Chapter 8

Friday actually went by shockingly slow before I was scheduled to leave to go pick up all the babies. Finally the work day is done, though, so I headed out. I went and got Jonah first, and then, because we have at least half an hour to kill, we headed to the grocery store to pick up some supplies for the weekend. We grabbed more than enough food, a few treats, some fruit juice, and even though we still have a couple packs, I thought we might just enjoy them and go through lots, so grabbed a few more packs of the Pampers size seven. I think that all four boys will likely need a soggy bum change as much as I will, and I think that maybe, just maybe, we all deserve to go super thick for the night. I am reasonably certain that I will not have to talk the baby boys into this at all.

We were only about ten minutes late in getting to Hayden”s, but clearly he was not worried about it, or he would have called, but he was waiting for us, and was ready to go, even the door was locked, because he grabbed his bag and hopped in the truck almost as soon as we stopped. We then headed over to Vance and Doran”s to pick them up, and as we pulled away, I asked Hayden how his day was.

“Went by way too fucking slow to actually be healthy. I”m positive I saw the second hand actually moving backwards at times.” I admit, I laughed.

“Yeah, same here.” I said.

“Me too.” Jonah admitted.

“Finally it”s the weekend though. I hope you need as good a soggy baby bum change as I do though.”

“I do, but we”re gonna wait “til tonight for that, we”re gonna do a group baby bum change when we get home.”

“Aw nuts.”

“Yes, I”ll lotion those too.” I teased.

“I”d rather you suck “em.”

“Yes, I”m sure you would, and I wouldn”t mind having a mouthful of your hot baby nuts again, but we can wait. Remember, we can”t be selfish, poor Doran”s likely already gonna feel like the third wheel this weekend, and we don”t wanna make him wait for us to play. It”ll be hard enough at bedtime.”

“Yeah, I suppose you”re right.”

“I am, I”m the king of being selfish, but I”m trying to change. It”s time to change. I have you and Jonah now to always think about, so that helps, and, in a way, I guess I now have Vance and Doran to think about too, so I haveta really be careful never to do something more for one than I”d do for the other. I suppose you”re a bit of an exception to that, mind you, since we”re baby boyfriends and all.”

“It”s hard for me too, though, I”ve never really hadta think about anyone else other than my parents. I long ago stopped caring about doing anything extra or special for my sisters, though they have been much better this week after our talk.”

“That”s good, and I know. Kids, by their very nature, can be very selfish, and needta be taught not to be.” I said.

“I never hadta care about anyone else, so I”m probably kinda selfish too, aren”t I?” Jonah said.

“You also never really had anything, and you also never had anyone to share anything with, so no, you just haveta ensure that when there”s others involved, that you don”t exclude anyone.”

“Oh, like Doran being here this weekend, we can”t just go and fuck our boyfriends like crazy and leave him all by himself.”


“Oh. That”ll be hard.”

“I”m certain it already is.” I laughed.

“Fuck, is it ever.” He laughed. So did Hayden.

We pulled into the boys” drive, and they too were sitting there, ready and waiting for us. They hopped up as soon as we pulled in, and nearly jumped into the truck before I even came to a full stop.

“Hi boys, how was your week?” I asked as I started pulling away.

“Not too bad, other than the bitch.” Vance said.

“That”s not a very nice way to talk about your brother.” Hayden scolded.

“Hey.” Doran said.

“For once I wasn”t even talking about him.” Vance giggled.

“You”ve talked about me like that?” Doran asked.

“Um, hell yeah, you used to be a big mean bully, remember.”

“Used to be, but call me your bitch again, and I might just revert back to my old ways.” He growled.

Vance burst out laughing. “Nah, after last night, cleaning up your poopy diapers, mopping your sweaty brow, talking you down, I don”t think I haveta worry about that.”

“No, but thanks again.”

“Bit of a rough night was it?”

“Yeah, guess I”m sorta going through withdrawals, never shit so bad as I did last night, and I was crying so much, but Vance was a huge help.”

“Glad to hear that. I”m sure there”ll be a few more rough days, but I hope that they get easier to deal with. How bad was it?”

“Not as bad as I”d feared it”d get, but not exactly a walk in the park either. I can do it with Vance helping me out though.”

“Good. So, your mom”s still being a bit of a bitch then?” I asked.

“Yeah, the past few days we”ve pretty much walked around in nothing but our soggy diapers, and any time she sees us, she calls us names, tells us how disgusting and disturbed we are, how ashamed we should be of ourselves, so on and so forth.” Doran said.

“Congratulations. I trust you just smiled warmly at her.”

“Yeah, fuck did that piss her off. She even tried to slap me across the face, but I waved the phone in her face, and asked her if she wanted me to call the police. I”m pretty sure that at least two of her teeth chipped she ground them so hard.” Vance said.

“Good. How”s school going, getting to wear thick thirsty tape on baby diapers all day Doran?”

“It”s so nice.”

“Good, and your friends?”

“What friends. Told them that I”m not a bully anymore, that I want nothing to do with that shit any more, and they haven”t talked to me since. I”m pretty sure they know I”m gay as well, and possibly even wearing diapers. I even have one of Vance”s Pampers inside my diaper, so I”m double diapered, and it”s every bit as amazing as I thought it”d be.”

“Very good Baby.”

“Thanks. It feels good though.”

“Excellent. And did you talk to your teachers, ask them for the extra help you need to catch up?”

“Yeah, and they”ve all agreed to help out how and where possible, and have already signed me up for the spring break program, as well as the summer program. Won”t be awesome going to school during our breaks, but it won”t be all day every day either, and it will help. My math teacher and I sat down the day before yesterday and went over everything, to see where I really need work, and sadly, there”s more areas of work than not needed.”

“Yeah, but you already knew that, you expected it, I know maybe you hoped deep down that it wasn”t as bad as you feared, but you knew even deeper down that it might even be worse. You have your brother, he”ll help you out, and I”m amazing in math, so anything you need help with, just ask me. All of you, if you have questions, I can probably answer them for you. Almost anything in school you do, I can probably help with. My one and only weak subject was poetry in English class, suck at poetry, can”t tell a limerick from a haiku. Honestly hated it, even more than I hated doing all the Shakespeare, and I hated that lots.”

“Same.” All three boys in middle school said as one.

“You”re right, I hoped it wasn”t as bad, but I feared it was worse than I thought. Thankfully it”s not worse, it”s right around where I thought it”d be.”

“What about the other subjects?”

“No clue, really. Most of them said that I”m nowhere near as proficient as I should be, nor do I know near as much as I should, but that with some good application of myself, that I should be able to catch up by the end of the year.”

“That”s good. You brought your work with you I hope?”


“Good, the two of us”ll sit down tomorrow and I”ll do what I can to help you understand things. Like I said, I”m amazing in math, I tutored several kids in school, and I can explain things in ways that most teachers can”t that”ll help you to understand the principles of math perfectly.”

“I”d really appreciate that, thanks.”

“I”d actually like to sit in on that, I do pretty well at math, but I don”t always understand it as well as I know I should.” Hayden said.

“Same.” Vance added.

“Okay. Three is as easy as one, and you can even listen as well Jonah, it”ll be beyond your ability just yet I”m thinking, but you”re pretty bright, so you might even grasp some of it.”

“I”m really good at math, so I might.” He smiled brightly.

“Good. So, you haven”t found yourself on the other end of bullying yet, have you?” I asked.

“No, but probably only because most everyone knows I could beat the snot outta them.”

“Good, at least that bad boy image will help you for a while, but, eventually, you could get it yourself, especially the day they find out you”re a gay baby boy diaper lover as well. That”s gonna be a hard day on you, I”m not gonna lie, but you haveta keep your calm, smile warmly at them, tell them that you”re hurting no one by what you like, and therefore it shouldn”t even be a problem.”

“Yeah, I know, and I”ve even been practicing the speech in my head. It probably won”t help, and I”ll likely haveta call you that day to come pick me up, because I have a sneaking suspicion that I”m gonna need someone who understands to help me out.”

“Absolutely call me, all of you, I”m never so busy that I can”t come and help you.”

We kept talking all the way home, and as soon as we made it there, I wanted to go talk to my contractor, and all the boys followed me. I was happy to see that they had managed to get all the exterior work finished, and both the pool and hot tub are filled and ready to go, and that was when I realized that I had totally forgot to come out and check on them to ensure that they did not over fill, but they are perfect, so that is good.

My contractor told me that the pool and hot tub are both fully ready to use, but that the hot tub still needs a few more hours to heat up, whereas the pool will probably need a full day or more still, but we could easily use them right now if we wanted. Well, I would rather go in and get triple diapered, but of course I did not say that. The boys, on the other hand, I could see wanted to strip right then and there and go try them out.

We had caught them just as they were cleaning up to head home, so I let him go and talk to his guys and let them all head home. I took the boys inside.

“Now, there”s to be no arguments, everyone strip down to your super soggy baby diapers, and lay on Jonah”s bed in soggy baby bum change position. I have a treat for you all.”


“I said no fucking arguments.” I growled.

“Okay.” They giggled and started stripping right away.

I went to the bedroom and grabbed all that I need. I have five Pampers diapers, four of Hayden”s thickest diapers, then four more of a slightly larger, and even slightly thicker diaper, and finally one of my extra thick night diapers, and one more that is just slightly bigger and thicker, same as the ones for the boys. I grabbed the baby lotion, the diaper rash cream, the packing tape, and of course my sharpened nail file. I threw everything on the bed next to Jonah, who happened to be on the far left, and so I will start with him.

“Wow, would you look at all these diapers. Where”d these ones come from?” Jonah asked.

He had grabbed up one of the boys” slightly larger and wicked thick diapers.

“I ordered them in especially for this weekend. Picked them up yesterday when the shipping store called to say my order had arrived. Glad they came in time. Should be enjoyable. Now, we”re gonna get to be super thickly, triple diapered, and we all get a Pampers baby diaper to start. I”ll diaper all four of you, and then Hayden gets to diaper me, but you don”t haveta leave of course.”

“Wicked.” They all said.

Starting with Jonah, I pulled off his soggy Pampers baby diaper, cleaned him up, and then proceeded to diaper him up, giving him a really good coating of baby lotion, then diaper rash cream, and finally pulling up and taping closed his Pampers diaper first, which I had poked a whole bunch of holes in of course. Next came one of Hayden”s regular night time diapers with holes in it, these are already quite thick and thirsty, and really way too big for Jonah, but that is okay. Finally I put on one of the incredibly thick diapers over top of all that. I then had him stand up, and I taped his triple diaper onto him so well that it may take a miracle for it to come back gaziantep travesti off, either that or a pair of scissors.

With Jonah taken care of, I moved to the next baby boy in line, his baby boyfriend Vance, and got him equally diapered. I then taped him up just as well as soon as I had him stand up. Then next in line was Doran, and he was even more happy than the other two had been, and exploded about three seconds after I had started lotioning him, and I had not even been trying to do so. He fired a shockingly impressive load, six decent sized shots, the first of which splattered all over his face, second and third his right pec, fourth and fifth filled his belly button, and then his last just cleared my hand. All the boys giggled, and Vance reached in and scooped it all up and fed it to his big baby brother.

“Fuck, that was amazing, sorry about that, I was trying not to cum, but you”re the first person to touch me, ever, well, since I was a baby I suppose, and I guess it was just too much.” Doran said, almost half way through my diapering him up super thick. He had taken that long to come down.

“Meh, no worries, what”s a little cum between friends. How”s it taste anyway Vance, I saw you lick off your fingers after you gave at most seventy five percent of it to your big baby brother.”

“Fuck, he tastes so good. Can”t wait “til I start cumming good and proper too.”

“I bet, but you”re getting there, probably in six months or so, you should be firing enough to fill up the pool in only a day or so.”

“Fuck, I”d sure love to try, though I”m certain that”d probably kill me.” He giggled.

“It won”t be filling no fucking pool, I”ll guarantee you that.” Jonah said.

“Then you may just explode.” I laughed.

“Yeah, but I can”t think of any better way to go.”

“Huh, me neither, come to think of it.” I had to laugh at that as well.

Death by explosion from getting to enjoy way too much cum. I could die happily with that.

“Same.” The other boys all said.

Finally I have Doran all taped up good and secure, and so I got to my baby boyfriend next, and got Hayden all diapered up good and proper. As soon as I had Hayden all taped up, I laid down and submitted myself to such a wondrous torture anyone would enjoy it. Sadly most would not, I know, but sucks to be them. As soon as I am taped up proper, I lead all my baby boys to the kitchen, and we each get a large glass of water, and while we are drinking that, I am making more than enough tea for us to each have two large mugs of it.

As soon as we have our tea and are enjoying it, I check outside to see if there is anyone left, and they have all left for the weekend, and so I tell the boys I want to go and check out the house, and lead them to do so. So, in nothing but triple thick baby diapers and a pair of shoes, we head out into the cold and go check out the house. I am happy with all that I am seeing, it all looks to be damn near perfect, and everything is according to my plans, so that is good.

We then went and checked out the pool house, and it is nice and warm in there already. I still need to get a dehumidifier for in here, to keep the air at least a little drier, but thankfully with the heat recovery ventilator, all the heat that ends up in the air gets recycled back into heating the pool. So, while it is warm, it is not hot like it could be otherwise. We all feel the temperature of the water, and the hot tub is getting damn near perfect, and a light steam is already rising off it, but I agree, the pool needs probably another full day to finish heating up. Even though I am Canadian, I am a real wuss when it comes to cold water, and so, this pool will not be cold. It will not be hot either, but it should be nice and comfortable.

“So, how come there”s so much extra space in here anyway?” Doran asked.

“Few reasons. First, why not, no point in being cramped. I”m not working with a tiny plot of land and can afford the extra space to make it a bit bigger. Second, a few things will be put into here as well, so I wanted the extra space. I”m getting a four person far infrared sauna, some workout equipment, and of course tables and chairs. I”m also gonna be putting a barbecue in here, and eventually I wanna have almost a full outdoor kitchen setup in here. Third, if it was too small, it”d look ridiculous in comparison to the rest of the house. The house is quite large, so I haveta work within that scale too, otherwise it would”ve looked off.”

“Oh, cool. Can”t wait to see it all done then. When can we go swimming?”

“Probably tomorrow as soon as we”re all so soggy that at least one of us has started to leak.”


We all headed back into the house and played and had fun for the rest of the afternoon and evening. We made and ate dinner, had another pot of tea and lots more water, and so far not even one of us shows on our outer diapers that we are at all wet yet. When it was time for bed, I went to get the blankets for Doran to sleep on the couch, but Jonah and Vance said that he could just sleep with them, that there was lots of room, and that Doran would just have to ignore them saying goodnight to each other. They were all good with that, so so am I.

When Hayden and I made it to bed, we inserted our hands inside our triple extra thick diapers as we pressed our lips together, and as we kissed, we jacked off, and came three times. Every time we came, we pulled our hands out, licked off all the mess, and then shared the cum in a sensuous cum kiss. It was nice and tame, exactly what we needed, to tell you the truth. I love making love and being made love to, absolutely, but it can be incredibly tiring, and sometimes I just prefer what we did tonight, it can be so soft and tender, and in some ways even more loving. We also lasted considerably longer than when we make love to each other too, damn near two hours I would guess, but I never looked at the clock. We were going so slow and tender, that it took a long time between orgasms, it was perfect.

We had an amazing sleep, and when we woke up, we had a slightly shorter, but every bit as nice session as we had the night before, taking only an hour this time, and cumming only twice. When we got to the living room, all three boys were awake, sitting on the bed cross legged, talking.

“Morning Baby Boys, did you have a good sleep?”

“Yeah. How about you baby boys?” Vance asked.

“Excellent, thanks. So, what are you talking about?”

“Just trying to learn who I am mostly, but also trying to figure out how I can get a baby boyfriend of my own.” Doran said.

“Yeah, I suppose you”ve spent so long trying to hide who you are from everyone else, that you don”t even truly know who you are yourself yet. It”ll come. Obviously you”re a gay baby boy diaper lover, but that”s not all of you. You still like sports and stuff, so that hasn”t changed.”

“No, most everything I liked before, I still wanna do, except my old team mates have already made it clear I”m not welcome back.”

“Um, it”s not their call, so proudly go back and tell them that if they have a problem with it, that they can kindly talk to your soggy diapered ass.”

“I like that.” He giggled.

“Thought you might. Never give up what you like because of what others think, that only leads to misery, trust me, I know.”

“Yeah, I know, and I was miserable thinking that I”d haveta give up my sports too.”

“I bet. You”re looking a little flushed this morning, how”re you feeling?”

“Like I already told Vance, I know I”m going through withdrawals again, and it hasn”t exactly been a good morning so far. I keep vibrating, and I”m boiling hot and then freezing cold. It was always the weekends when I had something, so they seem to be the hardest, though the other night was definitely way worse.”

“What do you need to help you through?”

“I don”t think that there”s really anything you can do, but thanks. I could maybe stand to have some breakfast and I am wicked thirsty, so maybe a drink please.”

“We could probably all stand to have something to eat and drink, so lets get something Boys.”

I made more than enough tea for us to each have two mugs again, while the boys got started on some breakfast. While we were waiting, we each had a glass of water as well. We are all well and truly soggy by now, yet we are nowhere near to so full that we will leak quite yet, if I am right, we still have at least two to three hours before that happens. Finally we sat down and ate, and by the time we were done, Doran was saying that he felt at least a couple hundred percent better. He still looks a little flushed, but not nearly so bad as he did, so that is good.

We played until lunch, ate lunch, and it was while were sitting there eating, that the first of us sprung a leak. Doran was first to notice, but both Jonah and I were a little leaky as well, and Vance and Hayden said that they would not be far off themselves. We decided what the hell and just left them until after lunch, I have wood chairs, they will not care in the least about the wetness, and there is nothing in the house that I care about or will be keeping, so I am not worried about anything getting pee damaged either.

As soon as we were done eating and cleaning up from lunch, I got the boys” attention. “Who wantsta go swimming?”

“Me.” All four of them said as one.

“Good, no one has any issues with going naked I hope?”

“Nope.” They all said.

“Good, because there”s no clothes allowed, at all, ever, in my pool. We can strip off our leaky baby diapers in here, then put on robes, grab towels, and then head over.”

“Okay.” They all said, and that was exactly what we did as well.

When we made it to the pool, we all jumped in, and found that the water was just a little cooler than I want it still, but it was pretty damn close. I hopped out and checked the settings, and found that the pool still has another two degrees to go to be where I had wanted it, but I decided to change it and make it three more than where it is now, since I feel that that is where it will need to be. Clearly I can easily change it when I want to. We swam and played in the pool for well over an hour before slipping into the hot tub, and it is perfect. Just hot enough, but not too hot either. I had gotten the really good pump and jet package, and they had molded it with two loungers, and several seats, each one designed to massage different parts of your body. I think over the next hour, we tried every last one of them. We hit the pool again and swam for a while longer, and then back to the hot tub, but not for quite as long this time.

“Well Baby Boys, that was certainly very nice, but I needta go in and get into a nice thick thirsty tape on baby diaper, how about you?”

“Oh yeah.” They pretty much all said at the exact same time.


We dried off, and then headed inside. Yes, we should have showered both before and after, but that has not been completed just yet, so it is not that big a deal, and since I am not using chlorine anyway, we do not stink of it. As soon as we made it back inside, it was put to a vote, and said vote was unanimous, we simply must triple diaper once more. Oh, what shame, what horrific torture. I suppose we will survive. I diapered all four baby boys up same as I did the day before, and then Hayden diapered me up. Pretty much as soon as we were able to, those of us who could hold our pee, let it all out into our super thick baby diapers to warm them up nicely. We had also played hard, and now we were thirsty again, and even starting to get hungry once more, so we had lots to drink, a light snack, and then went and played some more.

We had a really good afternoon, had dinner, and then just as good an evening. We played, watched movies and TV, and just had a nice evening in. When it was time for bedtime, the three boys went to bed, and Hayden and I went to ours. Once more, because we are so gloriously thickly diapered, we only kiss and stroke, enjoying three loads from each other once again. The next morning was an exact repeat, a pair of orgasms, breakfast, play until we are leaky babies, and then we went swimming. Just before dinner time, I took the three baby boys home for the week, and then Jonah and I went shopping to restock on a few things that we need.

The week went by quickly, and then finally it was the weekend again. The house is coming along quickly, I even swung by my apartment complex and its foundations are going to be poured next week now. All the boys are doing well, though Doran has had a few rough patches, but nothing that he and Vance cannot handle. So gaziantep masaj salonları far none have noticed that Doran is diapered as well, so that is good.

It had already been arranged for the boys to come for the weekend once again, so I picked them all up on Friday after school, and we had another really good weekend. We enjoyed the pool plenty, our diapers even more, and our boyfriends enough to keep from going insane. Of course, Jonah and Vance are unable to move as far and as fast as they want, but that is a good thing too. Hayden and I only made love to each other once this weekend, but it was incredible to say the least, of course.

During the weekend, Vance and Doran informed me that they had made their mother sign a form that said that should anything ever happen to her, that I was to be named parent, and begged me to sign it, and so I did. They were relieved. Doran, especially, said that his mom is using more than she normally does, so they want a safety net in case she goes and overdoses or something stupid like that. I admit, I could not turn them away, but I pray that she does not, I never wanted kids in the first place, and I already have one, and pretty much four on the weekends, though Hayden cannot be classified as a child any longer, and besides, my boyfriend as well.

Wednesday evening, the contractor told me that all the tiles were installed, and so I went and looked. I could not walk on about half of it yet, but it looks amazing. They are scheduled to grout it the next couple days, and maybe even come in and finish it off on Saturday if they need to.

Thursday, while at work, I got a call from my dad.

“Hi Dad, what”s up?”

“Sorry to call you at work, but I just got a call from a friend, and we think that you might be able to help out with a situation that”s just come up.”


“I doubt you remember my old friend Martin, but he”s the local head of the ministry for children, and he”s got a kid that he doesn”t wanna put through the system, he”d like to have him placed under someone”s care as if they were the guardian. He knows all about you, and he thinks this young man might just benefit from living with someone like you, rather than to go into foster care, where he won”t get the care or the understanding that he deserves.”

“Ah, let me guess, a gay baby boy diaper lover?”

“Exactly. I know you”re not exactly set up to take any kids, at least as of yet, but your mom and I are going outta town for the next two weeks anyway, as we”d already told you, so you”d be more than welcome to stay at our place “til your new house is done, that way you have the room needed. Martin”s gonna kinda go under the radar with this one, because, given how he knows what happens to kids who are so different in the foster system, he doesn”t want another suicide on his conscience. The last kid he had that was so different killed himself, gay and diaper lover, but also cross dresser huge time, he was treated like a freak, no family would keep him any longer than they had to, and within three months, he killed himself. Martin doesn”t want that again. It nearly killed him.”

“Poor kid, but I understand why Martin would wanna try and do it this way instead. What of the kids” parents?”

“The boys mom just found out. She called Martin at the office, told him that her son is a freak, and that she wants to adopt him out, and for Martin to go pick him up at school. Martin”s on his way to the school right now to pick up the young man and explain everything to him, but he really wants an understanding home to take the boy to right away. This probably isn”t gonna go over very well, unless the boy already knows and understands who and what his mother is. If you agree, then Martin”s gonna go to her and make her sign the young man over to you in exchange for escaping jail, because, otherwise, he”s charging her with abandonment.”

“Can he do that, she technically did the right thing?”

“Maybe, maybe not, hopefully it won”t even come to threatening, hopefully she just does it without looking. You”re right, I think she at least did the right thing too, it could have been so much worse.”

“Yeah. So, how old is he, what”s his name, all that?”

“Not a clue. I”m to text Martin with your answer as soon as I have it, and then he”s gonna bring the young man here. He figures that by the time they have a good long talk, he”ll be here for somewhere around four thirty or five, he”d like you here as well for when he arrives.”

“Fuck, I guess I”m adopting again, aren”t I?”

“I knew we could count on you Nathan. You have a good heart, and I knew you”d never willingly let a boy like you go like that. You have so much to offer him, and I know you”ll both be very happy.”

“Thanks Dad, but you don”t haveta butter me up, I already said yes.”

“It”s not buttering up, I thought you could stand to hear a little truth. I”m glad for you. You need to have a few kids around, you have so much love to offer, you so rarely got to show it when you were a kid, you hid so much, that you hid that too, but I do know why. So, after you pick Jonah up from school, just head here, okay.”

“Okay, see you in a bit then.”

Well, my head is reeling once again. What the hell did I just do. I have never even met this kid, I know nothing about him, yet, my dad is right, I could not possibly let a gay baby boy diaper lover go through a system that I know is not kind to those of us who are classified as different. I know the statistics, I know what happens to all too many of those poor kids. There are not near enough families who would understand or accept such a boy into their homes, maybe one in a thousand would. I hope that number is higher, but I doubt it.

As soon as I picked Jonah up from school, I gave him the abridged version of what is happening, and he was perfectly okay with this. We made it to my parents place, and Jonah whistled, he has never been there before, and it is a nice house.

“We get to stay here for a couple weeks “til our new house is done?”

“Yeah, sounds like it. I”ll kinda miss our pool though.”

“Oh, yeah, so will I, I guess, but we could easily go for a drive and go there too.”


We went inside and my mom and dad greeted us and we talked for almost an hour before Martin showed up. The boy that Martin is leading is cute. He appears to be about eleven years old, is tall and slim, but nowhere near so bad as Vance is, though even he is getting better. He has a very nice colour of red hair, and soft freckles covering his cheeks and nose, he is actually amongst the prettiest of red headed boys I have ever seen. He is wearing glasses and has braces on his teeth, I can tell that his teeth still need some time in their braces, because they are still a little crooked, but, a little secret, I think boys look cute with braces. He has quite intense green eyes with long eye lashes and slightly bushy brows, both matching red to his hair. If his mom has only just noticed that he is gay, clearly she does not know what to look for. He is all gay, and I would have seen it instantly had we met anywhere else and I did not know it.

“Hello all, this here is Landon, he”s had a bit of a rough day. This morning, when he left for school, he thought he was normal, but his mom found out he most certainly is not, but, like I told him, there is no such thing as normal, and his mom will be getting in trouble. It”s good to see you again Nathan, I haven”t seen you since you were about eight or nine, I suppose, you grew up well.”

“Thanks.” I said.

“Your dad”s kept me up to date on what you”ve done, so when Landon here came across my desk, I knew you hadta be the one to help him out. You two are so much alike. Landon, Nathan here is also gay, and he too is a diaper lover. I told you that I was gonna try and find you someone who”d easily understand who and what you are, and that even though you”re what some people call different, I know that you”re no more different than most people. Others are just able to hide their differences a little better, but hiding diapers isn”t always that easy, as you clearly found out.”

“Really.” He whispered meekly.

“Yes, I am.” I said.

“And so am I, Nathan already adopted me because I am too. My dad thought I was a useless piece of shit.” Jonah said.

“Not a clue what my mom thinks, but clearly she doesn”t like me too much, so I guess I”m nothing but a useless piece of shit to her too.”

“You may be to her, but she”s wrong, and I”d never think that of you.” I said.

“Me neither.” All three other adults said as one.

“Thanks.” He said, a tear coming down.

“So, how old are you Baby?”

“Eleven and a half, well, not quite, I turn twelve in seven months.”

“So an older eleven. And were or are you a bed wetter?”

“Yeah, and my mom was forever on my case about being eleven and still wetting the bed like a baby.”

“And I suppose you only got Pullups of some sort?”


“But you had your own personal stash, didn”t you?”

“Yeah, I guess she must”ve found them somehow. I”ve been ordering them online for over three years already. Shocked she didn”t find them sooner.”

“Why didn”t you just pretend to stop wetting the bed, but keep your diapers then?”

“Couldn”t afford that many diapers, but I would”ve if I could”ve afforded it.”

“Ah, makes sense. Any boyfriends yet?”

“No, unfortunately.”

“That”s okay, you”re only eleven, it”ll take time.” I said, but I was thinking that this weekend might just be your lucky time.

I can see from the grin on Jonah”s face that he is thinking the exact same thing, and that Landon and Doran might just be the perfect fit, they are both certainly pretty enough to be together. For almost half an hour more, we talked, and then I signed the papers that Martin had for me. Though, as I was signing them, I did ask that he refrain from doing this again, at least too often or soon, and he grinned. I do not like the looks of that grin. I decided to take Jonah and Landon home for the night, the boys can just sleep together, no worries there, and since it is already dinner time, and I know both boys are likely to be starving, I decided to stop somewhere to get something. Of course, I have to be careful with this, but I managed to find something on the menu that I can have.

On our way home, as well as while we ate, we talked lots and learned a lot.

“So, when did you know you were a gay baby boy diaper lover then Landon?”

“I think I was eight when I really started to understand things. I was so afraid though, I knew my mom was one of those people who hated all things different, and I was certainly her version of different. I was never gonna tell her, anything, and in a way, I”m glad it happened this way. I wasn”t even shocked when Martin called me to the office and explained who he was and what was happening. When he told me that my mom surrendered me because I was a freak, her words not his, that”s what he said, I admit, I laughed. I knew that”s exactly what”d happen when she found out.

“Surprised it took her this long, to tell you the truth. The urge to wear my baby diapers all day has gotten stronger, the urge to fuck my gay baby boy pussy with anything I could fuck myself with was so strong some days I was doing it three or four times a day. She”s never home, so I always had lotsa freedom. Not even sure how she found out, pretty sure there”s no way she could”ve gotten past the encryption I have on my computer, so she must”ve found my diaper and dildo stash. It was well hidden, so she”d haveta be searching hard to have found it. Maybe she started to suspect, so started searching.”

“Yeah, know how you feel, I was the same, except I forced myself to hide it all, even from myself, forced myself to not think those thoughts. I wasn”t strong enough to have withstood what you went through had I let my urges get the better of me. But then, I thought for sure my parents would do what your mom did, or worse. Clearly they know and are okay with it, and I”ll tell you about that later.”

“Yeah, can”t even imagine what it must be like to have parents who I could trust.”

“I thought I couldn”t trust mine, turned out I was wrong. Turned out you were right. I should”ve told mine when I was your age, I would”ve been so much happier and healthier had I have done so.”

“Yeah, she did exactly what I thought she would.”

“So, how long have you been fucking yourself, and you say you have a dildo?”

“Three, actually, I”ve hadta upgrade twice since I bought my first gaziantep escort bayan one a little over a year ago. I started with my own fingers when I was about eight and a half or so I suppose, so already about three years ago. I hadn”t even had a clue what I was doing, just knew it felt so amazing. I started finger fucking my little gay baby bum hole before I even started jacking off, and long before I knew what gay really even was. Even still, I love to fuck myself “til I cum without even touching my little baby peepee.”

“Good. And how much can you get inside yourself now?”

“Why, do you wanna fuck me, because I”m sure I can take you, you can”t possibly be bigger than my own hand, because I can fist fuck myself.”

“Well, I just came.” Jonah giggled, I know he is teasing, but possibly not.

“No, I have a baby boyfriend already, you”ll meet him tomorrow, was just curious is all, but it”s impressive you can fist yourself already.”

“Thanks. I love feeling truly full, and I”ve double dildo fucked myself numerous times. Feeling both vibrating dildos inside me as I jack them in and out, one with each hand, at different paces, just feels so amazing.”

“Know how you feel.”

“Now I wanna try two dildos.” Jonah said.

“You”re still pretty small back there Baby, just make sure and go slow. You don”t wanna tear yourself. It hurts like hell.” I warned, though I am certainly not one to tell him he is not allowed, I would have done it in a heartbeat when I was his age had I been able to.

“Yeah, been there, done that, hurt to shit for at least three days every time I tore myself.” Landon laughed.

“Yep, me too.” I said.

“I”d accept it.”

“Yeah, same as we both did I”m sure.” I said.

“Yep.” Landon laughed.

When we finally made it home, Landon looked at the house under construction, then the house that I pointed at that is home sweet home, he burst out laughing.

“What?” I asked.

“I just thought, when I met you, that you”d have this massive huge house, even bigger and better than your parents”, and here this is what you live in. I don”t mind, I”ve always had a nice house, my mom was quite well off, but I don”t care where I live, as long as I”m somewhere where I”m understood is all I need. Who lives there?” He asked, pointing at the new house.

“No one, at present, it”s still under construction, though it”s getting close to being complete. That”s gonna be our new home, it should be finished in about a week and a half to two weeks. We”ll go and show you all that in a few minutes, but before we do that, I”m willing to bet that Baby wants a super thick and thirsty tape on baby diaper put onto him. After a couple hours, and that large cup of tea, I”m sure you must haveta go peepee by now, and I”m equally sure you absolutely refuse to do so in a potty.”

“Wicked, that”s a nice house, and yeah, I haveta go peepee really bad, but no more peepee in potty for this baby boy.”

“Good Baby Boy.” I smiled and led him inside.

Fuck, there”s yet another leak in the bloody roof. I grabbed another bucket and put it under the steady drip. It has warmed up over the past couple days, so the snow is melting, and causing havoc to the roof. I knew that would happen though, but it is a pain in the soggy diapered ass to constantly be protecting all my things from getting wet and ruined.

“Wow, nice house. Don”t you have a well to collect water instead of poking holes in your roof and collecting water the hard way?” Landon giggled.

“Ooh, you”re a smartass, I like that.” I laughed, Jonah snorted.

“Thanks.” He giggled as well.

“Honestly, when I bought the place, I hadn”t anticipated there being a house here at all, I was just gonna buy and live in an RV during construction, but this place was already here. The Realtor told me flat out that it”s barely livable and is a full tear down, but it was more than enough to get us through. Barely, granted, and the cost to heat this place has been atrocious, even with having a wood stove to help offset how much we”re using the furnace. The new house, that is more than ten times the size, will cost ten percent of that much to heat than this place has, if even that much.”

“That”s good.”

“So, lay down on Jonah”s bed, and we”ll get Baby all taken care of.”

“Okay, but please don”t laugh, I”m not very big yet.”

“I”d never laugh, I might groan or sigh though, but I”m sure you”re perfect for your age and size.”

“And you”re likely bigger “an me still.” Jonah pointed out.

“Hopefully.” Landon said.

I gathered what all three of us will be needing for a good double diaper change, because Jonah and I are in desperate need of soggy baby bum changes as well. I stripped Landon, and he is perfect in every way. He is probably close to eight centimeters long, if not slightly longer, probably a decent three to four around, so a nice girth for his age, hard as a spike, long puckered foreskin, a very nice upward curve and bending ever so slightly to his right. He is completely hairless still, but his baby balls appear to have already started to grow and descend a little, even though he is pulled up a little being so hard.

“Wow, you”ve got an amazing dick, and trust me, small you most certainly are not. Me thinks you”ve just been reading too many tales on the internet of massive twelve inch long cocks that”ll tear a boys pussy to shreds.”

“Well, and watched lotsa videos.”

“Yeah, stories are rarely accurate in their portrayal of real dicks, and most of the porn actors are just especially well endowed, but even then, not all are, and I”m sure they look especially large to you, since they”re fully grown, whereas you”re not. If you”d seen boys your age, you”d know you weren”t small.”

“Oh, thanks. You really think it”s amazing?”

“Oh yeah, and whomever you get to ride that hot gay baby bone of yours is gonna truly be satisfied, no worries there.”


“I would, in a heartbeat, but I”ve already got a hot gay baby boyfriend, but you”d make me feel amazing.” Jonah admitted.

“Hell, same.” I said.

“Oh, thanks.”

I then went about getting Landon nice and thickly diapered with one of Hayden”s extra extra thick diapers, with a holey Pampers stuffed inside it. With as hard as he had been, I was shocked that I did not accidentally cause Landon to explode. I guess my trying not to was enough, but I thought for sure that he was too hot, and that having his very first person ever touch him like that would have set him off.

I then stripped Jonah of all his clothes, and exposed him in his super soggy Pampers baby diaper, and that was all it took, and Landon exploded. He grunted, and squeaked, and crumpled to the floor as if boneless, and for a full minute, he was out of it.

When he came to, Jonah giggled to him. “Liked what you saw I take it?”

“Oh god yeah, you”re so fucking hot in a soggy diaper, and in a Pampers baby diaper as well, that”s even hotter.”

“Thanks, you”re pretty fucking hot in a super thick baby diaper too.”


I got Jonah situated on the bed and proceeded to double diaper him as well, though Hayden”s extra thick diaper very nearly wraps around him, but that is perfectly okay. I then stripped down to my diaper, and asked the boys to double diaper me up like a good gay baby boy deserves, and they happily did so, though I did have to stay Landon”s hand and ask him not to lotion me quite so sensuously. He blushed massively with that and almost started to cry, he was so ashamed, but, like I told him, I do understand, but that I have a boyfriend, so cannot allow him to do so. Finally I am double diapered like the boys are, and we are all happy. I lead us in getting a nice large glass of water, and then made a pot of tea, so that we can peepee even more.

As soon as we have our tea, we put on our shoes, and in just shoes and double thick baby diapers, we head over to the new house. I know that we will have to be a bit careful in the areas that have already been grouted, but it should be hard enough by now to not damage anything. We show Landon the entire house, as well as the pool, and he loves it all.

“Wow, this place is amazing, and we even get a pool, that”s gonna be so nice.”

“It is, but our pool is special.”

“How so?”

“It”ll spit any and all people who are wearing any clothes out. There are no clothes allowed in this pool.”


“Thought you”d like that.”

“Yeah, I love swimming, and if it weren”t for the fact that we just put such awesomely thick baby diapers on, I”d ask if we could go swimming right now.”

“Maybe we”ll come here tomorrow after school. Oh shit, what school do you go to Landon?”

“I”m in South Central Elementary.”

“Crap, that means I haveta drive half way cross town to pick you up and take you to school, and the other boys are much closer to here. There”s no buses out to here at all, which already sucks.”

“I”d be willing to change schools. I hate my school anyway, buncha spoiled rotten rich brats who think the world owes them anything and everything that they could possibly want. I”m not rich, though my mom was, and because she never really bought me much, I was considered the poor kid in my school, and so I was treated worse than shit because of it.”

“If you”d be willing to change, that really would make it so much better. I could move you to the same school that Jonah”s in. I assume you must be grade six then?”

“Yeah, and I think I”d liketa go to a school where I at least know someone, and of course we”re alike.”

“Thanks Landon, I truly appreciate that, it really will make life so much easier.”

“No prob, you”re gonna help me out, that”s the least that I can do to help you out.”

“Why couldn”t we just do home schooling though Nathan?” Jonah asked.

“Because I can”t be home every day to help you, and, even though it”s what I truly wanted when I was a kid too, the same reason my parents gave me is the same one I”m gonna give you. I”m an introvert, meaning that I”d much rather keep mostly to myself. Without school, I”d almost never talk to anyone, and I do need to learn the one thing that being there can teach me that nowhere else can, social skills. No, you”re not quite as bad as I was, and yes, you certainly have others here that know and understand you, so you”ll talk to us, but, it”s not enough.”

“So, I haveta put up with the bullies to teach me how to put up with people.”

“Yes, people will bully you every chance they get, and if you don”t learn to deal with it now, you never will. And yes, even us adults haveta worry about bullies, we just tend to bully and/or deal with it in different ways. I wasn”t bullied as a child, thankfully, as I”ve told you before, I wasn”t strong enough to deal with it, but I sure did get it in university, but by then I”d become a helluva lot more self assured. Fuck, when people found out that I was gay and wore diapers, you”d think it was elementary school with how they treated me. Trust me, I know what it”s like to be called and or treated as a freak, but, at the same time, I was having the most wild and amazing sex imaginable. I survived, and it did make me stronger. I learned how to stand up tall, smile at them and tell them that their insecurities about their own flaws shows more when they point out others” flaws than their pointing out my flaws does about me.”

“Oh, I like that one, I”ll haveta try and remember it.”

“Same, it”s a good one.” Landon said.

“Good. I”m sure not all are the same, but I”ve certainly found that those with the largest insecurities are the ones who bully the worst. I mean, honestly, what difference to anyone else does it make what we like. Does it affect them in any way, why would or should it offend them so. Not everyone is a bully, some actually do accept people for their differences, sadly most people still won”t be friends with us because we”re weird, but meh, whatever, really, in the end, it hurts them more than us.”

“Thank you, I”ll try and remember that as well.”

“Same.” Landon said, chuckling as he did so.

“Good, do so. So, that”s the tour of the new house, hopefully in two weeks or less, we move in. Now, however, what say we head on in and I whoop you boys” baby bums on the Xbox.”

“Okay.” They both said happily.

The three of us headed inside and had a great time playing games for the night. Jonah is getting better, Landon is decent, but I do still have way more experience, so I beat them more often than not on most games, but we all have a great time none the less. When it was time for bed, none of us are needing soggy baby bum changes, though we are all soggy, so I tucked the baby boys in and gave them both kisses to their foreheads and wished them a good sleep. I headed to bed myself, since I am an early riser anyway, and had a pretty good sleep.

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