“Always late!” I grumbled between my teeth as I am waiting for you to arrive.

I feel so shy yet so aroused around you. Every second is a dilemma between my desires and my conscience, and I know the conscience’s reign is getting closer and closer to its end.

As usual, the conversation gets on the subject of sex. It’s like it’s in the air when we’re around one another. As you describe some of your past adventures, my dick almost hardens to the idea of going down on you.

We’re looking at each other in the eyes and I can’t take it anymore. I push you against the wall and kiss you passionately. My hands quickly find your ass and I pick you up to sit you on the table, my lips never leaving yours.

I couldn’t careless if there’s people around, the only quest on my mind is making you cum. I kiss your neck and slide my hands under your shirt to feel your incredible breasts through your bra.

How I wish I could simply slide it off right then and there to tickle your nipples with my tongue.

I feel my dick start to harden and suggest that we go back to my place. Looking at the bulge in my pants, you know what’s on my mind and quickly nod before caressing my growing pole.

I grab you by the hand and we quickly make our way to the metro. We sit immediately when we step in, my hands go back under your shirt and we kiss madly again. We never even looked to see if there was someone else in the wagon. You unbuckle bahis siteleri my belt and slide your hand in my pants to grab my cock which is screaming for attention.

I want you so bad at this point. You stroke my cock up and down and I slide a hand between your legs over your pants. You moan lightly between breaths. I can feel your wetness and I know that you want me badly too.

You break our kiss to look around – no one’s in your wagon. You pull down my zipper and my hard dick goes flying out. I lean back as you grab a hold of it again.

“Ooooh shit baby yeah!” I whisper slowly.

You kiss me again and lick your lips before kneeling in front of me. I know exactly what’s coming and I grow harder in anticipation. In a single movement you take my tool inside your mouth and lick the underneath part on the way up.

It feels so good I wonder if I’m not going to cum right then. The feeling is surreal. You suck my cock for a few minutes and to my great pleasure nobody boards our wagon until we’ve almost reached my station.

We stay put until we’ve passed my front door and then the frenzy begins. My shirt goes flying immediately before yours and I’m finally able to get a glance at your wonderful breasts. Without loosing a moment I satisfy my desires and plunge my face into them while unhooking your bra. I kiss and tickle every inch of your breasts and your hand goes below my belt. I slide your bra off each arm canlı bahis siteleri as you once again whip out my hard tool.

I really wanna fuck you but I’ve got other ideas before. We move downstairs to my bedroom when I remove your pants as I lay you down on the bed. You’re so sexy just lying on your back in your string.

I drop my pants and my boxers fully exposing my long and thick shaft. You grab it and stroke it again. My mouth goes back to your right nipple and I slide my right hand under your panties and push the middle finger inside you. You let out a moan.

I slowly pull out my finger and slide your underwear off. I finally get in between your legs and gentle rub my lips against yours. I kiss and brush against your twat before inserting two fingers fiercely inside of you.

I tickle your clit with the tip of my tongue and you shiver. I penetrate you with it and I gently suck on your love button while still fucking you with two fingers.

After your body trembles in orgasm, I stand up and grab a condom in my drawer. I place myself in front of you and roll it down my striving pole.

In one stroke I push the full length of my dick inside of you and you scream. I slowly pull out my shaft in one long motion and I come crashing down on you again. You scream when my cock reaches the bottom of your pussy.

I begin ramming you fiercely. I bury each of my thrust ’till my balls and you’re loving canlı bahis it. Your breath increases rapidly and your hands move rapidly from your tits to my ass.

Your pussy is so hot. I slow down a bit to catch my breath and you ask me not to tease you, to give it to you hard again.

Still inside of you, I roll you on top of me and flip you so you’re facing my feet. You quickly understand that I want you to take the lead and you crouch on top of me to ram me better. I move up and down to meet your thrust and you moan loudly in ecstasy.

I place my hands on your waist to fuck you better and you lean back. I give it to you rapidly and you’re loving it.

Suddenly, you collapse on me. You’re out of breath but I know you haven’t cum. I push you to your stomach and stand up behind you. You lift your ass up to the height of my penis and rub your moist twat against it.

I grab it and push it inside you again. This new entry is even hotter than before. I know I can’t sustain this much longer so begin ramming you with reckless abandon. You scream with every thrust and I’m now playing with your clit with my middle finger again.

Your hand finds my sack and it takes me over the top. I pound you with all my strength as I cum in a load moan. The felling of my explosion on your pussy walls takes you over the edge as well.

“Don’t stop, don’t stop, I’m cumming!” you scream.

I fill my hands with your tits and hold your nipples between my fingers. I’m now fucking you with all the remaining of my energy and I can feel your muscles contracting around my cock.

In a load moan you collapse on the bed and seconds later I collapse with you.

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