Subject: Jamie and Uncle George 31 Can you imagine life without Nifty? Please show your support with contributions to keep the Archive online. You can find out how fty/donate.html This story is completely fictional. It contains descriptions of sexual interactions between a teenager, his uncle and other males. Comments always welcome at ail JAMIE AND UNCLE GEORGE Chapter 31 Jamie was a good athlete and often volunteered when Monsieur Charles, the gym instructor, asked for a boy to help demonstrate a move. Today Jamie was in a horny mood. He hadn’t put on his jockstrap when changing and he was hoping for the chance to let his instructor see more of his body than normal. Jamie was working out on the rowing machine when he noticed Monsieur Charles approaching. He quickly paused to pull his shorts up high enough to reveal his hairless balls and then went back to work. Jamie deliberately avoided looking at the man as he stood over him but his little cock stiffened as seconds passed and nothing was said. He knew the man could see his balls and the outline of his erection. Finally Monsieur Charles spoke. “You’ve got a good rhythm going there but there is one problem.” He knelt down beside Jamie and said in a quiet voice, “You’re not wearing your jockstrap.” James took his hands from the oars and looked at the man. “No, sir.” He paused and pulled at his shorts, hiding his balls but showing the clear outline of his stiff boy-cock. “I must have left it at home.” The gym instructor’s eyes opened wide at the shameless display. “Are you going to take me to your office and punish me?” said Jamie while trying to look innocent. Monsieur Charles’ mind was spinning but a commotion from the other end of the gym grabbed his attention. “I’ll speak to you later, Jamie,” he said before heading off to sort out the problem. To Jamie’s surprise and disappointment, the gym instructor didn’t come into the changing room at the end of the lesson. So Jamie knocked on the office door as his classmates went off for lunch. “Come in.” The deep voice of Monsieur Charles invited Jamie to enter. “Oh, it’s you,” said the man. “You wanted to have a word with me, sir,” said Jamie. “About my problem,” he added. kocaeli escort bayan “Yes, your behaviour earlier was inappropriate,” began Monsieur Charles. “But I’ve seen you looking at me in the changing room, sir. I know you like me. And this gets stiff when I look at you,” said Jamie, giving his cock a squeeze. “Ahem.” The man cleared his throat as he tried to work out how to respond. “Please sir. I think you should start by spanking my bare bottom.” Monsieur Charles stood up. “I need time to think…and you need to join the others for lunch. What classes do you have this afternoon?” “Maths, Italian and then finally English,” replied Jamie. “Is Mr Howe your English teacher?” asked the man. Jamie confirmed that this was the case. “He’s a friend of mine. I’ll have a word with him during the lunch break. You get off now.” “Yes sir,” said Jamie with a big smile. *** The first two lessons of the afternoon were over and Jamie was wondering when Monsieur Charles would come and see him. As he entered the English class, Mr Howe pulled him aside. He spoke in a quiet voice so that the other pupils wouldn’t hear as he told Jamie that he was to report at once to the gym instructor’s office. “Yes, sir,” Jamie said, trying to keep a straight face. Jamie almost ran all the way to the gym. He slowed down as he approached the office, knocked on the door and stepped inside. “I’m glad you haven’t changed your mind but we don’t have much time,” said Monsieur Charles as he waved Jamie into his office. He went over, locked the door and turned back to face the boy. “You suggested a bare bottom spanking this morning so I think you’d better take your clothes off.” Jamie looked up at the 42 year old man and smiled as he quickly undressed. His cock was rock hard before he took his briefs off. Jamie stood with his legs slightly apart and his hands behind his back and said, “Where do you want me, sir?” Monsieur Charles stood up and carried his chair round to the front of his desk. He sat down and said, “Over my knees.” Jamie quickly bent over the man’s knees. Monsieur Charles ran his hands over the smooth, rounded buttocks and then felt underneath for Jamie’s cock. He grabbed hold of it and pulled kocaeli sınırsız escort it back, leaving it pressed against the side of his legs. The man then started spanking Jamie. He didn’t use much force so it didn’t really hurt. However after six strokes, the buttocks were beginning to turn pink and Monsieur Charles paused. “Is that sufficient punishment, do you think?” “No sir,” replied Jamie. “I think you should force me to suck your cock and then fuck me.” “You want to be fucked?” Monsieur Charles was hoping for a blowjob. He never imagined that the boy would go further than that. “Oh yes. I love being fucked,” said Jamie. “Please fuck me.” “I don’t think…” “You want to. I know you do. I can feel your hard cock under me,” said Jamie. “Please sir. It will be our secret.” Monsieur Charles decided it was worth the risk. The boy was obviously experienced and he was begging to be fucked. “Okay but it will have to be a quick one,” he said, helping Jamie to his feet. “Thank you, sir. I really need to be fucked and you won’t regret it,” said the boy. He watched closely as the gym instructor began to remove his clothes. As might be expected for a man of his age, Charles was very fit and had a muscular build. He was 180 cm (5 ft 11 in) tall and had brown hair with a touch of grey. Jamie gave a small smile as the man’s shirt came off revealing a hairy chest. The tracksuit bottoms were pushed down and Jamie could see that the strong legs and broad thighs were coated with thick hairs. However Jamie was disappointed when Charles pushed down his jock-strap to reveal a cock no more than 15 cm (6 inch) long and of average thickness. Jamie forced a smile before dropping to his knees in front of the man. Jamie sucked Monsieur Charles for several minutes, bringing moans of appreciation from the man. Then he looked up and said, “Are you ready to fuck me, sir?” “I don’t have any lubrication,” responded the gym instructor. Jamie didn’t know how the man felt about rimming. “Then just use saliva and your fingers to prepare me.” Jamie bent over the desk and Monsieur Charles did as Jamie suggested, spitting on the tiny pink hole and sucking his fingers. One then izmit anal yapan escort two fingers were used to open up the boy’s hole. “Okay, fuck me now,” said Jamie. Monsieur Charles cautiously lined his cockhead up with Jamie’s arsehole and pushed. James pushed back and the man’s cock entered easily. “Yeah, that’s it. Fuck me hard, sir,” Jamie urged. Monsieur Charles began to fuck the boy, going slowly at first and then thrusting faster and deeper. Jamie didn’t speak and after a few minutes the man grabbed him by the hair and pulled his head back. “Is this what you wanted, boy? To be fucked by a big man.” “Aye sir. I love it,” replied Jamie. He wanted to say that he preferred being fuck by a big cock but he knew that would be wrong. The fuck was okay though and he knew that it wouldn’t be long before he reached a climax. “Little slut,” Monsieur Charles muttered under his breath. He continued to fuck Jamie hard and fast. Then about five minutes later Jamie gasped and said, “I’m cumming!” His cum splashed against the edge of the desk. Monsieur Charles felt the boy’s arse muscles clench and unclench around his cock but didn’t alter his movements. He continued to fuck Jamie at the same hard, fast pace for another ten minutes before he grunted and spunked off inside the boy’s hole. The man held Jamie tightly savouring the moment. Suddenly the bell rang announcing the end of the final class. “You’d better get dressed quickly, boy. Hurry up!” Monsieur Charles quickly moved away and pulled on his own clothes. “And not a word about this to anyone.” “No sir,” said Jamie. He left the office with his face red, his hair a mess and his clothes crumpled as he rushed to meet Jean. “Where did you disappear to during the English lesson?” Jean asked as he waited with Jamie by the school gate. “Old Monsieur Charles punished me for not wearing a jock strap this morning. Apparently that was more important than English,” lied Jamie. “How did he punish you?” asked Jean. “I had to put away all the gym equipment, tidy the changing room and then sweep the floor of the gym. It was hard work,” said Jamie. “That explains why you look a mess,” responded Jean. “Here’s my mum. See you tomorrow!” Jamie smiled as he watched his friend leave. “If only you knew why I look like this,” he thought. He tucked his shirt neatly into his shorts, straightened up his tie and then used his fingers to tidy his hair a little. He finished just before Uncle George arrived to take him home. To be continued

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