Subject: Chapter 53 Nailed It ***. Standard disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to people or events is purely coincidental. Locations within Florida have been used by the author to create the setting. Don’t read if you shouldn’t because you’re under 18 or live in an area where it would be illegal. I appreciate all the positive comments and constructive feedback I’ve been receiving. Please continue to email me ail. Enjoy the story! **As always PLEASE keep Nifty free by donating to the website! Even small donations go a long way. Please support the Nifty Archive! At the following URL: fty/ ========================================================= Nailed It: Chapter 53 Are we there yet? Thursday was filled with classes. They deposited their checks in their personal accounts. After the Credit Union, Sean joined the team for exercises. The coaches stayed afterwards so the guys could not enjoy another joint shower orgy. Thursday evening was filled with packing for the trip and planning what they’d need for the photo shoot. “Clay I’ve all this underwater from shoots I’ve done in the past. Maybe we can use some of it and the jocks.” `Chief I was hoping we could wear the leather we wore at the P-House.” “That’s fine. How about singlets and I have these South Beach onesies?” “I’ve never worn either but I’ll try anything as you’ve found out!” He flashed Sean his cheeky grin. “Especially if it makes my man happy!” Sean dropped the clothing through which he was sorting. He came up behind Clay and started tickling him. Clay shrieked and laughed. “Stop Sir, oh please stop, I’m going to pee myself!” Sean guided Clay into the bathtub and continued to tickle him. Farm Boy, no longer fearing making a mess gave in to his bladder and let his urine flow. Sean smiled and kissed his boy hard letting his own piss hit Clay’s cock, balls and legs. After the duo had emptied their bladders Sean turned on the water and pulled the shower curtain closed. As the water warmed he switched it to the shower. The men rinsed off. Hanging up their towels afterwards, they acted like school boys playing a game of grab ass. For the trip they would wear shorts with tee shirts. Sean would wear sandals, but Clay would wear trainers since he would be driving. At Clay’s folks they’d change into jeans and long sleeved shirts. If they swam it would be without suits. Saturday would be shorts and tees until they got back to the apartment. They would repeat their look for Sean’s parents. For the shoot they would take two of Clay’s outfits altered by Miss Tina. Sean would take two of his as well. They packed their leather shorts, jock, chaps, flog, blindfold, restraints, harnesses, vests, boots, masks, cover and a cap. Sean added the chastity device. They chose 4 pairs of knee socks, 4 pairs of under pants, 2 wife beaters, 2 white tee shirts, 4 jocks, 2 singlets, and 2 onesies. “Clay I need to turn in early tonight. I have a meeting at 8:30 in administration.” “You want me to come with you? “Nah, it’s just a discussion with new AD about redecorating her office.” Sean said crossing his fingers. “I need to finish a paper that’s due by midnight. Let me tuck you in. I’ll join you as soon as I do the final proof and email it.” Clay followed Sean into the bedroom. As Sean got into bed he felt so thankful to have Clay in his life. Farm Boy tucked his Chief into bed and turned off the light. He went to his desk and pulled up his paper and started the final proof. Sean thought about his meeting tomorrow with the Athletic Director Roberta Knox, Coach Lee, Karl Langford the Band Director and Stephen Randall in the morning. He hoped they would give him 5 minutes of next week’s halftime show. He would have his answer in 10 hours. He drifted off to sleep. At 11:30 Clay crawled into bed and spooned into Sean embracing him. He too drifted off thinking about his drive home. Clay’s alarm woke him at 5:30 for his run. He crossed to the Locker Room, inserted the Hush and dressed for his run. This morning he chose to do his 5 mile route around the campus. At 6:30 as he approached the main entrance of the University Sean turned on the App which controlled the Hush. It started gently but Clay knew that would be short lived. He picked up his pace. As he waited for the signal to change so he could cross Alafaya the Hush began becoming more intense. Farm Boy’s cock started plumping. He knew he had 5 minutes before he’d be home. Sean was up and going through his morning routine when Clay burst through the apartment door. He found his lover in the shower. “Turn it off Chief! Oh Damn turn it off please. I’m going to,” Clay shot 3 strong ropes of cum into his shorts. “Fuck, I messed myself Chief. I’m sorry I came without permission.” Chief grabbed his phone from the toilet tank top and turned off the app. “Kick off your shoes,” Sean ordered. Clay complied and found himself being pulled into the shower fully clothed. Sean pushed Clay to his knees. Farm Boy knew his duty and started sucking on his Chief’s dick. He played with the glans tickling the tender spot on its underside. Then taking a breath through his nose he dove down so that his nose was in Sean’s pubic hair. Clay looked up at his Chief through the falling water. His Sir had the most beautiful smile upon his face. Farm Boy skull fucked himself on his Chief’s prick. Sean too had not cum since the orgy at Eddie’s Wednesday night. It took only 5 minutes for Farm Boy to bring Sean to his climax. Sean pulled his boy to his feet and kissed him tasting the remnants of his semen in Clay’s mouth. “You nailed it Farm Boy. You’re getting better and better sucking cock. Let me help you strip off these wet clothes.” The cloths were tossed into the bathroom sink. Chief grabbed a washcloth and soap he scrubbed his boy from head to toe. The Hush was removed last. They dried off and Sean dressed for his meeting. Sean grabbed a protein drink and his things for class. “I’ll see you at noon here.” He kissed Clay and left to walk to the administration building. He figured he could use the time to refine his request as well as assuage his nerves. After all, he had a 3 hour ride to Arcadia ahead of him. Walking into the AD’s office he knew he had about a 30 minute wait. The receptionist told him that MS Knox was expecting him and that the others had already arrived. A few minutes later MS Knox came out of the conference room and invited Sean to come in. He greeted each person by shaking their hand. Once all had taken their seats, Roberta asked, “Sean, how can the three of us help you?” Taking a deep breath Sean began. “I would like to take five minutes at the beginning of this week’s game or as our band takes the field at half time to propose to Clay. It’s like people do at Magic Games and other events.” “Has it been done before?” Roberta asked. Karl Langford commented, “Not an engagement. But we celebrated the 25th Wedding Anniversary of Coach Cross 2 years ago.” “We also presented the Olympic Torch at the start of half time too.” “OK so there is precedent for an event,” Stevie Randall put in. “You’ve got a member of the team, it’s marriage related, it’s 5 minutes, add that it’s LGBTQ+ and you’re ticking a lot of PR boxes.” “I’m concerned it may become gaziantep travesti routine,” Roberta said. Tell us what you envision for your proposal Sean. If at the start of the game, after the National Anthem with our band on the field the four quarterbacks would be called out. I’ll come out from behind the band kneel down and propose. If he says yes the band plays Elvis Presley’s “I can’t help falling in love with you.” Same deal at half time but we’d need the quarterbacks back early. The proposal could come at the start or before the last song. And of course only the five of us would know.” “Robi I don’t have a problem with it,” Coach Lee stated. “Kurt you think Clay could keep his focused second half?” Knox inquired. “For Sean, he’d play every position by himself. All that Sean has to say is looking good and Clay tries even harder.” “Let’s do this. Invite the OGC to sink the National Anthem again. I’ll plan on “Can’t Help Falling in Love,” “Somewhere Over the Rainbow,” “YMCA,” and “It Raining Men” I’ll get rainbow flags for the flag team. Can I get 10 VIP parking passes and 26 tickets for our family members? I’ll pay for them. I’d like to give them to the Reeds at Dinner tonight and my family tomorrow night. The AD walked to the door, Garrett can you get me 10 VIP parking passes for next week’s game and 26 tickets, with an invoice and bring them in please. Ten minutes later Garrett came in with the tickets, parking pass and an invoice for $4970. Sean pulled out his checkbook and wrote the check. He handed it to Garrett. Roberta said, “Is there anything else we can do for you Sean?” “Just keep it under your hat MS Knox. I want to knock his socks off. Oh, Mr. Langford, is there a spare uniform I can don so I can blend in on the sideline until it’s time for my appearance?” “Come by my office Monday and we’ll get you set up Sean. This is going to be fun. Congratulations!” “Yes Congratulations Sean!” Stevie said giving Sean a hug. “I’ll call OGC this morning.” “I’ll tell the coaching staff there’s a special presentation at halftime and that we have to hustle the team in and out.” “Oh, can somebody take pictures for me?” Sean asked. Roberta answered, “Sean I’ll make sure you get pictures. You’re an awfully lucky guy to have everybody rooting for you.” “I’ve been fortunate all my life to have great friends. Thank you for helping make this a wonderful experience.” He shook hands with them all and departed for class. After his classes he returned to the apartment and put the passes in his travel bag. When Clay returned at noon he was keyed up. Sean had made egg salad sandwiches and cauliflower tots for lunch. They finished up and carried their things down to the Mustang. Clay uncovered it and they loaded the trunk. Clay put the top down as Sean got in the passenger seat. Clay leaned over and kissed Sean. He started their drive. They sped along the 417 toward I-4W. They got slowed down near the merge onto I-4 from the 417. Traffic ran slow until they passed US 27. Sean pulled off I-4W to get on the Polk Expressway. Sean got his first good look at the modern architecture of Florida Polytechnic. They weren’t on the expressway long when Clay excited. They took Spirit Lake Road and made their way to US 17 South. Sean noted the towns as they traveled south: Bartow, County Seat of Polk County, Fort Meade, Bowling Green, and Wauchula, County Seat of Highlands County. Clay pulled into McDonalds to drain his lizard and get them a couple of teas. Sean took the opportunity to take a piss as well. It was also the first time he asked how much further. All Clay would say was “Soon.” They resumed their journey south. Zolfo Springs was next. Sean began, “Are we there yet?” to annoy Clay. Next was Gardner. Once again, “Are we there yet?” “Soon Sir, soon!” Brownsville was the next small community. Once more Sean asked, “Are we there yet?” “Soon Sir, soon!” “Clay have you seen the Oura rings that are replacing fit bits?” “Can’t say that I have Chief. Why?” “”I’m thinking of getting one. I’ve got the ring kit in my backpack. Maybe you’d like one too.” “Oh I don’t know. I’m not much on jewelry except for your necklace.” “Well think about it.” “OK Chief. By the way welcome to Arcadia! County Seat of DeSoto County. I’ll take you on a little tour. First DeSoto High my Alma Mater. He turn left on onto Gibson and drove out to the high school. He drove through the drive and headed back to US 17. Turning left he drove down to Hickory and turned right. As they drove by an old three story Victorian house Clay shared, This my family’s homestead until 10 years ago when my parents built our new home and sold this one off.” Clay took a few back streets and pulled into Oak Ridge Cemetery. He pulled up to an large section with cement coping around it. “My family has been buried here for the past 100 years.” He also showed Sean the British section. “This plot is where British aviators were buried. Arcadia was used to train British pilots. Some never returned home.” Clay maneuvered back to W Hickory and headed for 70. After a few miles he turned left onto 72. Sean noticed cell coverage went in and out. Clay turned left onto 769. They got behind a citrus hauler and slowed down to 35 miles per hour. Eventually Clay turned right onto SW Lipe Road. Sean felt he was in the middle of nowhere. Ten minutes later Clay pulled into a drive marked by two concrete pillars. The drive was lined by oak trees. It curved several times until it opened onto a view of the house. Sean kept his mouth closed but he was impressed. The large main house was two stories tall. To its right was a detached 4 car garage. To its left was an atrium which led to a smaller two story house. Clay pulled up to the 4th bay and pushed a button. The garage door rolled up and he pulled into the garage. “Welcome to my home Sean! Let’s grab our stuff.” They grabbed their bags and headed to the main entrance. Martha and Leon were waiting for them at the door. “Welcome Sean!” Martha and Leon said together. Martha kissed him on his forehead and hugged him. Leon pulled him into a hug. Then they hugged their son. “Please come in.” The entranceway was two stories tall. It was lit by three windows at the second level and windows on both sides of the door. A staircase ascended to the second level from both sides. Martha led the way through the French doors to the family room. It looked out upon a large pool edged with large flagstones. A large fireplace dominated one wall. “Clay, why don’t you take Sean to the boys’ wing? After you’ve relaxed a bit please come back to the main house. Tell RJ I want to see him please.” “Sure Mom, please come this way Sean.” Clay led the way out a side door to an atrium which led to the small house. The atrium has a planter running its entire length planted with various succulents and cacti. “What’s the story on the garden Clay?” “It started out as a joke 40 years ago. Grandpa Reed brought Grandma a cactus for a present. She got hooked on them. All these plants are from her collection.” “Is she still alive?” “Oh yes! You’ll meet her at dinner.” As they entered the smaller house Sean was amazed. One wall was dominated by a stone wall with a gaziantep masaj salonları fireplace. The great room was furnished with a SW USA theme. There was a dining table and small kitchen to the left tucked under a loft which had an heavy wrought iron circular staircase leading up to it. On the right was a closed door with a sign on it that read `Knock First.’ “Clay pounded on the door and yelled, “RJ get your ass to the house. Mom wants you. NOW!” The door opened and a nude copy of Clay walked out pulling his headphones off. Sean noted the only difference between the brothers seemed to be RJ was blond and maybe a bit smaller in build. He was as hung as Clay. “Hey Junior! Welcome home.” He kissed his brother and gave him a hug. “Am I in trouble?” “Hell if I know! This is my boyfriend, Sean Walls. Sean this is my brother Robert Joseph Reed known to the family as RJ.” RJ shook Sean’s hand and embraced him. “Welcome to testosterone house! It’s where the Reed men hangout. I’ll be back after I check in.” He headed to the main house naked. “That’s RJ’s room and bath. Mine is upstairs.” He led Sean upstairs to the loft. One wall held a queen sized bed. To its left were windows looking out onto a range where cattle were grazing. Opposite the bed was a wall with football and basketball trophies and sports posters. Behind the wall was Clay’s bathroom with a Roman tub, shower, and a separate water closet for the commode. Behind the bed was Clay’s walk in closet. “Clay this is some set up. It’s way cool.” “Thank you. The idea is that when Dad retires, Mom and he will move in here and you and I would take the main house. I know we have to talk about that yet, but that’s their hope.” “Yes, we’ll need to chat about that one for sure.” He walked up to Clay and started pulling up his tee shirt. “I think you should welcome me properly to your place.” Just then RJ came back. “Hey guys, Dad just went to get Granny. MaryLiz and Hannah just got in. Uncle Albin and Aunt Becky as well as Erick are bringing Mormor and Farfar. They’ll be here in 20 to 30 minutes. Hope you’re ready for show time Sean, MaryLiz seems loaded with questions.” “Thanks for the heads up RJ.” “Oh and Mom says we have to wear clothes.” “We figured we’d start out that way Bro. We’re going to shower.” “OK I gotta get dressed and go back to help set the table.” He ducked into his room as Clay led the way to the shower. The couple showered together under the rainfall heads. Sean imagined having sex with Clay in this setting. Clay was getting nervous for the family gathering. They both dressed in Miss Tina’s sexy boy clothes. Clay pulled on cowboy boots and Seal wore Italian leather sandals. He got out 11 tickets and 3 parking passes for the Reeds and Carlssons. He put them into a thank you card in which he thanked them for inviting him to their home as well as asking them to be his guests at the Homecoming game next weekend. Sean came up to him and hugged him. “Ready for the inquisition?” “I’m as ready as I’m going to be my love. We’ll face them together.” They kissed and headed to the main house. As they entered the family room all eyes turned to the side door, Sean put on his social smiley face as they came in. Clay led them to the fireplace and faced his family. “Thank you for all gathering this evening. I’m so happy to introduce to my family my boyfriend and partner Sean Andreas Walls.” There were nods around the room. Sean said, “I’m very pleased to meet the rest of Clay’s family. I’ve already had the pleasure of meeting Martha, Leon and RJ. I believe you must be Mormor and Farfar.” They smiled at the use of their Swedish names. “My late grandparents were Mormor and Morfar.” “You’re Norwegian!” Mormor said. “Yes Ma’am as well as Greek. You must be Albin, Becky and Erik.” He shook hands with the five of them. “You must be Clay’s Grandmother Reed. I’m pleased to make your acquaintance” He shook her hand. “You of course are the sisters. Since you’re wearing an FSU jersey you must be Hannah,” he said to the petite blond who resemble her father’s mother. Then he turned to the red head who was a carbon copy of Martha. “That means you’re Mary,” he said extending his hand. She shook his hand and said to him, “Its MaryLiz. Who’s on top you or Junior?” “Mary Elizabeth,” Martha started to say but Sean held up his hand. “I bet you’re on top some of the time and on the bottom on others,” Sean responded. MaryLiz blushed. Albin said, “Seems he can give as good as he gets! He’s going to fit in well Sis!” Martha glared at Mary before announcing, “We’ve set out a small smorgasbord before dinner, Herring, cheese and some other appetizers. Dinner is almost ready.” Clay got Sean a beer and he started interacting with family taking about school, golf, questions about his family especially his late grandparents. Martha pulled Mary into the kitchen to help move the salad and crisp bread to the table. Martha announced dinner and summoned Hannah to help as well. The party moved to the formal dining room. Leon sat at the head of the huge table with his mother to his left. Sean was to the right hand with Clay beside him. Mormor and Farfar sat to left of Martha’s seat. RJ set next to his brother. To Martha’s right we’re her brother, sister-in-law and nephew. Her two daughters were between them and their Granny. The three Reed women began serving the plated Raggmunk with pork and Liggonberries. The ladies sat down and Martha said, Clay will you please ask the blessing.” Clay began by extending his hands to Sean and RJ. Everyone took hands. “I Jesu namn till bords vi gå, välsigna Gud den mat vi få. Gud till ära, oss till gagn, så få vi mat i Jesu namn. Amen.” “Sean this is Raggmunk made with pork and Liggonberries. It is a Swedish dish. The crisp bread is also a traditional Swedish dish which we’ve paired with a green salad. We have two desserts afterwards, Crumb pie and Ostkaka” “Christmas in November Martha!” her mother said. “Clay and Leon requested both,” she replied. Sean had tasted his meal. “Mom, this is as delicious as everything you fixed for us back at the apartment!” “Mom! Are you two married already?” MaryLiz demanded. “Cool your jets, MaryLiz! Mom and Dad have welcomed him into the family.” Clay glared at his sister. Sean touched, Clay’s left thigh. “I look forward to the day when you’ll permit me to call Hannah and you sisters,” Sean emoted. Farfar added, “Seems to me Clay has made a decision about a direction he intends to take in his life. If Martha and Leon have accepted his decision by inviting the boy to the family home to meet all of us, we need to accept Clay’s and their decision.” Hannah added, “Well said Farfar. MaryLiz is just pissed because she had to come home and couldn’t bring Frank.” “Well you weren’t happy about leaving Bert behind either.” “But I’m not showing my ass to a guest in Mom and Dad’s house.” Leon put his foot down, “That’s enough! Enjoy your meal. Mother went to a lot of effort to fix this for all of us.” Clay squeezed Sean’s right leg. He leaned over and whispered, “When Dad speaks in that tone the matter is settled.” Sean whispered back, “Good to know.” After the meal both desserts were served. gaziantep escort bayan Sean had a piece of each. He loved them both. He pulled the envelope from his pocket and handed it to Leon. “Should I open this now Sean?” “Yes, please do Dad.” He opened the envelope placing the tickets and passes on the table. He read the note to the family, “Dear Martha, Leon and members of the Reed Carlsson family, Thank you for welcoming me to your home. I appreciate being able to spend time with your family. I look forward to other occasions when we can gather together. To that end I wish to invite you all to next week’s homecoming game. It will also be an opportunity to meet my family. I’ve included your VIP parking passes and tickets for the game. Fondly, Sean” This is very generous of you son! I’m sure I can speak for all of us that we’ll be there! We’ll all get to see the Stallions in action.” There were favorable comments all around the table. Sean was peppered with little questions about his music, book, movie likes and dislikes. There were discussions about his major and his future plans. Granny wanted to know about his family. Mormor and Farfar expressed sadness that they wouldn’t be able to meet their Scandinavian counterparts. Sean shared they had been killed by a drunk driver on I-4 three year ago. After the meal they moved to the family room and started making plans for the trip to Orlando. RJ got his lap top but came back stripped of clothing. Martha snapped at him, “I told you no nudity.” “Mom, Clay told me y’all are naturists. So am I.” To prove his point he took off his clothes right there. Folded them and sat on the floor. “Guess our little family secret is out,” Martha said. “Glad you made yourself comfortable.” “Sissy, you know I hate these country roads after dark. I’m going to get going to take Mor and Far back home.” “Granny you ready to go too?” Hannah asked. “Yes, I’m ready to go back to my place. This has been a fun day for me. ” RJ said, “Before y’all go I need to know how many rooms to book. Granny will be in with MaryLiz and Hannah Jane, Uncle Albin and Aunt Becky in with Erik.” “Can I room with you RJ?” “Sure you can cousin. I’ll book a room for us, one for Mormor and Farfar and one for Mom and Dad. That’s 5 rooms total. One night or two?” “Book for the two nights, no sense rushing,” Leon said. Closest I can get to the stadium is the Alford in Winter Park.” Becky said, “It’s very nice. We stayed there for Marian’s graduation from Rollins last year.” “Dad, should I use the business card or your personal one?” “Put it on mine RJ. Don’t want to confuse the accountants.” “We’re booked.” “Excellent work son! Glad you thought of it today. I’m sure it will be harder to find places the closer it gets to homecoming,” Leon added. Sean was hugged and kissed by the departing guests. Martha, Leon, Clay and Mary started cleaning up the kitchen and dining room. “Sean, want to go for a swim?” RJ asked. “Great idea, I’ve sat too much today.” “Let me turn on the bug zappers,” RJ stated as he walked to a light panel near the fireplace. He turned on two switches. The first lit the pool and the second a series of 10 ultraviolet lights ringing the patio and pool. RJ counted to ten. “OK they should be working. You need to give them a few seconds to attract the bugs. Let’s go.” RJ led Sean to the pool. They dove into the clear water. “Race ya to the other side and back,” Sean yelled. He started out. RJ was faster and beat him by more than a few seconds! “Man you’re good. Are you on the swim team?” “Nah, Junior’s the jock. I just chase pussy.” RJ confided. “I’d be out with Connie tonight if I hadn’t been grounded. Mom and Dad caught me fucking her last week. I’m grounded for three weeks. Dad said next time he takes my car keys for a year.” “Wow that would be rough! Have you started thinking about what’s next after High School?” Sean asked as the two leaned against the sides of pool. “Yeah, I have a plan. But you can’t tell Junior or my family if I tell you. Promise?” “RJ as long as it’s not illegal, I won’t say a word,” Sean promised. “Dad’s wants me to go to college, but I plan following Pehr’s example and enlist in the Air Force.” “Pehr?” “Pehr, Uncle Albin’s oldest. He’s station in Germany right now. Married a German girl, Hillegarde, last summer. Man that was some wedding. The night before there’s a huge ass party. They break old toilets, sinks, crockery and dishes and the bride and groom have to sweep it up. Then the groom’s friend steel the bride’s shoes and they nail them above the door. After that the bride’s girlfriends strip off the groom’s pants and bury them with a bottle of korn, it’s like moonshine. On their first anniversary the married couple go back and dig up the pants and the bottle.” “Sounds like a real party!” Sean commented. “May I ask a personal question?” “Sure RJ, but I may choose not to answer.” “Are you going to marry Junior?” “Only time will tell.” “That’s fair. I know Mom and Dad want him to take over the business in about 25 years. They plan to move into our wing. Junior and his family were to get the main house. I also know they love you and think my brother has found a good man.” Sean blushed. Clay and MaryLiz, naked as the day they were born, came running and jumped into the pool. “Tied again bro!” she yelled. “I gave you a head start!” Clay hollered back. They started splashing each other. Hannah walked out with her mother and father. They were all naked. Sean remembered his lesson from his first visit to Playalinda, “Focus on the face.” The whole family swam and chatted. Clay told them about finding the money and how generous Eddie had been. It was all just so easy going and unforced. Sean felt totally accepted. Leon and Martha said their good nights as they left the pool. Leon came back and placed towels for the 5 kids on the chaise lounge. A few minutes later lights came on in the far end of the house. Hannah and MaryLiz swam over and hugged Sean and their brothers. “It’s a long drive for me back to Tallahassee. I’m glad I came down to meet you. I’ll see you a week from tomorrow,” Hannah stated. “I’m glad you stood up to me Sean. You’re going to fit in well with this family. We were all on our best behavior, especial Uncle Al. I can’t wait to meet your family at the game. Good night. We leave at 6 AM.” “I’ll be up to see you off,” Clay said. “I’ll try to rouse sleepy head as well.” “I’m sure you know a couple of ways to `rouse’ him,” she quipped. “Well I know who to ask for advice,” Clay shot back. They stuck out their tongues at each other and laughed. With a final splash at her brother MaryLiz got out of the pool and wrapped a towel around her body. Minutes later lights could be seem coming from two more sets of windows upstairs. “Shit! I was supposed to call Connie! She’ll stop putting out for sure!” RJ said as he headed to the far side of the pool and ran to the guys’ wing. Clay said, “Alone at last.” He wrapped his arms around Sean and pulled him further into the pool before wrapping his legs around his lover. He wiggled his butt against Sean’s cock. “Fancy a fuck in the pool? It wouldn’t be the first one.” “I thought you were a virgin!” Sean mocked. “Oh you took care of that. Mom and Dad broke the pool in 10 years ago. RJ saw them and woke me up to show me. I think I’m the only one left that hasn’t made it on the water.” “Farm Boy, not on this trip. I was ok going nude but fucking you here. I’d rather use your bed.” “I already moved your clothes to my room. Let’s go!” Clay ordered. His needle led the way.

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