Subject: Secret Desire 30 Secret Desire 30 This is is a fictional story … any similarities to actual people, places, events, or other entities is purely coincidental. The story involves gay sex between family members and their friends, and is written solely for the reading enjoyment of people who aren’t offended by material of this type! The content is not appropriate for minors of 18 years of age or younger, 16 in the UK, and 21 in some countries; or if this type of material is illegal where you live, please leave now The Author retains rights to and title to these submitted works. Please do not copy or use without the Author’s sole permission. Please be of legal age where ever you are to read this sexual material. If not please leave now. So get naked, drink lots of water and start reading. You may want to get a glass just in case you get thirst for some piss while reading. Jonathan was right, when I sat down for lunch with Ky, he just looked at me and immediately leaned over an took a big sniff. “Dude my cock is already hard, what the fuck!” I tried to explain, but halfway through he really didn’t care anymore, he just wanted to fuck He grabbed my hand, and we ran down the hall and found a janitor’s closet. Suddenly I was up against the wall, my shirt was in tatters on the floor as he latterly ripped it off me. My shorts were now around my ankles and Ky’s hard dick was plunging in and out of my asshole before I knew it . Our sex life had not waned at all; we fucked any place we could and as he fucked me hard in the janitor’s closet, I jerked myself until I was spewing cum all over the wall in front of me. “That’s my fucking ass!” Ky said as his cock bottomed out inside me. “And there is someone else’s cum draining down my cock.” He said and slammed me into the wall again with another hard shove of his cock. “Yea, this is my ass to do with what I want, and right now I want to pound the shit out of this loose, gooey hole.” He said as he pulled his cock free of me. Suddenly his long, rounded tongue had penetrated my asshole. He dug deep inside me, as I moaned wanting so much more. “Fuck me, god damn put something in my hole!” I begged as he eat out all the foreign cum from my asshole. It felt like 3 fingers at first, and then 4; I gasped hard when I felt his full cone shaped hand slip past my loose sphincter and lodge itself inside of me. But I stood there, leaning against the cold concrete wall, naked, my legs spread wide with Ky’s fist pushing deeper into my ass. “Yea, this is my ass!” Ky said again as his balled-up fist pushed harder and deeper. “Oh, fuck yea, fist your fucking ass, own me!” I begged once again. My cock was again towering above my balls. My ass was getting ruined as he pushed his fist in and out, punching my ass as I pleaded for more. And when Ky was ready to claim my ass for himself, he shoved his cock into my ass with his fist planted firmly inside me. Then he wrapped his hand around his cock and jerked it off, vibrating my whole ass. My balls were on fire, and as I felt Ky dump his territorial load of his cum deep inside my ass, my cock once again spewed another load against the wall, adding to the massive amount of my cum already streaming down the cold concrete wall. By the time we left the closet, Ky had definitely reclaimed his domain. Friday night was upon us, and I don’t mind telling you both Ky and I were a bit apprehensive about the weekend. They told us to get out of the house until 11:00 PM so we headed down to the bar on campus. It was somewhat crowed but we caught up with our friends and old dormmates. Jonathan was there with his girlfriend hanging all over him. And Pete was behind the bar serving his special brew to his special friends. “Hey, you deserters, where have you been?” Tom our old RA came up from behind us and grabbed us both on the ass. “Dude, what’s up” Ky asked taking another swig of Pete’s warm brew. “Fuck, the floors quite boring without you two there. I miss my boys.” Tom said putting his arm around my shoulder. “What are you guys doing here on a Friday night?” “It’s our initiation weekend and it starts at 11:00 tonight. So, we thought we’d get a few in us before they have their way with us.” Ky said looking at me with that uncertain face again. “Oh, I would love to be there for that. Any ideas of what they have in store for you two studs?” Tom asked. We both shook our heads as I finished my beer. I looked around and the bar was packed, and erdemli escort Pete was running from one end to the other. Then I looked at KY with my sad face as I turned my mug upside down. “My poor boy.” He said as he handed his mug to Tom. Reaching down, he pulled his button fly apart, and pulled out his soft cock. I put my mug under his cock, and soon my mug was filling up. Ky grabbed his mug back from Tom who just watched as Ky’s cock filled my mug with his warm piss. Tom decided to quench my thirst as well, and soon he had his cock out and was soon helping Ky fill my mug. And when mine was full, Ky put his own half empty mug down under both their cocks and filled his mug as well. Jonathan dropped by, and kissed us both quite passionately, even with his girlfriend right there with us. Then he grabbed my mug and took a large pull, savoring the taste he had become quite used to. He offered some to his girlfriend, but she declined. “I’d rather have it right from the tap.” She said, making Ky and I look over at Jonathan with approval. We stopped on the way back to the frat to drain and recycle each other’s full bladders, so by the time we got back to the Frat it was just after 11:00 and we both had to piss again. We walked into the house and were confronted with a lineup of all our brothers. To our surprise they were all completely naked standing there waiting for us, each with rather stiff hard-ons, including Tripp who walked up from the line. “Good evening boys, this weekend will be your initiation into our Frat. The brothers here are all ready to help us welcome you to our house.” Tripp said motioning his hand back towards the line. “First we are going to ask you to strip naked and remain that way until Sunday night.” Tripp asked. As we took our clothes off, I noticed that all our brothers were there, even the avid straight guys. I looked down the line, everyone’s cock was completely hard, and thought what an interesting night this was going to be. “Ian, will you come forward please.” Tripp said. Ian stepped out of line, his beautiful uncut cock standing high above his balls. When he got in front of us, he had two metal devises in his hand. Tripp took one of them and bent down in front of Ky. I had never seen something like this, it was the shape of a cock but looked like a metal cage. Tripp removed the large ring attached to the cage and maneuvered Ky’s cock and balls through it and pushed it up against the base of Ky’s cock. Then he pushed the cage up so Ky’s soft cock slipped inside until it the cage was up against the right at the base of Ky’s cock. His cock fit into the long metal cage perfectly. “Lock please.” Tripp asked and was handed a small lock by Ian which he attached the cage to the base around Ky’s balls and cock. Shortly after, I was fitted with my own cock cage, keeping our dicks permanently in a soft position. “You will be locked like this all weekend. Your cocks will be useless.” Tripp said as Ian got back in line. The coldness of the steel around my soft cock felt strange. But they looked pretty cool to wear. “Tonight, we are having a spit roast, and you two are our pigs. Each brother has taken a Viagra and will fill each hole in your body all night long, until no brother is hard anymore. You will ingest and eat anything that comes out of one of your brother’s hard cocks, and you will thank him and ask for more. Do you understand?” Tripp finished. “Yes Sir” we both said, and then Tripp directed us to the couch. We both kneeled up on the couch and instantly had a cock shoved up our ass and one shoved our mouth. It was immediately obvious that they had been parting for a while because my mouth and ass were instantly flooded with piss. I could hear Ky gulping as I was doing my best to drink down the piss flowing furiously into my throat. And as the warm feeling of piss flowing into my ass it was making my cock stir, which soon made me realize what this cage around my cock would do, or not let me do. “Did you like that boy?” My mouth pissing brother asked. “Yes sir, may I have more.” I asked when he pulled his hard cock from my throat. He grabbed the back of my head and impaled my mouth onto his dick. Suddenly his cock was so far down my throat I was gagging, as he face fucked me until my mouth was filled with a huge load of his warm cum which slid effortlessly down my now stretched out throat. I quickly glanced over at Ky, he too had a cock rapidly tarsus escort fucking his mouth, and that’s all I could see because another hard cock was plunged into my mouth within seconds. And once again hot piss was spewing into my throat. It was so fast, I couldn’t even concentrate on my ass, which has been pissed and cum in so much it was just draining out of me each time the next brother shoved his cock deep inside me. They never gave me a chance to ask where I could take a piss, as my mouth never seemed to be void of a cock long enough. After drinking all night at the pub, then recycling Ky’s piss on the way home, and now having drained 3 or 4 brother’s bladders, I couldn’t hold it anymore. So, with a cock in my mouth, and one fucking me up the ass, I let my bladder go and pissed all over the couch. I had to piss so fucking bad the hot stream was so powerful when it hit the leather it splattered all back on me. But that didn’t stop me from pissing, I love getting pissed on, even if I had to do it myself. I don’t know how long the night lasted, but I know that when I woke up the next morning, I was in my own bed and Ky was sleeping next to me. My ass and mouth were sore, but not as much as my cock. It hurt like a mother fucker, and I had to piss bad. So as was our normal routine, I cuddled up to Ky, who automatically turned around offering me his ass to relive myself. “What the fuck!” I said out loud when I reach for my cock. Ky turned his head to look at me, as I reached around him to check out his cock too. Then it dawned on me, both our cocks were locked in cages. “How the fuck am I going to piss?” I asked him. Ky never seems to upset about anything, and this didn’t really bother him either, he just turned around, kissed me and sank down into the bed. He took my cage enclosed cock in his mouth and let me get my relief. I moaned loudly as piss spewed from my cock, as my bladder was aching it was so full. The cage made the piss spray everywhere so by the time my dick was dribbling, Ky and the sheets were piss soaked. I did the same for Ky and then we cuddled for a while on the wet sheets, chatting about last night, and the cocks that fucked us raw, until Ky let me know his ass was in some serious pain. “How many times did you get fucked last night?” I asked him. Knowing my ass was sore, but I’m used to taking cocks, fist and whatever Ky decided he wants to shove up my ass. I know I have only fucked Ky a couple of times, and I’m sure his real brothers have taken a few turns too when he was home in California. “I don’t know, but it feels like hot a fire poker is stuck up my asshole.” He said as we spooned on the bed. I rolled Ky over on his back and moved down to his groin. I bent, and spread his legs, and what I saw was red, puffy ass lips that looked quite raw. I pushed my face in between his checks and slowly licked his ass as softly as I could. Ky moaned with relief as my spit moistened his soar, male cunt lips. I laid there licking his beautiful ass for half hour or more, until I heard him start snoring softly. So, I laid his legs back down, crawled up next to him, pulled him into my chest and cuddled until we woke up around 4 that afternoon. After a long douching shower, we both went to the kitchen for food. The place was completely cleaned, not a speck of evidence from our fuck-fest last night. A couple of brothers were hanging out in the living room watching a football game, Todd and Ian were in the kitchen. “We’ve got 10 kegs, and 7 bottle of tequila for the night, I think that will be enough.” Ian was saying as we walked in. “Are we having a party tonight?” Ky asked as he poured us two cups of coffee. “Well, there’s a party tonight, but you’ll both be too tied up to see much.” Todd said and he an Ian laughed. I looked at Ky, wondering what the hell they had in store for us tonight. “Just the brothers again?” Ky asked “No, it’s a campus party, commando style” Ian said “So, what part to we play in this epic event?” I asked “You two are the urinals for the evening. All bathrooms will be locked off.” Todd told us Ky and I looked at each other, and then back at Ian and Todd. “And the Tequila?” Ky asked. “Well, if your good, and don’t spill any piss on the floor, we might treat you to a shot or two.” Ian said and they both laughed. The party was starting around 9, Ky and I showered and clean up again for the long night ahead. As we were finishing akdeniz escort up, Todd came into the bathroom, fully dressed in jeans and a T-shirt with two weird looking devices in his hands. “You guys almost ready?” he asked. “Yea, we’re done.” Ky said, “What the hell are those?’ “These are your urinal gags for the night. If you’re going to be our urinals, we’ll need something to piss into.” Todd said. “Here let me show you, Alex get down on your knees.” I got down on my knee, and Todd took one of the mask type things, that had a urinal shaped cup in the front, with a tube extending from the back. “Okay Alex, open your mouth.” He stuck the tube in my mouth, and strapped the bands around my head, holding the urinal gag to my face. Then he undid his zipper, and true to the theme of the party, he wasn’t wearing any underwear. He pulled his cock free and held it in front of my face until piss began gushing out of the head of his cock. Soon his warm piss was flowing into my mouth, which I drank without a problem. “See it’s as easy. Ky if you’re ready, I’ll put yours on too.” Todd said as he put his spent cock back inside his jeans. “So do we walk around to see if anyone’s got to piss, or do we hang out in the bathrooms?” Ky said, having a few more questions before he was gagged for the night. “No, you will both be in the middle of the main room, right there so everyone can relieve themselves without having to leave the party.” Todd said. “And we are to stay naked, with our cages around our cocks?” Ky asked “Oh yea, that’s for the full weekend, those don’t come off until 11:00 Sunday night.” Todd said putting his had under Ky’s caged cock and lifting it up, and then dropping it, as we all watched his cock bounce around a bit. The situated us in the middle of the party room, on short stools, and handcuffed to each other, and we were crotch height to everyone. Once seated, Ian came over and pour us each 2 shot of Tequila and poured them into our urinal gags to get the night started. “Oh yes, I almost forgot, Ian please get those to bottles in the kitchen.” Todd asked and when Ian retuned, he had two old fashion milk bottles like Ky had in our room. He places both on the floor under us and placed our cocks into the mouth of the bottle. “When they are full, we recycle for you. We don’t want anyone slipping on a piss-soaked floor tonight” Ian said. As the guys, and girls started to arrive, Brad and Mike were tasked with making sure our guest were true to the theme and physically checked to see that all who entered were commando. And if not, they stood right there, stripped off and removed whatever underclothing they might be wearing. We saw jocks, boxers, even the girls had to remove their panties. But what we saw were mostly thongs. The party got to full speed pretty fast, a few people looked at us but no one really paid us to much attention, at this point they were more interested in the alcohol. That was until Jonathan and his girlfriend arrive. I watched as Mike put his hands down the front of Jonathan’s jeans. No need to strip him down, and his girlfriend just lifted the short dress exposing her smooth shaved pussy to all that wanted to see. Which I really didn’t. If I wasn’t gay when I came to collage, I was fucking gay now and I loved dick. Which is what Jonathan had hanging out of his jeans when he finally came up to say hi to us. About 30 minutes after they had arrived, he and his girlfriend walked up to us with a beer and two shots in hand. He poured one shot into each of our urinal gags and then shared the beer between us. “You guys look like you have finally found your true vocation.” He said as he lifted his cock and started pissing into Ky’s urinal. “How and I supposed to do this?” Jonathan’ girlfriend wined. “Honey just straddle his mask and put your lips over the cup.” Jonathan explained. I watched as she lifted her short dress exposing her hairless gash. Then she hiked her leg over the protruding urinal shaped cup hanging out of my mouth, and then I watched as a gush of piss flowed from somewhere between her legs into my cup. Now I will admit that I was a virgin when I came to college and had never seen a pussy before. And never actually knew how one worked, but the piss that flowed out of the lips between her legs was creamy and light and I drank down all she spewed into my urinal. When she was done, Jonathan came over and got on his knees and licked her dry. No that’s a nice boyfriend. I get a lot of insperation from my readers, so if you like my story, let me know tell me of your piss play at ail and follow me on Twitter at dudepiss4me. Remember Nifty is a free service which relies on donations. If you enjoy the stories you read here, please donate however much you can.

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