Our Doctor’s Appointment


We had a every active and intense sex life. After about a year, we started talking about starting our family. Once I got pregnant, our love life was on hold. I was very tired and felt nauseated. My husband and I were entering our fifth month of pregnancy. My energy was coming back and I was feeling great. Bruce and I drove to our doctor’s appointment chatting about our excitment over learning the sex of our baby today. The nurse took us right in the room for the ultrasound. I took my top off, and laid on the table. My expanding tummy surprised Bruce. He started caressing my tummy. The technician came in and we got to see our beautiful, heathlly baby girl on the screen. We had dreamed of this moment for quite awhile.. I got dressed and checked out with the nurse for my next appointment. Bruce went out to bring the car around to the front. I got into the car and could see that Bruce had a bulge in his crothc. He reminded me that it had been awhile since we made love, and he was feeling frisky. I was feeling horny myself. As we headed for home, I started rubbing his crotch and snuggling up to him with my top unbuttoned. He was panting and sped home.
As soon as we entered the house, he pinned me against kocaeli escort bayan the door and kissed me hard. I reached for his belt and took it off. I unsnaped his waistband and slid his pants down. He was standing there in his boxers with his cock erect. He stepped out of his pants and he took off my top. Slowly, I unclasped the black bra and let it go limp. I let the cuups slide down inch by inch, watching his eyes as my naked breasts came completely into view, relishing the glint of fierly lust in Bruce’s eyes. Finally, I let the cups fall away and batted my eyelashes at him playfully. “I want you to put that big, hot thing righ here,” pointing at the valley between my naked breasts. He helped me down on the caarpet and ran his hands feverishly all over my naked flesh. He kissed and sucked my neck, shoulders, squeezing my breasts so that I could feel the rough skin of his palms against my sensitive nipples. “I…want it…here, I gasped, put it…here.
“It might fo off,” Bruce grinned, panting too. “You’re so beautiful.”
“Thanks for the compliment.” I said, looking up at him wryly, quickly shifting my body so that I could get his hot, very hard cock between my breasts. “Now, you just let me kocaeli sınırsız escort play with him, and don’t let him go off. You need to have a little self-control.” I was stroking the sides of his hot, thick shaft with the warm balls of my naked breasts, as the underside of his cock rubbed across my expanding tummy. I looked down at his warm twitching prick nestled between my naked breasts, and wondered. His body was tense, he was breathing hard, and his cock visibly throbbed. “If I kiss him, he won’t shoot, will he?
“I… don’t..’. know”…OOOH ! “I might not be able to help it.” You’ve got me so hot.
Careful…careful…” I soothed him, pushing the hugh balls of my firm breasts against the stiff shaft of his cock. Already a thick, warm, transparent fluid was leaking from the eye of his stiff cock, and rubbed it all over my nipples, feeling my own blood beginning to hammer through my hot flesh and seethe with need.
“I know you’re going to come fast,” I said. “I can feel him about ready to pop right now.
“Understatement of the year,” he panted, grimacing as the sexual tension grew almost too much for him to bear.
“Now suck my nipples,” I panted. izmit anal yapan escort Oh yes…yes ! I was pushing my breasts into his face, wanting him to suck even more of it into his mouth. You’re making me wet. Suck the other one too, so I’ll be wet enoough to fuck. We rolled onto our sides, and with great effort, I got on top.
For the next few minutes, I sat on top of him, with his stiff fat prick embedded deep in my body.
“OOHHH…that’s good,” I purred, feeling the stiff shaft slide in and out of my tight wet pussy. His cock tickled my cervix when I pushed down extra hard.
“Oh…shit…” he gasped. His fingers clawing desperaately at my smooth flesh.Oh god… you’re so beautiful. I’m going to come!
“AHHH !,” I grunted, seeing stars as he rode his cock up into me. Bruce was grunting and chuffing. and I could feel the hot jets of cum shooting out of his cock, spurting into the depths of my clasping pussy as I shuddered and twisted, still moaning in the poweful aftershocks of this killing orgasm.
We lay there, breathing hard, letting out bodies throb and tingle together. Finally, Bruce slowly shifted, and I rolled off of him. His cock slid out of my wet pussy and was slowly deflating.
“You know how to work that thing pretty well,” I purred, stretching out sensually. His eyes roamed admiringly again over my naked body, which he enjoyed fully.
Bruce grinned, “You know how to inspire a guy.

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