Sexy BFF’s Chapter 1


Jenny Lane sat in her window seat as the plane slowly descended to the Los Angeles airport. She wondered briefly “LAX?” How did they come up with that abbreviation??”. After all she had just flown out of ‘PHX’ which kind of made more sense as it stood for Phoenix. She shivered slightly then sat back to to touch up her makeup as the other passengers slowly shuffled off the plane. She wanted to look perfect as she was finally going to meet her sexy Gracie, a girl she had spoken to for years on her favorite chat site. As she slid on some berry flavored lip gloss she shivered again then felt her panties dampen. She slid her tongue across her gooey lips and felt a little spurt of pre-cum ooze from her girl cock. “Wow”, she thought, “I am so very excited!” She gave her hair a quick brush and stood up to nearly prance up the aisle off the plane.

“Thank you, thank you, goodbye now”, she barely gave the stewardess a glance as she stepped down the ramp into the terminal. Jenny carried only a backpack with a few slutty outfits and some makeup and headed down to Departures where she knew Gracie was waiting for her. It had been ages since she had been to Los Angeles and she felt her excitement building with every step. Jenny darted into the ladies room to give herself a final once over. Jenny was supremely convinced she would have no issues. Though she was born male, she knew after years of practice, diet and exercise she was quite passable. Jenny looked at herself in the mirror. She was wearing a low cut pink tank top with the logo of the Rebel Alliance from those silly Star Wars movies she loved so much. She wore a tiny white micro skirt which barely covered her tight ass, pink fishnet stockings and cute pink Converse sneakers. She gave her lips another lick, felt another spurt of cum ooze out, and then hurried to the exit.

Jenny saw her off in the distance, an absolute vision of sexiness. Gracie stood looking over the crowd in an even lower cut pink tank top an even shorter ruffled skirt, sexy black stockings and thigh high hooker boots. She even had a large cardboard sign with ‘Jenny’ written on it with tons of red hearts on it. As Jenny came closer, Gracie spotted her, threw down the sign and nearly screamed: “JENNY!!” The two girls ran towards each escort other and  embraced in a crushing hug. At that point time seemed to slow just like in the movies. Jenny bent down slowly to taste Gracie’s beautiful lips, kissed her gently at first then more passionately and when Gracie’s soft slippery tongue slid between her lips Jenny felt a hot gooey load of gooey girl spunk fill her panties.

She pulled back in time to see Gracie’s eyes roll back in her head then heard her whisper softly in her ear: “I just came so hard”. The two girls giggled, held hands and Jenny could swear her feet did not hit the pavement on the way to the lot. As she stepped off the curb she heard the airport’s loudspeaker blare out: “The White Zone is for loading and unloading only!”

As they sped towards Gracie’s house Jenny could not help but stare at the incredibly sexy girl next to her. Gracie caught her staring and gave a quick wink and Jenny almost came again. She turned to look out at the sights of beautiful Los Angeles and sighed with content. Her heart fluttered hardly believing she was finally with the gorgeous girl she had fantasized for for so long. After what seemed like ages they finally pulled into the driveway of Gracie’s beautiful house. The two girls entered and after a quick kiss Gracie motioned her to the couch and on the little table beside Jenny saw a liter of Crown Royal sitting on ice and freshly cut limes on a tiny plate. “Make yourself comfortable, pour yourself a drink, I’ll be back in a second!” Jenny poured herself and Gracie a drink, threw some limes in and sat back. Gracie soon returned and as Jenny handed her the drink, Gracie handed her a fat joint almost as big as her middle finger. Jenny took a long slow drink then slid the joint between her juicy lips. Gracie lit the joint and after a few puffs to get it going, Jenny leaned towards Gracie and blew the hit between those gorgeous lips she had dreamed of for so long. Gracie inhaled, blew it all over Jenny’s face then took a hit herself. Gracie took a large hit, pulled Jenny even closer and as she blew the hit between Jenny’s lips and kissed her hard. Jenny’s tongue slid into Gracie’s mouth and their tongues danced, pressed and wiggled against each other. Jenny moaned and straddled Gracie. She took izmit escort bayan another gulp of her drink. Jenny accepted the joint, took another huge hit and bent down to once again blow the hit between Gracie’s juicy dripping lips. The kisses grew more frantic and Jenny felt Gracie’s soft hand run up the back of her soft leg while the other caressed her soft ass. Gracie took one last hit and ground out the joint. She pulled Jenny even closer and as the warm pot smoke dribbled between Jenny’s lips she dribble a little herself again. Soft moans turned to cries of passion as they kissed urgently. Gracie’s hips thrust up towards Jenny’s and ground against her. Soft girly dicks became hard, then harder then hard as steel as the two girls humped each other on the couch. Gracie turned and laid back against the sofa cushion and pulled Jenny down on top of her. Jenny brushed Gracie’s hair aside and kissed her hard and as Gracie’s tongue once again slid between her lips Jenny reached down to caress Gracie’s long sexy soft legs.

Gracie let out a wet moan and motioned for Jenny to spin around. Jenny bit her lip then slid around and slid up Gracie’s skirt to find she wasn’t wearing any panties. Jenny took the tip of Gracie’s girl cock and swirled around the tip to lap up as much of the cum Gracie had shot earlier. Jenny felt Gracie slide down her panties with her teeth and her warm wet mouth slide all the way down her rock hard she cock. Jenny licked and sucked and lapped her way down Gracie’s beautiful she cock and could not get enough of it. Jenny’s tongue licked the bottom of the shaft as she finally deep throated Gracie taking her all the way in her mouth and sucked lustily. Gracie had Jenny’s girl dick deep down her own mouth and the two girls sucked licked and slurped on each others cocks as if it was their last meal. Muffled moans filled the room and the two girls sucked each other like there was no tomorrow. Heads bobbed, tongues lapped and lips wrapped tightly around each others she cocks. Their soft hands ran up and down each others soft creamy legs then Jenny felt Gracie’s finger press up against her quivering hole. Jenny felt Gracie’s wet finger invade her hole followed by a second then a third. Now it was Jenny’s turn to have her izmit sınırsız escort eyes roll back in pleasure. As Gracie finger fucked Jenny’s tight pussy it only inspired Jenny to take Gracie’s leaking cock as far as she could down her throat. Both girls moaned loudly as Gracie slid a fourth finger in Jenny’s pussy. More wet moans filled the room as the two girls began thrusting into each others mouth almost fucking each others dripping mouths as if they were wet pussies.

“Jenny..”, Gracie barely had time to moan as she erupted in Jenny’s wet mouth filling her with a hot gooey creamy load of girl spunk. A split second later Jenny could only groan and shot spurt after spurt of her own sweet girl cum into Gracie’s wet mouth. “Ohhhhh” both girls moaned as they continued to cream each others greedy mouths each hardly believing how much cum was coming out as they had both cum hard in their own panties less than an hour before. Five, six, seven EIGHT spurts of cum filled Gracie’s juicy mouth and Jenny felt at least ten spurts flow from Gracie’s hot girl dick. Jenny felt Gracie pull her up to her and as their dripping lips touched, hot sweet girl spunk flowed between two sets of lips. The girls moaned and shared a huge cum kiss the biggest either of them had ever had in their lives. They kissed harder, hot creamy spunk oozing from lips tongues and mouths.

Gracie’s load was sweet, thick and creamy and as their loads mixed and grew Jenny did NOT want the creamy gooey spunk filled sissy tongue kisses to stop. Gracie smiled, swallowed and licked her lips. Jenny finally swallowed and as she felt the sweet spunk slide down into her tummy she oozed into her panties once again. The two girls kissed softly licking the last drops of jizz off each others dripping lips. Gracie’s tongue slid between Jenny’s gooey lips letting her suck the cum off her tongue and Jenny let out a soft wet moan.

Gracie slid back and her eyes twinkled mischievously. She pulled Jenny up, grabbed the joint and led Jenny into the kitchen. On the counter was two bottles of whipped cream, a large bowl full of strawberries and a large bottle of chocolate sauce. Gracie lit the joint and winked at Jenny then giggled. Gracie handed the joint to Jenny and lit several candles. Just before the light went out Jenny noticed a thin plastic tarp on the kitchen floor. She heard Gracie whisper softly…”Oh yes right here! Maybe backyard next, bathroom then bedroom maybe…??”

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