My True Life Story: Chapter One


A number of people have asked me to tell my life story since I have hinted at some of my unusual experiences. So I think the best point to begin is the night that ended my 10-year marriage.

It was a Friday night and my husband Tim came home drunk. This had become his usual practice for the past two years. He claimed his boss was causing him increased stress and he had to stop off with the guys to unwind. At first he would come home a little tipsy about when I got our son off to bed. He would insist on fucking me and then fall off to sleep. But on this final night he came in very late, slamming doors and banking things around.

I asked him to be quiet so he did not wake little Timmy. “Don’t you fuckin’ start on me,” he shouted, “My boss was on my ass all day and I don’t need you hassling me.” I held my tongue because he had begun slapping me around if I upset him.

As soon as he was undressed he threw back the covers. I had on a sheer short nightgown and he asked, “What the fuck you got that thing on for?” I raise up to remove it but before I could get it all the way off he yanked at it and it hung up on my right arm hurting me. I shoved him away and in his drunken state he fell to the floor. I tossed the nightgown off and looked up at him just in time to catch a fist in the face. “Don’t you fuckin’ push me again,” he said as he hit me escort again and again.

Usually I took his abuse without resistance but he was hurting me so I attempted to defend myself. I scream and struck back at him to fend of his blows. Suddenly I saw our son Timmy jump on his back. Tim reared back throwing our son to the floor. I continued screaming and kicking at Tim who continued his striking me with his fists. Timmy came at his father again and Tim backhanded him knocking his son against a chest of draws. I went at him as hard as I could but suddenly one of his punches knocked me unconscious.

Mercifully I missed what happened next but I was told about it. Tim began to rape me. Timmy went to the phone and called 911. Although the operator asked him to stay on the phone he hung up and went to his room where he picked up his baseball bat. He came to my room and hit his father on the back of the head hard enough to knock him unconscious. He pulled his father off me and covered my nakedness with the sheet. When the cops arrived they found pajama clad Timmy standing over his naked unconscious father with his bat ready to hit him again and me unconscious in the bed. I did not awaken until after I had arrived at the hospital.

From that time on, I was a single mother raising my son. The judge forebad Tom from seeing either Timmy or me. It was like izmit escort bayan history repeating itself because when I was a teenager my father left one day and never came back but for me I received child support. Like my mother I had to work to make ends meet.

When Timmy was getting old enough to date he came to me and ask me about sex. I had been open and honest with him in all things so I determined to answer all of his questions about sex. It was actually easier than I expected.

When I had answered his questions and he had no more I realized how hot and horny I had become. I thought back to when I was a senior in high school. My younger brother and sister, and I were pretty much on our own since our father had deserted us years before and mother disappear for days at a time. It had been hard on her to make ends meet and I think she had turned to prostitution.

One day my brother Bob who was a little over a year younger than me asked me what I knew about sex. Like most people my age I thought I knew everything about everything. I had been close to both my siblings so I told Bob what I knew. He was not satisfied with what I had told him and asked if I had had sex. I had not and told him so.

I had previously persuaded my mother to sign a paper permitting my doctor to prescribe me birth control pills so I was izmit sınırsız escort prepared. I can’t quite remember just how the conversation went from there but I do remember we wound up on his bed having sex. After he came inside of me he rolled off and said, “Wow that was good…I could do that again.”

“Me too,” I agreed. He recovered quickly and we did it again. It seems like we did it all night. Our little sister Sue found us asleep in his bed and seemed not to think anything of it. I sent the two of them off to school but stayed home myself saying I was not feeling well. I thought of quitting school but I only and a few month left to graduation so went back. Bob and I continued to fuck nearly every night for the rest of the school year.

A few weeks before graduation my future husband Tim asked me out on a date. He tried to get fresh with me on that first date and I pushed him away. He was upset but I said, “I am not ready…yet.” On our next date I allowed him to have his way and he fucked me. I did not enjoy it like I had with Bob but after I got home from that date Bob and I fucked and I slept happy.

Tim seemed to get better at fucking after that and by midsummer after graduation he had a good job and asked me to marry him. I said I would but I had to continue to care for my siblings. He agreed and for the next year Bob lived with us and finished high school. We would occasionally sneak a fuck in. Sue lived with us for the next four years. She was a big help to me during my pregnancy with Timmy and after.

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