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Becoming a Boy 31

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Bailey had been chatting with us a while. We were trying to impart to her the finer points of football but he wasn”t catching on. He also managed to get us each a beer and bring in some snacks, so it wasn”t a completely wasted conversation. Dave came back from the can and Bailey must have decided he had enough football because he left after a couple more minutes. Dave watched him leave then turned back to me.

“Chuck, I can”t help but notice that some of these `boys” here seem sorta light in their loafers,” Dave told me using his fingers to put quotes around the word boys. “I don”t have anything against gays, but you hadn”t mentioned anything about Danny before.”

I looked over at Jan”s Dad and he just smiled. Seemed like the conversation was headed towards sex. I shouldn”t be surprised but I hadn”t figured to have an open discussion on the sexual proclivities of the boys.

“Yeah, Dave, Danny is queer,” I told him. “Came out last year. Since then he just has gotten more girly all the time. It seems like he just can”t make it loud enough for everyone to see. I told him it was his life and if he was going to be queer he may as well do it right.”

“That his boyfriend that came with him this weekend?”

“More like girlfriend,” Grandpa replied still smiling.

“Now, Don,” I started.

“Hey, no skin off my nose, Chuck. I kinda like seeing them paired up like that. They make a cute couple.”

I looked at Jan”s dad to see what he was saying. “Do you really think they are boyfriends,” I asked Don.

“Oh hell no,” he replied. “I was just razzing you. I can”t imagine two sissies like that being boyfriends. I think they are just friends. There wouldn”t be a point,” he continued. “No dick between them.”

Dave laughed and Don joined in. Made me wonder if he knew how close he was to the truth.

“What about the one in the kitchen?” Dave asked. “Is he with them too?”

“I don”t know,” I told him honestly. “I hired him a couple months ago from a cleaning company. He started just a couple days a week and now he is here practically all the time. Jan seems to really like having him around the house.”

“I think he”s a sissy too,” Don said.

“I agree,” Dave added.

“I kinda figured he was,” I admitted. “I wasn”t going to hire a guy to work around the house that was too good looking. Jan wouldn”t let me hire a cute girl maid, but when I saw this one, I pretty much figured him for the same sort of kid Danny has turned into.”

“Ever think you”d have a house full of queers, Chuck?” Dave asked. Don and he seemed to think that was a pretty funny question, but it wasn”t THAT amusing.

“You guys can laugh all you want,” I replied. “At least Danny has a friend and he doesn”t seem to be getting into any trouble these days. I think once he told us about himself, he pretty much settled down. So if that means I have a house of queers, well, I will learn to work with that.”

“You can”t change them that”s for sure,” Don told us. “Always been sissies around, may as well get used to them.” I was sure he had figured something out but I wasn”t going to ask. Some things I didn”t need to know I figured.

“You think the ladies know?” I wondered.

Dave spoke and Don nodded agreement. “I imagine they do, but I don”t think they care. Kind of hard to miss, the three of them are pretty girly. I would imagine they attract all sorts of attention, I mean if you like that sorta thing. How did Jan react to Danny?”

“Oh, she initially was sort of bothered by it, I think. She had some reservations about her boy being different, but I think she has adjusted. Then when she took to Billy so well as housekeeper, well I think she got over issues she may have had with Danny.”

“I could see that happening,” Don said. “Maybe having him around helps her understand Danny more. As long as she”s happy you know I don”t care what”s going on,” Don said. “That was the agreement when you boys married my girls, so a few sissies aren”t important as long as the girls are happy.”

“Well, and that”s what I decided about Danny, if he”s happy then I don”t care how queer he is.” We settled back in to watching the games after that. Sex didn”t come up in the conversation again.


“OMG, Danny, what happened,” Bailey asked when I got out of the shower.

“A fantastic fuck,” I told him. “I had no idea my Uncle Dave would do that. I was freaked out when he caught us, but I am SOOO glad he did. I needed that.”

“Did he get you off?”

“Oh yeah, he did. I have a better idea now too on what to think about during sex,” I told him. “You were right, I just need to focus on a Man”s pleasure and then I start thinking about mine too. And well, then it just seemed to happen.”

“I told you,” Bailey said triumphantly.”

“Well maybe I am slower than you,” I admitted. “I have always been a little dense.”

We both laughed.

“You”ll get your ass beat a lot less if you remember that,” he added with a grin.

“Right? Thanks Bailey. I think I get better all the time that I don”t need to play with myself like a guy to get off. I just need to realize what I enjoy.”


Ian pulled me into another store as we were walking into around the mall.

“Hey, let”s look in here,” he briefly said and he pulled on my arm and we headed in. It was a small store and had that unisex look to the clothes.

“Why?” I wondered aloud. “I”m not really interested in any of this stuff.”

“Yeah, but I am,” he informed me. “Look at the sweats here.” He pulled a pair off the rack and held them up to my waist. “Try these on.”

“But I already have gym clothes,” I said.

“Yeah, but I want to see what these look like on you,” I sighed. He had already made me buy women”s jeans and even a pair of dress pants. It wasn”t like this could be any worse.

“Hey, where is the changing room,” he asked a woman who was at the check out counter. She seemed to be the only other person in the small store.

“She glanced around then came over to a door. “It”s in here. How many items are you taking in?” she said in a demanding tone.

“Just the sweats,” Ian let her know “for now, anyway.”

“Okay, I have to unlock it. Let me know if there is anything else. I”m the only one here right now, oh, and I need to check your bags at the counter.”

She keyed the door and I headed in and Ian followed. Ian was giving her the shopping bag from Macy”s. The door was left open but there was only one space to change at.

“I have to get back to the register,” she informed us from the door. “Let me know if there is anything else you need help with,”

“Sure thing,” Ian let her know.

I went into the little closet like space and drew the curtain behind me. Ian pulled it back open.

“It”s just us, no one else is here. Let me see what they look like.” I looked at him and I knew he wasn”t going to let me do this without him looking, so I started undoing my pants. I hung them up on the wall hook and then slid the sweats on. There was a mirror in the little space and I turned my head around to look.

“Those look FINE,” he said. I could see what he meant. For whatever reason, the way these fit, my butt looked big in them. They were the right length and I suspected he would have me get them. “Yeah, those are going to work real well,” he said as he stepped into the space. He started rubbing my ass. The next thing I knew he had pushed my face up against the wall with one hand and he was pulling the sweats and my underwear down with the other.

“Ian! What the hell are you doing?” I asked.

“Quiet,” he said. “You want her back in here?”

“No�but I don”t want to be doing this here.” I realized he was unzipping his pants and had already pulled his cock out.

“You may not want to, but I sure as hell do,” he told me.

“But, anyone can walk in, what if someone catches us?” He clamped his hand on my mouth and continued to leverage his strength to keep me up against the wall. I heard him spit and I assumed he was getting his dick wet. Then I heard him spit again and felt it on my hole. I didn”t know how much of this I could take. It had only been last night that he had taken my cherry.

“If you keep quiet, no one will hear us, and I am just gonna dump and go,” he told me. “I can”t wait till we get home, I”m boned up now after seeing your ass in all these great pants, and the sweats just confirmed I need to do this now,” he informed me.

“MMmmmpphhh,” was all I could manage to say as his cock roughly parted my hole and began entering me again. He wasn”t gentle. He kept me in place with his arms and he only thrust for what seemed a few strokes before letting me know he was shooting a load in me.

“Fuck, I love your ass. I”m so glad you gave it up to me,” He whispered in my ear. “Can”t believe I waited so long to get inside you.”

He bit at my ear and slowly moaned as he finished. He just tensed suddenly and I could tell he was cumming. I had no idea how long it really was, a minute? Two, maybe? I barely had time to adjust to his size and he was pulling out.

“Clean me up,” he said. “And close that hole tight, you have another load to keep in you.”

I turned around and he pushed me to my knees. I took his cock in and licked it clean. tuzla escort I never thought I could do this, but it wasn”t bad, and nothing was on his dick except the remains of the load he had quickly dumped in me. Certainly within 5 minutes it was over and done, his cock tucked back inside and he was waiting for me outside of the changing space.

“Leave those sweats on,” he told me. “I”ll just pay for them with the tag,” he told me as he yanked the plastic band that held the tag in place.

I put my shoes back on and joined him out at the register. The girl was ringing up the sale and Ian handed me the shopping bag that she had kept. I felt like she knew what we had done. I could feel my face burning with color and heat. I was clamping my hole tight. I did NOT need to be leaking any of his loads out. What happened to that stuff anyway? Did it just stay in me forever?

What the hell had I done by giving up my ass last night? Now, Ian seemed to believe I was there to use whenever and wherever he wanted. Now I didn”t seem to have a say in what happened. He was treating me like a slutty girl, using me for his pleasure. Why did I suddenly like that idea? Fuck, I was thinking crazy ass stuff.


After the sex discussion with Don and Dave, I was feeling a bit horny. It had relaxed me knowing that they pretty much figured out that I had a house of faggots for the weekend. But it had also made my dick hard thinking about all of them. I wandered into the kitchen at a break in the game to grab a couple beers and Billy was in there finishing up cleaning from the morning and looked like he was starting on some food for us.

“Is that lunch?”  I wondered.

“Yes, Mr. McNeil. I thought you might be hungry soon.”

“You”re such a good boy, Billy,” I said. I took a couple steps toward him and put my arms around him. He stopped and froze for a moment. “I just want to thank you for all the work you”ve done this weekend.” There was no way he didn”t feel my cock against him. I was hard and it was caught between us in the hug I gave him. He set the stuff down he was working on and looked up at me. He put his arms around my waist and let me hold him for a moment before he let go and so did I. He nuzzled against me briefly in that moment, so I knew he appreciated the attention.

“I like helping you and Mrs. McNeil out. You make me feel good when I am here,” he said.

“Well, I”m glad to hear that Billy. I honestly can”t imagine the house without you around anymore. Every day I think about all of the stuff Jan and I had to do that you”ve taken on and save us the time and trouble.” He looked me deep in the eyes and didn”t reply. It seemed he was looking for something, but I still wasn”t sure what. “I just want to make sure you know I appreciate it,” I continued to tell him.

“I do, Mr. McNeil. I”ve felt almost like I fit in this weekend.”

I patted his ass and told him he did indeed fit in here. I didn”t want to push too much at once. Hell, really I did want to push it, but there were so many people around and I still didn”t get a vibe that Billy knew what he wanted. But I did want to push him to his knees at that moment. I knew I needed to have some restraint though. Pushing him wouldn”t work, unlike with Danny. All Danny had needed was to be pushed. A spanking had sent him over the edge. I knew deep down that although I wanted to do that to Billy, such an event wouldn”t likely happen.


We finally got back to the house. I didn”t jump Tim in any more dressing rooms and I didn”t pat his ass while walking through the mall. Well, not much anyway. I did a couple times, but I don”t think anyone saw anything. Tim was wildly looking around to see if anyone was paying attention. I did it more to freak him out than anything. I had slapped his ass in the kitchen in front of Danny and told Tim to clean his hole up, I wanted it clean for later. I saw him blush but he didn”t say anything. Danny grinned and I headed to the living room. A game was playing and Dad and Uncle Dave were sitting there. I plopped myself down on a sofa and soon was thinking of stuff and my mind wandered from the game.

I had clearly made Tim my little slut this weekend. I don”t think he realized just how much he wanted to get fucked until he begged for it. After that he had only put up minimal fight when I showed him I would use his tight hole wherever and whenever I wanted to use it. He had slipped into that zone where he seemed to know he was now my fuck toy and saying no wasn”t an option, nor was it something he wanted either. He knew now he wanted it and loved it. I”m sure his mind was going a million miles an hour but he would adjust to it. After all those guys at the party had used his mouth, Tim had sort of adjusted to the idea that he was my toy and I would do what I wanted with him, this weekend had just reinforced that certainty for both of us I was guessing.

Hell, MY mind was going pretty damn fast too. I had claimed that ass and now I bet the limits were off on what I could try with him.  He had been so eager to please from the start what with going for hair removal, following workout suggestions, sucking cock; just seemed that whatever I put out there, he would jump to it. I needed to think about where I was going to take him, what I wanted as an end goal. If I kept him focused he would do whatever I wanted, at least so far he had. Just made me hard and horny thinking about it.

I”d created that smooth body, made that ass look real nice�what else did I want from that boy? Tits? I knew I wanted bigger pecs, but did that mean tits? Nah, tits would look funny on him right? Besides, I could find tits on any number of girls�still; there is a fine line between big pecs and tits. I wanted a look somewhere in between, some puffiness but a good muscle structure. Could that be done? I would need to check his chest workouts and see what I could do to get his development a little more focused. I might look into having him pump up those nipples too. I still thought Johnson”s wife was fucking hot with those big nipples and her areolas. I wonder what Timmy would think if I had him get those areolas tattooed on? That would humiliate the hell out of him for a while with the swim team.

I”d let him keep his crotch hair, so far. Did that need removing too? He had kept it pretty short. I didn”t really notice it, another thing to think about. How smooth did I want him? Now, his face; that could be fun. Get his facial hair reduced. That would keep him from growing that little goatee back. I wasn”t going to have that again. There”s a good idea, I told myself. Get him to have that hair removal on his face, take that opportunity away so it isn”t even a possibility. I liked that thought. He”d waxed it for the Halloween party, so he could be convinced.

I thought about the fags at the farm. What features did they have that got my mind spinning. There was Bailey of course. He had a cunt instead of a dick. Nah, I didn”t need a cunt on my boy. The thought made me laugh. Timmy with a real pussy. I actually didn”t mind his dick. I never paid it any attention but he came all the time. No maintenance necessary there. I know Dad had locked Danny down and several other fags at the farm were locked up in a variety of devices. I really didn”t have a problem with letting Timmy get hard or cum. If I put him in chastity or locked it down it would require all sorts of milking and constant observation. Easier to let it be and he would cum when I used him. It was an easy way to remind him of my control because all I needed to do was talk him through an ejaculation and he developed the realization I controlled it anyway.

Although I appreciated the sissies, like Danny, or that crazy one Stacey, I had no interest in making my jockboy too girly. I liked the fact he was mostly boy. Nails or super long hair were out. I wanted some hair on the head so I could grab a hold of it when I needed leverage on his body, but nothing over shoulder length I didn”t think. Hmmm, I was trying to imagine him with a ponytail, or a man-bun. Possibly. I”d have to see how the hair growing went. I knew he would want to cut it soon when swimming season started up, but I wasn”t going to let him. I know that meant he would have to tuck all of it up in one of those swim caps but that wasn”t my problem, he”d adjust. Would earrings be too sissy? He didn”t have any piercings. I couldn”t see much point in that. If he wanted to do that I would leave it up to him at this point. No tit rings though, I wanted them big, but didn”t see the point in the rings. Wasn”t going to pierce his dick either, that would just draw attention to it and I was happy with him learning it didn”t need my attention. His holes would be getting plenty of my attention.

“Hey, didn”t you hear me?” Dad interrupted my thoughts.

“What?” I responded.

“Earth to Ian, where you at? What I asked you was, how does it feel to have your own faggot?”

Dad had a huge grin on his face. I looked around to see who else was nearby and I didn”t see Dave any more. I must have really zoned out. I relaxed and grinned back at Dad.

“You figured it out?” I asked back

“Well I wasn”t sure,” he said. “I thought at first there was no way you had found a way into that boy”s hole, but I heard you fucking him this morning. The doors let some sound through you know.” He added.

“Oh. Sorry about that,” I told him. “I hadn”t realized we were making that much noise.”

“No worries. Just letting you know. Others will hear that too if they are around, but I don”t think they were this morning. You care if your Mom hears you?”

“Not really, but I should tell her I guess at some point.”

“So, you gay, like Danny?” Dad asked.

I grinned, “no way. I don”t have any interest in sucking dick or letting any fag fuck me,” I told him. “But after Danny, I kinda missed having a ready fuck around. I decided to get Tim to be my boy. It was, well you know, it was a challenge. He seemed to be kinda easy to convince on certain things, so I thought I would put my skills at convincing people to work and see if I could break him down.”

“How long you been fucking him,” Dad asked.

“Since last night,” I answered.

“No way. You fucked him for the first time here at Thanksgiving?”

“Yep, took his cherry upstairs,” I told him with pride. “He”d never been fucked until last night. He”s been sucking me off for a while now, but he needed more convincing that he wanted to give up that ass before finally giving in last night.

“Holy cow” Dad said pendik escort grinning again. “What are you gonna do now? I mean, the challenge part is over. You gonna get rid of him?”

I thought about that point for a couple seconds. “No, definitely not,” I said. “I”ve worked pretty hard to get him to this point. I kinda enjoyed watching everything he did to eventually get it through his head that he needed to get fucked. I”m looking forward to having him around for a while. I like the sex.”

“Okay, I get that part. I never thought I would say that,” Dad started thinking too, “but yeah, I get how nice it is to have a fag who wants it around. You still going to fuck women too?” he continued.

“I don”t see a reason to stop,” I told him. “Part of the reason I started working on him was how dry it had been with the girls. If that happens again, I”ll have him around to reduce that itch for fucking.”

“Remember, Ian. You”ve made him your bitch. You have�”

“Yeah, yeah, I know, Dad. I have some responsibility for turning him out. I get that. Johnson said the same thing.”

“And you think you can handle that?” he asked.

I just grinned again. “Well you raised me,” I told him. “I got responsibility drilled into my head, remember?” He did laugh at that. “I was just now thinking about what”s next. What did I want to do with him now?” I filled in Dad briefly of how it had gone down and what I had already gotten him to do when I suggested it.

“You did fuck with him,” Dad said still smiling. “Now that sounds like the Ian I know. I”m surprised it took him so long to beg you to take his cherry.”

“Right? I wasn”t going to push it and when it happened, I wasn”t going to let it slide by either. That”s why we were busy this morning. I don”t want him thinking that after he did it once, that it was only going to be one time. No, I know enough to make it mine once it has been put out there. But I do have a lot still that I want to do. I want him to get to where he just is a real fag for me, where he does a lot more than put out when I want it.”

“He”s not very sissy looking,” Dad commented.

“I”m good with that,” I told him. “I like that I took a swim jock and turned him out. I don”t think I want a sissy hanging with me. I mean nothing wrong with sissies, Dad, I know that”s your thing, but I kinda like having a jock to hang with and not draw all that attention. But yeah, I was thinking about that stuff, everything you did with Danny. I”m definitely going to get him to where he will take everything that comes out of my cock. I `d love to see him drinking my piss.”

“Man, I have to say that is really hot, watching Danny drink that up.” He paused and seemed to be thinking. “You going to lock his dick up? That”s one sure fire way to train him, he”ll learn quickly that he doesn”t get off without you.”

“I don”t think so, not right now anyway. He”s learned I will use some physical punishment if he doesn”t do as I want so I think he”s good with that. I don”t let him play with it at all when he”s with me. Frankly, he seems to be okay with that. He already cums without touching his dick. In fact, he cums just sucking my dick if I tell him to, so whether he knows it or not, I already control that thing. It doesn”t bother me that it”s hard.” I guessed that these were differences between Dad and me.

“Well, I can”t tell you how to manage your fag, those wouldn”t be my choices, but I do like those femme boys. I prefer to keep them as girly as possible. “

“I know Dad.”

“I will say that Timmy has the roundest ass I”ve seen on a guy. Hard to miss that thing as he walks around.”

“Yeah,” I smiled, knowing I had helped make that ass the way it is. “He”s been working on it since school started. I also have him working on his pecs. I do want him to have some big pecs. I”m not interested so much in other parts of him getting big, just that ass and his tits.”

“You a boob man?”

“I never thought of myself that way. I always liked the ass on a girl, but now that my girl has an ass, kinda makes me wonder what he”d look like with some bigger tits.” Dad laughed. I know it sounded funny, but hey, what could I do about it? I had already said it. “I wouldn”t mind being able to titty fuck him. I”ll just have to see what his look like as they get bigger,” I admitted. “I”m looking for definition and keeping him thin. If they get bigger as a result, then I”ll be happy.”

“I”d say you know what you want, then Ian. I hope he puts out regularly. You going to keep looking for a girl to start a family with?”

“Dad, really? I”ve told you before, no kids until I”m ready. I”m not even thinking marriage and kids at this point. Don”t start in on me. The trip I”m getting with power over Timmy is good enough right now. I want to see what I can do with him, see how much I can get him to do for me. I”m on overload right now thinking of all the things I want to do. I can”t imagine doing anything with a girl right now except getting some pussy.”

“Well don”t shut yourself off to it. I can tell you kids are very rewarding too.” I grinned at that thought. Right, just what I wanted, kids.

Uncle Dave came back into the room so I shut down the conversation. I had no interest in chatting about this with Dave really. The less he knew at the moment the better, I figured.


I deserved it I guess. I was completely embarrassed. Ian had slapped my ass and told me to clean it up for him for later. Danny had smiled real big and Ian left as my face burned with the humiliation of his family knowing he was going to fuck me later.

“You better get that pussy clean,” Danny teased. “Don”t want to have a shitty hole for your boyfriend.”

“Shhhh,” I hushed at him. “I don”t need it broadcast all around, okay?”

“HA! If you think that won”t be on the local six o”clock news, you aren”t thinking right,” Danny said. “It”s pretty obvious he”s poking at that hole. You better be ready.”

“What do you mean? How do I clean my hole?”

“Enema,” he said.

“Enema? I”ve never had an enema. I don”t even know how I”m supposed to do that.” I didn”t either. Didn”t that involve a water bottle? Where would I get one of those?

“Seriously? How did you get cleaned up when he first started fucking you?”

I blushed again. Now I was going to have to admit that last night was the first time. “Last night was the first time he fucked me,” I said quietly. “He”d never done that before. He made me beg for it before he did it.” Danny got this huge smile on his face.

“Here? Last Night? Wow, Ian is pretty bold. I figured you were already getting fucked regularly. Hard to imagine you were upstairs him taking your cherry with my parents just around the corner from your room.” He laughed. “Come on,” he said, “let”s go downstairs, Bailey and I can show you how to clean yourself up. After that though, you are on your own.”

I looked around to see if anyone was watching then I followed Danny down the stairs. Bailey was sitting with his shirt off on a sofa. It looked like a whole other living room set up down there. One of the sofas had been pulled out into a bed that the guys had been using.

“Bailey. Guess what? Timmy lost his virginity last night upstairs!”

Bailey jumped up off the sofa. He was a tall skinny kid. He had short reddish hair and slim build. There was no fat on him and he wasn”t very muscular at all. “No, are you serious? Hahahaha. That”s so funny.”

“Why do you guys think that is so funny?”

Danny was grinning. “Because Ian brought you home and busted your ass open, gave you a pussy here at home. I love it. Come on Bailey, we need to teach him how to keep his new pussy clean.”

“Ooooo, yes, you need to learn that. Ian will be filling it up all the time. You want to always be ready for that dick.”

They pushed me into the bathroom down there.

“Okay, off with the clothes,” Danny told me.

“What? Why?”

“We need to show you how to work the enema hose. Why else?”

“Well, I don”t know, it just seems weird to be naked with you. I mean, I”m going to be naked and you have your clothes on.”

“Oh, I see, you want to catch a look at us. Maybe you aren”t as much a total bottom as I thought.”

I didn”t know what to say. I hadn”t meant it to come out like that. I don”t think I wanted to see them naked. They were guys. I didn”t want to look at naked guys. Danny looked at me. “What do I have to do,” I said.

“Take your clothes off,” Danny repeated. I sighed and began taking them off. I pulled my shirt off and Bailey oohed and aahhed.

“Oh, wow, you have a nice chest,” he said. “Look at your big pecs.” I looked at them but didn”t think they were that big. Ian”s were in better shape than mine I thought. Then I unzipped my pants and started to pull them off. Danny was staring at me hard.

“His butt is in better shape than his chest,” Danny announced. “Come on, get the underwear off.”

I pulled my underwear until they slid down my legs. I stepped out of them and covered my dick with my hands. I stood naked in the bathroom with 2 fags. I had never intended to spend the weekend with fags and I sure as hell didn”t plan to be naked with them. No telling what they were thinking. Bailey moved forward and ran his hand over my abs.

“Wow, you are smooth. Have you always been smooth?” he asked.

I tried to step back from him but there wasn”t really anyplace to go in the bathroom. Danny ran his hand on my back.

“Look at his ass. He has a really nice shape. I bet he can fuck good with that ass pumping power.”

“I felt myself blush. “Guys, come on. I”m not interested in you. I don”t fuck other guys.”

“Oh that”s right,” Danny said. “You are the one getting fucked. How could I forget? So you”ve never fucked a guy? Really? You really have only been with 1 guy and he just took your cherry?”

“Yes, I”ve never done anything with a guy until Ian.”

“You”ve got two boys here. You can do something with us if you want,” Danny told me again. Running his hands over me.”

“Do you think he would?” Bailey asked as he began running his hands over me too.

“Stop it, please.” I still had my hands over my dick but they were beginning to bug me, all the touching. I didn”t want to be touched by them. It made me feel weird to be touched by two, well two fags. Thankfully they stopped touching me when I told them to.

“Okay,” Bailey began, “this is an enema hose. “Its called lots of stuff on the web, but pay attention so you aydınlı escort can find one and hook it up to your shower.” I looked at the connection but thought; no way can I do that at the frat. If this hose was permanently attached to a shower there, all the guys would freak out about what it was or worse, they would know who had hooked it up.

“Well, what do I do with it?” I asked stupidly. I already knew but I didn”t want to do this.

“Bend over,” Danny asid bluntly.

“No way. If I bend over you guys are gonna try to fuck me.” I wasn”t stupid; I knew what gay guys wanted. They wanted to fuck other guys. Geez, I couldn”t believe I had found myself in this situation. Instead of getting mad, both of them burst out laughing.

“Really? Didn”t Ian tell you anything about us?” Danny asked. “Are you that oblivious?”

“What do you mean?” I asked. I didn”t even know Ian had a brother, let alone that he was gay or that he had a bunch of really gay friends.” They laughed harder.

“Sorry,” Bailey started to say as he tried to stop laughing, “sorry, I guess it isn”t funny if it is you.” He handed me the enema hose. “Danny take off your clothes. Show him why we are laughing.”

Danny looked over his shoulder and then walked over and shut the bathroom door. “Okay, Timmy, here is why we are laughing at what you said.”

He pulled his shirt off and I noticed how huge his nipples were. He wasn”t muscular at all. He was thin and short, he had a pretty big butt that I admit I stared at a bit too long and he had those HUGE nipples. He pulled his pants off and I could barely make out his dick. It looked like it was tucked between his legs. I just kinda looked at his crotch. Where were his nuts? Where was his dick?

“Look,” he told me as he turned around and bent over. He spread his ass cheeks and showed me his ass. He had a huge asshole. I mean, he had a big entry to his hole. I mean, fuck me; he had a slit really. When I had last paid attention to my own hole, it was small and tight. Danny”s was clearly not tight and looked frankly like a pussy. No wonder he called it that. Then I noticed what he was bending over to show me. His dick was pulled tight between his legs and was joined by rings to that space between his hole and his nuts. The rings had no visible way to unhook them. They looked joined, I mean like permanently joined.

“Where are your nuts?” I asked. It was the first question that came out of my mouth. All these other thoughts took a back seat to me wondering where his balls were. Of course he laughed. Everyone seemed to laugh when I asked questions here.

He stood up and turned around. He reached above where his cock was and pushed on his abdomen and his balls came down and filled up his sack. There wasn”t much there. I looked for a minute it seemed. “Doesn”t that hurt?” I asked.

“What part?” he replied. “My nuts or my piercings?”

“I don”t know,” I honestly told him. “How do your balls stay up inside you?”

“Well, if they don”t stay up inside me they are mashed a lot when I wear underwear or panties. It is much easier and a lot less painful if I just push them up inside me and forget about them. It isn”t like I use them for anything since my dicklet is locked down to my taint,” he said. I wondered what that did to his balls but I guessed it didn”t make a difference in his case.

“Why don”t you just undo the rings?” I wondered aloud

“I don”t have the key to unlock the rings,” he replied. “I wish I could sometimes, but I don”t so I make it as painless as possible. It doesn”t hurt most days.” Frankly I thought it looked really�fuck me, it looked kinda hot. I wondered what he got out of it. I mean, what did he find enjoyable in order to do that.

“So, why did you do that?” I had to hear his answer. Why would anyone pierce their dick and then lock it to a piercing in their taint, as he called it. Of course when I asked they both laughed again. I was beginning to wonder if I was a comedian, at all the things pole laughed at that I said.

“I didn”t do it,” he told me, “it was done by my boyfriend at the time. He wanted me locked down so I didn”t touch my dick.

“Does Ian know your dick is locked down?”

“Of course. How ignorant are you, Timmy?”


Holy crap, this guy was oblivious. I couldn”t believe he was so na�ve. He seemed to know nothing. Did Ian really take this guy from the swim team and turn him into his personal fag? Didn”t Ian bother to tell him about me, or about the family?

“Are you getting hard?” I asked him. My god, he may be getting fucked by Ian but I think he saw me and started to get hard. It was so funny I burst out laughing again. He blushed and I swear he chubbed even more.

“No, I”m not getting hard. I”m sorry. I didn”t mean to stare, just never seen anything” he pointed at me and then said “that.”

“Bailey, why don”t you take your pants off?”

“Are you sure, Danny? I”m don”t think this is the best idea,” Bailey responded.

“Yeah, I think it should be fun,” I told him. “Come on, let”s have some fun with Timmy.” Bailey unbuttoned his pants and then began wiggling out of them. They slid down to his feet and he stepped out of them. Then he grabbed the waist of his panties, and they were definitely panties today, and pulled them down quickly. He stood there naked, his pussy glowing nicely, as if he were already wet and hot from the bathroom fun. If nothing else this was going to be fun shocking Timmy.

“What the…you”ve got a vagina. How�how did that happen?”

Bailey slid one hand down his tummy towards his pussy, His tongue ran around his lips and he slowly slid a finger inside it. He let out an extra gasp as he did it and I swear Timmy”s dick jumped a little and it continued to get bigger.

“Look, he IS getting hard,” I exclaimed. “He”s got a decent dick. I bet he”d love to fuck you, Bailey.”

“No, no. I don”t want to fuck her�I mean him. Whatever. I can”t.”

“Looks like you could. Your dick is hard,” I told him. He glanced down to see his dick, as if he didn”t know when it was hard or not.

“No, I”m cant have sex with anyone but Ian. I mean, I have to ask first. Please don”t make me do anything.”

“See, I told you,” said Bailey. “We shouldn”t be teasing him. Last thing I want to see is Ian mad,” he added. He was right of course; Ian mad was not a good thing. Okay, fine, I thought, enough teasing of the new fag. Let”s get him cleaned out and on her way.

“Oh, fine. I got a reaction I wanted anyway. So, Timmy, now that you know we can”t fuck you if you bend over, will you please turn around and do that so I can stick this up your butt and get you hosed out?”

“Uhhhh,” he just looked at me, then Bailey. I started to put on my clothes so he didn”t get any more distracted. Bailey followed suit and we had out pants back on in no time. “You don”t think Ian is going to make me get a pussy do you? Or lock my dick up? I don”t think I can do that. I don”t want a pussy.”

Oh, geezus, maybe I had underestimated his freak out factor. Maybe he really was new to all of this like he said and wasn”t pretending. “I highly doubt that Ian will make you get a pussy,” I told him. “Bailey got one because HE wanted one.”

“That”s right,” Bailey added rolling his eyes. “Come on, let”s get this started. He put his hands on Timmy and turned him around. His dick seemed to be deflating a little after it had gone to full mast looking at Bailey”s prize.

He let us show him how the hose worked, how to get a little water flowing without having a big stream. When he bent over we got a look at his developing pussy. “Wow, yeah, it looks like something big has been exploring here,” I said aloud.

“What do you mean?” He reached around behind and felt his hole. “It”s huge, isn”t it? Does it ever go back to normal?”

We both laughed at him. “You just saw mine,” I said. “That is your new normal. It will stay that way as long as Ian keeps using it. Once it has been broken in, it will always be ready for a man”s cock.” He kept feeling it. Bailey began running some water over his ass as he felt his new slit. As he was doing it, Timmy”s clenching must have loosened and some of what was clearly Ian”s cum dribbled out.

“You see that?” Bailey exclaimed. “Some of his man”s cum didn”t get absorbed fully. It”s leaking out,” we were cracking ourselves up. Timmy clenched his hole and stood up immediately. “Whoa, boy. Bend back over. We need to get it clean remember? What do you think we are cleaning out?”

He bent back over again and Bailey began to insert the nozzle slowly.

“Holy shit, I can feel the warm water.”

“Well don”t let it explode out. When you feel full tell me and I will pull it out, but you have to clench your hole. If you think we want to get covered in anything you”re wrong,” I told him.

“Okay, okay. I feel full,” he said quickly.

“Nah, can”t be full yet,” Bailey told him. “Just stay there and let me put more in.” I felt his tummy with my hand to see if he was distending yet.

“Ooohhhh, god, I feel full”

“Stop whining,” I said.  “Okay, Bailey, she says she”s had enough, pull it out. Now you hold it in there Timmy. Wait a little bit in that position. Wait until you feel it is too much then go empty in the toilet. We”ll repeat it until the water that comes out is totally clean.”

We repeated the process and on the 4th fill-up, he said it was clean. “Stay there and let it all drain. You don”t want any surprises later,” I told him. “This is one thing you can”t screw up on. What if your man is fucking you and all this water comes flowing out?”

“Ugh, I don”t want to think about it,” Timmy said. “Do I have to do this every time? I didn”t do it last night.”

“Clearly not every time, you”ll figure it out. Remember, for Ian, this isn”t your shitter, it”s your cunt. You always want to be ready for him to fuck you. Both of you want it or you wouldn”t have done it last night. I just can”t believe you haven”t done anything before,” I told him. “He left you to us to educate you. So like a Man.”

“No kidding, Bailey interjected. “They don”t care about the details but you better have it ready when they are.”

“Omygod,” Timmy said. “He fucked me today at the mall in some changing room. Does he always do stuff like that?”

We talked a good long time after Timmy got dressed again. Bailey and I told him plenty. Probably more than he wanted to know. About us, about men, about being a submissive fag. I think his head was on overload when he left saying he had to go nap, he was tired and had a headache. Too bad for you, I told him, a headache isn”t going to do anything to slow down Ian. Bailey and I laughed at the joke but I don”t think Timmy got it at all.

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