipples. Now I put my hands on her waist and started to thrust inside really hard. I knew I wasn’t gonna last any longer. After about 5 minutes of continuous fucking I exploded inside her pussy. My sperms were shot inside her I continued ejaculating for some seconds and then lay on top of her tired.

But I wasn’t satisfied after half an hour my tool became rock hard again. I held didi up and came from behind and put my cock into her huge round ass. I know pushed my cock hard and it still wasn’t going in. Seema didi said that her ass hasn’t been fucked yet this made me more excited. I held her waist and pushed it inside applying some saliva inside her ass and on my penis. After a lot of effort it went inside a few inches. I stayed in that position for sometime for my tool to get adjusted inside it.

Didi couldn’t bear the pain and she was almost on the verge of crying. I kissed her and told her to close her eyes and relax.With a sudden push I buried my penis inside her ass completely. I started my to and fro motion and she began to enjoy it. I was grunting like an angry dog. She was making cute sounds like a cat. I knew this time I would last longer I pressed her boobs from behind and fondled and pinched her nipples.

I held her up in my direction and raised her hand and put my nostrils in them. This time her armpits had a slight smell of her sweat which was amazing. I kept on smelling both her armpits kneaded her boobs which were swaying up and down. I was thrusting her wit all my might.Whenever I felt I was getting near the peak, I used to stop and start again. This made me last really longer. Seema was rubbing her pussy all this while and had a number of orgasms.

I kept my face buried in her armpits and held her boobs and gave one last shot making huge roar. After 20 minutes of fucking I ejaculated. I removed my cock from her ass and kept it near her mouth and ejaculated. I climaxed really huge this time. Seema drank all my semen in one go.We then laid on bed hugging each other completely satisfied with the fucking session. It has been 3 years since that wonderful day and since then we have been doing this almost everyday like a couple sometimes 2-3 times a day. I’m in love with Seema didi and I hope you people liked my story.

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