Subject: First Semester 6 First Semester 6 ©[email protected] DISCLAIMER: This is a fantasy depicting sexual acts involving male teens. The story is intended for adult readers and not minors. IF YOU ARE NOT OF LEGAL AGE TO BE READING THIS STORY OR IF YOU FIND SUCH MATERIAL OFFENSIVE, PLEASE LEAVE. All characters are fictional and in no way related to any person or persons living or deceased. In no way is this intended to advocate for sex with minors its just my fantasy about growing up. _______________ This was going to be Halloween weekend and I had no idea of how that went at campus. Did people party or dress up ? Did not really matter much. But Halloween already. This short time in college and so far I only learned a few things. A english course tent is boring, a history text is monstrous, wearing nylon speedos instead of cotton undercrap was wonderful and I loved big hot servings of cock slime and cum delivered fresh from my roommates big dick! What the fuck I thought. Who cares? I loved sucking cock and had actually begun to look forward to Axels instrusions into my oral cavity for his personal pleasure. Hated days I did not get the treatment which left an empty feeling in my mouth instead gaziantep travesti of the glorious after taste of spunk. Friday morning and I was still in bed. Late classes only today. Axel reentered the room after a bathroom trip. He stopped beside my bed telling me to wake the fuck up cocksucker. So rude. So thrilling now. He turned my head toward him presenting that fat appendage of my desire to my stare. Grasping my shoulders he rotated me somewhat sideways on my bed letting my head dangle some off the edge. What? “Morning cocksucker. I want you to know that I am going home for Halloween so you will miss me and the taste of my cock in your throat. Knowing that 3 days is a long time for you to go dickless I am going to served you up a good one before I go. I had blown Axel sitting, kneeling and even lying on my back while he straddled me and I sucked his cock and licked his balls but this was a new position. “It’s time you were educated in face fucking! I am going to stuff my big prick past your tender and eager lips, stretching your throat out to accept the thickness you desire. Then, like a good fuck, I will slide this slab of warm meat gaziantep masaj salonları in and out until I fill you up with a deluge of discharge. While I face fuck you you will be assaulting my tool with that talented tongue of yours to add to my thrill. We both need something to remember each other by over the weekend.” Towering over my head he applied a few cheek slaps with the weighty rod before dragging it over my lips triggering my jaw to literally flop open and take the oozing tip inside. There was something about the weight of his glass hard shaft coursing over my lips that lit the ‘suck that dick’ fire inside me. Yummm! This was almost too easy. Just lay there and enjoy a face pounding from Axels monster cock. I liked it! While slipping and sliding in and out of my now sloppy mouth cunt Axel was rambling on about the holiday and how his `weenie’ was not Hollow or at least it would not be until after `his little cocksucker’ had fully drained it. Said he hating drive home with a full tank. I got it and I was about to actually get it. All of it. A whole fucking niagra-like forceful flow of hot slime and froth began, damn near drowning gaziantep escort bayan me before I could gulp some down creating sufficient sperm space for the rest that followed. Fuck I loved cum! If I had to die this was the way to go, with a gallon of gonad goo filling my face and a baseball bat cock mixing it all up. It was over too soon. I lay there quite content, kind of exhausted, but oh so high. Axel commented on how cute I looked in the skimpy speedo. “You must really like how you feel in those man panties. If you have them on and blow me you soak them with your own load?” I guess he was right and while trying to repack his still semi hard fuck stick in his own pants he had an idea. “It’s Halloween Todd. People dress up and go out. You should go over the the coed dorm and raid their laundry room. See if you can find some real girl panties, Hot sexy ones, that fit and maybe even a slip and a bra just for kicks. Then dress up and cruise campus and see what happens.” The underwear part sounded very nice but I was not stealing lingerie from the girls and I sure as hell was not cruising campus dressed as a girl. After he headed out telling me he would see me Sunday night, I fell back asleep then woke up having a dream about wearing frilly undies. I had to stroke out another load of my own. A fresh edible one as the first of the day had all dried making for a very crisp area on the speedo. Will he make it thru the weekend? Stay ail Please consider donating to Nifty. I know that you enjoy it as much as fty/donate.html

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