Back from a Date


Alexandra struggled to insert her key into the door to her room in the university halls as Mike fondled her arse through her winter coat. Grabbing one of his hands she entered her room and pulled him inside to the warmth of leaving the central heating on all evening. They embraced, kissed, and fondled their way to a stray hand or foot somehow managing to close the door behind them.

“I love the taste of your lip gloss” said Mike as they held each other in the middle of the room.

“That’s not the only set of lips I have you’ll be tasting before the morning” replied Alexandra.

“Hopefully for breakfast too” came the reply. Alexandra flicked the lights on, unfastened her coat, and hung it up as Mike turned around to close the curtains. “Leave those” said Alexandra “There are other bits of fabric we should deal with first. Besides, I like the view.” The view in question looked out over the courtyard in their student halls, with other blocks of flats opposite theirs and many having a view into Alexandra’s room through the large windows.

“Why Alexandra you’re an exhibitionist” said Mike as he realized the 19 year old fresher had him exactly where she wanted him. It’s true that girls like a home bedroom advantage. Alexandra took Mike’s other hand and pulled him into her to continue where they had left off. With her left arm around Mike’s neck she started to un-button his winter coat. Mike’s hands migrated from Alexandra’s arse to her coat which quickly eased its way off her shoulders and landed on the floor along with Mike’s. Mike started reaching for the hem line of Alexandra’s dress lifting it up to expose more of her pert bottom through her tights and knickers. Alexandra in the mean-time was stroking Mike’s increasingly hard cock through his jeans. As they continued to kiss her hand deftly moved to the zip and started to pull it down. Mike’s jeans bulged as they struggled to contain his erection; more so as first his belt and then jean’s button were unfastened.

They continued kissing with Mike reaching under Alexandra’s dress, groping her bottom through her tights and knickers while his cock strained at the single button in the fly of his boxer shorts. “Take your shoes off,” said Alexandra coming up for air. Mike hastily removed them as Alexandra then removed his jeans and pulled his boxer shorts down his thighs to the ground. Then she pushed him back towards her desk in front of the window with the still open curtains. Alexandra groped Mike’s arse as he felt her desk behind him, and pushed her laptop to one side as they manoeuvred until he was sitting on the desk.

Alexandra stroked Mike’s erect cock with one hand while reaching into her bedside cabinet and taking out a condom. She ran her tongue over the tip of his penis before gently sucking it and ticking his frenulum with the top of her tongue. A trail of saliva left her lips and the tip of his cock before she gripped the shaft of his penis and rolled the condom down.

Taking his penis into her mouth she proceeded to suck and lick at Mike’s cock. The blood-engorged member filled her lips as she stroked the base of his penis. Alexandra pulled back until just the tip of Mike’s penis was in her mouth and worked her tongue over the glans. She reached down and started to tickle Mike’s balls while continuing to suck on the shaft of his penis and tongue flick the tip. Her other hand caressed it’s way over Mike’s still covered chest, his silk shirt still to join the pile of clothes on the floor.

Alexandra pressed on, increasing her stroking and sucking Mike’s cock until it engorged still further. Mike was breathing heavily and enjoying the feelings Alexandra was giving him. Her free hand was roaming over his chest and thighs as she both stroked and sucked his cock with a finger sliding underneath to play with his balls. Mike felt the sensation build from Alexandra’s stimulation until he moaned, and came for the first time that evening.

Alexandra stood up to kiss Mike some more, and wrapped one hand around his neck to pull him towards her while she stroked his cock with the other. She slowly removed the now spent condom from his penis as he whispered the words “undress me” into her ear.

“I thought you’d never ask” came the reply as Alexandra moved to drop the condom in the bin before unbuttoning her boyfriend’s shirt and exposing his chest. She bent her fingers slightly and traced them up and down Mike’s chest as they continued to kiss. Mike suddenly became very aware that he was now standing naked in Alexandra’s second floor room with the lights on and the curtains still wide open. Two can play that game he thought.

Mike lifted the hem of Alexandra’s dress as they kissed. “Someone’s warm to touch,” he said as he groped her. “Warm, wet, and in the mood to fuck” replied Alexandra.

“warm, wet, fucking, exhibitionist” came the retort as Mike’s hand disappeared down the front of Alexandra’s knickers, his fingers dancing their way through her pubic hair.

Alexandra pulled Mike close to her and nibbled his ear “warm wet fucking exhibitionist who is seriously over-dressed. kaçak iddaa Now get me out of this dress and fuck me.”

“my pleasure”

“you mean our pleasure darling” said Alexandra as she gently stroked Mike’s penis.

“Well let’s start by getting you out of these things” said Mike as he knelt down to unfasten the straps of Alexandra’s shoes before gently lifting her feet out of each one in turn. “Let me help you” said Alexandra as she turned round to hold up her shoulder length blonde hair. Mike couldn’t resist kissing the back of her neck while whispering the words “cock tease” into her ear, as his hands undid the delicate zip on Alexandra’s dress.

The dress fell to the floor exposing her pert 34B breasts with her pink nipples and areola. A subtle hint remained over the suntan they had acquired earlier that year. Mike continued kissing Alexandra from behind as he fondled Alexandra’s tits and tummy. Alexandra titled her head back as their lips met, still standing in her tights and knickers but only for a brief moment as Mike’s hands worked their way south to her waistline and carefully peeled Alexandra’s tights down her legs. Reaching back she gently took hold of Mike’s penis in her hand and started to stroke it. “What about these?” asked Alexandra. “Don’t tell me I’m staying dressed,” reminding Mike as if he needed it that they were both standing topless and nude with their backs to her second floor window with the lights switched on. “Won’t the neighbours mind?” asked Mike.

“Not after what I saw last night” replied Alexandra as they broke their kissing momentarily before Mike returned to devouring her neck and playing with her nipples. Alexandra gasped as Mike played with her nipples before continued her gentle stroking of Mike’s penis with his chest pressed against her back before “Not after what I saw from the couple directly opposite who were at it like rabbits last night. The boy on the ground floor two rooms to the right never wears clothes half the time anyway. Nice cock too. And the last I saw of the girl to the left mmmm…” Alexandra broke off for a second as Mike gave her a thong wedgie “She was fucking her boyfriend with her tits pressed against the window. They’re quite nice actually, you would like them. I would guess she was a 34A.” Mike knew at this point she was teasing him and his cock gave the game away as the blood flow to it started to recover from his first orgasm with Alexandra’s gentle stroking and mental teasing.

Mike pushed his hand down the front of Alexandra’s knickers and his fingers parted her pubic hair on the way down to her slit. Alexandra turned round to face him as they continued kissing while he rotated his wrist before withdrawing her hand and groping the outside of her lips through the fabric. All the while Alexandra had one arm wrapped around Mike’s muscular neck and shoulders while the other grabbed his arse in front of the window. “Someone’s a little damp” said Mike with a smile as they came up for air. “Specifically, I’m soaking wet” replied Alexandra. Mike pushed the two of them towards Alexandra’s bed. Alexandra started to remove her knickers before Mike pulled them back up “nah ah” he said as they moved onto the bed. “That’s my job.” Alexandra was sitting up as Mike slowly lifted her feet into the air. Alexandra stayed bent double with her knees by her breasts as Mike found the waistband of her knickers and lifted them up slowly, exposing first just her anus, followed by her perineum, and then her vagina and clitoris. Mike took in the visual treat of the now bottomless Alexandra. She was certainly a natural blonde with her smooth lips and her wispy pubic hair forming a small and delicate blonde triangle, just a little wider than a landing strip.

Alexandra’s thong provided the next sensory treat. A small damp patch had formed which Mike then held up to his nose and breathed deeply, relishing in the scent of her delicious pussy as their eyes met. “There’s much more where that came from” remarked Alexandra.

“”Came” being the operative word” replied Mike as he lay on top of her to kiss her. Alexandra slowly parted her legs as they kissed but Mike lifted himself onto his forearms and moved down to suck on her breasts and nipples, while slowly kneading the one not in his mouth. He kissed his way down Alexandra’s body over her tummy, vulva, inner things, calves, and ankles before working his way back up her side to her neck, and back down to her vulva again.

This time Mike stayed there. Mike tickled Alexandra’s lips before slowly opening them with the fingers of one hand. The scent of Alexandra’s pussy soon filled Mike’s nose as his tongue traced a path over her pink inner lips. He placed his left hand on her stomach before snaking it down to her vulva. At the same time his tongue worked its way up Alexandra’s lips and teased the skin to either side of her clitoris. Alexandra’s clitoris was still in its hood as Mike’s tongue caressed either side of her small button, flicking it in all directions while alternating between firm strokes and soft, gentle, and teasing strokes of his tongue. He pushed illegal bahis up onto his forearms for leverage as his tongue rolled Alexandra’s clitoris from side to side while a single solitary finger entered her wet pussy.

Alexandra moaned and this was soon joined by a second finger as Alexandra parted her legs further to allow Mike greater access. As Mike started to rhythmically finger fuck Alexandra with one hand, his other pulled back on the skin above her vulva. The hood of Alexandra’s clitoris was slid back as the engorged pink button stood to attention. Mike slowly allowed his tongue to trace circles around Alexandra’s vulva, decreasing in size until his tongue was touching her exposed clitoris. Alexandra cried out and then moaned as Mike continued circling her sensitive button. Mike opened his mouth and pressed it against her vulva before drawing his lips around her clitoris and sucking on it. His tongue simultaneously caressed it while two fingers of his right hand masturbated Alexandra.

Lying flat on the bed he could feel Alexandra running her hand through his hair. He looked up and briefly their eyes met before Alexandra rolled her head back and moaned in pleasure. The finger fucking combined with Mike licking and sucking her clitoris was bringing her orgasm closer. Mike wanted to taste Alexandra some more as he briefly broke away from her clitoris and removed his fingers, only to slide his tongue up and down her soaking wet slit. Mike breathed deeply as Alexandra’s breathing became faster and the scent of her vagina became the only smell he could focus on. Mike tickled Alexandra’s perineum with the tips of his fingers before sliding them back into her pussy. He then rolled his tongue around Alexandra’s clitoris and slowly moved his head back and forth ensuring it received the maximum attention he could give it, while his fingers alternated between pressing and stroking different parts of the front of Alexandra’s vagina.

Alexandra’s whole body went into spasm as her slender waist bucked up off the bed completely. Her orgasm shot up her spine and down her thighs to her toes in rapid succession as the moans became more frequent and her breathing became panting. Mike’s head moved with her as he very gently tried to press her waist down against the bed so that he could continue tongue fucking her, with the result that Alexandra’s chest started to buck off the bed instead pressing her small delicate breasts and erect pink nipples closer to the ceiling.

“Fucking hell that was intense” was all that Alexandra could manage to say. While Mike contemplated a reply he kept his tongue pressed against Alexandra’s clitoris gently moving it in different directions. Mike tilted his head to one side and as Alexandra caught his gaze, he withdrew the two fingers from her pussy, held them up, and sucked the juice from them before pushing first one, and then the second back inside Alexandra. They both gave each other a warm smile, just as Mike’s tongue made contact again with Alexandra’s very sensitive clitoris. Alexandra was still recovering from her orgasm as Mike continued his tongue fucking of Alexandra’s clitoris. He moved his other hand up Alexandra’s side, then over her tummy and up to her breast to play with, while Alexandra took hold of the other. “Oh my God,” she finally said, “I’m soaking wet. I could lie here and let you do that to me all night and all day.”

That was all the encouragement Mike wanted. “With pleasure” was the only response he needed to make as both he and Alexandra knew that for the next ten minutes he was going no-where else but kept his mouth clamped over Alexandra’s clitoris while slowly fucking her with his fingers. His tongue traced letters over Alexandra’s clit and gently flicked it from side to side, sucked it, and caressed it. Alexandra had barely recovered from her previous orgasm and was quickly purring and moaning her appreciation of Mike’s delicate touch on her sensitive skin. The arousal level built within Alexandra with each passing moment as Mike subjected her clitoris to a relentless tongue fucking while two fingers worked the upper wall of her pussy. Alexandra played with her left breast while she reached down to hold Mike’s hand with her free hand. Mike looked up but didn’t break away from his dexterous manipulation of her pussy and clitoris as their eyes met, before Alexandra tilted her head back and came.

Alexandra’s muscles spasmed lifting her bottom off the bed again as her hips bucked, while her pussy and anus pulsated clamping down on the fingers that had been stroking away inside Alexandra’s vagina. This time Mike pulled away and allowed his jaw to rest as Alexandra’s orgasm slowly subsided. Hot and sticky, she lay resting on the bed breathing deeply. “You’re welcome” said Mike when Alexandra opened her eyes. She beckoned Mike towards her as he placed his powerful arms on either side and lowered himself onto the petite blonde, their mouths interlocking as they kissed. “So that’s what I taste like,” said Alexandra. She realized the new taste sensation she was experiencing as they kissed was her cum as Mike had bahis siteleri lapped away at her juices which had been slipping from her pussy after her second orgasm of the evening.

“Thank you” said Alexandra. She was still breathing heavily as her orgasm slowly started to subside. “I think we may have made a wet spot.” A small damp patch had appeared on the bed directly underneath the spot where her vulva had been, and the tops of her inner thighs were sticky. “There’s plenty more where that came from” teased Mike as he lowered one of his hands down to Alexandra’s pussy. “Wait” said Alexandra “I’m too sensitive darling.” She wrapped her arm around Mike’s neck and pulled his head down towards her own. As they broke their kiss Mike declared “I want to taste your tits” as he moved down to Alexandra’s B cup breasts. He gently sucked the areola of Alexandra’s left breast into his mouth and tongue flicked her nipple like it was as scaled up clitoris before attempting to write Alexandra’s name on her nipple with his tongue. As Mike moved his attention to her right breast Alexandra put her hands on his shoulders again. Gently lifting his head to look at her while keeping her nipple in his mouth Alexandra quietly, and simply, said “I want you to fuck me.”

They kissed again as Mike rose up to say “one second darling the condoms are in my pocket.”

“Mine are in the bedside cabinet along with my KY Jelly.” Mike opened the cabinet draw and sure enough there were the condoms, lube, and scented massage oils right next to Alexandra’s discretely contoured vibrator. Mike grabbed a condom and the lubricant and went to apply it. He nearly collapsed back onto the bed again as Alexandra had moved herself down the bed and was now stroking and sucking Mike’s erect penis.

Alexandra took the lube from him and sat on her bed with her legs open and leaned back onto her elbow. With her other hand she applied some KY Jelly to her pussy and gave her clitoris a few delicate strokes. If Mike’s penis wasn’t already hard, the sight of Alexandra slowly masturbating on the bed only made his cock even more engorged.

Alexandra giggled. “It looks like you’re enjoying the view” she said as she leaned back on her bed and opened her legs a little more, making sure that Mike, and potentially anyone from the blocks opposite who could see in through her window were treated to a view of pussy.

“I’d call you a cock tease although somehow I think you’ll enjoy this more.” He smiled as they both leaned in and kissed. Mike rolled the condom down the shaft of his cock while Alexandra applied ky jelly to the tip and the shaft. As Mike moved onto the bed Alexandra kept a grip of the base of his penis and guided the tip to the opening of her pussy. “Let’s bring this up shall we” said Mike as he lifted one of Alexandra’s legs into the air.

They kissed again as Alexandra guided Mike’s swollen cock into her pussy before letting out a gasp of pleasure as the sensation shot from her pussy up her spine to her lips. Mike was kneeling on the bed holding Alexandra’s leg in the air as he rocked back and forth thrusting his cock into her soaking pussy. Alexandra panted as the sensation slowly, very slowly started to build within her. “Let’s go deeper,” she said. Mike stopped briefly and pulled out of Alexandra’s pussy only to look down at his cock and see that the sweet girly juices he had been lapping from Alexandra’s pussy, some of which had slipped down her perineum, were now mingling with the KY jelly she had just applied to his rock hard dick.

“Wow your legs are smooth” said Mike. As he had moved over Alexandra had delicately and gently lifted moved her other leg out from under where Mike was kneeling to run her calf all the way up the side of his body, down the under-side of his arm and back up again until her foot was up opposite the other next to Mike’s neck. “Thank you darling” she replied before Mike found himself enquiring almost to himself as to Alexandra “now just how supple are you?” Smiling Alexandra opened her legs further as Mike sank between them and brought her knees up to her tits. Mike buried his cock deep into Alexandra’s pussy as she moaned again with the sensation as they leaned forward to kiss. Mike drove down onto Alexandra before lifting his penis half way, then three quarters of the way out before pushing down until his shaft was completely inside Alexandra’s wet vagina. Alexandra panted as she gripped Mike’s muscular frame close to her, their heads almost side by side as his penis thrust against the hot moist walls. As he changed the speed and depth Mike noticed Alexandra’s petite and tasty looking breasts were jiggling backwards and forwards with each thrust.

“Won’t your audience be missing out?” asked Mike. He wondered briefly if he had even said it out-loud as Alexandra moaning with the friction of his cock deep inside her. In between panting she asked “Shall we give them something to see?” Mike could hardly believe he was encouraging her as the curtains had been left open since earlier that morning, and anyone looking in could see him thrusting in and out of Alexandra, not to mention going down on her, or his blowjob, or the striptease, or… Mike realized Alexandra’s question was rhetorical as her right foot moved over to join the other on Mike’s right shoulder.

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