I’m ready to write about Serana, but before I begin, I have some comments to make. First, I have been overwhelmed by the acceptance of my first two stories. Thanks to all!! Some comments have been useful, some not. One guy wrote that it would have been a hot story if written in English. You’re a dickhead don’t read my stuff, ok! Another wanted to know if I wanted his 23 yr old big dick. Not appreciated. A few asked why I didn’t use quotes. I write on an iPad and I have to change screens for quotes. It just slows me down, but good criticism.
Let me set the scene and describe Serena. By the way, a minor character is her sister Venus. Yes, I borrowed the tennis pros names. These girls are very hot to me and I always watch them. However, 15 love and the French Open mean something totally different to me! Back to Serena, this starts when she is 10. She is my next door neighbor and she is African American. Serena would be classified as precocious puberty which is more common among blacks. At 10, she is taller than me and more developed than me. Her weight is probably 90-95lbs. Finally, she is drop dead beautiful. Tom … this story is for you, enjoy!
I have known Serena since she was tiny when I first moved here. She became my papergirl after a series of replacements following Sam. There was a tap at my door followed by it swinging open and in walked Serena smiling widely.

Hey Angie, she said.
Hey Serena, come in and talk to me!

Can I ask you a question?
Why do I feel funny?
Funny how, are you sick?
No, funny like sometimes really hot. Sometimes I tingle here, pointing to her crouch.

Oh, honey, these are things mothers like to talk to their daughters about. Have you asked your mom?

Yea, but she blows me off and says I’ll understand soon enough.

Listen Serena, you try again and if she blows you off, then I’ll explain things to you ok?

OK, I’ll try.

A few days passed and Serena was back. When she sat down she exhaled heavily.

I tried, a d got blown off again. Angie, I really need to understand what’s going on.

OK, a promise is a promise. Let me get something first. I went to my bookcase and returned with a thick book.

This belongs to Lacy. When she was in nursing school, she was my room mate and left this behind. It has pictures that will help us. For you to undstand what’s happening to you, you need to also know boys are changing too.

I izmit escort bayan opened the book to the section on puberty. Look at this picture. This is an 8 yr old boy. What do you see? Serena giggled, covered her mouth and pointed to the boy’s penis.

Right, but what’s funny?

Never seen a white one before, it’s little!

I turned the page. Here is a boy 11, how is it different?

It’s a little bigger I guess.

True, what else?

A little hair.

Right, I turned the page. Now this boy is 14. How is it diffent?

It’s a lot bigger and a lot more hair.

Right, now Im going to turn the page, but before I do, the picture is of the same boy. I turned the page and the only difference is the boy had a full erection. Serena gasp.

Why is it sticking out instead of hanging?

He has an erection. He is capable of having sex with a girl.

Now Serena, we will go through the stages of a female. Serena was wide eyed still staring at the erection.

Does it hurt?

The erection?


Never had one, but from reports I have heard, NO!

I turned the page. Here is an 8 yr old girl. What’s the difference?

No penis.

Ok. The next picture is an 11 yr old. Tell me what you notice.
Well, I don’t look like that. She has real tiny boobs and a little hair.

Ok, her boobs are called nubs and just starting to form. She is called pre-puberecent.

But I’m 10 and have bigger boobs and more hair.

Right, I’ll explain that later. The next picture is a girl 14.

That’s more like me, except she’s white.

This girl is physically ready for sex, just like the 14 yr old boy. He could make her pregnant. Do you understand?

Yea, like Lashaun did to Venus.

Right, and could happen to you too. Do you take birth control pills?

No, should I?

Maybe your mom and I will have a talk.

Things were pretty normal after this. Serena continued to come over often and we had some talks about sex. I did talk to her mother and she did, thankfully, get Serena on the pill.
One evening, a close male friend stopped by. His name is Tom. We had gone out some and had a great friendship along with some fantastic sex. We got to making out and one thing led to another until Tom was fucking the piss out of me on the couch. We were so much in the moment that we had no idea we were being watched. Out of the corner of my eye I saw movement. Serena was izmit eve gelen escort in the recliner with her skirt pulled up and masturbating! Just then I started to cum. Tom was panting and I knew he too was close. All of the sudden, we both hit the right moment at the exact perfect time!!! When Tom relaxed, he heard Serena moan. He jumped up grabbing his clothes, in a trot to the bathroom.

My god, serena, what did you see?

All of it, Toms big for a white guy ain’t he?

Big enough I guess. You shouldnt have watched.

Are you mad, she asked?

Not mad, more embarrassed.

Don’t be, I liked it!

Tom continued to visit at least once a week after that. However, we were careful that doors were locked when we made love!

One night in late October, I heard a knock on the door. It was raining and I thought it might be some early trick or treaters. I opened the door to find Serena wet, cold, and crying.

Serena, what’s wrong? Are you hurt?

Dad is drunk and fighting with mom. Can I stay here tonight?

Let me call your mom so she knows where you are. (note to reader, Serena is now 14 and a goddess)

After a quick conversation with serenas mom, I looked at her and said, take off your wet clothes and take a hot shower. I put your clothes in the washer and they will be ready tomorrow. I’ll find something of mine for you to wear to bed. Serena nodded ok.

The problem was I slept in a flannel shirt. I did have some nighties, but they were
Pretty sexy! Still, I had to have something. I laid a shear nighty and a pair of boxers that once belonged to Sam on the bed. I knew Serena could not wear my panties!

The tv was on the bed warm and drifted off. I barely heard the shower go silent and Serena come out. I did feel her warm body in bed next to me.

I heard a moan and thought she was sick. I raised from the bed, it was 1:30. The tv brought light into the room and I could see Serena’s hand through the slot in the boxers. I knew what she was doing. I just wasn’t sure if she was awake. I placed my hand on her flat tummy, she flinched but continued. The from of the nighty was held closed only by a ridden at the top. As I pulled it, the sides fell open and Icould see serenas magnificent boobs. Damned I was jealous! Her nips were like rocks and I had to suck them. Serena moaned as my mouth took them in. I moved her hand away and took over the rubbing of her pussy izmit otele gelen escort too. Before long, Serena was bucking hard. I moved on top of her and took her wet pussy in my mouth. Within seconds, she was wild with orgasm shoving her pussy hard in my face. I was soaked!! Then it came. Her juices flowed and I drank heavily. Then it was over. We drifted to sleep in each others arms.

The next morning, I was making coffee when Serena came in the kitchen. A first, she acted like nothing special had happened. Then she said, Angie sometime I want to do to you what you did to me.

We’ll see was my only response.

Time moved on. Serena and I had more sex, but I never let her go down on me. It seems hypocritical to say it, but I just didn’t feel right about it. One evening we were watching tv. By this time, Serena was 16. She turned to me and said, do you still see Tom?

Now and then I answered

Do you think he would like to watch us make out?

I don’t know Serena, maybe, but he would also worry that you would tell.

You know I wouldn’t!

I know, but Tom don’t.

He’s coming this weekend, we can ask him.

Saturday night Tom was sitting between the two of us and we were watching tv.

Serena turned to Tom and said, Angie and me have a show for you.

Tom looked surprised but said ok.

Serena walked over to me and sat on my lap, took my breast, and started kissing me. Tom got up and moved to the recliner. I could tell he enjoyed what he waas seeing. Pretty soon he had his sweats off and he was masturbating. Things began to get furious. I was tonguing Serena’s wet pussy, I was wet, and Tom was jacking off. I didnt want the next part to happen but it did. Tom got to his feet and walked over to us. Before I could do anything, Serena had her hand o. His cock and was bring it to her mouth. The next 10 minutes were awesome!!! Sucking, licking, and fucking. Tom must have thought he was in heaven! He ate both of us and fucked us.


The con clusion of this story is very sad and very tragic. You may want to stop reading NOW! There were some more nights like the one above with the three of us. But things turned tragic. Lasuan, the guy that knock up Venus come by one night to find only Serena at home. He tried to make a move and Serena fought him. Being a big guy, he knocked her down and pumped her full of heroin. Then he viciously raped her. Serenas life spiraled out of control after that. She got on meth and that horrible stuff ravaged her once beautiful body. Then the worse news came. Serena was found dead of apparent over douce in a sleazy motel.

My tears are flowing, I can’t go on. Bye

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