Bathroom Adventure Ch. 02


When Sara got home she jumped in the shower and turned the water on as hot as she could stand it. She stood under the spray and let the hot water pound her body, turning her skin pink. She adjusted the water to a more tolerable temperature and pulled out the soap to scrub away the lingering scent of sex and the sweat that coated her body. As she washed, scenes from her encounter ran through her head like a movie. She started to get turned on by the replay in her mind and realized she was getting wet, and not from the shower. Sara shook her head and tried to put the images out of her mind. She washed from head to toe but she thought she could still feel everywhere that he had touched her. She dried off, combed out her hair and slid into a long night gown and tried to sleep. She tossed and turned all night and dreamed about having sex with strange men, in odd places.

The man from the bar also went home and showered. He smiled to himself while he washed as he recounted what he had done. Sara had the softest skin that he could not wait to caress again. He could still taste her and thought the taste was amazing. If he could bottle it and sell it he would be a millionaire. She was the most arousing woman he had ever been with, and he had been with a considerable number of women in his time. Just thinking about her made him so hard it was almost painful. He too had trouble getting to sleep that night. When he dreamed, he dreamed of her and all the things he had in store for her. He planned on seeing her again, as much as he could.

The next day Sara called her best friend, Marion. She lived across the country now, but they had been friends since second grade, and could talk about anything.

“You did what!” Marion yelled over the phone. Sara held the receiver away from her ear and flinched. Marion’s voice was shriller over the phone than in real life.

“I met a guy in the bar last night,” Sara said.

“And fucked him in the bar,” Marion added. “And you don’t know his name?”

“No. We didn’t talk,” Sara said. Now that she was relating the incident to someone else it seemed even tawdrier than she had thought. She was beginning to feel ashamed. “Mar, I really don’t need a lecture. I feel bad enough about it,” she said.

“I’m sorry. I know you must feel awful about doing something so dirty and sluttish. I’ll stop now.” Marion paused for a minute then said, “Was it good?”

Sara laughed and smiled into the phone. She could always count on Marion to make her feel better, after she made her feel worse. “Yes. It was amazing. I have never had better sex.”

“Well you haven’t had any sex in a long time so it had better have been good. It would suck if you went this long, finally had sex, and then it was bad. Want to tell me details?”

“I don’t know what to say. We did everything. And he was great. It happened so fast and I didn’t have time to think about it while it was going on. I could hardly walk out of there.”

“Wow. I think I’m going to start going to bars again. Maybe I can get some,” Marion said, laughing. Sara said goodbye shortly after and they hung up, promising to talk again next week.

Sara was in a good mood. She thought about Marion. Marion had always been svelte and blond. All through school she had had her pick of boyfriends. In fact Sara didn’t think there had ever been a time that Marion was single after she had started dating in general. Sara had always been jealous of her. Next to Marion, Sara had always felt fat and unattractive. Sara stood in front of her mirror and turned this way and that, taking a good look at her self. If a man wanted her so much that he would lure her into a bathroom in a bar either she was prettier than she thought, or he was extremely desperate. But since he had tried to pleasure her she hoped it was the former choice. She looked in the mirror and thought about her body. She had always been larger but she didn’t think she was fat. Her breasts were a good size and didn’t sag; her butt was round but tight and didn’t jiggle in a bad way. She didn’t have any rolls or gross love handles on her sides. She was curvy. Her legs were long and looked good in skirts and her face was clear of acne and blemishes and had a nice, even skin tone. Her hair needed to be cut. It had no shape and was looking flat, but it had a good color. She decided to try out a new hair style and grabbed her phone to make an appointment.

The next day, after her hair cut she was admiring herself in the mirror again. She had gotten her hair cut shorter, in a bob, and the stylist had flipped the ends out. It looked very chic and flattered her face. She was happy with the results. As she looked at herself she wondered if the stranger would like it. She stopped herself almanbahis then and wondered why she was thinking she would see him again. She wanted to see him again, but she doubted that she ever would.

A week went by after what had happened in the bar. Sara went about her life as usual. She didn’t realize that she had made some changes other than her hair style. Without thinking about it Sara was carrying herself differently, more confidently. She was also choosing clothes from her closet that were a little more flattering to her figure. The men in her office that had never really looked at her were paying attention now. Sara didn’t notice. She tried to concentrate on her work during the day but she still drifted into a daydream occasionally about her sexual adventure. She would start to blush when she did this, looking around to see if anyone had noticed. At home she was restless and went out more often. She walked around the mall and around town if the weather was nice. She cleaned her apartment from top to bottom and cleaned out her old clothes, making a list of new things she needed. Sara did a lot of mindless chores because she could not stop thinking about the stranger.

Friday, before work was over, one of the girls in the office stopped by her desk and asked if she wanted to go out with them that night.

“Sure. Where are you going?” Sara asked the girl, whose name was Kim.

“We usually stop at a little bistro and have dinner and then go to a bar that isn’t to far from here. They have good music and a big dance floor. Not to mention the drinks are good, and Friday’s between 10 and 1 ladies get half price drinks.”

“Sounds great. What time should I meet you?”

“Meet us around 8, at the restaurant. It’s on Eighth St. It’s called Myles’ Bistro.”

“That’s about two blocks from my apartment,” Sara commented.

“Well at least you won’t have to worry about driving drunk. The bar is only two blocks away from the restaurant. Lucky you. I live about five miles out,” Kim said with a laugh. Sara laughed too and they said goodbye, but Sara was distracted now. She knew where the bistro was and the only bar that was within two miles of it was the one she usually went to; the one where she had met the stranger. She tried to put it out of her mind and headed home.

Sara had never been out with the girls from the office and didn’t know what to expect. She stood in front of her closet and tried to decide what would be appropriate to wear. She didn’t want to look too uptight but also didn’t want to be too casual. Myles’ Bistro was a nice place. She decided she would wear one of her work skirts with a tank top and a sheer button down. It looked classy enough for the bistro but also fun enough for the bar.

Sara stood in front of the bistro. There were five girls from work, including Kim. Kim saw her through the window and waved at her to come in. She looked glad to see her. Sara smiled back and went in. Kim motioned to a chair across from her and proceeded to introduce her to everyone.

“This is Sara. She works on my floor. Sara this is Nancy, she works upstairs, that is Christy, she works down in the mailroom, and there is Danielle, who works reception, and Mary from accounting,” Kim said, going around the table. The other girls all waved or said hi and started talking about the menu.

During dinner they all chatted about work and the usual gossip. Sara joined in with the conversation and by the end of the meal she felt comfortable with them and was enjoying herself a lot. Danielle complemented Sara on her outfit and they all admired her haircut. Sara was relaxed and having a great time. They paid for their meal and walked the few blocks to the bar. As they got close to it Sara began to think about the stranger again. She had made it all the way through dinner without thinking about him. The girls noticed that she got quiet.

“Is everything ok?” Kim asked.

“Yes. Sorry. I was just daydreaming,” Sara told them.

“About what?” Danielle asked.

“About a guy I met in this bar,” Sara said, laughing.

“When did you meet him?”

“Is he cute?”

“What’s his name?”

The girls fired out the questions faster than she could answer them. They all laughed and Sara filled them in, leaving out the sex part.

“I kind of met a guy. He was looking at me in the bar. I don’t know his name, we never talked. He is very cute though. God, he was perfect. I was just thinking about him. I want to see him again so I can maybe find out who he is,” Sara said. They all laughed some more and went inside.

The bar was surprisingly crowded for the early hour. The music was loud and the drinks were flowing. A few patrons seemed to already almanbahis giriş be drunk. The girls got their drinks and found a table on the side of the dance floor. Sara looked around the bar to see if she could spot him. When Sara didn’t see him she was disappointed but soon forgot about it as she and the other girls drank and danced and flirted with the men in the bar. Men came up to all of them and a few even bought them drinks. The girls stayed at the bar until after 2. Kim and Danielle caught a cab since they both lived near each other. Mary drove the other two home because she hadn’t had anything to drink for the last few hours. Sara walked herself home, only slightly drunk.

He had watched her all night. He saw her go to dinner and then back to the bar. He smiled as he thought about what she might be feeling about going back there. He hoped she would remember what they had done with more clarity. He knew she hadn’t been back since that night, even though before she had gone two or three times a week. Once they had been inside for a while he went in too. He found a seat in the back of the bar and watched as they danced and flirted with the men. Sara was not acting like she used to. She was more open and seemed more attractive. He liked her new haircut. It framed her face and made her look more innocent. He had loved the way she looked before but he was glad she was being more outgoing. She looked like she was at ease with herself.

That night she had dreams about the stranger. They were intense and erotic and left her feeling unsatisfied. She woke up horny and frustrated. She had dreamed about what she had done and also about she wanted to do. It had depressed her that he hadn’t been in the bar. Though, when she thought about it, she didn’t know what she would have done if he had been, or even if he would want her again.

Saturday afternoon Sara went shopping. She picked up groceries and stopped in a store to look at lingerie. She didn’t buy anything, just enjoyed looking. She headed home and found a package sitting in front of her door. There was no address or shipping label on it. It couldn’t have come from FedEx, or UPS or the postal service. Sara wondered who had left it. Her arms were full and she pushed it inside with her foot. Sara put her groceries away and went about her normal routine before getting to the package. She got a drink and sat down on the couch with the package in front of her. She cut through the tape, lifted the flaps and just stared at the contents. She could see a set of black silk lingerie, including a garter belt, sitting on top of a pile of red silk. She pulled the underwear out of the box, running it through her hands. It was exactly like the set she had been admiring earlier, except when she looked at the panties she saw that they were crotch-less. Sara could not think of anyone who would be sending her something like this. Then she paused and thought about it again. There was one person she could imagine would send her lingerie. But she couldn’t believe the stranger would send her anything, much less expensive lingerie. He didn’t know where she lived anyway. At least she didn’t think he did. Sara shook her head. That whole train of thought was ridiculous. She really needed to stop obsessing over him. It was a one time thing and she needed to move on. “Stop being stupid,” she said to herself. She pulled the rest of the things from the package. The red silk was a shirt. It was a peasant blouse style with the long wide sleeves, with a wide neck line so that it rested on her shoulders. It flowed down over her curves and covered all the places that she considered to be her “trouble spots”. There was also a black miniskirt and knee high leather boots with a three inch heel that zipped up the sides. In the very bottom of the box, under everything, there was a note.

“Get dressed and meet me at the bar on the corner of Third and Marshall.”

Sara just stared at the note. She didn’t know what to think. Part of her brain was telling her that it had to be the stranger. Who else would do this or say something like that. The other half of her brain was telling her she was crazy and that it just wasn’t possible. She began to run her fingers idly over the material. The silk was so smooth and she picked up the shirt to rub it across her skin. As she fondled the fabric she began to feel a familiar tingle between her legs. Just the thought of wearing these clothes was turning her on. She still wasn’t sure if it was the stranger who left the package for her but she hoped it was. She decided to meet him, who ever it was.

She took a hot shower and used the special body wash that she only used for special occasions. She took extra time with her makeup and hair, trying to make canlı bahis siteleri herself up to go with the outfit. After she slipped into the lingerie she took a look at herself in the full length mirror. She had never felt sexy before but she did now. The cut and fabric showed off her figure in a good way and was comfortable too. She could feel the wetness of her pussy and the way the panties rubbed her made her even wetter. She had never worn a pair of crotch-less panties before and it was a very interesting experience. She pulled on the skirt and shirt and then sat down to zip up the boots. Once again she looked at herself and was amazed. The clothes made her look thinner, sexier and powerful. Sara thought that in this outfit she could have any man in the bar. She loved the way the clothes looked on her. Her legs looked even longer in the boots. She tried walking in them to test them out and discovered that not only could she walk, she could strut. She couldn’t walk in her usual way. She had to take longer steps and her hips swung in an arc. She even stood straighter with her chest pushed out. She had perfect posture in these boots. She liked what she saw in the mirror. Finally she dragged herself away from the mirror and grabbed her purse and went to the bar.

He waited in the bar for her. He had been there since he dropped off the package at her doorstep. He wasn’t sure if she would really come, but he hoped she would. He spent his time imagining what she would look like in the clothes he picked out. When she finally stepped through the door he stopped breathing for a minute. She looked even better than he had thought. Her walk was completely different. She strode in through the door and the crowd seemed to part for her. She looked confident and sexual and every guy in the bar was watching her. She didn’t see him at first, which wasn’t unusual because he was sitting in a dark corner again. After taking a look around, she walked up to the bar and ordered a drink. He watched her as she drank her White Russian and looked around. People were still watching her and a few bold men even went up to her, trying to pick her up. She laughed at their jokes and flirted with them, but in the end they all walked away disappointed. He couldn’t hold back any longer. With his eyes on her he started toward her. Many of the men he passed were talking about her. One man even commented to him, “Don’t bother. She isn’t interested in anyone.” He laughed at that and told the man, “Well watch this.”

Sara was enjoying herself immensely. She had never been to this bar before and it was easy to flirt with these strangers in these clothes. She felt free and in control. Many of them asked to buy her drinks and some offered to take her home. She talked with them but didn’t lead them on. She let them know early on that she wasn’t interested. Finally she felt an arm go across her shoulders. She didn’t even have to look. She knew who it was already from the way he touched her. She could even recognize his scent although if anyone had asked her she wouldn’t have been able to describe it. He pulled her closer to him and whispered in her ear, “Let’s go.” She nodded and let him lead her away from the bar. They were the first words he had spoken to her. At first she thought he would take her to the bathroom again but he led her out the door and to his car. Even as she got in she knew it was a bad idea. Years of being told to never get in a car with a stranger had made an impression, but she chose to ignore it. She got in and let him take her away. She was a little scared and a lot excited.

He had to focus on driving. He could smell her wetness and could imagine the lingerie picked out on her. He saw her, clad only in the lingerie, laying across his bed. His cock was growing harder in darkness of the car. He was pressed against the tight fabric of his pants and was sure there would be an imprint of the zipper when he was finally released. He was glad it was only a 15 minute drive to his house because he wasn’t sure if he could have made it otherwise. As it was it seemed to take forever to get there.

Sara gazed out the window as he drove. She didn’t know where they were going but she didn’t really care. Her fantasies from the last week were coming true. She was sitting with her stranger, in an incredible outfit, on her way to some unknown adventure. She recognized some of the area they were driving through. She had driven down the roads at some point since moving here but wasn’t sure when. When they pulled up in front of the large, dark house her common sense kicked in for a moment. She felt a little weary, and almost afraid. She sat in the car until he came around and opened her door for her, then took her hand and pulled her out. He pressed her against the car and kissed her. His hands roamed gently over the silk of her shirt, lightly stroking her breasts. Sara could feel the heat from his hand through the shirt and pushed closer, forgetting all about her common sense.

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