Indulging the Foot Fetish

Indulging the Foot Fetish

We started fucking around on the couch but ended up on the floor. We had just finished a 69, she was lying on her back and I was sitting up between her legs. She put a foot on my breasts and began rubbing her toes on my nipple. It felt good but weird and her toe on my nipple looked really weird.

“Suck my toes.” She said excitedly.

We hadn’t done that for a long time. I held her foot in both hands and sucked her toes, sucking them one by one then taking all of them into my mouth and sucking them all at once. I put my right foot on her cunt and she grabbed my ankle with both hands and pulled it in hard against her cunt. She began rubbing my foot up and down on her cunt while I sucked her toes.

She came while I was sucking her toes and she was rubbing my foot on her cunt.

She held my foot away from her cunt after she came and pushed her other foot against my cunt. She rubbed her toes up and down my cunt, in between my cunt lips, then found my cunt hole with her big toe. She pushed it in and tried to push it in deeper. She had part of her foot in my cunt and I had her other foot in my mouth.

“Do you think…” She said slowly and seriously. “..that my foot would fit in your cunt?”
“Why don’t you try?” I said quietly.

She had her big toe in my cunt hole and she pulled it down, stretching my cunt open. Then she began twisting and turning her foot and pushing it into my cunt hole. I let go of her other foot and left it in my mouth, holding it there with my mouth. I took hold of her other foot with both hands and pushed it into my cunt. I was wet and slipper and loose form our previous fucking around and the 69 we’d just done and while it took a bit of pushing and wriggling, it went in.

I looked down and saw all of her toes were inside my cunt. She sat up and craned her neck to see.

“Fuck me.” She whispered. “My foot is in your cunt.”
Then she looked up at me. “And my foot is in your mouth.”

I rolled my hips and forced her foot in deeper, wriggling it, turning it, moving it in and out. It sent in deeper, mm by mm. I got half her foot inside my cunt and fuck me my cunt felt full. It looked so fucking weird. I had to take her foot out of my mouth. I wanted to concentrate on her foot in my cunt and my mouth was getting sore anyway. I began to fuck myself with her foot and she moaned loudly as if she was the one getting fucked.

“Do me. Do me.’ She cried frantically.

She put my foot back on her cunt, turned to sideways and tried to push it into her cunt. I felt my toes slide into that tight, wet little hole and then she began to thrust her hips, trying to force her cunt onto my foot, trying to force her cunt to slide over it.

She looked like a crazy, sex mad a****l trying to stuff a foot in her cunt. I fucking loved it.

She could only get the corner of my foot into her cunt, my big toe and the two toes beside it but she was actually fucking herself with my foot. I had half her foot inside my cunt and I was fucking myself with it but she was fucking me too. God, I can’t describe what it feels like being fucked by a foot. The sight of it alone, the sight of a foot half way in your cunt is just so fucking weird and such a fucking turn on.

Maddy was lying flat on her back now, holding my foot in both hands. She kept straightening her right leg, forcing her foot into my cunt and raising her ass up, twisting her body up and to the left, right up off the floor, while she pulled my foot into her cunt. She had this crazy, intense look on he face and she seemed determined to get my foot into her cunt and to get her foot as deep inside my cunt as she could. She looked desperate, quietly frantic, completely absorbed in what she was doing.

“Is there a better way we can do this?” She said frantically.
“Yes.” I said.

I turned my foot side on and I pushed it in, slowly straightening my leg. She let go of my foot and braced herself with both hands on the floor. I kept pushing my foot in and I felt my toes sliding over the bottom of her cunt hole.

She made strange noises. “Ah. Aahh. Ahahaha. Nnnnnnnn”

Her cunt felt really tight but now I had all my toes inside it. I could feel her cunt gripping my foot tightly and making my toes curl around in a half circle. She raised her ass up off the floor and twisted her body up and to the left and suddenly I felt my foot slip in about an inch deeper. All of my toes and about an inch of foot above my toes was in her cunt.

She grabbed my foot with both hands again. She was breathing very heavily, almost panting. She looked at her foot halfway in my cunt and straightened her leg out, forcing it in deeper. I did her trick and raised my ass while twisting my body and I felt it slide deeper into my cunt. I did that a second time but this time I grabbed her foot behind the heel and pushed it in while I raised and twisted my body. I felt it go in deeper and deeper and then I felt her ankle pressing against my cunt and I knew her foot was all the way inside me. My cunt felt stretched to breaking point and oh so full.

I fucking loved it.

“Fuck me.” I said. “Fuck me with your foot.”

She didn’t hear me. She was staring at my foot in her cunt and she looked in pain. Despite that she twisted her body again and I pushed it in further. Too far.

“Oh Jesus fuck. Oh. Oh. Oh. No, no take it out.”

I pulled my foot out of her cunt and she leaned forward gasping for air. Then she saw her foot in my cunt right up to her ankle. She gasped.

“Fuck me.” I said.

She fucked me with her foot, bending and straightening her leg and forcing it in and out of me. I lay back, flat on my back,holding her ankle in both hands. I let go with one hand, touched my clit, looked in her face and I came. A resounding #8. Then I slowly eased her foot out of my cunt.

“Who knew foot fucking was a thing?” Maddy said in a hushed voice.

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