Card Game

Card Game
I’m a late forties married milf with an overactive sex drive. I have a job that takes me out of town some with overnight travel. That’s my playtime. I had been playing some online card games for a few years on a site where you can chat with other players during the games. I’d been flirting with a man named Jerry for a couple of years. We’d always talked about what it would be like if I traveled to his town and the things we would do; flirtatious sexy talk. So when I found out I would be going to Jerry’s town, which is Montgomery AL, on a work assignment, Jerry and I talked about getting together for real. He said he’d get away from home for the evening and visit me at my motel room. The thought of having a man whom I’d never really met, come to my room for an affair just turned me on so much! I wanted this, and I would have a chance to make it happen.

Jerry and I chatted about how I’d be naked when he arrived, and be ready to please in every way a man I’d never seen, other than a few pics we’d e-mailed to each other. We talked about how he would ravage me. I so wanted this! On the day I arrived in Montgomery, I hurried through my work day, totally distracted by my thoughts of the coming evening. I checked in and bathed and pampered myself until the time Jerry arrived.

Jerry came in and immediately embraced; kissed, groped and fondled my naked body. He was so sensuous with his touches and I was in heaven. Then he told me to go down on him and say hello to his cock. I dropped to my knees and unzipped his pants. His cock responded quickly and I soon had my mouth full of it; swirling my tongue around the head and then taking him deep into my throat. After a few minutes he said that was enough for now, and that he had other things in mind for my night, and did not want to cum too quickly. Then there was a knock on the door. Jerry told me it was his card playing buddies and they’d come to help him fulfill my fantasies! I’d told him how I’d like to be naked a a card game before in chats, but I was not expecting this tonight!

He opened the door and three of his friends came in carrying beers and snacks and very friendly smiles. I was introduced; hugged, kissed and caressed by all three gentlemen. They set up the card game and Jerry whispered for me to go with it and enjoy….that it was my fantasy to fulfill. Soon the men were playing cards. I served beers and snacks all the while being groped; slapped on my bare bottom, getting my nipples pinched. I was so turned on! My pussy was so wet from all this and I couldn’t wait for more! I was likely to have sex with four men I’d never seen before this night and I’ve never wanted anything so much in my entire life!

In between serving drinks and being teased to the point of no return, I had put on some music and danced as the men played cards. I was lost in my own world, dancing seductively and touching myself. I was edging myself toward orgasm as I moved. After a while the men stopped the card game and gathered around me; touching, feeling, caressing and kissing me all over. I was lost in my own world of sensuality, and didn’t even notice being picked up and carried to the bed. I sucked cocks and got fucked for what seemed like hours and I orgasmed repeatedly throughout the night. It seemed like non stop waves of pleasure and it was all about me! I’d never felt so alive!

I lay on the bed dazed; glazed and so very satiated. The men were spent and so was I. They proceeded to get dressed and pack up the card table and chairs they’d brought as I took a quick shower. When I came out, still nude, they were all smiles and ready to leave. I kissed them all and thanked them for making my dreams come true! I gave Jerry a special thanks for doing this for me! He was wonderful! The men left and I looked at myself in the mirror. I was thinking that this had been amazing and I may not ever get another night so fulfilling ever. Cherishing the moment, I opened the motel room sliding glass door onto the balcony. The music was still playing and I moved with it sensuously. I looked around the parking lot below to see if anyone else was around. Yes I would have liked more men! I didn’t see anyone, so I brought myself to more orgasms while dancing naked on the balcony.

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