Subject: Rooming with My Best Friend Junior 62 ROOMING WITH MY BEST FRIEND � Junior 62 ****************** Warning: The usual disclaimers apply here. If you don’t like any of the following, leave now: gay sex, vulgar or harsh language or underage wherever you are reading this. Please leave now!! This is pure fiction. No one in this story is a real person, living or deceased. Please do not copy without my consent. Action will be taken against those you do copy my story! If you want to write me, please do so at: hoo. ***************** Spending a few days at home was exactly what Matt needed to recharge his batteries. School was becoming increasingly demanding as they moved closer to their final year, and the last night of the cruise still had lingering effects that made him want to rest up while he had the chance. He also had time to enjoy being around his mom without Vince and VJ around because even though they were in a different house their relationship was still the same and it put Matt at ease knowing that despite everything nothing had really changed. When he headed back to college on Sunday, after being spoiled for a few days and having all his meals cooked for him, he was so happy to see Corey and immediately embraced him. He couldn’t imagine life without Corey now and started to think about what they would do after graduation. The thought of living with his mom again if he and Corey were going to live together made him cringe. He always felt self-conscious when he was sharing his bed with Corey and his mom was just down the hall. They would need their own place, but that would probably have to wait until both of them had jobs and could afford to pay the bills themselves. Just being apart for a few days made him yearn for Corey, if they had to live apart for weeks or months at a time he wasn’t sure how he would cope. After a quiet evening with Kris and Colt, just relaxing and watching TV before classes began again on Monday, Matt grabbed Corey’s hand and took him to bed for what they both felt was an overdue love making session that lasted for nearly 2 hours and left them both exhausted having each taken two loads up their well fucked asses. Matt woke up the next morning feeling refreshed and like everything was back to how it should be. He kissed Corey on the forehead and got up to shower. Once he was dressed he headed out to the kitchen to get some breakfast and heard moans coming from Colt’s bedroom. Listening closely to the sounds he now recognised from sharing the room on the cruise, he knew that Kris was slowly fucking Colt and Colt loved every second of that cock fucking his ass. Grabbing a quick bite to eat Matt then headed out for his first class and soon realized that Spring Break was the proverbial calm before the storm. There was no easing back into the classes, they were straight in, hammering away at the subject and getting homework assignments that would leave little time for anything other than eating and sleeping, especially with all the tests and projects that were also looming around the corner. Matt was beginning to see that he had had it pretty easy up to that point, but with the end of his Junior year approaching, and just one year until he was scheduled to graduate, things were getting serious and if he wanted to attain the grades he set for himself he was going to have to work hard. Corey also found out that the workload he now had was not going to be easy, especially considering the fact that he also had to work at the Rec in the evenings. That first day back he came in from his afternoon class, kissed Matt on the cheek, grabbed a protein bar, changed into his work clothes and headed back out the door. When he got home six hours later he took a quick shower and went straight to bed, exhausted, falling asleep in a matter of minutes and not waking up until his alarm went off the next morning. That was to become the pattern for Matt and Corey, with Kris and Colt experiencing much the same thing for the next few weeks. They attended classes, studied when they got home, worked when they had to, and unless there was a paper due or a test the next morning they would often be in bed by midnight, hoping to get enough sleep just to survive the next day. Leisure time was something that became increasingly rare and they cursed their workload since the weather was gorgeous outside and they were stuck in the apartment with books and papers that demanded attention. Kris and Corey had to start working out before or after their shifts at the Rec because it was the only time they could get the workouts in and both hated the idea that the six pack abs they had worked so hard to get were beginning to soften. The only real recreation they had was putting together a softball team. Kris loved the competition of sports and knew so many of the others did as well. The season started out quickly with them winning a few games but the magic wasn’t there like it was last year. Corey still had his stroke going but he was carrying the team. They made it to the playoffs once again and hoped barely making it would spark them on. After one game in a drizzling rain, their season was over. Matt enjoyed and seemed to be getting the hang of it just about the time the season finished. Where before their apartment had been the center of attention, where everyone would gather around to just chat and drink beers, now it was a quiet study area and only really ever came to life at the weekends. Even then, after spending so much time within the four walls, Kris, Colt, Corey and Matt were so desperate to get out of the apartment that their Friday nights were now being spent at a bar or club with most of their other friends where they could embrace being 21 and all drink, dance and forget about the hellish weeks and workloads that were beginning to kick their asses. Most Saturdays were spent recovering from the night before and getting over some dreadful hangovers, that is if Corey and Kris didn’t have to work since they often had to exchange at least one night shift during the week for hours at the weekend to make sure they could meet the deadlines for their various classes. Weekends also usually meant they spent a few extra hours in bed with their boyfriends, catching up on the sex they had been too busy or too tired to have during the week. Their sex lives had really suffered as a result and they would often go a whole week without unless they could manage to arrange a lunchtime quickie like Matt and Corey attempted to do at least once a fortnight to keep things exciting. The stress and pressure was also getting to Kris and Colt. They had almost completely reverted back to sleeping in their own bedrooms, either finding the temptation to fool around too strong when they really needed to just get some sleep or becoming annoyed with one another when their snoring would keep the other awake. They still shared an occasional night together and engaged in heated, passionate sex, but those times were becoming much less frequent and both Matt and Corey noticed that they were less intimate with each other outside the bedroom as a result of what wasn’t happening inside. * Before they knew it the end of the semester was almost upon them and having been worked even harder than before, with finals fast approaching and their most important grades to date hinging on the success of their exams, they were looking forward to the weekend more than ever. Matt, Corey, Kris and Colt were in their apartment getting ready for another night out when a knock came on the door and Scott entered alone wearing his dress trousers and a shirt. “What’s going on, Scott?” Matt asked. “I just thought I’d come round and see how you guys are doing. It’s been crazy lately and I’ve barely seen y’all,” Scott replied. “What’s with the shirt?” Kris asked. “I’ve got a date,” Scott smiled. “A date? Who with?” Matt asked. “A girl I met a few weeks ago, Jenna.” “A girl?” Kris asked. “Yeah. Why do you sound surprised every time I say I’m seeing a girl?” “Because we know you,” Colt said. “What’s that supposed to mean?” Scott asked. “Come on, bro,” Kris said. “You love dick just as much as any of us. Hell, look how you were on Spring Break when Jordy wasn’t interested.” “I was confused, that’s all. Jordy and I had a great talk about it and sorted things out. I realized he was right about us being better as friends. We’ve barely touched each other since. Then I met Jenna at the library when I was getting a couple of books out and things just seemed to click.” “I think it’s great,” Matt said. “Me too,” Corey added. “So you really are bi?” Colt asked. “For fucks sake, yes! Why do you and Kris always question me? Of all the people I expected to understand me you two are at the top of the list. But then I forget that you only really care about yourselves. You can proclaim to the world that you’re bi and want everyone to accept that despite the fact that you’re in love with each other and almost never fuck women because you’re too busy riding each other’s cocks, but we know the real truth that you’re as gay as Matt and Corey.” “That’s some bullshit right there,” Kris said. “We’re bi.” “Really? You don’t act like it. Or are you saying labels and stereotypes don’t apply to you but they do gaziantep escort to me? That’s the bullshit. You wanna know why Alex and Bishop reacted the way they did when you two got together? Look in the mirror. You two are a couple of fucking hypocrites. They got so pissed because they thought you were lying to them the whole time, but I think the truth is that you’ve been lying to yourselves, so why don’t you just admit that you’re gay and get over it?” “Because we’re not!” Colt protested. “Whatever,” Scott snorted. “I’m gonna be late for my date.” Scott left before anyone could reply. They all sat dumbfounded and were staring at the door that had just closed. “What the fuck was up with him?” Kris asked. “I hate to say this but you kind of deserved that,” Matt said. “What?!” Kris exclaimed. “I agree,” Corey said. “Oh you fucking would,” Colt said. “You’ll agree with anything Matt says.” “Only when it’s the truth!” Corey shouted. “You wanna know why Scott got pissed? He came here to tell us some news that he’s obviously pretty happy about and you two just mocked him and questioned his motives.” “Like you weren’t thinking the same thing,” Colt snapped. “Even if I was, being a friend means you don’t say it,” Corey replied. “You know what? Fuck this!” Kris shouted. “I’m not gonna sit here and take a lecture from you two. We’re going out. You do whatever the hell you want to.” Kris and Colt grabbed their jackets and headed out the door leaving Matt and Corey stunned. They turned and looked at each other, the expressions on their faces asking what all that was about. “Do you think we should follow them?” Matt asked. “No,” Corey replied. “Scott obviously hit a nerve and I think we need to let them work out whatever it is that’s going on in their heads.” “Okay,” Matt agreed. “What are we gonna do?” “Now I have you alone for the night, what do you say we go to a late movie or something and then come back here for some loving?” “Sounds perfect,” Matt smiled. The next morning Matt was woken by a noise in the living room. Corey was still fast asleep beside him so he slowly got out of bed and moved across to the door, which he opened enough to see out. On the other side of the living space he saw a girl slipping her shoes on as she moved from Kris’s room over to Colt’s and quietly crept inside. Moments later she returned with another girl following close behind. They grabbed their things and quickly made for the front door, not wanting to alert anyone. “Did they spend the night with Kris and Colt?” Matt jumped hearing Corey’s voice in his ear after Corey had woken up, seen Matt at the door and got curious about what he was looking at. “I guess so,” Matt replied. Corey sat down on the bed. “Do you think they’re gonna regret that?” “I don’t know. Things have been real weird with them lately.” “I guess what Scott said didn’t help.” “Do you think that’s why they did it? To prove to themselves they’re still bi?” Matt asked. “Probably,” Corey replied. “That’s what they’ve said the past few times they’ve fucked girls.” “Do you believe it?” Matt asked. “Honestly? No,” Corey said. “So you think Scott was right?” “No. They do have feelings for girls, we know that, but I think they’re scared that the deeper they get into things with each other, the further away they get from that straight side of themselves and they’re worried about losing it completely.” “Do you think I need to talk to Kris about it?” Matt asked. “I know you’re worried about him, Matt, but you’ve got to let him deal with this stuff himself,” Corey said. “He’s a man now and he’s in his own relationship. I know you try to always be there for him but sometimes you do tend to push him in a certain direction and take control, but this is something he needs to figure out for himself.” “You’re right,” Matt said. “We need to keep out of this. I’ve just got a bad feeling about it.” About two hours later Matt was doing some laundry when Kris walked out of his room and sat at the breakfast bar. He was naked as usual. “Sorry about last night,” Kris said. “We shouldn’t have shouted at you.” “It’s okay,” Matt smiled. “No, it’s not,” Kris said. “You didn’t do anything and we chewed your asses out. I guess Scott just hit a nerve.” “Is that why you came home with those girls last night?” “You know about that?” “I saw them sneaking out this morning.” “Damn…” Kris sighed. “I guess it was. It’s so hard being bi. I envy you sometimes for knowing you just like guys. I love Colt so much, and the sex is always amazing, but recently, since we haven’t been fucking as often as we used to, I don’t know, it’s almost like there’s been something missing with us and we’re drifting further apart. It’s made me wonder if we’re in it for the sex and the physical connection more than the emotional. We should feel the same about each other no matter how often we fuck, shouldn’t we?” Matt hesitated but then answered, “Yes. I feel the same about Corey as I always have and we’ve fucked a lot less lately.” “Fuck!” Kris said, slamming his hand down on the counter. “I don’t know what’s going on, Matt. Those girls were really hot and I loved fucking the one that came home with me, but there was no spark there.” “Is it still there with Colt?” “Yes, but we’re better in bed than we are out of it and I’m beginning to think that’s a problem.” “Are you thinking of ending it?” Matt asked. “No, hell no. I still love him and want to be with him, I’m just questioning things a lot more lately,” Kris replied. “Like?” “Where I see life going with him instead with a woman,” Kris said. “I always pictured myself getting married to a great girl and having a couple of awesome kids with her. I guess I still want that, but I can’t have that life with Colt, can I?” “Not really…” Matt said. “You can still be happy together and you could look at adoption or surrogacy like Corey and I will.” “I know that, but it’s not the same really,” Kris sighed. “I also worry about my career.” “Your career?” “As a coach, after college,” Kris said. “It’s something I really wanna do, something I’m passionate about, but how many parents are gonna want a coach in a gay relationship looking after their kids? You know what people think. A couple of guys who actually were perverts have ruined it for the rest of us.” “They have, and I hate that, but if Colt makes you happy then surely that’s what’s gotta come first,” Matt said. “Yeah, I guess you’re right, bro. What do you think I should do?” “Give it some time. We’ve been under a lot of stress lately. In ten days our Junior year is over and you can relax and forget about college until the fall. See how things are with you and Colt then before making any decisions. You know I’ll support you either way.” “I know, bro, and I appreciate that, I just don’t wanna lose Colt as a friend if it isn’t meant to be.” “I hope you don’t either,” Matt said, walking round the counter to pull Kris into a hug. “Okay, that’s enough serious shit for now. I’ve gotta go apologize to Scott,” Kris said, heading back to his room to get dressed. * Finals came and went with the expected levels of stress and panic. Almost everyone was convinced they had failed because of how hard the papers were, but they wouldn’t find out the results for a while. To celebrate the end of their Junior year they had a huge party that took two days to recover from before all heading off home either for the summer or just for a week or two until they would be back in their apartments for summer classes or to continue working, as was the case for Matt and Corey respectively. Matt wanted to get a few classes out of the way before Senior year started and Corey wanted more money saved up in case he had to work less hours over the coming year. Matt did a final afternoon of work with Mr Jackson before saying goodbye. They exchanged contact information and Mr Jackson gave Matt a little present as thanks for all he had done for him, it was a small pendant that Matt loved. After that Matt decided to search for a new job and managed to find one working in retail with the hours that suited his needs and schedule for when his summer classes started. During the second week of the break Kris and Colt went camping together, just the two of them, hoping to recapture the magic they shared at the beginning of their relationship. They enjoyed every minute of it, joking and playing around like old times and relishing in being in each other’s company. At night they engaged in the amazing sex that always occurred between them whenever they got together and they even had a mind-blowing fuck just off a hiking trail while they were out on a walk in the middle of the day. Despite this, when they separated at the end of the week, with Colt going home and Kris back to the apartment, they both felt like they had been two best friends fucking each other again instead of boyfriends. Shortly after that Matt and Corey headed off to the Big Apple with Matt’s Mom, Vince and VJ. The city was something to see and behold, giving all of them plenty to enjoy and even more to think about. The tall buildings ceased to amaze all of them during their stay and made them feel a little humble coming from a smaller city. The nicest part for Matt was heading to Times Square and suriyeli escort experiencing the array of bright lights and the buzzing crowds that created an atmosphere unlike anything he had ever experienced. Being so condensed, it made the area so bright and almost like daylight. Matt and Corey even had a meal out alone one night and were completely accepted as a gay couple, with not a single person making a comment or giving them a strange look. They realized that if it ever came to it they could live in a place like New York and could be happy, but then they’d go anywhere in the world to be together. When they arrived back at the apartment Kris gave them the news that Colt wasn’t returning for the summer but would be back in plenty of time for Senior year to begin. Colt said that being at home with his mom and Chase made him see how much his mom was struggling now she was single and her sons wanted to help her out as much as they could before heading back off to college so he got a summer job in his home town, but both Matt and Corey could see the doubt in Kris’s eyes. Colt had felt the change in his relationship with Kris too, and while he still loved Kris he was also questioning their future as a couple as opposed to best friends. He knew for sure he didn’t want to lose Kris either way, and he was so afraid of breaking Kris’s heart. When he saw his mom was struggling a little now she had to feed two growing sons, he took the opportunity to get a job in a store to help her out while he had nothing better to do at the campus. He also wanted time to sort his head out and see what he wanted from Kris and from life. During their time apart, Kris and Colt continued to text each other and they spoke on the phone every other day. They still loved just talking to each other and found it so easy to get lost in conversations that lasted hours. One weekend they decided to get together, but it was clear things had changed between them. The conversation wasn’t the same as it was on the phone, there wasn’t as much banter, and while the sex was still beyond great, it couldn’t make up for what seemed to be missing in terms of a romantic connection. Less than a week after his time with Kris, Colt was working at the store when one of the girls from a different department approached him while he was on his break. They chatted for a while and he thought she was really hot, so when she asked him if he’d wanted to do something later he quickly accepted. That night he went out on the date and had a great time. He felt like he could truly let go and just enjoy being with her. They went to a club after their meal and danced together, him holding her close during the slow songs and gently caressing her body. At the end of the night when they shared a kiss he felt something stirring inside him. It was like what he felt the first time he kissed Andrea. There was a spark. The next day Chase found his brother sitting on his bed staring at the ceiling and wanted to know what was going on. “I met someone…” Colt sighed. “Someone?” Chase questioned. “This girl at work. We went out last night and had a great time. It felt so good being with her. At the end of the night when I kissed her goodbye I didn’t wanna let her go,” Colt explained. “Wow,” Chase said. “I thought you were happy with Kris.” “I was,” Colt replied. “I love Kris so much, but things just haven’t been the same with us recently.” “Do you think you made a mistake getting with Kris?” “No. It wasn’t a mistake and I don’t regret it for a second.” “But?” “I just don’t know if it’s right.” “What if it’s not?” “What do you mean?” “What happens if the two of you split up? Are you straight again or will you consider dating other guys?” Chase asked. “I don’t think I can ever consider myself straight again, not truly, but I don’t think I could ever be with another guy. If I’m gonna be in a gay relationship then it’s gonna be with Kris.” “So if you’re not with Kris, you’re done with guys?” “For relationships, yes.” “But you’d still fuck guys?” Chase laughed. Colt laughed too, “You don’t know how good that shit feels, bro. There’s always gonna be that urge in me that wants to get with a hot guy. The real question is whether I would allow myself to act on it and fulfil that desire that’s always gonna lie within me now I’ve experienced it and loved it.” “What about Kris?” “What about him?” “Would you still fuck him? You know, if things don’t work out between you?” “If he wanted to then yeah I would,” Colt replied. “I’m still as attracted to him as I ever was and I still consider him my best friend, I’m just not sure we belong together.” “And what about this girl?” Chase asked. “I assume you wanna fuck her?” “Hell yeah, I do,” Colt laughed. “But I actually think I wanna date her. In fact I think if Kris and I weren’t together I would have tried to sleep with her last night but it would have felt like cheating on him because I don’t think it would have just been a fuck with her. There’s more there.” “So you’re gonna have to talk him,” Chase said. “I know. I just don’t wanna break his heart and ruin the friendship. I’ll lose Matt and probably Corey too if that happens,” Colt said sadly. “That’s not gonna happen, bro. Those guys love you. Sure things might be hard at first, but you’ll get through it, and you can always crash with me and Tabor if things don’t work out.” Colt smiled and put his arm around his brother, thanking him for being there and supporting him no matter what. * Matt came home from work to find Kris sitting on the sofa with his head in his hands. He couldn’t tell if he’d been crying, but it didn’t look good. Slowly, he walked across the room and sat down beside his best friend, putting an arm around his shoulder, hoping to comfort him. “What’s wrong, Kris?” Matt asked. “I fucked up, Matt,” Kris said. “What’s happened?” “I met Melissa earlier.” “Melissa? Your old girlfriend from high school?” “Yes. She’s coming here for nursing school and asked me to show her around. We met for coffee first and then I gave her a bit of a tour.” “Okay. But how is that fucking up?” Matt asked, confused. “Because when she thanked me after I’d shown her around she gave me a hug, kissed my cheek and I felt something, Matt.” “Felt something?” “Yeah, when her lips touched my cheek my whole body felt like it tingled and when she pulled back and looked into my eyes I couldn’t help myself. I kissed her.” “On the lips?” “Yes. We made out for about five minutes before things went further.” “Further?” “We had sex,” Kris said, hanging his head again. Matt didn’t say anything. He kept his arm around Kris and tried to be there for his friend through whatever it was he was feeling and thinking. There were tears rolling down Kris’s cheek that Matt wiped away with his thumb and then Kris turned to hug him properly. “I feel like shit,” Kris said finally. “I don’t mean to sound insensitive, but…” Matt hesitated. “But what?” “Well, you’ve not exactly been faithful in your relationships before. What’s so different this time?” Matt asked. “Colt’s different,” Kris said. “I love him, bro, and I don’t wanna hurt him. I don’t think I’ve ever truly loved someone when I’ve slept around before, but I do love Colt. I also think it has something to do with Melissa. It wasn’t just a fuck. I felt something with her, something between us. Fuck! I feel like I just cheated on the greatest guy ever and I feel like a fucking scumbag.” “Please, Kris, don’t think like that,” Matt pleaded. “What would you say if Corey came to you and told you he’d cheated again but that it meant something to him this time?” Kris asked. Matt was silent for a moment. “I’d be devastated.” “Exactly!” Kris cried. “Did you really feel something for Melissa?” Matt asked. “Yes…” “Like there could be something there between you? A future I mean?” “Yes…” Matt let out a soft chuckle that made Kris turn his head and stare at his best friend. “What’s so funny?” Kris asked. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to laugh, but how many times have you and Melissa come back together over the years? It’s just like how you were with Colt. No matter who you dated you always gravitated back toward him. It’s the same with Melissa.” “What are you saying, bro?” “It’s like if you’re meant to be with a guy, it’s Colt, and if you’re meant to be with a girl, it’s Melissa.” “That doesn’t really help, bro.” “I know, and I’m sorry, but Corey’s right, I can’t tell you what to do. You have to follow your heart and do what’s right for you. I’ll still be here,” Matt smiled. “Thanks. I just don’t want to hurt Colt.” “So talk to him…” * Colt arrived at the apartment with his heart pounding in his chest. He knew he had to talk things through with Kris but he was so scared about the outcome. What if everything blew up and he ended up like Alex and Bishop, being pushed out of the group with pretty much no one caring about how he was or what he was doing. He opened the door slowly and breathed a sigh of relief seeing that the apartment was empty. He put his bag in his room and headed to the kitchen for a drink of water to calm his nerves. Just as he finished draining the glass the front door opened and Kris walked in. The moment they saw each other rus escort they froze and just stared at each other. They both knew something was wrong. “We need to talk,” they both said at the same time. They chuckled a little, easing the tension in the air a little. They moved to the sofa so they could sit down facing each other. They sat in silence for a moment, hoping the other would speak first. Eventually it was Kris who spoke. “I love you, you know that, right?” “Yes. I love you too,” Colt said, confused. “Fuck! I don’t wanna do this, but I have to tell you…” Kris stopped to take a deep breath. “I slept with someone.” Colt didn’t reply immediately, he just sat staring at Kris, studying his facial expressions and thinking things through in his head. “Someone?” Colt finally asked. “Melissa. My ex-girlfriend from high school. We met up and I guess you could say we reconnected,” Kris admitted, breathing a sigh of relief at finally getting it off his chest, but still feeling awful inside. “So you have feelings for her?” Colt asked, not knowing what to feel. It was Kris’s turn to be silent this time. “Yes,” he said meekly. “Okay… Do you want to be with her?” Colt asked, softly. Kris’s eyes went wide. “You’re not mad?” “No,” Colt replied. “Maybe I would have been a few months ago, but we’ve been drifting apart for a while.” “We have, but that doesn’t excuse what I’ve done.” Colt was on the verge of telling Kris about his own confession, but Kris still hadn’t answered his earlier question. “So, do you want to be with her?” Colt asked. Kris hung his head. “I don’t know.” “You don’t know?” “I mean… I guess I want to at least date her to see if there’s anything there, but I still want to be with you too. I’m so fucked up.” “No, you’re not,” Colt whispered. “What?” Kris asked. “You’re not fucked up. Or if you are, so am I.” “What does that mean?” “I’ve been seeing someone back home,” Colt admitted, staring straight into Kris’s eyes. “A girl I met while I was working over the summer. We haven’t slept together, but we’ve been dating and I really like her.” Kris was quiet for a moment and then started laughing, which confused Colt and made him question Kris. “We’ve both been cheating in different ways and I’m not sure which one’s worse. Does this mean we’re finished?” Kris asked. “I don’t know, does it?” Colt asked, solemnly. “We cheated on each other, Colt. Things haven’t been right between us for weeks now. I’ve been torturing myself trying to figure out how to talk to you about this and now I find out that all along you’ve been going through the same thing.” “I have. I didn’t want to hurt you, Kris,” Colt said. “You haven’t. I think we both knew deep down this was coming. I hate that it has, but if it’s gonna end then I’m glad it’s like this and not with one of us breaking the other’s heart. I still love you like I always have and I just hope we can go back to being best friends.” “I love you too, Kris, and I hope this doesn’t change anything between us. I just don’t think we’re supposed to be in a relationship.” Kris sighed, “Me neither… so this is it?” “I guess it is,” Colt nodded. “What happens now?” “I suppose we’ll have to tell people, make sure they know where things stand and that nothing is gonna change. We’re still friends and we’re still living together.” “Damn right we are,” Colt agreed. “What if we’re making a mistake?” “A mistake?” Kris asked. “Breaking up. What if we are meant to be together and this is just a bad patch that we could get through? We were so sure a few months ago that we wanted to be together, maybe for the rest of our lives, has that much changed since then?” “No,” Kris said. “But something has. I still love you, Colt, and I truly was in love with you, but there’s something that’s telling me it’s not meant to be. I’m not gonna say it was a phase because it wasn’t and I wouldn’t insult you by saying that, but maybe we got lost in how good things felt, in how good the sex was, and we got carried away in thinking there was more there than just two best friends who find the greatest physical pleasure in each other’s bodies. It doesn’t mean I’m not interested in you anymore, I’m not gonna lie to you, I still wanna fuck you, I still look at you and get that warm feeling in my gut where I wanna come to you and kiss you and take you to bed, but right now I think it’s more physical than emotional and I don’t think we should be together as anything more than great friends. We’ve been saying all along that we’re still young and should experience life, and I think that’s what we should do. If you think there could be something with you and that girl and you could be happy with her then go for it, see if there is. I don’t know if there could be something between me and Melissa, but I do know that I want to find out.” “Yeah. Maybe if nothing happens for us with other people and we’re still single in a year or two and we want to try again then we can have another go at us,” Colt said. “Definitely,” Kris smiled. “And if things do work out then I’m still gonna need my buddy, if for nothing else than for Superbowl Sundays, `cos you know Matt and Corey are no good there.” Colt laughed. “I do.” “Anyway, maybe if we have kids they can be as good friends as we are,” Kris smiled. “I hope so,” Colt replied. “You’re the best friend I’ve ever had, Kris, and I’ve loved the talks we’ve had over the phone these past few weeks, it reminded me of when we were just best friends and I’ve been longing to go back there.” “Maybe we can,” Kris said. “I feel the same way. I love you like family and don’t ever wanna lose you from my life. I honestly believe that if you can have two soul mates then you and Matt are mine. You both help to complete me and make me a better person, but in the way a relationship wouldn’t be right with Matt, I don’t think it’s right with you, and I hate having to say that.” By now they both had tears in their eyes. “I hate it too, but we know it’s right,” Colt said. “You stirred up feelings in me I didn’t know I had, Kris, and you helped me to explore them. When we had sex for the first time on Spring Break I honestly thought it was a one-off and it would never happen again, and I was happy with that because it happened with you. You were the guy who opened my eyes to that side of me, who helped me accept what I was feeling and then went with me on the greatest sexual journey of my life. I never truly wanted to be with anyone but you. I’ve enjoyed the sex I’ve had with other guys, but in part I think I fucked them because I wanted to see if it was just you who made me feel so special and who took me to a place no one else has ever been able to. It was you, Kris, and the last few months when we’ve been together have been the most amazing of my life. I felt truly loved for the first time and I am so happy I got to call you my boyfriend, but I still can’t fight the feeling that I was with you for the wrong reasons.” “I’ve got that feeling too,” Kris said, sadly. “It seemed perfect, us getting together, being such good friends, having so much in common and having such amazing, scorching hot sex. I thought we had everything we needed in a relationship, and I’ve never felt happier. Being able to call you my boyfriend and getting to sleep beside you every night made me feel so good. I never dreamed I’d ever be with a guy. Before college I’d hardly ever even thought about it, but then you came along and all that changed. I felt a connection with you that I’ve never felt with anyone else, but part of me wonders now if it’s our bond as friends that I mistook for something more.” “I think maybe you did, hell, I did too,” Colt said. “I don’t regret anything we’ve done, Kris. I’ve loved every minute of being with you and exploring my sexuality with you. It’s a part of my life that I’ll always remember and cherish, and I’m so glad I experienced it with you. It had to be with you.” “I don’t regret any of it either, Colt. I’m so happy to have shared that part of my life with you, to have discovered that part of me I didn’t know I had with you. I love that we went bareback so I could truly feel you inside me. I’ve never felt more complete than I did when we went away for your birthday and we made love and came inside each other. It cemented the bond we have and it’s something we’ll always share.” “It is. I love you.” “I love you too. Brothers Forever?” Kris asked, holding out his fist. “Brothers Forever,” Colt nodded, bumping his fist into Kris’s. The tears were flowing freely now and they stood up to embrace each other. The hug was strong as they clung to each other and cried with their faces buried against the other’s shoulder. When they pulled back Kris placed his forehead on Colt’s and they looked into each other’s eyes. Slowly their lips came together and they kissed hard as the tears continued to roll down their cheeks. “One last time?” Colt asked when they pulled apart. “One last time,” Kris smiled, taking Colt’s hand in his as they walked toward the bedroom. To be continued… I hope you enjoyed the conclusion of Junior. There will be just three more stories before this long running series is finished. Yes, I’ve decided to end the series after much debate. It is time to move on. You are always welcome to write me at: hoo. I really do enjoy your emails and try my best to respond to each one. Please if you can, contribute and keep NIFTY GOING strong as ever. They need our support so stories like this and so many others can continue to entertain and … well you know.

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