Subject: Unusual Family Dynamics (incest) Please donate to Nifty at fty/donate.html. Your donations will allow stories such as this to be published. One Please don’t laugh. My name is Hale Hardy. My mother’s maiden name was Hale. My parents must have been some sort of sadists when they named me. They divorced when I was just shy of two years old. They were granted joint custody of their little rug rat on alternate weeks. Week after week I was shuttled back and forth between them. Fortunately, they lived close enough to each other that I was able to attend the same school. If I couldn’t attend the same school, my dad would only have had me weekends. I would have hated that. Actually, I resented being passed back and forth. I preferred to live with my father. My mother was a stern disciplinarian. Everything I did was subject to her criticism. Worse than that, she declared that most anything I did was a sin, and God would punish me. At first that frightened me, but when I realized these were empty threats, I paid no attention to her. On the flip side, my father, Dan, was easy going with me. Apparently, whatever I did met with his approval. He was constantly hugging me and telling me how much he loved me. My mother never so much as touched me, and for sure, she never told me she loved me. One day, when I was fifteen, I forgot to lock the bathroom door while I was whacking off. My mother caught me in the act. She raved and ranted for hours, and informed me that I was on the fast track to hell. How dumb is that? When I was with my dad, I heard him whack off all the time when he thought I was asleep. There was no way he was going to hell. That did it! I told both of them that I was tired of going back and forth like a shuttle flight, and I wanted to live with my father. Neither of them was surprised, and both of them were thrilled. My dad was thrilled to have me, and my mom was thrilled to get rid of her constantly sinning son. My dad was thirty-seven when I came to live with him full time. He was an even six feet tall, and extremely handsome and muscular. He worked out at a gym all the time, and now I would be able to accompany him. We weren’t shy with each other, and I saw him naked often. He was cut, hefty, and about four inches flaccid. I never had the pleasure of seeing him hard, but maybe now I would have the opportunity. I tell you his statistics because I know for a certainty that I’m gay, even though I’m still a virgin. I’m not going to tell you my stats because I am still developing, but I’m getting there. I’ll be fully mature in the very near future. The first night I took up full-time residence with him, my dad and I sat on the living room sofa watching television. All either of us had on were boxer shorts for him and jockey shorts for me. My dad put his arm around my shoulder and pulled me close. His arm went back and forth from my shoulder to softly caressing my arm. I loved it. Why didn’t he do that to me when I was a part-timer? Every so often, he leaned over and kissed my forehead and my cheek. I was in heaven. Without warning, he shut the TV. “I need to talk to you,” he said. “I love you to pieces, but I don’t want to have to change my living habits just because we’re living together.” “I wouldn’t want you to,” I said sincerely. “Please tell me what’s on your mind.” “I never felt like discussing this with you before, and I asked your mother not to, but now that you are almost an adult, I want to talk to you about the birds and the bees.” I burst out laughing. “Pops,” I said, “you’re way too late.” Now it was my dad’s turn to laugh. “Whatever you’re thinking, you can file it away in the fiction section of the library. What I’m going to tell you is the real world stuff.” My cock sprang to attention. “Tell me,” I pleaded. He pulled me even tighter to him. He was so handsome and he was nearly naked. My erection got so hard, it began to hurt. I could care less. “Do you know why your mother and I split up?” he asked. I shook my head. He kissed my cheek again. “Hale,” he said, “I’m gay. I knew from an early age that it was so, but I married hoping to forget my urges and live in the mainstream. It doesn’t work that way. You can’t turn your nature off and on like a light switch. I began to sleep with men that I met at the gym, and I finally had to ask your mother for a divorce.” Is there a word stronger than shock? I couldn’t find it in a Thesaurus. Is flabbergasted stronger than shocked? I don’t know. My macho dad had just admitted to me that he was gay, and I was beyond shocked or flabbergasted. How about stunned? “Why are you telling me now?” I asked. I really wanted to know his motive. “During the weeks when you weren’t with me, I went to the gym almost every evening after work. I exercised all right, but almost every time I was there, I made a contact, and I would bring him home. Hale, son, it would be impossible for me to live without male sex. I don’t want to change my habits, and I felt it was only fair to let you know. I’ll confine my activities to my bedroom, so you’ll still have the run of the apartment.” It took me a little while to get my brain back in my head. Finally, I said, “Dad, as long as we are making confessions, I need to tell you something.” “Of course.” “I’m gay also. I’m still a virgin, but it’s all I think about especially when I whack off.” My father looked as stunned as I was. “I never suspected,” he lamented. “Whatever happened to my gaydar?” “What happened to mine?” I countered. “You’ve given me quite a surprise.” “Same here.” We were silent for a long while, holding each other tightly. Finally, I asked, “Dad, if we were both straight, would you feel comfortable telling me how to make love to a woman?” “I suppose I might be uncomfortable and turn ten shades of red, but I would do it.” “Then please teach me how to make love to a man,” I begged him. Guess what? He actually turned ten shades of red. When he regained his senses, he said, “I have some very explicit DVDs. It’s too late now, but tomorrow night, I’ll play them for you and explain it all.” “Thanks, Dad. You’re the greatest.” ***** I couldn’t concentrate on a damn thing in school the next day. Then when I got home, I didn’t know what to do with myself until my dad would come home from work, so I set about making us dinner. I consulted a cook book, but everything was too complicated, and required ingredients I didn’t have, so I settled for steak and potatoes. A hundred times I wanted to whack off, but I restrained myself. What if I wanted to do it during the film? Better yet, what if my dad wanted to join me (wishful thinking!)? I thought he’d never get home. It was getting really late, and I was beginning to worry about him. I called him on his cell phone, but he didn’t answer. I left a short message and then I began to pace the floor. Finally, he called me. “Sorry son,” he said, “I stopped at the gym for a quick workout on my way home, and I met a friend, a fuck buddy. He’s coming home with me. I’ll introduce you, and then I’d appreciate if you made yourself scarce. The DVD and the lesson will have to wait for another day.” “Shit, Dad, you promised. Would you mind if I watched you?” “Tell you what. I’ll leave my door open and you can peek in, but be sure not to let him see you. I’ll leave on a night light so you’ll be able to see.” “Thanks, Dad. That’ll be better than any tape.” “OK, but I’m only doing this because I promised you and I love you. Feed yourself. Steve and I are going to grab a sandwich on the way home.” They were eating out and all I could think about was that there would be more delays. I was going crazy with anticipation. In spite of that, I was too edgy to eat anything. At last they came home. “Hale, this is my friend Steve,” Dad said. We shook hands and Steve said, “You’re fucking around with me, aren’t you, izmit rus escort Dan? This twink is too old to be your son, and you aren’t old enough to be his daddy. He’s your boy toy isn’t he?” “He’s my son, dammit. Now get your ass into my bedroom or I’ll kick you out.” I was surprised that Dad didn’t say that harshly. In fact, he said it with affection and with a smile on his face. It confused me. As they entered Dad’s bedroom, they both wished me a good night, and I heard Steve mumble, “Unbelievable”. My father did not disappoint me. He left his door slightly ajar. I shut off all the lights in the rest of the apartment and went into my room. I waited about five minutes and I slithered across the hall to Dad’s bedroom. I peeked in. He and Steve were naked. They both had very well endowed hard-ons, and they were climbing into bed. I grew faint. I managed to open the door a little wider without making any noise, and I had a very good view of my dad’s entire bed. The night light was just enough to allow me to make out the two bodies and figure out what they were doing. They fell head to toe on the bed, and started sucking each other’s dicks. My own hard-on was ripping at my Jockey shorts, so I removed them, and I was as naked as they were. Steve and Dad seemed lost in some rapturous other world. In spite of the fact that both their mouths were full, they were both purring and moaning. Suddenly they separated. “I’m cumming,” Steve informed my father. Dad got off the bed and opened the drawer in his nightstand. He removed condoms and lube. While he was doing that, Steve turned on his stomach. My dad put on a condom, and lubed it good. Then he added lube to Steve’s asshole. The sight of that had me whimpering and I had to put a palm over my mouth. My other palm was stroking my cock. My Dad entered Steve from the rear, doggie style. Steve gave out one little yelp, but when he was all the way in, my dad held still and I could see Steve relaxing his whole body. “God Dan,” he whispered, “you make me feel so good.” Dad came inside of Steve’s ass. He gave out one giant scream as his juices flowed into the condom. I had to wonder if he wanted me to hear his ecstasy. He lay still for quite a while, but he finally withdrew. He was flaccid and he threw the cum-filled condom on the floor. He was a neatnik and that surprised me. They both caught their breaths, and they prepared for Steve to fuck Dad. My dad was flat on his back and Steve fucked him missionary style. Steve screamed even louder than my father had when he came. They lay still for a while and then they got out of bed. Dad picked up the soaking wet condom that he had thrown on the floor. Steve’s condom was still firmly caressing his cock. They went into the bathroom and cleaned up. When that was done, they climbed into bed and wrapped themselves up. Apparently Steve intended to spend the night. Even at fifteen I knew that was a sign that they were more than fuck buddies. For a split second I got jealous, but I got over that soon enough. I wanted my father to be happy, and Steve seemed like a really nice guy.. In the wee hours of the morning, I woke up. Someone had climbed into my bed. “Shh,” I heard Steve say. “Hale, your dad and I are madly in love. I’m moving in with you guys at the end of the month. That’s why he came out to you. He needed for you to know about me and him. He told me that you’re a virgin, and he wanted your first experience to be a very good one, so he’s lending me out to take your virginity.” I was brutally honest. “I wanted my father to do it, but since you’re going to be my dad too, I’m very happy.” Steve repeated everything he and Dad had done, and added a few minutes of rimming me, so when my turn came, I rimmed him also. We used condoms, but he promised me that after he and Dad were tested, we could throw them away until I became sexually active. My time with Steve far exceeded my fantasies. After I came, I lay still, unable to move. Steve slid out of my bed and returned to my father’s. Fuck that shit. I followed him and climbed into my dad’s bed pushing my way between them. We were all naked. Dad smiled at me and both men wrapped their arms around me. I could feel hard cocks pushing against my body, and I fell into a deep and contented sleep. I could actually hear my mother raving and ranting, accusing me of unspeakable sins. I sure as hell didn’t care. After Steve moved in my father’s reticence dissolved, and we had three-way sex often. When I graduated and went off to college, they had to be contented with each other. That was not a stretch for them. I drove myself to the university upstate. When he kissed me goodbye, Dad said, “Find your own dream man, and we’ll welcome him into the family. Did Dad mean the four of us would have sex together? I could only wonder. Two I really wanted to go to a college or university in NY City, but my dads were adamant about my going to one out of town. “We want to cut the apron string, and we want you to make a life of your own. It’s our wish that you find your soul mate. You can’t depend on us for a sex life anymore. Do you understand?” my father asked. I did understand, and they were right, of course. I wanted to keep their expenses down, so I zeroed in on State Colleges. I decided on The University of Buffalo. They wanted me to fly out of the nest, and Buffalo was at the opposite end of the state. It was also a short ride to Toronto, which I heard was a swinging city for young gays. I made sure to get a passport and be ready for an excursion to Canada. As reluctant as I was to fly out of the nest at first, I began to look forward to my departure. It was to be an adventure and a new chapter in my life. My dads bought me a low-mileage used car as a high school graduation gift. They wanted one of them to drive to the university with me, but I told them I wanted to drive up myself to show and assert my independence. As worried sick as they were, they consented. With the help of the navigation system on my smart phone, I found my dorm without any difficulty. Unfortunately, there was no place to park. A friendly student directed me to the student parking lot. I decided I’d have to bring in my stuff a little at a time. I had wisely packed a small shopping cart, which I intended to use for trips to the laundry room as well as for shopping. I found the cart among the rubble in my fully packed trunk, and filled it up with my first load of needful things. I figured I’d have to make at least eight trips to get everything unloaded. I did it in six without any help. Student housing had two, three and four-bed units. I was fortunate to get a two-bed dorm room. I’d only have to put up with one other person, and if he turned out to be gay, consider the possibilities. Unfortunately, my roommate was as straight as a taut wire. He lived in Rochester, NY, and went home every weekend to be with his girlfriend. He confided in me that she wanted more sex than he did. That left me with a weekend palace, should I be lucky enough to “entertain.” Actually, I was pre-med and I had little time for outside activities other than my studies. Even so, I scoped out a gay bar in downtown Buffalo and I went there one Friday evening after I had been in Buffalo for three weeks. My dads had always told me that I was a handsome hunk. Since they were my only sexual contacts, I was unprepared for what happened at the bar. So many guys hit on me, that I was almost dazed. I was attracted to one of them, and after a short conversation and a couple of drinks (cokes unfortunately), I drove him back to my temporarily private dorm room. He was a student at the university, but he was a townie who lived at home. We spent the whole day Saturday having sex, pretty good sex, in fact, but nothing to compare with the love making of my two dads. I got lucky izmit escort almost every weekend, but I usually went `home’ with a different guy each time. The soul mate that my two dads hoped for me was being very elusive. I concluded that I wasn’t going to meet a keeper in a bar. Most of the guys I met couldn’t even have a decent conversation with me. Many of them had not finished high school and were working in retail shops or fast food restaurants. I guess I was being pretty snobbish because I decided to go to a meeting of the gay and lesbian coalition at the university. I hoped to meet someone special there. I thank The Lord every day that I did. It was there that I met Haley Gregyrian. He told me that the second “g” was soft and pronounced like a “j.” Someone at the meeting introduced me to him, and my heart went pit-a-pat. Please don’t laugh. I was a smitten teenager, a teenager in love. He was even more handsome than my two dads, and that says a lot. He was of Armenian descent, and loaded with Slavic good looks. Haley was a freshman like me, and he too was pre-med. We laughed our sides off when we realized that we had the same first name with a `y’ added to his. I kept asking him, “Why? Why? Why?” and we laughed some more. He advised me that most people called him Greg, shortening his family name. He suggested that I do the same to avoid confusion. The first thing he told me was that he couldn’t find anyone to work out with him on a regular basis, and he hated going alone to the gym. It was obvious that he worked out regularly. When I was home I often worked out with my two dads. I jumped at the invitation to work out with him. He told me that he went to the gym every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday after his last class and before dinner. He also worked out on Saturday mornings after breakfast. The gym was minutes from the campus. We made up to meet on campus and walk over together. The next gym day was to be Friday. At the gym, we both worked out vigorously, and showered together after our sweaty workout. There were no hidden pretenses between us. We showered under adjacent shower heads, and checked each other out carefully. Both of us were cut, but I was better endowed. He was about four inches flaccid, and I am four and a half. I wondered how big he grew when he was hard. I had no doubt that I’d find out sooner rather than later. I made sure to tell him that my roommate would be gone all weekend, and I had the room to myself. Greg just grinned at me. I decided to sweeten the implied invitation. “I lied about my age,” I told him, “and I bought some booze and mixers. Want to party a little?” “Who else will be at the party?” he asked. “Just us, Buddy,” I answered. He smiled at me, and I swear that my heart skipped another beat. We dressed quickly and headed to my room. I can’t remember being so excited. I didn’t even realize how much in love I was with Greg. On our walk back to the dormitory, I casually asked what he was doing for Thanksgiving. I swear, I would have cancelled plans to go home if he was going to remain on campus.” “I guess I’ll be going home,” he said. “My folks will expect it.” “Where’s home?” “New York.” “How do you plan on getting there?” “I guess I’ll fly.” “Change your plans,” I said. “I have a car. I’ll drive us home.” “That’s great. I’ll chip in for the cost.” We reached the dorm. I unlocked the door and then locked it again behind us. Two seconds later we were making out like crazy. For the first time since I left home, I didn’t have sex. I made love with Greg. We didn’t get to see each other over the short Thanksgiving holiday, but we swore we would get together for winter break. We only lived ten streets apart. Of course I couldn’t stop talking about Greg to my dads. They smiled and told me how happy they were for me. I promised that they would meet him at winter break. In spite of all that, they did not exclude me from their love making that weekend. When it was time to return to Buffalo, I picked Greg up in front of his apartment building. The sun was shining, but it had turned bitter cold. My heating system was working overtime. Everything was fine until we passed Albany and The Thruway veered westward. Mile by mile the weather got nastier and nastier. Snow flurries filled the air until we approached Rochester. Then we headed into a full blown blizzard. All I could think of was why the hell did I choose Buffalo to go to college. We left the highway at the first opportunity and started to look for a room at a motel. Luckily, we got the last room at the first motel we entered. We didn’t realize it but the rooms were full of returning students like us, who didn’t dare travel on. We were even luckier that there was a Denny’s restaurant in the motel. After we got settled, we went downstairs for a meal. The restaurant was full of students, and we met a couple of guys we knew from the gay and lesbian coalition. They weren’t coupled but they were serious fuck buddies. “Hey guys,” Conrad said. “We’ve got booze in our room. Wanna come over after dinner for a blizzard party. The weather channel says this won’t let up anytime soon.” We hesitated to accept because we hadn’t made love since the previous weekend. “Tell you what,” Greg said. “There’s something we have to do, but we’ll be over as soon as we’re finished.” “Don’t bother,” Blake said. “You can fuck your brains out during the party. We’ll have a blast.” Greg and I could not say no, but we needed a couple of drinks to loosen us up and join the party, which turned out to be a four man orgy. My new best friend and I decided that it was lots of fun, but we preferred to be alone together. We went back to our room as soon as possible, and made love all night. From that time on, there was no doubt in either of our minds that we were meant to be together forever. Three Greg and I decided to leave campus for winter break after our last exams. If we left in the afternoon we could spend one night in a motel instead of driving straight home. That appealed to us. While we were packing my car with just what we would need for the two week break, the sky suddenly filled with snow flurries. I was not alarmed. Buffalo experienced snow flurries every single day in the winter. It’s something called the lake effect. Nevertheless I said to Greg, “Let’s get going. I don’t want to be caught in another blizzard.” “I don’t think there are predictions along those lines,” he said. By this time in our relationship, our passions had simmered down. We began to think of ourselves as an old married couple. Our conversations took on a more serious tone, and were heavily skewed toward discussions about our future. We made a decision to look for off campus housing before the end of the spring semester. There was nothing we wanted more than to live together and sleep together every night. Having made the decisions to live together, we had a pleasant and happy trip home. It was made happier when we each called our folks. I arranged for Greg to come for dinner at my place Friday evening, and I would go to his home for dinner on Saturday. That way, we could put “meeting the parents” behind us. For several miles we sat quietly, both of us serene in the knowledge that we loved each other. Out of the blue, Greg said, “Let’s make every effort to go to the same med school. You see, I love you.” That was the first time either of us had mouthed those words. I gave out a little sob, and said simply, “Ditto.” We were both growing tired and decided to find a motel at the next Thruway exit, and turn in for the night. While Greg was fucking me that night, I had a very disquieting thought. I had to prepare Greg for the family dynamics in my home. I prayed that he would be accepting. After the fucking, we lay side by side, trying to fall asleep and get some much needed rest. I hesitated, but finally kocaeli escort said, “Greg, there’s something I have to tell you.” “Fire away. Whatever horrible secret you’re harboring, it won’t matter. I’ll still love you. I’ll always love you.” “I don’t think you’ll find it horrible at all. Here goes. Greg, my dad’s gay, and his partner lives with us. You can come over as often as you want. They’ll be glad if we make love to each other.” “Wow, why didn’t you tell me sooner? That is so cool.” “Well wait, there’s more. Before I went to Buffalo, the three of us made love all the time. I made love with them when I came home for Thanksgiving.” “Shut up! My boner is threatening to rip my pants,” Greg said as he whipped out his hard as steel cock. “You don’t mind or think we’re terrible?” I asked. “Hell no! I envy you. My dad’s a hot number, and I’ve often fantasized that he came into my room one night and fucked me. But he’s 100% straight and it’ll never happen. Shit, tell me more. Describe the sex.” “Greg, you’ll find out for yourself. My dads consider you one of the family. I think they intend for all four of us to make love together. Will that be all right with you? If it isn’t, we don’t have to do it.” “Are your dads as good looking as you?” “Much, much better looking.” “Good, because I’ve got a boner that’s harder and bigger than I ever produced before, and I’m about to whack off.” “Wait,” I said “take some tissues.” ***** We had difficulty saying goodbye when I dropped Greg off at his home. “Come over early Friday,” I said (pleaded), “so you can get to know my folks.” “Of course I will. I’ll call you, and you come over early on Saturday. My parents are very anxious to meet you too.” “Wait,” I yelled. “Because we split the trip in half, it’s only 11 AM. My folks won’t be home before six. How’d you like to play with me at my place?” “What kind of games were you thinking of? Pin the Tail on the Donkey? Old Maid? What?” “Very funny. Jump back in the car, dufus, and I’ll describe the games in detail. If they come home early, my folks will be delighted that we’re making love. Your folks might freak out.” They were so anxious to see me that they did indeed come home early. Steve was first. Neither Greg nor I heard him. Greg was too busy fucking me in the missionary position, yelling obscenities, and moaning in rapturous pleasure. Greg had his back to the door and couldn’t see Steve, but I could. Steve put his finger to his lips indicating that I should not give him away. He ran to his bedroom, and moments later he returned naked. His unprotected cock was all lubed up. We hadn’t used condoms since he moved in with us. He came up behind Greg, positioned his gooey prick at Greg’s opening and entered slowly. Greg was more than shocked, but Steve whispered in his ear. “How does it feel to be in the middle, Pierre?” Greg didn’t whisper. He yelled back, “Fucking fantastic.” Everyone was too worked up to last long. I began to constrict my asshole to the rhythm that Greg was fucking me, and the two of us came almost simultaneously. While Greg was spurting into me, his asshole constricted in sync with each spurt. That put Steve over the edge, and he came too. “Let’s shower and dress,” he told us. “We don’t want Dan to be jealous.” “Yes,” I agreed. “Then I have to get Greg home. His parents are waiting for him also.” “Do they know you’re gay, Greg?” Steve asked. “Yes. I came out to them a couple of years ago. They can’t wait to meet Hale.” “I’ll stop in and say hello to them, Steve, and then I’ll rush right home.” I said. We were still naked, but Steve hugged me tightly, and gave me a slobbery kiss. Greg stood by smiling, but not for long. Steve let go of me, and gave Greg the same treatment. When Greg got over his shock, he kissed Steve back with more than a little passion. Why not? Steve had just fucked him. I had to double park in front of Greg’s apartment house, which gave me an excuse not to stay long after meeting his folks. I needn’t have bothered. Neither of them had come home from work yet.” On Friday, Greg came over early. Neither of my dads was home, so we squeezed in a quickie. Somehow they walked through the door together and greeted Greg as if he was a long lost son. He was overwhelmed. “Thanks for making Hale so happy,” Dan said. “We really appreciate it, and I hope you will consider us family too.” “I already do,” Greg assured my dads, and Dan enveloped him in a bear hug. I could see both of them pressing their assets together and squeezing hard. “I’m glad to hear that,” Steve said. “How’d you feel about the four of us playing together after dinner?” “It’s all I’ve been dreaming about since Hale and I got home. For sure, it’s not going to happen in my house.” “Listen guys,” Dan said. “I want this dinner to be special, and I’m not up to the job, so Steve and I are taking you both out to a five star restaurant.” “Terrific,” I said. “It sounds like a great plan to me.” “You think?” Greg added. After dinner, we went straight home. Steve grabbed my hand, and Dan grabbed Greg’s and pulled us into their bedroom. The four of us undressed so rapidly, if a camera tried to capture the scene, it would be a blur. We made love that night as a family, in every combination possible. The highlight was when I lay on my back. Steve was fucking me, Dan was fucking Steve and Greg was fucking Dan. It was a supreme turn on for all of us. The next day I went over to Greg’s place about three in the afternoon. It was a Saturday and his parents were home. I was enthusiastically greeted with a hearty handshake from his father, and a peck on the cheek from his mother. His dad surprised me when he said. “I’m really happy about your union fellas. Now I don’t have to worry about Haley getting any STDs.” Unlike the night before, Greg’s mom had been home all day, and she made us a wonderful home-cooked meal. Greg and I really appreciated it after all the institutional food we were fed on a daily basis. In spite of our appreciation, Greg and I couldn’t wait to leave. We told his folks we were going to a movie, and ran to my house to make love. My parents had gone clubbing, and we had the place to ourselves. Greg and I were of different religions. He was Catholic and I was a Methodist so we spent Christmas apart with our families. Happily, we celebrated the New Year with my parents at home, just the four of us. It was surely the best New Year’s Eve celebration I ever participated in. After all, it included lots and lots of love making. Greg even slept over. His parents didn’t mind. It was difficult saying good bye to our loved ones, but Greg and I were anxious to get back to Buffalo. We also looked forward to searching for off-campus housing in the spring. We were two happy galoots who believed that life would be this good forever. In keeping with our continuing state of euphoria, when I returned to school, I discovered that my roommate had transferred to The University of Rochester. He and his sex-crazed girlfriend could not bear to be apart. Greg moved right in. How wonderful was that? If we could remain roommates as upper classmen, we decided that we would abandon the search for off-campus housing. This turn of events was giving us the privacy we required, and would save our folks a few bucks. Several weeks later, my dads called and said that they were coming up to visit us for the weekend. They said that they couldn’t wait for spring break to see us again. Furthermore, since we only used one of the beds in our dorm room, they fully intended to occupy the other bed and not stay in a motel. True enough, they arrived Friday evening and got settled in our room. They used the head and I doubt anyone thought they were anything but students. Since the whole weekend was their treat, we took them to the fanciest restaurant in town. Aside from meals, the four of us made love all weekend. The decision to keep our dorm room was working out well, but it was tough to say goodbye Sunday afternoon. After they left, Greg and I raised our spirits. We knew that the future was bright for us as a couple, and even brighter as a family with my two gay fathers.

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