[The following story is based off of true events, names, dates, and some of the events have been changed to protect privacy and for storytelling purposes. Feedback would be greatly appreciated and suggestions are welcome. you can contact me at ail. As always please consider donating to to keep this unique platform for sharing stories going. – George Q.]

The following is a true account to the best of my recollection. The telling may be a little less narrative/dialogue driven compared to my usual stories for this reason. Any dialogue that remains is reconstructed from memory and may not be accurate. No one in this story is underage, I was held back twice so by the time I was a senior I was 19.

I had been as straight edge as they come growing up. Through most of highschool I got straight A’s, was active with the football team practices, went to bible study twice a week.

Sophomore year I was sexually assaulted by the babysitter my parents hired to watch my little brother and sister. He was a moose of a man, slow and too big for his own good. I won’t go into that really but I will say that even though he was twice my age at thirty I did enjoy it to some extent. We’d talked again when I was older and resolved a lot of the hard feelings from it.

Senior year senior slump hit me hard. I broke up with my girlfriend, dropped my advance placement classes for the last two standard courses I needed to graduate and bummed around town during my off hours. My mom’s alcoholism, step mom’s bi-polar disorder, and father absence kept me from home, and even though we weren’t the worst off family I was essentially homeless.

It was at this time my aunt and cousin took me in.

My cousin Ryan is a good looking guy, sorta a more rugged edward norton kinda look. As American-Irish as they come, catholic, black haired, and white gaziantep travesti skinned. He had dropped out of highschool senior year and I think his mom saw taking me in as a chance to get herself some redemption there.

Ryan was the antithesis of the good boy I’d been growing up. He smoked, drank, went to punk rock concerts, didn’t go to school. He was everything I wanted to be at the time and I stuck on him the moment I moved in. I got a sleeping bag on his floor right by his mattress. We’d come back at two in the morning to his place after a concert and talk for a few more hours. I told him I might be gay, about how I didn’t know what I wanted to do after high school, about my family situation. He told me about dropping out, a girl he was hung up on, about how he didn’t know what he was doing with his life either. We were as close as could be, and he was just what I needed at that point in my life.

I distinctly remember the night everything changed.

I woke up abruptly and fully. Ryan’s breathing was heavy and ragged, and when opened my eyes I saw he was on my laptop. It was propped on his chest, gently rocking back and forth as he stroked himself. I could see the blanket covering him rise and fall rapidly.

I don’t know if I’d ever gotten so hard so quick. I’d never really been around another guy my age in a sexual context before besides my babysitter and that situation was less than ideal. I was dizzy with being so close to someone I cared about jerking off. I moved my hand down quietly, slipped it under the waistband and tugged my foreskin over my cock head with my thumb and forefinger. Ryan gasped out just as I got to myself, his jerking became violent and halting, his eyes rolled back in his head. Seeing my cousin orgasm sent me over edge even though I’d just begun gaziantep masaj salonları and I shot too. Silently sharing in his orgasm.

For the next couple months this became a regular thing. Ryan would start jerking, I’d go along with him and try and cum at the same time. I tried to be quiet but as I soon found out I wasn’t hiding my end of it as well as I thought.

One night we were about to go to bed and Ryan asked me how long i took to go to sleep, i told him ten twenty minutes. He asked if I’d put on my headphones while he jerked off ‘cause he didn’t want to wait that long. I told him I wanted to jerk it too and why should he go first. Mostly joking but also kinda baiting him to see if he’d offer to do it together. He didn’t quite but told me we could just jerk off with the lights off under the covers. We did. It was exciting to finally be able to be a bit more open. His little brother (like 14 or so at this point i think?) shared that room too so we couldn’t go crazy but it was still nice to be a tiny bit less covert and to know my cuz knew i was jerking off while he was.

This next part was kinda strange and embarrassing. Nobody but my first real girlfriend and Ryan know about this part.

We were house-sitting for our uncle one day (our moms are sisters this was their brothers house.) I’d go to school, come back to our uncles place and we’d drink and play video games, watch some TV. We’re pretty buzzed one night, not drunk but when you’re young and don’t know better even a little bit of alcohol feels like a lot. Ryan was asking me questions, like how far i’d gone with a girl, if I’d ever thought about jerking it with him, what i’d thought about doing with other guys, porn I’d watched, TV stars I’d crushed on, stuff like that.

I had gotten hard at this gaziantep escort bayan point and he had too. We weren’t doing a ton to hide it. Ryan confessed to me that when he was jerking off the day before that my uncles dog Buck came over and licked him some. I teased him about it, told him he was getting desperate if he’s been without a girlfriend so long he let that happen. He said it actually felt pretty good. Buck was lying nearby while we were talking about this. I was admittedly pretty curious myself and asked him if it was worth trying. He said it was and I called Buck over. I don’t remember at what point in the conversation we had pulled our cocks out but they were whipped out at this point and we were stroking. I do know Ryan asked to see what my cock looked like hard, like how my foreskin worked. After I showed him we had kept them out, stroking while we were talking. he immediately came over and licked my cock.

I felt pretty bold at this point considering what we’d just done and I asked him if he’d ever thought of getting a bj from me.

He said no and I told him I’d be down to try if he was. Dude is hung, has at least eight inches on him and thick, dark black pubes. I jerked him off a bit, but lost the nerve to suck him. I jerked myself at the same time. Ryan asked me if i was going to suck him, just said “You going to?” his voice literally broke. Lol. I didn’t move and he said it again and I leaned over and sucked his dick. Don’t think I went down on him for even ten seconds before he was whimpering and about to bust. I knew how he sounded when he was about to cum so I got off his piece and let him finish himself. I grabbed my own cock in finished in a couple strokes.

Over the next year we jerked off together every few days, pretty soon he was rubbing me off too. We still jerked off under the covers every night on top of all that, we’d even hear sean even falling into that nightly ritual, lol. But we didn’t talk to him about it. Me and Ryan would try a little more with oral but he was rarely down for it and i only got him to blow me once. But they were good times. I think no one besides his wife has had their hands on his dick more than me me.

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