Subject: Post Deployment Dad, Part 10 Hey Guys. Thanks for all the emails!! Now that the shocking twist has been revealed I’ll throw some fun back into it but it will still be a bit dark for a bit. I hope everyone has a great holiday. All of my stories are pure fiction. From my twisted mind. I guess I lose interest in the stories when you guys seem to lose interest. The more emails the more it keeps me going. So given that my mind has been wrapped around the following scenario. I hope you enjoy it. I’m not your father. You know the laws in your states. You know the chances of diseases. But live your life how you want to on your terms. Life is short. Love. Please support Nifty!! Donate: http://donate./donate.html Where we left them:: “Alright. We’re going to have to go to the station and get this all on paper. We’ll get the details on this Michael Jefferson and find out where his parents live and see what they can tell us. Meanwhile we’ll put out an APB on him and on Josh. He’s 18 so doesn’t qualify for an Amber alert but we’ll get the media on it. I’ve seen your boy wrestle Mr. Carrigan. From what I can tell he’s well liked in this town. I’m sure the whole town will turn out to help you get him back.” the officer then directed everyone to meet him at the station and for the other officer to download the video footage on a thumb drive so that the station’s IT department could go over it. Little did they all know that Michael was taking Josh to Texas. The FBI would soon be involved. Part ten:: The guys gave their statements at the police station and sat there for hours waiting. They were all confused and didn’t know what to think. While the guys were at the station, however, the New Orleans police visited Michael’s parents. The parents stated that Michael only came to live with them for a short time when he got out of the Air Force in September. In October he left back to Houston and only contacted them for Christmas. They had no idea where he was or what he was doing. But they said he was always like that. Never kept them involved in his life. So they didn’t think it was too strange. So the Covington and the New Orleans police departments contacted the Houston police as well as the FBI. Michael had apparently taken Josh across state lines. And since there was video of the abduction all the departments took it very seriously. Two FBI agents had gotten to the Covington police department to review the video footage of the abduction at around 6:30 PM. The were struck by how brazen the attack was. The FBI questioned all three guys again. Especially Wes about Michael. Wes realized he didn’t know Michael as well as he thought he did. But the FBI didn’t give any insight to what they had found either in the short amount of time they had been on the case. At 8 PM Jason realized he had to call his dad. He didn’t want him to hear about Josh on the news. When he finally got him on the line he couldn’t do it. Luke had to take over for him. “Mr. Carrigan, it’s Luke. …..yes sir, thank you sir…, well…..I have to tell you…..Josh is missing. …….Yes sir, I’m afraid he was abducted. ……I’m sorry sir, he can’t seem to bring himself to tell you about it……..I will, I’ll tell him. I’m sorry sir. ………..I’ll tell him sir……..Yes sir. I’ll send you the info to your email. I know Jason has it. ……..see you soon sir, get us the flight information when you can………yes sir I’ll tell him, be careful yourself sir. Bye” Luke relayed the other half of the conversation to Jason who was barely listening. His thoughts were overwhelmed by his boy. But he got the jist of it. Dad was on his way as soon as he could get here and told Luke to make sure to take care of Jason. Jason finally lost it, right there in the middle of the station’s waiting room, the gut wrenching sobs of a man overcome with grief. Luke took him in his arms and held onto him. Letting him get it all out. Wes just sat there watching everything still in shock. He didn’t know what to do. He loved his little family so much and yet he felt responsible for bringing this maniac into their lives. He was filled with sadness and anger at the same time. His instinct was to go hunt the mother fucker down and shot his ass. But he knew if he did that he would lose everything. And it might get Josh killed. He couldn’t live with himself if that happened. Jason and Josh were the world to him. He loved Luke too but more like a brother with benefits. The guys finally got ready to leave izmit escort the station at 9 PM. They were tired, emotionally drained and numb. They felt so helpless. Three strong masculine man reduced to fretting lumps of flesh. But as they were about to go one of the FBI agents stopped them. “Mr. Carrigan! Wait!” He said running up to the guys. “What is it?? Is it Josh??” Jason had a glimmer of hope appear on his face. “No sir. I wish it was. I wish it wasn’t more bad news.” “Oh God! Did you find him?” the hope disappeared off of Jason’s face as fast as it came. Fear swept across it now. “No sir. It’s not Josh. It’s your home. I don’t know how else to tell you this but there was an explosion. The fire department is there now.” the agent was himself trembling. He had never been assigned to a case like this before. “We have a car. We’ll take you there.” The guys were already in shock and numb from what happened with Josh. Now they were just shell shocked. They walked like they were in a trance. Following the FBI out to a black Suburban. The guys just climbed into the back seat and put on their seat belts. Just making the motions. As the Suburban pulled into Jason’t property there were fire trucks, police cars, sheriff cars and media swarming the place. There quiet rural home was engulfed in flames. The FBI said it happened 15 minutes before they were informed about it. So it’s been burning for 30 minutes and the flames were still high. “What happened?” Luke asked. The only one able to talk. The other two guys were so stricken with grief and shock that they felt paralyzed. “We can’t confirm it but from past experience it looks like a bomb was thrown into one of the windows. Close to where the gas line comes in. The neighbors reported that they thought there was an earth quake or that the country side was being bombed.” The guys just sat there watching their home burn up. The agents turned the car around and headed back into town. Not Covington however. They were headed to New Orleans. “Mr. Carrigan, we’ve already arranged for some rooms for you at the Marriott on Canal street in the city. We’ll have the jeep brought there. I’m afraid the other cars are destroyed.” The older of the two agents said. “You’ll have two joining rooms. One with two queens and one with a king. I hope it’s only temporary but we will be in the room across the hall as well. You are now under FBI protection. If you guys work I’ll need contact information.” The guys barely heard him say anything. Just something about rooms and temporary situation. They basically just followed the FBI agents like sheep off to slaughter. Once checked in they were brought up to the adjoining rooms. The agents insisted that they eat and room service was ordered. The agents didn’t know what they would eat so they just ordered a number of things that everyone could just pick at like appetizers and pizza. Luke, being the one of the three that wasn’t in total shock, finally regarded the agents. The younger one, Special Agent Murphy, was about 5’8″ and stout. When he took off his suit jacket his tailored shirt showed off a very muscular body. And his pants fit him like a glove. His ass must have had it’s own zip code. It was a bubble butt that reminded him of Josh and his glorious ass. He had dark hair that was worn high and tight and he had green eyes. Luke could see chest hair through the shirt. Murphy didn’t wear an undershirt and it was a welcome sight. He was probably in his late twenties or early thirties. The older Agent, Special Agent Simmons, was closer to forty but not over. He was 6’1″ and had a commanding presence over everyone. He wore his hair high and tight as well and had striking blue eyes. His hair was sort of a dirty blond from what Luke could tell. Simmons was built as well but it wasn’t a thick build like Murphy. His height spread his muscular frame out a bit more. And he wasn’t as filled out in the back of his pants like Murphy was. But Luke was betting that he had a weapon up front considering the size of his hands and feet. When it came right down to it all three guys would have thought they hit the mother lode being in a hotel room with these two studs if the circumstances were different. And Luke felt a little guilty sizing up these two hunks when he should be focusing on Josh. But he was still human. And a pig slut. So why couldn’t he do both? As Luke argued with himself Jason went over to where Wes was sitting by himself in the corner of the room. Wes was obviously izmit otele gelen escort being torn apart by the situation and Jason could see it. He brought himself out of his own turmoil to realize his other boy needed him also. He sat down next to Wes and whispered into his ear, “None of this is your fault, you could never have known what he was capable of, no one could have. None of us really know the acquaintances in our lives. But I know you. You would protect Josh with your life. I love you for that among other things. So don’t beat yourself up. Let’s just concentrate on getting our boy back. I can’t lose you too. I’ll need you through this no matter what the outcome.” Wes lost it finally. Just like Jason had at the station. The agents and Luke both swung their heads over to the commotion in the corner of the room. They all realized it was a necessary stage of grief. To let it all out. Once done the person is more productive and focused. They saw the change in Jason by the time they got to the hotel. He was still numb but he was thinking more rationally. Murphy and Simmons soon left the men. Simmons told them their room number if they needed anything while Murphy ran down to the Suburban to get their overnight bags they always had packed in the back of the car. As Simmons entered the room he was going to share with Murphy he realized that all three men would probably be in the King bed tonight and the second room would go to waste. Just like the two beds in their own room. One bed won’t get used. Simmons took a piss and then stripped down leaving everything where he could get to them quickly. His gun and badge closest to him. Then he crawled into the sheets naked. He hadn’t showered since the night before and knew he smelled ripe but wasn’t going to waste that in the shower. Not when he had Murphy. He and Murphy became partners about 18 months before. Murphy had had another partner who he didn’t get along with very well. The guy was a right wing nut job and had the fake Christian thing going for him as well. You know the type, everything is about god and Jesus as long as it benefits the white middle aged guys, everyone else is on their own. Murphy didn’t feel like the guy would have his back and went to the Deputy Assistant Director and told her that because he was gay and his partner was a religious nut job he didn’t think he was safe with him. He would appreciate it if he could be reassigned. The only reason the DAD considered it was because she knew it was probably true. And she didn’t want any of her Special Agents in the field to be in danger from one of their own. When choosing Murphy’s new partner the DAD knew exactly who to team him up with. Simmons, who she knew was divorced but didn’t know about his sexual preference, was one of the more liberal agents in the field. Once a Marine he is one of the most effective agents in the field and he wasn’t religious by any means, not that that’s a bad thing, but at least he didn’t pick and choose the verses he liked to follow. Simmons helped out on all the drives for the needy and she had learned on his time off he helped take care of troubled teens in the New Orleans area. She was positive that Simmons would have his partners back no matter who that partner was. And his old partner had just retired to a desk job until his retirement benefits kicked in. So Simmons was in need of a partner. It all went smoothly and Murphy and Simmons got along great. Then about a year ago they were on an assignment that they had to protect someone like they are now. They got a room just like this one. By then Simmons knew Murphy was gay and was having an attraction to him. Simmons always knew he was bi. Even when he was married he fooled around on the side with fellow Marines. After the Marines and the divorce he mainly stuck to guys. Although he still found some women attractive he liked to share the masculinity of another man. He also found that men appreciated his kinks much more than women did. That first night they let their mutual attraction get the best of them. They almost forgot about their assignment as they were so caught up in the pig like sex they both so desired from each other. Murphy couldn’t believe his luck. He had this hot stud to look at every day and now he was being bred by him. Just like he liked it. Murphy was a bull on the field but loved to be plowed in the bedroom. Back to the present. When Murphy got back to the room with their two bags he grinned gölcük escort at the sight before him. Simmons was on the bed with his hand behind his head. His moist pits lacing the room with their scent. Simmons was barely under the sheet. One leg sticking out completely while the sheet barely covered his hard cock. A sight Murphy always appreciated in his partner. “Strip” said Simmons and Murphy followed his partner’s order quickly, “I know those three men got you horned up you little slut. They got me horned up as well. Especially that solider. Bet you he’s a hot piece of ass. Just like you are.” Simmons went on, “You think they all fuck?” Murphy, now naked and crawling up onto the bed towards his partner, said, “If they’re not then it is a waste. I think the dad is actually the alpha of the group. He’s a lot like you sir. The other two look up to him. He’s a Marine as well. I saw it in his file. So is Luke. Wes is Army. I would wonder how an Army grunt got mixed up with them until I saw in the file that Jason and Wes were prisoners together in the middle east. I didn’t have time to read the detailed portion of the file but it seems they were tortured.” “Yeah, we’ll have to read that, but for now clean my pits boy. And while you do that work my cock into your ass. I need to unload quick and get some shut eye. Want to be up before the men across the hall.” Simmons said. Murphy listened to his partner. He loved having his face in Simmons’s pits. Best tasting and warmest place on earth. He had long ago fallen for his partner but he would never say it. He knew Simmons was fond of him but he didn’t want to ruin any dynamic of this relationship. Murphy sat down on Simmons’s nine thick inches. Taking him all at once. He had learned in the past year how to engulf his partner without pain. Working his ass muscles as he went down on the girth. Once he bottomed out he went to work on cleaning his partners pits as Simmons took over pushing up into him. “Fuck yeah baby. You want me to share this hole with the father? You want some more Marine cock to breed you?” Simmons said as Murphy whimpered into his pit. Simmons was always astounded how this little stud was a force to be reckoned with in the field but turned into a passive pig slut in the bedroom. Not to say he didn’t like that. He preferred it actually. And he loved his partner. And he did want to share him. Nothing hotter than sharing a hot hole with a fellow alpha. “Tell me bro. You want more cock. You want those cocks across the hall? We could spit roast you. I know how much you like cock boy. Tell me” “Yes sir. You know I love being used. All four of you could use me. Turn me into your cum dump.” Murphy said before putting his lips on Simmons lips. They made out for a few minutes while Simmons continued fucking the boy’s bubble butt. “I’ll let you be used as much as you want to be but who’s hole is this. Who does your cunt belong to boy?” Simmons demanded. “It’s yours sir. No matter how many men use it it is your property. Always” Murphy answered. That got Simmons really going. He liked nothing more than Murphy to give himself to him completely. Simmons flipped them both over hand put Murphy on his back and pushed his legs all the way back. He started to drill into him fast and hard. Murphy was loving it. But all too soon it was over. As Murphy shot all over his stomach Simmons shot up far into the boy’s bowels. His boy’s bowels. After Simmons fell out Murphy put his mouth on Simmons cock and cleaned him off. Then he went into the bathroom for a fast clean up and then hopped right back into bed with Simmons. He curled up in front of his partners and they spooned as they fell asleep. Simmons last thought was, ‘have to mess up the other bed before they leave in the morning.’ then he passed out. Meanwhile, across the hall, Simmons was right. All three guys crawled into the king size bed naked. None of them were feeling especially randy however. Jason was on his back in the middle with his arm wrapped around his two men. The fact that their forth was missing was glaringly evident to all three guys. Where could Josh be? Part eleven cumming soon! I will revisit other stories and add to them when I figure out where they need to go. Thanks for reading!! Some other stories of mine: http://www.//gay/incest/searching-for-my-identity/ http://www.//gay/incest/when-dad-got-out-of-prison/ http://www.//gay/incest/wildcat/ http://www.//gay/celebrity/lust-in-space/ https://www.//gay/incest/runaway/ https://www.//gay/incest/my-uncles-trailer/ *Please support Nifty*, donations are needed to keep this service going. There is nothing like this out there and it would be a loss to let it go. Anything helps. Go to the Nifty main page to find out fty/donate.html

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