A Day In The Life

A Day In The Life
I just came back from Crete, where Jules and I and my nephew spent a good week together.

An island of history, old rocks, lots of food and thankfully quite a lot of sunlight, how I’ve enjoyed my early swimming in the morning and the tanning around the swimming pool. Introspection, good books, cycling with the 7 year old, the nice talk with the still fit staff of the hotel, how different will that be at the end of August…

My twin Jules being her joyful self, working out a lot, all the healthy drinks and food, the easy and natural manner in which she makes contact with others. At the pool I see the dad’s, oldies and teens all stair at her thick armpit hair, when she very much on purpose stretches her hands above her head again. At night we have drinks at the pool, chat with others, my sis then overdresses and puts on the most decent make up. She’s the focal point, the eyecatcher, the sunlight.

On Wednesday, when the boy was still asleep she came back from running, her pale blue sport skirt and mustard sports top with dark sweat lakes, the golden hair in a high tail. She knows I love seeing her undress and when she’s been working out even more, her nipples will be hard from the cold wet sportsbra on them, her muscles show so nicely, her muff is dense with sweat.

We don’t have the habit of asking each other, we just politely tell each other what to do. I tell her to please lay down on her belly, with panties and bra still on and to put two piled pillows below her hips. I go for a pee and when I come back I find her in the requested position and I pull down her panties halfway her thighs, so she cannot open her legs. When I start kissing my sis’ butthole she softly moans, after having pushed in my tongue a louder moan, her fingers look for my dick. My shorts go down, sharp nails on my skin, my sack, my shaft, my head.

She turns around, moves away the pillows, pulls me next to her and starts rocking my face, buttcrack to navel, all that hair, sweat, bitter and sticky around her butthole, the soft sweet juicy of her pussy. She now places her butthole just over my mouth and tells me to suck. A ring finger of hers comes to help, disappearing into her butthole and then deep into my mouth, again and again.

She pushes me on one side and places her head on my thigh while she guides my hand in between her legs. She makes me finger her, while I lick her butthole. At the same time she has two of her fingers in my butt, moving way too eagerly, it hurts. She adds another finger and I say the code word, this is unpleasant. ‘Sorry my little brother’, kisses all over my face, her hands on my dick and balls, ‘Watch me now for a while and then finish with me’.

Jules needs it, four fingers go in, her thumb on her clit. The four fingers of her other hand move inside mouth, in exactly the same paste. After she has switches hands four times, I have a mouth full of pussy juice and a sore dick. I get up and put my rock hard dick deep into her mouth, all the way in, where my dick head is in her throat. She gasps for air when I pull out but keeps on fingering herself as if nothing has happened. I slowly fuck her face a bit longer and then push her over, onto her back.
I put my dick to the four fingers inside her pussy, manage another five pushes and the church bells ring, I come like a maniac while Jules does so too.
We snooze a bit in each other’s arms, wake at nine, have a shower together, wake the boy and go for breakfast.

At breakfast the hotel manager introduces me to a Dutch family, perhaps I can advise them on a payment issue. Turn out to be something easy and we chat a while, the middle daughter catches my eye, what a creature. Tall and dark blonde, a charming bit of baby fat and cheeks that colour easily, deep brown eyes that look at me enthusiastically.

Jules and the boy leave on a daytrip, I walk the almost empty streets of the holiday village and after ten minutes still haven’t found a cigarette shop. I see an at least 55 year old Greek woman sitting outside of her barber shop, having a smoke and ask her for advice: how far still? She laughs, mentioning that bald men like me usually skip her shop and she gives me a fag, I thank her and make her a compliment about her hair, please google Tse-Tsi but then without the minus sign and you see which hair she has: thick, almost curly black hair, wavy and with a deep blue shine for blackness. Caramel brown eyes in a face that has smiled often and still does: what a flair she has. ‘The barber probably wouldn’t reveal the secret of her beautiful hair?’, stays verbally unanswered but gosh the blush and the broad smile showing the ivory whiteness,
‘Can I offer you a coffee?’ I say next and before I know she says ‘You get the coffee, we drink it my Jacuzzi, it’ll be full in one minute’.
‘Cappuccino’ I say hoarse, close to whispering.
She nods and off I am, looking back at her, sitting there on her doorstep, her chin on her knees, having the last few gasps of nicotine.

When I return her neighbor instructs me to deliver the coffee for Mrs Sophia via the rear, I see that her shop has closed. I thank the old man and follow his instruction.
A high fence, an open gate, a clay path with palms, a rose garden with in its centre, in the full sun, a whirlpool with foam and the Greek lady I just met with her head just above the waterline in the very middle of it, her hair up, silver sunglasses, another cigarette. I put the coffee next to the pool and feel self conscious. We drink and there’s a silence that I feel uneasy about.

‘You can shower over there’, she points. In the other corner of her garden, I indeed see the shower. She feels my reluctance fed by shyness and says ‘My husband has passed away three years ago. I haven’t been with anyone since and honestly was just hoping for your nice company. Whatever happens is good. Now let me admire this young Adonis, please undress for me and hit the shower then’. Tshirt, fliplops, swimming pants and I stand there naked. ‘Wow, you’re a sportsman right? So nice, I love men with strong legs and a beautiful skin. And look what a colour, Greece is good for you, look at the difference between your waist and your arms’. ‘I never go topless, look, how my neck and my boobs differ’, as she comes up out of the pool, showing her large marble chest, with the olive brown cleavage above. I must have stared, she giggles and goes under water again.

‘When you go showering, please grab that bottle of champagne from the fridge, will you?’. She lays comfortably, with her head in the corner, observing me while I shower. Wet I walk into her kitchen, taking the bottle and even finding two champagne glasses.
She uncorks as I enter the Jacuzzi, we say cheers and efthymía and drink. She tells me about herself, how she was happily married for 45 years, to still be a widow at only 60, how her two sons live on another island, how poverty and tourism have changed life here and how hard she finds it miss out on intimacy and contact.
She tells about her husband and how great he was to her, that he was her only lover, about all her relatives having moved away. I pour a second glass for both of us and for the first time touch her, stroking her hair, saying that I understand how hard it must be to such an elegant woman to be lonely, saying that I feel that she has a huge erotic energy. When moving my hands off her, she says ‘That’s for later, come on smoke a join with me’.

We finish the bottle, I get a second, meanwhile we smoke this local growth, we both get tipsy, Sophia excuses herself to the bathroom. The first time to see her naked. These boobs: an E cup, I would estimate, soft, large boobs. A triangle of thick black hair on her lower belly, believe me: I have seen many of them, but this is one is the highest tenth of a percentage on the scale of hairiness. Her arms legs and butt quite muscular, athletic. ‘You said you like beautiful hair’ she laughs, while walking away. ‘Loving it’, I shout.

She returns with what appears a picnic plate and a bottle of oil, ‘Come on out, I’ll have you work for your drinks!’, she smiles, ‘Please give me a massage!’.
She lays there naked, on her mat, bum up. I don’t speak, massage her, her beautiful back, strong, without all these layers of fat we usually have, her flawless legs, no pits and bumps, no orange skin, I look into her crotch and despite of the bright sun I cannot see her pussy, just see hair, lots of it.

After some 20 minutes I ask her to turn around and I massage her face, her forehead, her long hair fanning out over my lap. I massage her thighs, her calves, when I do her thighs again, she opens her legs and fingers herself. I get really hard and while leaning over her to do her boobs, my dick touches her fingering hand. She guides it onto her pussy, all my hardness on her hairy hill. I manoeuvre myself between her legs, bend forward and kiss her.
She sucks my tongue inside her mouth and keeps on fingering herself, rubbing my dick between her mount and navel. I crawl aside, turn around and start licking her pussy. A mouth full of hair, I use my hands now to open her up and lick her. She doesn’t suck me back, just rubs my dick against her boobs. She tastes sweet, her pussy is very swollen, this is

Hands on my head, pulling mine towards hers, we kiss, my hands on her butt cheeks, finally my dick into her pussy, we fuck until we’re covered in sweat, I turn her on her belly, enter her again and come like never before.
Because I am a gentlemen and a pervert too I clean that nice of pussy of hers with my mouth. We drink more champagne and chat. After half an hour she asks me to please don’t forget to leave my business card and dress to leave, she must open the shop again.
A last dirty long kiss and away I am.

It’s not even two o’clock and I’ve already had sex with two great women. And I’ve had five drinks and half a joint. At the hotel I first take a v1agra to help my dick through the rest of the day, then get some light food and my friend Giorgio brings me my special lunch, a Cuba Libre.
A girl next to me smiles and damn I think, isn’t that the lovely daughter of this Dutch couple I’ve helped out earlier on? We start talking, she’s so sweet ‘Yes, if I wouldn’t have my exams next week, I’d just book for an additional week here’, she babbles, only later I’d hear about her age, her being three years younger than her 18 year old sister. We talk, both drink cocktails, laugh a lot.

It’s fun and joy and good energy and we decide to walk towards the beach. When having to choose between the dressed and undressed section, she smiles and says ‘I don’t think my parents wouldn’t quite approve to that’. I ask her when they will come back, it turns out they have just left with her siblings, I explain that when she’s curious this is the time, and also that it feels most natural and easy and that I won’t stare at her. She laughs and follows me, half convinced. I tell her to only do topless when she’s uneasy and red cheeked she pulls down her top, revealing the type of boob that I would characterize as the ‘growing pear’, small pointy boobs, generally with large nipples, still fully under development.I step out of my swimming shorts and we run into the sea.

As if we both were adolescence, we play in the waves, she pushes herself against me, we kiss. We kiss a lot more, kiss on the beach, there’s no one very nearby us, Amy takes off her bikini, ‘Can you please look at me down there? Do you think I have big lips, I am very insecure about them… And all my friends shave, don’t you think I look like a bear? My mother doesn’t buy me a lady shave’. I stare between her legs, my head on my flat of my hands, elbows in the sand, Amy squatted. ‘Can you open your lips a bit honey?. She does so, I see a pink that reminds me of top brand toothpaste commercials. Yes, she has full and long lips, nothing abnormal though. And a dark and full bush, covering her groins and going far up.

‘Your pussy is so nice and so beautiful, look at me now, having you ever seen what happens to a guy, when being with you this way? She sees my hard on and asks gently ‘Can I touch?’.
I don’t answer, instead dive into her bush, lick her pussy, I’m sure that I’m the first to ever do that. I’m gentle, easy, slow, she shivers when I push my tongue inside her.

‘Do you play with yourself sometimes, little darling?’. She laughs and says ‘Yes of course, already for three years’. ‘Shall we come together honey?’.
I use my fingers on her, lick her, stroke her thighs and suck on her cute pears. She rubs my dick over her boob, I hear her breathing louder and louder and show her how to jerk my dick. This sweet virgin working me and being so excited herself drives me nuts, I blow over her chest, she moves her hips in a spastic way, I know we’ve arrived at destination, both of us.

She’s a bit disgusted or at least uneasy with my sperm over her tits, being so new to it all I won’t lick her off, use a towel instead. We swim a bit more, she’s increasingly worried that her parents come home early after all and off we go, to the hotel.

We sit by the pool and have another drink and she shines again like the sun when ten minutes later the parents arrive. The family leaves just when Anita, the beautiful photographer arrives, the charming Balkan lady I met the other day already.
We talk and laugh and then this short but sexy creature asks me if I would please join her to her next job. It’s a couple wanting intimate photography and the previous time she felt a negative energy with them, as if she weren’t fully safe. It’s half past three, we’d be back at the hotel within two hours, so I say why not and go with Anita.

Fernan is a deep black French African guy with a beautiful body and an enormous member, he walks around in golden slip, putting much emphasis on the wealth inside of his pants. Olga is Czech, the two are a couple and like to be photographed while having sex. The four of us have a drink, the two undress and Olga sucks Fernan until he’s hard. Her butthole must have been worked before, I see Fernan’s 30 cm disappearing in there just like that, not even ten minutes after all of this started, the porn sex ends as Fernan cums over his wife’s plastic boobs, it drips down her bold pussy, she puts her hands on it and licks her hand, Olga says ‘Well done’, we have another drink, Fernan starts gaming and off we go.

Olga would like a shower she says, we go to her place, I get a drink and she showers. ‘Jaaames??’ Yes, I come my dear. She asks for me from upstairs, I walk into the steamy bathroom, ‘Please rub me in with this body cream, will you?’.
Nude she guides me to her bedroom, she lies down, I rub her and think of Jules, of Sophia and Amy and of Fernan’s huge cock entering Olga and see the hair around Anita’s butthole and feel the pills working, I get hard again. Anita loves my fingers on her pink lips, she has a lovely clit, she knows what she wants though and places herself on top of me, riding me off, first gliding between her buttocks, then letting me enter her pussy, kissing me at the same time.
She goes quicker and quicker she bites my lip when I shoot my seamen deep into her.

My thumb coated in body cream massages her butthole, sloshing sounds when I enter just a bit, Anita takes most of my still hard dick into her tiny mouth, I hold the back of her head and pump until I cum again, while licking her clit and feeling it grow inside of my mouth, her juice has a very strong taste.
She swallows and dirty kisses me so I taste myself. She curls against me, we sleep a bit and then she pushes away my again hard dick, no, she must go off to the next hotel to shoot new arrivals.

It’s five thirty, I’ve just been dropped off by Anita at the hotel and Stacia the bar maid and I talk while Amy, the quite Dutch girl, joins me. Jules and the boy haven’t yet returned, I join Anita and her sister while playing mini golf, the sister notices me checking out her sister when the latter bends forward to grab a lost golf ball, she smiles and says nothing more. We go to my apartment, drink and smoke on the balcony when the girls realize that they cannot return to their own place smelling like smoke.

‘Party time here?’ Jules says some three minutes later, when she opens the bathroomdoor, undressed already. The girls laugh clumsily, probably realizing that indeed it was a lot of drinks, perhaps feeling caught, not knowing my relation to her. Still Jules enters and the gentleman I am made space for my lovely sis to join the two teeny girls, sitting on the closed toilet.

They look a bit shocked but when Jules kissed both of them there was a defreeze and I must say that my sis is darn good at hotting up two unexperienced girls, giving both of them the very same finger treatment.
Jules is not the depth girl or the stud girl, no, she needs enough diameter.

I jump a few minutes now but seeing both girls sliding three of their tiny fingers into Jules made me stiff again. I ask Amy to please take my dick into her mouth and let her suck me, while her sister still works on mine. I try to concentrate on yesterday’s lunch instead of that lovely girl working me but can only hold it so much longer…

Jules and the elder of both called Sarah also join and while two of the kiss each other the third of them would suck me.
‘Mum!’ it’s at the front door. Jules takes my dick out of her mouth and says ‘I’m on the toilet, will let you in in five!’. And on she sucks. Sarah says she wants me to cum into her pussy, she takes the pill. While Jules dresses up and leaves I pump Amy’s sister to an orgasm. Amy watches from a two centimeters distance what is happening to her sister’s body cavities.
We wait until Jules and the boy have gone for dinner, I dry the girls with towels, we kiss and I excuse myself for dinner. The boy hasn’t noticed a thing, neither have Amy and Sarah’s parents. I was glad though setting foot on Dutch border after the holidays, they shall know the law also on Crete.

Like usual Jules tops all my achievements, she has arranged a cherry on the pie: she has reserved a luxury apartment on the island and invited both the lesbian and their befriended straight couple for a party ‘all night through’, all four have gladly accepted. Anita and Carlo, her boyfriend, will also be there. Sarah and Amy, happy to be away from the parents and siblings will babysit our boy.

We go off after dinner, I start to feel the many adventures of the day, so fucking tired. A sweet ebony girl takes my jacquet, Jules and I undress and go swimming. When getting out, the ebony girl dries me with the towel. The German lesbians and other couple arrive soon after, they ask me where the party d**gs are I refer to Liliane, the black girl.

Visibly more relaxed they come back, Jules engages them in a vivid conversation regarding gender preferences when having sex, she even convinces them to undress, by promising to do the same, I see that the three German woman and my sis now undress. The guy and I sit there, he is embarrassed, I love seeing him like that, crying for his mother on the inside. I do French kisses with the Liliane, she massages my cock through my pants.

By this time I had drunk too much, even on the voice recording the same night I say not to know what has happened. Jules told me on Thursday, the day after, that it quickly turned out that the German guy had a mini wiener, and that his very pretty girlfriend started sucking my cock, right in sight of the boyfriend.

The guy called a cab and left, and I have been fucking all the rest of the night, first Jules herself, she usually likes me as a starter, then the German straight girl, then Liliane, later on Ana while she was sucking her husband, to finish deep inside the fat German lesbian, who had never had a dick inside her before.
Then all had started taking tequila shots and I slept peacefully in the hammock while Jules herself went on for a few hours more.

The day after we picked up the boy at 8, his mother took him for an early breakfast and Amy, her sister and I had time till ten, when I had to leave for my plane.
Sarah had some condoms and made sure that her sister could go home a big girl, having been properly educated in the fine art of loving, receiving and giving, living her dreams, by the smooth hands, the always explorative dick and the respecting mind of yours truely.

Seeing Schiphol was a relief Thursday afternoon, at least no trouble in Greece, home sweet home, and yes, in the end holidays will kill me.

Your James

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