Subject: Dad’s Penance Disclaimer: This is fiction. No one in this story is a real person or intended to resemble a real person. FYI: The story is somewhat horrific. I barely ever saw my dad. He wasn’t interested in anything except himself. I was 15. I was quite the punk. I set fires, I popped the tires of parked cars. And I smoked. I don’t know if my dad knew or cared. One day I was sitting on the end of my bed playing a video game. My dad knocked on my door and came in. I immediately thought I was in trouble. My dad shut the TV off and stood in front of it facing me. “Son, it’s time I manned up,” he said. I had no idea what he meant. He unbuttoned my fly. I looked at him quizzically. “Dad?” He had a selfish, greedy looking face. He unzipped my fly completely. He even got on his knees to pull my jeans down to my ankles. I feared the unknown scene about to unfold. I was standing in my tighty-whities facing my dad. “Dad, what’s going on?” All he said was “Son, it’s time I manned up. I’m so lost in my work I’ve never been there for you. Something bad, really evil bad happened to you when you were just two. I was afraid of you because of that. But now it’s time for me to be there. To man up to owning my son. I want to. . . I love you, son. It’s difficult for me to say. What happened was so evil I need to make sure you’re ok. . . that I’m ok. Finish getting naked.” I squeamishly said, “Dad. . .” He said, “Son, take your clothes off or I’ll have to.” I’m 15. gaziantep travesti My dad could easily overpower me and take my clothes off. Reluctantly I completely stripped down. My dad got down on his knees with his face so close to my crotch I could feel his breath on me. He put his hands together and prayed. “Bless me God for I have sinned. This is my only confession.” I was confused as hell. What the hell was going on? My dad just stood there on his knees praying to my soft prick. The he looked up at me. “God says I’m to take my clothes off, son.” Dad did; he got naked. He got back on his knees and prayed to my dick. “Please forgive me for what I’ve done. Please give me penance. Anything, God.” After a moment dad stood up. At first he began by whispering in my ear, “Son, God is your dick. The Alpha. . . .” He spoke in a normal voice, “The Omega. Everything.” I stood facing him, thinking about what he just said. Always the punk, I said, “Bow before your God.” He did. I slapped his face with my dick. “Stand!” I told him. I licked his face. “Penance. I think you know your place, daddy. Suck my dick!” Dad started sucking me off, getting me really hard. “Give me my jeans.” Dad handed me my jeans. I reached in the pocket and lit up a Marlboro. My daddy’s sucking my dick while I’m smoking. “Fuck yeah,” I thought to myself, a huge grin coming across my face. “Gimme your wallet.” I looked in his wallet and found a few hundreds, a few fifties gaziantep masaj salonları and plenty of twenties. I took $150. “This is costing you $150 bucks, daddy. For $150 bucks I won’t say I was sexually abused by my daddy. What do you say to that?” He still had that greedy selfish look on his face but now it was mixed with true desire. “I am yours to command, son.” I said, “You know what, dad? You’re getting your penance bareback. Have you ever had a dick up your ass? Is my dad already a faggot?” I paused for a second. “You ever been fucked, father?” He said, “No, never. Not even a finger.” My dick’s about 6 inches, Nothing humungous. But my dad’s got a virgin ass. I got rough with him. He cooperated completely. “My dick is perfectly solid and it’s going up your anus.” I fucked my dad hard. I fucked him like a rabbit; relentless and fast. I cummed up inside him and pulled out. There was a little blood mixed in with my cum as id dripped from his butt. I laughed. “My daddy’s a little butt fucking faggot.” I fucked my dad a lot growing up. When I got older and moved out I did him less opften. It was great. I’d give him a calland tell him he needed to do penance. No matter what he was doing he immediately stopped and brought his little faggot ass over to my place for a pounding. Sometime in my late twenties he died with my dick up his ass. He had a heart attack and died. After I cummed and pulled out I noticed something gaziantep escort bayan was wrong. I immediately dialed 911. I told the operator someone had a heart attack. He asked what happened. I told him I think he had a heart attack and died. He said the paramedics were on the way and we hung up. I stood there for a moment staring at my dead father. I was wicked turned on and started jerking off. Just as the paramedic entered the room I cummed on my dead dad’s dick. They started asking me questions. “Were you having anal intercourse when he stopped moving?” I smiled and said, “I sure was.” Then they asked me, “How do you know this man?” I said, “He’s my father. He comes over whenever I tell him to so I can stick my dick up his butt, We’re just like every father and son. We always fuck.” One of the paramedics pulled me aside into the bathroom. He needed to talk to me. “Fathers and sons don’t fuck. That’s incest. It’s illegal.” My body was in good shaped and strongly built. Angrily I grabbed him by the shoulders and put my face less than an inch from his face. “Why don’t you shut the fuck up?!” I yanked his pants down and put my mouth on his dick. After he started getting hard I put my face in his face again. The gleam of a man easily capable of killing shone in my eyes. “When I was a toddler my daddy put my balls in a vise. His penance is my dick up him. His forgiveness was my dick up him.” Nearly going to bite him somewhere I continued threatening the paramedic. “This is a holy and religious ceremony of penance. I roughly grabbed his dick. “Don’t you forget it!” We came out of the bathroom. He said, “He died during a religious ceremony. That’s what we put on the paperwork.” After dad died my dick stopped working. I’d pay some Joshua or Tom or Harry $10 bucks to jerk off in front of me. I only watched.

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