Brush Fuck

Brush Fuck
My buddy, Gary, and I were eating lunch at the local sandwich shop when we overheard a couple of Texas ladies talking about wanting to see some bears and such. Gary and I sensing a chance to make a few dollars introduced ourselves and offered to take these ladies out to see some bears. We knew the bears would be digging in the landfill about this time and the landfill was closed because it was Sunday. The ladies husbands were off somewhere and were pretty happy to have something to do. Texas ladies are really neat as they say what is on their minds and it can be like running around the guys.
We took the ladies to their hotel room so they could get a camera and off we went. They just happened to have grabbed a few beers from their hotel room also. Now these ladies were not bad looking, one blonde and one red head. They were probably in their early to mid fifties, nice tits, nice ass, lots of makeup, we all know the type. But for Gary and me it did not matter as we were looking for money and not thinking about sex as we were not granny chasers.
So once at the landfill we got out of the truck and started to hike around the back side of the fill over a hill and ended up on a rock ledge looking over the landfill. “I hope these young men don’t get us up here and brush fuck us” The red head said.”I was kind of hoping they would, it has been a while since I had a good brush fucking from some young men” The blonde said. My cock started to get a little hard as I thought about the ladies just said. We have done this many times and this was a perfect spot, for watching bears and drinking beer. We watched the bears and the ladies took some pictures. We drank a couple of beers each and the ladies kept up their chatter and sexual innuendos. Then the red head said she had to pee and was worried about bears getting her. We all laughed and told her to just pee right here, which she did!. She stood up and dropped her tight jeans, and squatted right there and peed. Then the blonde did the same thing. And then Gary walked over and whipped out his cock and started to pee, only the blonde grabbed his cock and held it for him as he peed. “I thought you might need some help with that big thing.” She said. I looked at the red head and she said “get over here, I have a free hand to help you with yours.” I jumped up and she took my cock and held it as I peed. As I peed my cock started to get as the red head pointed it around and played.
Then I looked over at Gary and the blonde and she was sucking his cock. He gave me a thumbs up. I had only fucked one girl in my life and that was my girlfriend and that was only twice. Now this red head was kissing me as she rubbed my cock around making it hard as steel. The red head knelt down and took my cock in her mouth and worked it for only a few seconds. I was dribbling a lot of precum at this point. She moved over to a large rock and laid back and spread her legs and pulled me on top of her. My cock head nestled into her red bush as I tried to push it into her. “Hold on big boy, let me get this going in the right hole.” She said as she took my cock and guided into her wet cunt. “I don’t have a rubber, we better stop.” I said. “Honey, I have not used a rubber in thirty years, it is so much better without one and you can just drain those heavy balls deep inside me when you are ready, that is the way I like it.” She said as I pushed deeper inside her.
It was the most amazing feeling ever, she was right, it was way better without a condom. I looked over and Gary was banging away on the blonde. I was banging away on the red head and picking up speed. She was playing with clit and I could tell she was going to orgasim which she did. The red head screamed out and locked her legs and her cunt around me. Her pussy squeezed my cock tight and this caused me to cum. I must have pumped a gallon of my hot sticky cum into her womb. As the last rope of cum shot deep into her I collapsed on top of her and laid there thinking about how good this felt. Gary and the blonde must have done the same thing at the same time. I got up and pulled my semi hard cock from the red heads pussy. Cum covered her red bush and it was dripping from her gaping cunt. “That was a good orgasim, you did good k**do, I needed that. I want to fuck me again when you are ready.” The red head said as she sat up. “Damn, I knew that you had a big load waiting because of how heavy your balls were.” red said. My cock started getting harder. “Carla, this one is almost ready to go again, lets switch it up.” Red said to the blonde. The blonde took my hand and pulled me over to her. Her thin dark bush still had plenty of Gary’s jizz on it as I aimed my cock right for her hole. I slid easily into her, Gary’s cum made her cunt very slimy.
I started to pump the old blonde, her pussy making a slushy sound as my cock picked up speed. I looked over next to me and Gary was hammering the red head. I am not real sure that the blonde got off but I did, I buried my cock so deep inside her and let my balls drain a massive load deep in her womb. I pulled my limp dick from the blondes gaping pussy, I could see alot of cum deep inside her. “we better stop now and let these pussies dry out and clean up. Our husbands will be wanting to fuck tonight and we do not want to know we have been out having fun.” The blonde said as she pulled some wet wipes from her bag. The two women cleaned up and then they cleaned us up. We drove them back to the hotel. “Thanks guys, we got some pictures of those bears. Would you boys like to do this again tomorrow? We will have some time.” The red head said. We agreed to meet tomorrow. She handed us a couple of hundred dollars for our bear watching trip. “Here is some money for your trouble, the pussy was your tip!”
The next day we just met at their hotel room and fucked like crazy for about two hours and we had to leave because their husbands were going to be back. We never saw the ladies again after that. The next time I fucked my girlfriend, I started with a rubber but it sucked. After that Gary and I were more than happy to take older ladies up into the hills to look at whatever they wanted. I now have acquired a taste for mature married pussy and will be hitting and fucking anyone of them I can.

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