My wife pays her bill by being a stripper

My wife pays her bill by being a stripper
I got home early from work and got the mail. Omg I shouted 5 bills for all,kinds of things all behind due and it has been slow for me and I was fuming. I walked to the kitchen to put something for dinner when I hear the door open and hear dear I am home. I need to talk to you. I walk into living room and ask her what are all these bills? She said I forgot about them and said she will start to spay them I totaled them and said it is over $4,000 in back bills. She said she will,get a part time job. I said better make it soon. She looked at the newspaper and we looked together she found done but all,needed experience. She then found one Dancers needed no experience needed apply Pussycat Club at 7 pm. I looked at her and said you want to be a stripper!

The ad says you can earn $500.00 a night or mor. She says to me can we check it ou. I said are you sure you want to do this. She said yes Si think I can do it you no I like to display my self. I said yes but it is 5:45 and we better go. She goes up and showers and dressed very seductive. We get in car and rive across the town to the outskirts. We pull into the parking lot and we go to door the bouncer says $20 cover charge awe say w are here to,apply for the job. He says ok go to Barr and ask for Joe. We ask for,Joe at the bar. We are told to,go to,back room and knock. We knock and enter a very tall black man says what do you want?
We says my wife here wants to apply fora job.
He laughs and asks how old I was I said 42 he said a little old to be a stripper. She stood,up,and removed her blouse no bra and her 38c were high and bsigmon chest a little sag for natural ones. She said you kill them? He reach over and gave them a squeeze.

He said lets see the rest she dropped the rest and was naked and shaved.mhe said wow for an old bitch you are Psint together. Well the guys that come in here will like you most inhale are young ones. He says here is the deal you have to pay the bartenders $15.00 per shift and the Hous eis $70.00 and the bouncers $10.0 each you keep what is left. Do,you understand I say yes. If turn to my husband I say I can do this. The owner I need an audition. He tells my husband to go,out front and have a drink. He calls a grin in she must have been 18 a blonde bimbo he says get her an outfit and I will send her outbid a minute. The owner says here are the rules you dance 2 songs when done you mingle around the floor naked and get tips from the bar patrons. You can do,lap,dances on the floor for 30.00 per song split is 20 for you 10 for house. You can do,private dances in back room. Costs the guy $80.00 you get 50 house 30 . Here you can do full nude lap dances. We do not want to know if you do,extras no cameras and closed door. What do you say
I say ok let’s do it.
I walk to dressing room and a girl,says here this should fit it was a halter and thong and a pair of heels and and a hart. She says first song take top off second songnbootoms off you can use pole or the chair and you can get tips form the guys at bar. When done mingle tour bar naked you will get tips. I pick out 2 songs. They announce we have an new girl,auditioning her name is Bubbles. The song starts and she walks out on stage to cat calls and cheers I watch as she does a few twirls around the pole and then she bends showing her ass with the thing over her asshole and pussy she then stands and undoes e top string and drops top cheers go up. She then starts to walk around the bars and guys put money between her tits and she squeezes them to grab tips. Then she undoes her bottom and shows her shelved pussy to everyone they are screaming now. The song ends she has a hand full of dollars and she leaves stage then walks out from behind the stage and walks around the room getting dollars from them and some place dollars in hernpussy and some in her ass crack and most want to put between tits. She looks at me and smiles. She walks to me and says omg dear this is such a turn on I was approached to do,lap dances and private stood but owner just want me to do this. I walk in back and the girls say great job I think some were jealous. The manager walks in and say get dressed and come to,office. He lget me to come in. We are Ian his office. He asks me how much did you make I said $105.00 dollars he says give it to me. I hand over he says you cannot keep tonight it was an audition and handed the money to one of the girls and said splitnitnequal to all. H E asked did you it enjoy it?
I said who can I start? He said Friday night at 8 be here at 7 we get up and walk out. She says I was so turned on. When we get in car she says i need your cock she unzips me and sucks me while I drive home. I exploded and she swallows every drop. We get home and fall asleep waiting till Friday when I start my part time job

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