Subject: Naval Tradition ch.1 Naval Tradition Bill Drake ([email protected]) WARNING: THE FOLLOWING IS FOR ADULTS ONLY. It is gay erotic fiction explicitly depicting sexual acts between male relatives. If that offends or disturbs you, read no further. If not, sit back, unzip, pull it out, and enjoy. Comments to [email protected] More of my stories available at the Authors page of Nifty archive, or at a Yahoo hoo/group/drakestories/ Naval Tradition Jim’s Story Spring Break 2004 Mexico wasn’t my idea. It was Spring Break and while I could party like the rest of them, this week I wanted to spend quality time with my dad. This first year at UVA had been great, but it was also tough being away from my family – my brothers and especially my father, who’d been my bedrock of support growing up after Mom’s death. So I wanted to be away from the Spring Break madness, especially considering that a few buddies of mine from the team would be staying at nearby resorts, and I wanted to take a full week to be away from school. But dad had vouchers for a free stay at this resort through some business connection. Career naval officer, last year (at the age of 48) Robert McGrath had retired from the service and gone into freelance systems consulting, where he could work at his own initiative and enjoy more free time. He was usually hesitant to talk about his work, but once he’d confided to me that my eighteenth birthday had been a revelation for him, making him realize he needed to slow down and enjoy life a little more. I knew that’s what this week meant for him, so I didn’t complain for one second as he told me the plans. So we were sitting mid flight from DC to the Yucatan. I barely made my connecting flight from Charlottesville, I’d been up drinking with the few buds in the dorm who had yet to take off. I was feeling and looking pretty hungover when Dad emerged from his connector from Norfolk. “Why don’t you take a nap, son?” he asked as the plane reached cruising altitude. “Looks like you could use one.” His smoky blue eyes bored into mine. I wouldn’t say Dad looked young for his age, but he was definitely well preserved. Full head of light brown hair, now flecked with speckles of silver, that he still kept cut navy-regulation short. A square jaw, high brow and a prominent Roman nose framed his handsome face that radiated the experience of his years yet his eyes and smile still hinted at a youthful playfulness always ready to break out from the gruff, naval officer exterior. I didn’t even bother to respond to the invitation, I just leaned my head on his shoulder and shut my eyes for a while. It felt comforting there, in those big cushy first class seats, feeling the warmth of Dad and using his firm delt muscle as my pillow. When I snapped out of my dozing state, I opened my eyes to the most marvelous sight. My father’s button-down plaid shirt had its top three buttons undone, and the flaps billowed out slightly, giving me a direct sightline down the hairy valley between his mountainous pecs. I’m not kidding, his chest is awe inspiring. 50 inches around, nearly spherical mounds of muscle that stick out from the shield of his torso like a shelf jutting forth just above the swell of his firm belly. And a dense forest of hair populating the whole expanse, coating every solid inch expect for the fat pink nipples which were the crowning glory. I couldn’t see those as I rest my head in the crook of my old man’s neck, but the furry swell of muscle was turning me on. Down, further, I soaked in the view of his powerful abdomen and his thighs spread slightly, quad muscle trapped in his jeans. And between them was the sizeable mound of his genitals, either he wasn’t wearing underwear either or else his boxers were paperthin, cause his giant nuts were clearly visible beneath the stalk of his full-sized meat. I sucked in a breath of steamy air and BAM! his scent filled my nostrils. Deep, clean, musky all at once. I can’t put it another way, Dad smelled like a Man should. I’d savored that odor my whole time growing up, every time he’d let me sit in his lap while doing the crossword or watching the game. Only now, it took on a deeper resonance. And made me hard. I shifted uncomfortably as my boner started to awaken under the narrow layer of my soccer shorts. I heard, no felt, a chuckle emerge deep from within Dad’s chest. “Looks like Slugger’s awake.” Dad had nicknames for all of us, mine was Slugger escort kocaeli or Jimbo. I looked up into his face as he stared into my eyes. Just then I felt his foot against my ankle. I wasn’t wearing socks, and I guess Dad wasn’t either. He’d taken off his loafers while I was napping and now ran his bare foot against the soft hairs on my shin. My dick responded appreciatively, seizing up into a full-throttle hardon. Shit, I wasn’t sure how I was going to make it through this flight. I knew I should break free of contact with Dad, it was just going to leave me with the most frustrating case of blue balls ever. But I couldn’t resist. Carefully, quietly, I used one sneaker to remove the other, freeing my bare foot to touch Dad’s. I remember the first time I kissed him, really met his lips with mine, like lovers. I now felt a hint of that same excitement as our toes caressed the others in the silence of the first class cabin. It was furtive, forbidden, and all the more exquisite for it. I wanted to kiss this man so bad. He knew it too, as he looked me deep in the eye and maneuvered his left hand right onto my crotch. I looked down. My cock’s real fat, a nice superwide seven incher literally as big around as a Coke bottle. Dad’s hand was big too, though, a wide paw with thick, muscular fingers that closed around the contour of my now excited prick. I shut my eyes and bit my lip to stifle a groan, but Dad didn’t ease up. Much as his left foot rubbed against my right, so did his hand jerk and squeeze my cock to maximum pleasure with minimum motion. I couldn’t believe he was going to jerk me off right there on the plane. Granted, no one would see unless they were right beside us, but we were hardly the only ones in first class. The inappropriateness what Dad was doing to me just drove me wilder in lust. Reaching up, I gripped the ball of bicep through his cotton shirt sleeve. In time to his rhythmic and vice-like grip on my dick, I held onto his massive arm with my own. We kept this up for a good ten minutes til I couldn’t take any more. I swear the cum stung in its heat and alkalinity as it pulsed through my surging pisstube. Dad just gripped tighter, right beneath the flare of the head, while I shot my jock seed into my shorts, soaking the fabric through in an obscene six-inch circle. “Better cover up, Slugger, the stuff takes a while to dry,” he whispered in my ear as he tossed a magazine in my lap. ******* We threw our bags down and our chests heaved as we sucked in the sea air. I immediately went to the balcony to take in the oceanview, then looked back at my Dad with a look that must have told all the excitement I held in me for the week ahead of us. “Tell me this wasn’t a great idea, Jimbo.” Already, Dad was unbuttoning his shirt and untucking it, letting his massive hairy chest out in full view. The silver and brown hairs swirled in a pattern all over the hard mass. The sight of that chest was always a pure aphrodisiac for me. “Hell, yeah, this place is great.” I stepped up toward him. He’s 5’11”, two inches shorter than me, but in my eyes his stature is towering, commanding. The way he stands there with his legs slightly spread, his hands on his hips, silently he speaks louder than any orders he could give. I strip my T-shirt off, savoring the appreciative widening of his eyes as he scans the length of my powerful, meaty torso. I’ve filled out a lot in the last eight months and was now in prime condition for the season’s start next week. I could tell that Dad saw the changes in my build, and that as we slowly circled around each other, inching closer, that he was noticing every inch and every detail of progress in my development. Finally, I could reach his chest, so my hands went forward and latched on. The skin was hot and dry, the hair scratchy. Dad’s strong hand wrapped around the nape of my neck and pulled me in, crashing our bodies together and sealing our half-parted mouths to one another. His lips were smooth and sensual and after hours, not to mention months of anticipation, the kiss sent shockwaves through my body, and I shivered in Dad’s grip. “Oh, my boy,” he muttered before his wide tongue slipped forth between my lips and claimed its territory. I clawed at every inch of hard chest muscle that I could, taking my time to caress the bulging flesh and tease the fat nipples, which I knew would drive the man crazy. Indeed, with each flick of my finger, he thrust his kocaeli anal yapan escort tongue in deeper, more urgently, and his fingers gripped the waistband of my shorts and stretched the elastic til it was useless in holding the material up on my waist. In no time, my wrist-thick hardon was leaking sap directly onto Dad’s hairy gut. I still couldn’t get over how nasty it was to make out with my father like that, man and son turning each other on with abandon. But as pleasurable as this was, I kept thinking of something more perverted, and knew that after hours sitting next to me on the plane Dad must be thinking the same thing. So I pulled back and waited for Dad to open his eyes again. Then I reached down and fumbled with his belt, slowly pulling it through the loops of his jeans. “Yeah, son, gonna unzip your daddy?” I took a sec to grip his hardon through the denim. Dad’s big, so I knew I wouldn’t be able to appreciate the full length while that cock was still trapped. I just enjoy getting Dad even more worked up, feeling his dick throb in my grasp. Hear him plea. “Come on, Jimbo, aw fucking let it out, boy. I know you want it. Want your daddy’s bone.” “Damn straight,” I reply, popping open the buttons on his jeans. “Aw fuck!” he cried as his boxers-encased cock popped in relief. “Man, Dad, you’re horny.” I teased as my fingers ran the length of his giant, cloth-covered ridge. His musky sap soaked through at the tip. “Jimbo, you don’t even know.” I pulled out the waistband and pushed it down til it hooked underneath his massive balls. Reaching down I cupped the orbs the size and shape of limes. His scrotum is incredibly hairy and the wiry pubes tickled my hand and stimulated his ball sac as I teased the round heft with my fingers. The long, hard stalk of his sonmaker batted my forearm several times, wetting it down in fresh fucklube. Dad’s face pressed up against mine and turned me up to meet his wet mouth. He kissed me with such passion I thought his cork was about to pop, but once again he pulled back huffing deep breaths of salty sea air. “Aw Jim… your dad needs his dick sucked. Bad.” “Yeah, Dad,” I croaked, tears of horniness welling up in my eyes. I sat down on the edge of the bed. “Yeah?” His chest heaved as he sucked in a deep breath. His cock jerked upward, fully rigid and ready. “I kept thinking the whole plane ride, wondering if you would still want to. It’s been a while.” “You kidding, Dad?” I leaned forward and kissed his erect cock, getting my forehead anointed in his special holy water in the process. “I missed you. I missed your dick.” I started licking the length of the shaft. It took a while for my tongue to reach the top. Robert McGrath topped ten inches of pure, fat naval officer cock, capped with a perfect ring of a foreskin, stretched back tight against the meaty shaft. I intended to take my time to enjoy it. “Besides,” I added when the tip of my tongue lost contact with his gaping, spasming pissslit, “this big tool made me, the least I can do is show it the proper respect.” Six months and I still knew how to push my father’s buttons. His cockhead flared up and the tip spritzed me with a spray of pre-ejaculate. I just sat still, my face inches from this incredible piece of manhood, proudly fixated on my father’s massive genitals and feeling the salty moisturizer landing on my face. This one was gonna be a big one. I decided to go in for the kill, no mercy this time. “How long’s it been, Dad?” I asked, giving his cockshaft another swipe or two of the tongue. The crowbar-hard manmeat was twitching against my lips now. “How long since you shot a load?” “A whole fucking week, Slugger. Saving it for you.” His hands were now on my shoulders, holding me down, pulling me in. His fingers clawed into my delt muscle like an eagle’s talons clinging to the cliff edge. Which I guess was what my father was doing in a way as I teased him right to the brink. I didn’t suck him. Instead I headed south to his meaty testicles drawn up in their glory. I licked the hairy nuts and tried without success to suck one ball after another into my oral cavity. They were just too big and the pull toward his shaft was just too strong. I settle for a nice, sloppy wet incest tonguebath. It was driving Dad crazy. “Mmmh, Dad… I can tell that load’s gonna be huge. These nuts are nice and swollen. Fucking meant to produce seed.” izmit yabancı escort For emphasis, I lapped at the firm-spongy gonads. “Damnit, son!” Dad growled, his voice cracking with urgency. “Yeah, dad, you shouldn’t save it all. These babies were meant to make McGrath sperm, spread it around. Your evolutionary duty…” “Think I should keep breeding, Jimbo? Four sons isn’t enough, huh?” Bingo. He was starting to get past the need to bust a nut right then and wanted to play along. I continued, using my bat-gripping, ball-throwing hands to stroke his engorged dick and massage his nutsac. “Hell no, Dad, not with these nuts. You’re goddamn perfection, Dad, gotta spread those perfect genes.” “Knock up some chick? Pick up some big-tit sorority girls while I’m down here and fuck ’em full of my jizz?” Another preview of clear fluid shot out onto the bridge of my nose. I rubbed it against the underside of his shaft, smearing the semi-viscous liquid. “Shit, yeah. And I wanna watch. Watch as you make me another brother.” “Yeah, you can watch, you perverted little shit. That’s all I am to you, huh? A walking cum factory?” “That and more dad.” “Only one problem Jimbo?” “What’s that Dad?” “These nuts don’t know what I’m fucking. Don’t know if it’s some college girl I’m banging or her fratjock boyfriend. These balls could be banging up against his musclebutt and churning their juice out just the same. Or maybe…” He stopped and looked down at me. “What Dad?” His hands left my shoulder, his left grabbing my head back and his right hefting his hardon. The stiff rod poked right through my parted lips. “Maybe when my dick touches something wet and warm, it won’t know it’s my own son’s mouth. Maybe I’ll fuck it like it’s some eager cunt.” With that his dick speared my throat. Went straight back, claimed every inch of my gullet. Then I felt Dad’s hand grasp the top of my head, holding me firm as slowly, he extracted his hard, dripping meat. Then his hips thrust and his rock-firm abdomen met my face and every one of those wide magnificent inches were once again buried deep down my throat. “Ungh! Take that you fucking pricktease. Take your daddy’s big, angry cock. I should have done this the minute we stepped off that plane. Taken you back to one of those empty bathroom stalls, pulled this fat fucker out and walked it right into your hot mouth.” He was really pounding my esophagus now. I’m not averse to rough sex, but the last time a guy tried this on me (it was a cocky rugby player from KA), my throat seized up and I gagged big time. Not now. Dad’s prick was pushing deep into me, fast and rough, raping and pummeling my mouth, and I was open and ready for him. On one downthrust he stopped still, holding himself entirely buried in me. “Damn, son, you’re taking that dick. Whole fucking thing. It made you, it’s your life now, boy. Feel those nuts? Big hairy dadnuts resting on your chin. Full of jizz for ya’. Turns you on too. You don’t have to tell me, boy, I can see it, feel it. The way you’re swallowing your daddy… oh shit, I can’t hold it any more, Jim, I gotta fuck this mouth. Gonna fuck my boy.” With that he began thrusting. Hard. I reached up and shucked down his jeans and boxers and felt the muscled, round ass flesh in my wide hands, felt it clench and shudder with each inward pounding trajectory. Tears were welling up in my eyes and I was getting faint of breath, but I didn’t mind. Each thrust of Dad’s dick made me feel whole. I wanted this bad. So did Dad. “Oh Slugger!” he cried out, grabbing every inch of hair and neck muscle he could. “I love you. Your daddy loves you.” And he shot. Even after a half-year absence, the taste was unmistakably Dad’s: salty and alkaline in even proportion, the bracing sting against the taste buds suited his utter virility. When his sperm sprayed in your mouth, you knew you were being taken, used. I almost cried as the memory of his seed came back to me, but I wasn’t prepared for the volume of jizz coming out. My oral cavity was filling full of the thick, potent liquid, only to be pushed down into my waiting esophagus by his steel-hard, thrusting cock. Throughout his nut, he was still fucking me with long, full strokes, shooting everywhere from the front of my palate to the very back, straight down into my stomach. There we locked together in that hotel room, me on the bed hunching down, my grip tight on his heaving buttocks. Him, legs apart, his hands shoving my head down to meet his frantic unloading cock. That monster orgasm went on for a full 45 seconds, and it took me another minute to swallow all of Dad’s muck filling my mouth and licking the sticky, salty seed off his cock. It was the perfect start of a perfect week.

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