Subject: Dutch delicacy, Part two Dutch delicacy, David?s story part 2 By Chaim [email protected] Dutch delicacy, is the story of David, who looks back on his puberty from the perspective of a young adult. His development and sexual experiments. Some of them take place before they are sixteen (the legal age to have sex in Europe), but adolescents rarely stick to the law in experiments and meetings. His stories are solo, incest, sex of a young person with an older partner, tenderness and infatuation, hard sex or have elements of role play and power relations. If this is not your thing, just do not read, if you are curious his story is recommended. My first date with Tom’s Dad, Justin I got triggered again sexually when I met Tom’s Dad Justin in the supermarket. It sounds stupid but it started out completely innocently, I just helped him when he dropped his groceries. He smiled at me and we talked. He offered me a coffee. Justin was a strong personality and had a great body. Of course I had seen Tom more often when I visited him at home, and we knew each other superficially, because Tom was mostly with me. Tom’s parents were divorced. I had understood from Tom that his father had regular dates, dates with men, but now I slowly realized the true meaning of his words. I had never looked at him like this before, Tom’s dad was gay. I knew he was divorced and at least bisexual, as Tom put it, “My father eats from two sides, he sometimes has gay friends at our house. Mostly special friends who he takes upstairs with him…” Tom winked at me but I didn’t got the message at the time and I assumed that Tom’s dad didn’t know how special my friendship with Tom was. We went to the coffee corner and talked. At first really nothing special. School, my parents, my little brother Brian and my friendship with Tom. He asked me, “Why do you come less to our place?” I told him, “Well, it’s summer time and we have a small pool in our garden. That’s why Tom comes to me, we prefer to swim.” Justin looked at me and I added, “You are often at work during the day and maybe we missed each other?” He smiled, “Too bad, because I like to see you and you are very special friend for Tom. He talks a lot about you.” I liked that, it was nice to hear and said that, “Nice to hear, yes indeed Tom and I are close.” What surprised me was Justin’s open mind, he was openly gay to me. That attitude was new for me, I didn’t know any gay adults. Justin was confident, proud and certainly not feminine but strong and handsome for someone ‘so old’. I looked at him and felt a special attraction I never felt with an adult before. Now I understood why Tom was so cool about sex and having sex with me. For me it was the first time I talked this way, openly with another adult about sex and relationships and homosexuality. We talked in mostly general, but I was surprised but also secretly delighted he didn’t try to put any moral standards on me. That attitude was so new me, it felt so strong, and understanding that I wasn’t surprised he asked me about my sexual orientaion. I told him, “I don’t know yet. I will find out later I pressume.” He nodded understandingly, “I understand that, you have plenty of time to figure that out.” and continued, “What do you feel for Tom?” That made me insecure and suspicious. I didn’t understood why Tom wanted to keep our relationship to himself, but I couldn’t possibly share our last adventures with his father. Tom had to decide for himself if and when he wanted to tell things at home. So, of course I didn’t shared my adventures with Tom with him! My answer may not have sound entirely convincing, when I something muttered like, “Oh, we are best friends, he is my buddy.” Justin dropped the subject. I looked at Justin who was telling me a lot and couldn’t help myself, I found his body incredibly appealing. Not so strange actually, because he was an adult version of my buddy Tom. Sitting in front of me, the two seemed quite similar. He was a strong man, handsome, he had blond hair and talked like Tom. Justin was 40 to my 15 years at the time. I was still a teen, like his own son, who was 16. We talked on and he asked rather direct and personal questions. He cleverly guided me his questions and smiled a lot to put me at ease, “David, I like to know you better. I like you very much and you are my son’s best friend. It is good that we know more about each other, so that we understand each other better.” I nodded and smiled back. Justin always managed to bring the subject back to relationships and sex. This was a man who could easily break me open. He did open me and I was wondering if he was trying to figure out what Tom and I were doing and feeling for each other. After some hesitation, I told him more about my feelings, my dreams and desires. I told him more, than my first intention, I felt fine and it was easy. Although I was very careful and didn’t share my true feelings for his son Tom. I told him I had never had sex, well, no sex with girls. Justin didn’t asked me about sex with a boy. Justin smiled at me reassuringly and said, “Oh David, gain as much experience as possible and do not wait to discover the world. Never wait until tomorrow, because than you have another missed opportunity.” I didn’t know what he meant by “missed opportunity”, but it didn’t really matter. I was eager to try something with an adult man like him, anything, and when he stated, “Believe me, I have very few judgments, I sincerely believe in free sex, people have to try a lot and embrace the good things in life.” Justin gave hope, to date with him. Really, I wanted to have sex with him, but I had no idea how to deal with that. He seemed to be open minded and the right person to teach me the ropes, but I had no idea if he would want sex with a teen boy like me. Suddenly I felt his hand on my knee and my boy cock responded immediately. Deep inside I knew, this was not an accident. He stroked my bare leg lightly and I knew now somehow he had a crush on me, like I had on him. I didn’t stop him but spread my legs so that he was able to go on, if he wished. After about a minute, possibly less, Justin lifted his hand from my leg and he went up till the edge of my shorts. Justin’s touch sent a shock and tingle through my entire body. He spread his fingers while he moved his hand up and down my thigh, up until his fingertips touched the edge of my boxer shorts. His touch was just sensational! I got sexually aroused and my erection quickly developped. This was something entirely different, we were in a coffee corner. This was unreal! Justin’s hands were very large, with long slender fingers. His complexion was very fair, his hands touched me very light. He said nothing, and I was also completely silent, but both our breathing was getting faster. I was clearly tenting in my shorts and he gently caressed my balls. gaziantep escort I was a bit startled at first, but then my growing lust began to control my reason, so I just relaxed my legs and sat back to let him have his way with me. Justin smiled his fingers felt the outline of my erection in my shorts and quickly he had my zipper down. He began to probe my open fly with his long slender fingers, until I felt his sensuous finger tips petting my cock head, now only hidden by my boxer shorts. He stroked the cotton of my boxer shorts and my cock throbbed. It was electric! I caught my breath and sighed, an audible sigh, which Justin was certain heared, and he smiled. He began to stroke the warm cotton adding some pressure, I felt my boy cock was leaking and he must have felt my pre-cum on his fingertips. Oh man, this was my boy heaven. I felt gratitude, excitement, lust, and even affection. I felt Justin’s touch irresistable. I wanted him to do whatever he wanted to and with me, for he was pleasing me so much, and I wanted to please him as well. It was very hot, but too dangerious! We were in a public place. Justin stopped and winked at me and I felt warm and excited. To my happiness Justin invited me, “David, You can come over tonight to my house, Tom is not at home. We can talk some more and work something out together.” I nodded, not able to speak, “Think about it!” Justin took a piece of paper and gave me his whatsapp number. We hugged like friends when we left the store, and I felt his hand touching my bum when he said, “See you soon, boy! We certainly will cab have a lot of fun together!” Restlessly I walked home, thinking about ‘working something out together’ and ‘having a lot of fun together’. After a few hours I finally dared to send him a whatsapp. He had time that night, Tom was gone and it all went very fast. Deep inside I was hoping for real sex, I wanted to suck his man cock, to be fucked, although it felt a bit like betrayal to Tom. That evening I went to his place. For some time, I had considered what I’d had to say, I really had nu idea what to expect, but I was sure: Yes, I needed this! The next question had been what to wear? That decision had been somewhat easier to make though: trainers, my red shorts, tight black Superdry boxer shorts and a blue Adidas shirt, which I particularly liked. I was only five minutes late! I tried to slow my breathing down, as I ran to the front door. I knew I have to slow down, but I just couldn’t help it. I was anxious, to see him and feel him, hopefully deep inside me. I rang his doorbell, I was standing there, waiting. I couldn’t deny my cock was growing and soon hard, my breathing deep, my fantasies roaring into my consciousness. The door opened and there he stood. I was immediately deeply impressed by his figure. He was wearing shorts and I looked at his muscular legs. His sweatshirt arms bulged, trying to cover his biceps and shoulders. He was a real man, and his sweatshirt hid his muscular torso and defined chest and abs. “Hi David, welcome! I’m glad to see you, boy.” Justin exclaim and he was smiling. “Come in!” I mumbled, “Oh thanks,” Justin stood aside, so I could pass him and enter the hall. I passed him close, very close and out bodies touched. “Yeah, Sorry.” I entered and stood in the living room. Justin smiled at me, he looked at my own smooth bare legs, and laid his strong arm around my shoulder in a friendly manner. He brought me to the kitchen and offered me a soda. Justin went to the fridge and opened the door. He bent low to the bottom shelf and I took this opportunity to admire his nice firm ass. My boy cock had grown since I came to this house and my shorts felt kind of tight. I could not control my erection and my boner was evident. Justin came back and sat back on the couch were I was sitting. I could swear I saw him sneak a peak at my crotch. I stared forward before turning my attention to Justin. I saw Justin looking down and I glanced down to his prominent crotch to find his hand massaging it. Justin looked up me looking into my eyes and I swallowed hard. “David, I like you a lot.” Justin explained, he touched the outline of his man cock again. I opened my mouth to respond, but was silenced by a kiss from him. He kissed me! Justin hand’s wandered down and began to massage my trembling body. Reaching under my shirt, he tweaked my nipples making me moan. Justin looked at me, “You are a beautiful boy, relax, I know what you are coming for.” I was silent, but he could read my thoughts, I shuddered under his touch, my cock reacted immediately. He looked at my tight red shorts and touched them at the front. “Assume you want more than just a good conversation, boy. Are you coming through to my bedroom to play?” Justin enquired, with a light smile on his face. I stood, to follow him through the hall, the lounge to his bedroom. In his bedroom, he hugged me close, “It’s warm, let’s get rid of these clothes, it’s fun and easier and I want to see you naked.” I hesitated, was confused, but slowly took off some my clothes. Justin smiled began to help me to get my clothes off. Soon I stood there in only my black boxer shorts and Justin licked his lips. I watched him as he looked at me, I was nearly naked, shy and felt exposed. He took off his own clothes with a grin, his hard cock hit his belly and I looked obsessed at his crotch area. “Don’t worry about it, I was a boy once too, and I see Tom often stark naked,” Justin said, smiling at me, “Besides that, we’re in my house, it’s right to be comfortable and naked here.” Justin had a hard-on, and seeing it made wild erotic chills race up and down my spine. Soon my own teen cock was throbbing, visibly twitching in my black boxer shorts. Already, a pearly drop of pre-cum shone on my cockhead and a wet spot was clearly visible on the stretched cotton of my underwear. Justin spoke softly, smiling warmly. He said, “For me, the biggest excitement at first was just touching and watching. I really got off on feeling another man’s cock, on stroking that cock to orgasm, on watching the man’s cum spurt out. The thrill of the spurt of white cum, that’s what always got me. Lay down on the bed, make yourself comfortable.” I went to his bed and he came over to me. I pushed my shoulders down till I lay back on his bed, Justin crouched next to me. He wrapped both of his hands around my boy cock, covering the whole thing still inside my boxer shorts. He didn’t start off by jerking, but rather squeezed and caressed my boy cock, which made me moan and squirm excitedly on his bed. Now Justin lowered my boxer shorts slowly and got an eye full of my trobbing young cock. Justin looked at me and he took my boy cock slowly into his mouth and began to suck. He was bobbing up and down as I moaned, “Oh, Justin, this feels so good.” l was hooked. I felt, suriyeli escort I started to tense up and he took his mouth off my tool. He licked my the boy balls and took them one at a time in his mouth to massage them. He look me in his arms and kissed me. Justin told me, “Boy, bend over the bed, do what I say to you and I will keep you happy and satisfied.” I was reluctant but obeyed him. I felt the most wonderful feeling as Justin began to massage my little pucker. I moaned and pushed back as his tongue explored my insides. Justin turned me over and sat me on his bed. He lifted my legs slightly and sucked on his finger. Justin reached under me and started fingering me. He soon found my prostate and his touch sent waves of pleasure through my body. Justin, I suppose, could tell how close I was to coming, I shivered and nearly yelled at him, “I’m getting close, Justin!” Justin lauged, “You naughty horny boy!” He soon held my cock with one hand and stroked my boy cock, he had me almost over the edge. Justin sensed this and slowed down. I was almost to the edge again and he suddenly stopped jerking. He looked at my trembling body and spread my legs wide before he started to give my smooth ball sac a wet warm tongue bath. I groaned and when he was finally done, Justin took my boy cock back into his hand and squeezed fairly tightly, and thrust his hand up and down at a maddening pace. It felt amazing. The visions I have had in my head for the past months were finally becoming a reality. I was getting close, a real man jerked my cock faster and harder, until I felt my orgasm rising. Before I knew it, I was on the edge of cumming again. I tossed my head back and Within a minute or two, I grunted again. Justin bent down and started to suck my boy cock again. I squirmed and moaned, “Oh man, please!” His mouth was like a vacuum, he attempted to suck me dry. I knew if he kept it up, I would be cumming in no time, I was ready for him. “Owwww,” I whimpered, “Go slow,” and then… “Ahhhhhhhhhh!” my sweet sigh of relief. “It’s good, you can cum.” he whispered. ” “Just feel it. It’s good. Do it boy, shoot your boy load for me!” Justin knew I would not last long. my pucker squeezed around his finger as I shot my first two good squirts of cum down his throat. He let go of my throbbing cock and again my cock spurted thick gobs of cum straight up into the air. My load plopped with finality on my stomach, as Justin milked every last drop of cum from me that my body could produce. Justin just smiled broadly as I looked down at my cum soaked body. Justin mopped it off my stomach with a towel, then lay on his back, waiting for me to touch him. I was exhausted but certainly was in for more. He stayed close, watching me, his cock was rock hard and dripping. “Well done, David!” My hands were still shaking as I touched his beautiful hard man cock. I did just as he had done to me, covering his cock with both of my hands, squeezing and caressing, feeling his cock. I could smell his musk, it’s manly and to be honest, it turned me on, it excited me tremendously. I kept my eyes closed going through the images burned into my brain of Tom’s cock. Insane thoughts if you have sex with his daddy, I knew, but couldn’t help myself. This was totally different, I wondered how my lips would feel around Justin’s man cock. I felt his cock, stroked it, squuezed it. “Aww, David,” he said, “It feels wonderful.” He touched me with his finger, went to my lips, making me want to suck. Justin asked, “What would you like?” I answered horny and enthusiastic, full of passion, “Suck. I want to suck you, I want to suck your beautiful cock. I need to suck you, Justin. I haven’t been able to think of anything else. My cock is sore from thinking about you, your beautif man cock.” He smiled. “Okay,” he said, “Okay, but I’m gonna do my thing too, believe me the evening is still young.” I let my eyes feast on his beautiful manlines, his lightly furry thighs, his big man cock and balls. I felt myself happy and he was inviting me. I bowed down and my lips moved toward him. I just let my body go on its own. Kissing and mouthing his man cock. I smelled him and pressed my face into firmness of his cock, into the rising heat, his growing cock. I pointed his cock at my lips, touched it at his tip, and began to suck. First the red tender head, sweet and manly, the ridge I had dreamed of and unable to delay it any further, the length of his shaft. It went between my greedy lips, growing, full in my mouth, his shaft swelling and lengthening, filling me as I sucked. I wanted, needed to take him all the way and his tender head filled my throat. I moaned helplessly against him, sucking, forcing more of him deeper. His cock hardened more and curved up to celebrate my sucking. I heard him moan, heard him “Oh David, this feels so good!” I felt my own boner. Fulfillment, joy, completeness, deep gratitude, need. My mouth was full, I couldn’t talk, but I wanted to cry out ‘I’m sucking man cock,” a big man cock, hard, upcurving. Justin’s slippery man fluid made me insane. Sliding down to nestle his cock at the entrance of my throat. Sucking as he moaned, as he whimpered “David, do it, suck my cock, boy.” I sucked him eager and I was sucking hard. Justin groaned and slowly stopped me, he moved my head from his trembing man cock. I looked a bit diappointed at him, but he guided my hands to his cock and I satrted jerking him again. Justin was so wet with my spit and precum that I didn’t need lube. The entire shaft and mushroom head were coated, and he groaned on the edge of shooting his huge man load. “Do it, David!” he groaned. I felt his shaved balls, while Justin lay there panting, watching me as I totally touched this real man all over. I opened my eyes wide and looked at Justin. I held his man cock in one hand, looked at the thin hairs from his navel to his crotch and squeezed his man cock as tightly as I normally squeeze my own, when I’m jacking off. With hard and fast thrusts. I stroked his cock, trying not to even blink, not wanting to miss the thrill of his spurts of man cum. I didn’t miss it! Justin grunted, huge globs of cum sprayed out of his cockhead, sailing through the air and plopping onto his stomach. I kept right on jerking his cock, draining him of all his cum. My heart was pounding. I was grinning from ear to ear. I wanted to do it again! I had loved it! Taking another man to orgasm was great, and I squeezed Justin’s cock, wanting it to swell back to life. Justin kissed and hugged me and we took some rest, laying down together in his huge bed. After a good twenty minutes I was nearly asleep, and Justin moved for the first time, his hand went on my belly and he stroked the area around my belly button, while his other hand wandered up to caress my blond hair. rus escort After a while Justin moved me slowly on my side and embraced me from behind. Automatically, a smile went across my face and I turned slowly to meet him. Justin bend down until both of our heads were on the same level. Now I could reach his mouth, I had my lips planted firmly on his, and my tongue sneaked out to trace the lines of his mouth. I felt him smile at me now, and he slowly opened his mouth to let me in. The familiar taste, Tom’s taste welcomed me and I felt, well, at home. I wrapped my arms around his neck and felt him lifting me up and he told me like a little baby boy. With our lips still sealed he took me to the headboard of his bed. I opened my eyes and reached up to touch his cheek and traced his jaw-line with my hands. Justin was so…manly. I guessed that’s the way to put it. So strong and big and he liked me. I Realized that I was still kissing him very passionately, I could still feel him lowering me onto the soft cushions. It was just perfect. It was hard to describe. Justin kissed me back, touched my face, and he took care of my chest and he worked on my nipples. This all felt really great, it made me feel so special! After all, I was just a kid, and he, Justin, was a real man. It all felt so incredible to me, so unbelievable and so great. I was still a boy, like his own son Tom, my best buddy was just a little older. For one moment, I was ‘his’ boy, play mate, whatever. I really didn’t know how Tom and his father worked out their gay thing. Did they have sex? Justin asked me, “Whats up, David?” I said honnestly what felt, “I feel great, but alse confused and weird and young. I feel little and immature.” “Look at me, David, it’s okay. Feel little but feel proud. Sometimes things are hard to understand,” he said to me softly. Timidly, I glanced in his direction, and he continued, “David, I don’t want to hurt you, either physically or psychologically. I will never interfere with you and Tom. Tom is my son, I love him. We can be very special friends.” Justin didn’t wait for my reply, he stroked my smooth legs, arms, belly, and gave my balls and cock a slow massage, which makes me sigh in delight. “Do you… do you have often fantasies about Tom?” I looked at him, “Like…umm… like what?” Justin smiled, “Well, don’t play all innocent with me, David.” Wow, it was good to see him smiling. “You know, do you think about Tom when you’re playing with yourself, when you stroke your cock to an orgasm?” I replied, “Umm…yes, sometimes. I mean Tom really is nice and strong, but I don’t know. I don’t know!” He stroked my blond hair, “Do you love him?” I felt trapped, “Justin, I can’t describe what I feel and made a promise. I don’t know. It’s weird. He really is my best buddy and you are his father! I’d love to get to know you both better and all, but it is hard for me to understand my own feelings.” Justin hold me tight and whispered, “I can love you both, David.” And we were kissing again. By now we were laying in the middle of his bed, he has his arms around me and I’m by his side, listening to his heart beating through his chest. After we stopped kissing, we just lay there in complete silence, and I must have drifted off, knowing everything was okay again. I was back in reality when Justin took all inches of my boy cock into his mouth, sucking and playing with my balls at the same time. I grunted and enjoyed his blowjob and soon I wanted to cum, but did my best to hold it. Justin told me, “David, move that cute ass and lay down on the edge of the bed. Yes, boy, with your ass resting on the edge.” He kneeled down in front of my ass and lifted my legs into the air. He started blowing me again and sucked on my balls for a bit. I felt him licking my ass and it felt so fucking good, I moaned. “You like that, huh,” Justin said and I panted, “Oh hell, oh yes!” Justin kept on licking around my asshole and started doing it even harder. I felt his tongue slip into my hole and moaned again. Damn it felt good! I could tell that Justin liked that and he started tongue fucking my ass harder. I felt his finger circling my hole before I could object, it slipped in. My ass relaxed almost immediately. He started sliding his finger in and out as he stroked my boy cock. He went slow enough that it felt good and slipped another finger in. By now I was totaling loving it! Justin pulled out and my ass felt so empty. “I want to fuck you,” He told me. I hesitated but said, “Yes, please fuck me, how do you want me?” Justin said, “I don’t think you are a virgin David, are you?” I shook my head, and he continued, “For a first timer getting a real man cock, it is easier for you to sit on it.” and nodded. I saw his huge man cock and knew it was thick and I wasn’t sure that I could do it. He assured me, “I will not hurt you, David,” and I believed him. Justin laid down on the bed and greased up his cock with some lubricant and had me put some into my crack. I kneeled over him. “Go for it, boy, relax.” I sat down on him as he held his man cock. I felt his cockhead pop in and stayed there for a moment before sliding the rest of the way down. He told me to relax and neither one of us moved. When the pain was gone, I started moving on his pole. It felt great! I kind of leaned forward putting my hands on his chest and started moving my ass up and down. He started lifting my hips and we were fucking. I groaned started moving faster and damn I need to cum. I said that I was ready to shoot and he just said, “Go for it, David!” I started stroking my boy cock as I bounced up and down. It didn’t take long and I shot an incredible fucking load. The cum shot from my cock in a bunch of streams landing on Justin’s chest. He was loving it. When I had finished cumming he said, “I want to fuck you in a different position now.” I climbed off of him and he had me lay down on my back. He crawled between my wide spread legs, lifted my hips and quickly slid his cock into my asshole again. He slid in and out of me for a long time, fucking me hard and deep. He was good at this. He went faster and slammed into me harder and slowed down again and went faster again and slowed down again. He was working my ass good and I was loving it! “Fuck me,” I started moaning. He started talking to me and said, “Yeah, David, take my cock. Take my fucking cock up that tight ass.” I begged for him, “Fuck me harder!” and he did. I could tell that he was getting close to cumming when he stared moaning in short grunts. I wondered if he would shoot in my ass or on me. “Fuck, fuck, fuck!” he yelled a bunch of times and then suddenly pulled out of my ass, stroked his man cock and shot one giant load onto my stomach. He laid down next to me. He said that he was gonna take a nap and then I could go home. It was two o’clock in the morning when I was at home again. Thank god, my little brother slept like a teddy bear. It was a fantastic first time with an adult man, one I’ll always remember with a smile and a hard-on. Part 3: My little brother Brian. Suggenstions and reactions are very ail

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