The beginning of the affair

The beginning of the affair
The beginning of the affair
By: Lyn ([email protected])

1993: I was 22. I had got a new job and I was leaving my old one, and
with it all the friends I had made there. One particular friend was
Derek. He was ten or eleven years older than me and single. He was
quite good looking, but it was more than that. He listened to me. My
boyfriends had all been my age or younger. I did have a boyfriend
called Rob, he was 21 and a young 21, still at Uni on the south coast,
so I only saw him every other weekend.

Derek had had quite a lot of girlfriends it seemed, and some of them
were REALLY FCUKING SPECTACULAR, but they all seemed to have got pissed
off with playing second fiddle, as it were, to his guitars, and they’d
each in turn left him. Nowadays, I would like to have fucked one of two
of THEM. Ooh – I have faked one of them (much more recently) , come to
think of it, though in those days I was 100% hetero, and actually a
good(ish) girl….

Derek and I had barely kissed before this night, bar hello and goodbye
kisses. I had been round to his house many times, but it was as
friends. He loved to cook, and did so well. Having said that we’d
talked about sex, but not about us having sex. I used to press him for
snippets about his sex life, and there was quite a lot to talk about!
He did try to be discreet, but I’d wheedle little details out of him.

This particular night I was having a leaving do, at Liberty’s on the
Hagley Road in Birmingham, and I had a room booked at the Strathallan
hotel opposite. I’d had quite a lot to drink, I drink gin and tonics
when I have a long night to contend with. I’d had loads, people kept
buying them for me.

When we got back to the hotel there was Derek and I , and a sales
manager. We ordered sandwiches. The sales manager was hanging around,
he wanted to be the last one in the bar with me. He had some warped
idea that this would mean he could sleep with me.

The thing that was different about Derek was it was specifically ME he
wanted. All these powerful smoothie salesmen and managers were so full
of themselves, and just wanted some fresh young flesh to stick it in,
anyone would do, but a colleague would be favourite because then they
would be able to boast to one another about it.

I’d overheard the conversations – typically :

“HAD her” “How was she?” “She was great, I was better”

In the end the salesman gave up and went to bed.

Derek and I had another drink and I suggested we go up. There was no
implication whatsoever that he would come to my room or vice versa.

We took the lift , we were both on the third floor. My room came up
first, we kissed goodnight at my door, and I watched him walk away.

I had just decided to undress and masturbate, when the phone went.

“Are you going to go to sleep?” asked Derek

“Umm” I giggled “WELL! ….. I was about to ….er….soothe myself to
sleep” I admitted

“Well! Sorry to disturb then!… if you’re letting your fingers….. ”
he chuckled

“Do you ..want to ….” (I was going to say come and help me come, but
I lost my nerve) “.. raid the minibar ?” I asked

“I’ll be along in a minute” he said quietly and put the phone down.

A full five minutes later there was a soft knock at the door.

“Hi” he said

He looked uncomfortable, I have to say

“Come in” I smiled

The atmosphere was electric

I sat on my bed, he came and sat next to me and I looked up at him with
my big grey eyes.

I tilted my face up, and closed them and waited

It seemed like forever before he kissed me. Gently at first. We’d only
ever kissed with lips, never tongues.

I could feel his shock as I opened my mouth for him

His tongue was a long time in coming, but it came. An expert kisser, I
thought, being so much older than me. Well he was when he was kissing
ME anyway.

My breath was coming in fits and starts.

His hand was on my waist. It rose slowly and cupped a little breast. I
flinched , not because I didn’t want him to touch me, but because the
nipple was already so erect and sensitive. I was wearing a satiny top
and underneath that a lacy ‘body’ no actual bar or pants.

He withdrew his hand quickly, only to have it replaced there by me.

Whilst continuing to kiss me, he started to undo the buttons at the
back of my top. When the last one was popped, I helpfully took it off
for him.

My lacy body showed in sharp relief how erect my nipples were.

His hand slipped down the back of my trousers and cupped a cheek

A little “umf” escaped me and I kissed him harder back. His breath was
coming shorter too now. I must have shifted slightly and his hand was
even more under me. I remember thinking he’d be able to feel how wet my
pussy was , already. Soaking gusset syndrome.

My “body” – as in the garment – was a bit rucked up under my baggy
trousers, a bit stuck up my bum and fanny. Then – I was assured it was
accidental and I honestly believe it was – the bit with the fastenings
slipped away and his finger popped into my wet little cunt.

“OOf!” I flinched, though I liked it

“sorry , sorry” he murmured “THAT was accidental”

I broke the kiss to whisper croakily :

“It’s VERY naughty, but leave it there now, it feels nice!” and I
sucked his tongue with even more vigour

“deeper” I muttered, groaning

He moaned and I swear I could almost hear his trousers creak under the
strain. Luckily it was the era of baggy trousers.

His finger probed deeper into my pussy

I undid my trousers for him, and broke the kiss for a second, standing
to take them off. I even popped the fasteners on my ‘body’ for him,
dirty cow that I am.

I sat down again next to him, but I was too embarrassed to look him
in the eye, so I kept mine closed and resumed the kiss.

He did not resume the finger up my cunt.

He rightly took my unfastening as an invitation, because he removed the
body from my body, over my head, in two seconds flat, leaving me stark
naked apart from some really REALLY high heels from Dolcis.

I had a hand on his chest, and I could feel his heart pounding away,
then let it drop into his lap and onto the bulge there. I grasped his
cock. It was rock hard.

He broke the kiss and stooped to suck a nipple.

“Hoh” I gasped. He continued. The rush was coming.

“Stop” I hissed

“why?” he looked dismayed

“Look – I’m not a you know…. prick-teaser – I am stark naked with
you in a hotel room , I’m not going to GO anywhere am I? But.. I AM
going to CMOE if you keep going at my boobs like that”

“Ok” he smiled . I seemed to have taken the uncertainty out of the
situation. He seemed to have calmed down a little, as a result.

“Lie back” he said

I lay, did as I was told, as he spread my legs way beyond any dignity !

I will stop here to tell you all about my pussy in those days. This was
the 90’s , not the 70’s. It seems to have been normal to let all the
foliage grow quite wild in the 70’s, and of course nowadays you could
canvass any number of teens to thirties and find more diamante
adorning female groins, than pubes.

In the 90’s of course we were somewhere in the middle. My natural bush,
now long since got rid of ,(shaved off c 2003 to seduce a hairy
Scotsman and kept thus ever since). In 1993 it was a soft and silky
little nest, lightly trimmed with a razor, just shaped, and any hairs
that might get as far as the leg removed and the area moisturised.

Moisturisation was not required here, my pussy was a wet as an otter’s
pocket, the pubes were soaking.

Derek’s face was getting closer and closer to my crotch, leaning in as
he was.

I pushed him away, gently.

“Don’t go down there” I said, blushing scarlet

“WHY?” he asked , bewildered

“I .. I don’t do that..” I said “I don’t really like it, and it’s too
INTIMATE, and well… it doesn’t make me come anyway”

“It will when I do it” he announced confidently

“no” I said “just come and kiss me, and then let’s ….. fuck”

“Give me a minute down here” he suggested “one minute, and if you don’t
like it, then I’ll stop”

I was soaking already, just having him look at me down there

I didn’t say yes or no, I just closed my eyes, lay back, and thought of

He moved in closer and I could feel his breath on me, he lapped
underneath my little hood and his tongue tip touched my erect clitoris.
I nearly flew out of the fucking window, I can tell you.

I jumped off the bed almost, but he grabbed me round the thighs and
held me down.

He was making me do what I didn’t want to do, and those of you who have
read my other stories will know this is the mother of all turn ons for

I remember thinking he might make me use my fingers and spread my cunt
all open for him, and I felt this sinking feeling inside me, almost to
the point of nausea, I thought if he made me do that I would just come
all over his face, right there and then.

I’d put the radio on earlier , and there was this song playing where the
guy sang “put the lime in the coconut” over and over again.

I turned my face away and grabbed my little tits, squeezing them hard.

Derek’s tongue slobbered into the hole

“Umff” I cried, he dipped lower and deftly dipped in to lick my bum,
just a very fleeting lick, the point of his tongue pushed in.

“OOOHHH my GOD !!!” I groaned

“Like that?” he chuckled

“I… I .. don’t know” I laughed “about my bottom ,I mean!!”

“so …. do you want me to stop?” he smiled, he was glossy around the
mouth from all my juices.

“Only if you want to be savagely murdered” I giggled “Ok then, I DO like
it, you must be some sort of pussy licking professional !”

“I am just an enthusiast” he explained “More?”

“Umm … no, not at the moment, because you’re going to make me come” I

“and this is a problem…. because?”

“because I don’t want to come yet, ok? Now you have still got ALL your
clothes on , which is not fair, so strip for me”

“Oh god” he said “Just like that?”

“Yes” I said, “Do as you’re told”

He started to unbutton his shirt, I’d seen him in t shirts and that, but
I’d never seen him with his clothes off in any shape of form. When
dressed he looked quite slight , but with a bit of a bum. There was
always quite a cock-bulge in his rather too tight jeans, I’d noticed
during our goodnight smooches, but in these black gabardine pleated
front trousers (very fashionable at the time) you could have hidden a
three legged footstool down there without fear of detection.

He took his shirt off and I was pretty impressed, he was quite muscly in
a compact kind of way. My boyfriend Rob was a surf dude , so he was
lean lean lean, you know. More meat on a butcher’s pencil.

“Go on!” I grinned indicating that wanted him to take his trousers off.

He was blushing big time, I don’t think he would generally have blushed
in such a situation, but I was kinda special to him, (aaaaah) or so he
had always said since we’d been friendly. I had made him wait at least
18 months for this, in fact it was probably closer to two years.

He undid his belt and popped the top button. He’d got pale blue cotton
boxers on underneath. These were very fashionable at the time due to a
Levi’s TV ad, these were the straight up and down 50’s retro ones, you
know the sort?

He undid the zip and dropped them, he somehow managed to kick his shoes
and socks off in one move, or two maybe. Then he was just standing in
front of me with this tent like you wouldn’t believe. Obviously if
he’d had briefs of modern type boxers on it would have gone some way to
holding his erection into his body, but with these cotton things on, it
was just sticking straight out and up like a fucking flagpole.

“Oh lord” I giggled, affecting to put a hand over my eyes. “Is that all
for me?”

He laughed too

“Take them off” I said “show me”

I knelt down in front of him, and waited

With some difficulty he pulled out the waistband far enough to allow
his cock to spring out. Oh my god it was well, at the time I thought it
was HUGE, in fact I had only ever seen one bigger in my life, and it
was probably the hardest one I’d EVER seen.

He stepped out of the boxers, which had a dark patch by the way, and
allowed it to wave around in front of him.

I picked up the boxers and looked at the wetness

“Have you come?” I asked

“No” he said, “it’s like pre – come? I am NOT not going to last long
though, not on this pass” He looked shamefaced

“Am I allowed to touch?” I grinned up at him “or….. not?”

“Don’t…. wank it” he said “and don’t suck WHATEVER YOu DO! ”

“Ha! you WISH!” I giggled

“It’s all VERY HAIRY” I observed, cupping his balls. They were pulled in
tight to his body.

I had a little lick of the shaft

“OOH” he groaned

There was a little drop of clear fluid at the hole.

“Can I have this?” I whispered , looking intently up at him

and I licked it up. He again flinched. I used it as lip gloss.

“I know this might seem a bit kinky…” he began

“What’s kinky?” I asked, smiling

“Um.. have you got any stockings with you ?”

“OH, DEREK!” I laughed in a dismayed kind of way “Are you serious?
You’ve very nearly got your cock in my mouth, after all these years,
and now you want me to DRESS UP for you?”

He looked rather embarrassed

“Sorry” he said “But yes…yes I do. Ahem. It’s a bit of a fantasy”

“Well I do have what I had on earlier, nothing clean, though I have a
feeling they’re going to get messed up anyway! You think?”

We both laughed

I let go my grip on the base of his cock and went to my bag, and pulled
my black stockings out , and the garter belt.

“Suspenders the lot, yeah?” I had my back to him and I addressed him
over my shoulder.

He gulped and nodded.

I put the garter belt on first and pulled the stockings up, which
involved a lot of bending over. I could feel his eyes boring into my

“How’s this?” I smiled turning round, my little bush perfectly framed
in black silk, all in all it looked rather alluring.

“Have you got any condoms?” I asked “I did think to ask you when you
phoned through , but it seemed a bit…you know.. forward?”

We laughed again.

“I wasn’t expecting this” he said, “I have got some in my wallet, only
two though”

“Okay, well, if you haven’t you’ll have to get that back in your
trousers, to go and buy some, so show me”

He almost poked himself in the eye with his hard on when he stooped to
retrieve his wallet from his trousers.

He produced two enormous gold packets with the name MAGNUM

“Blimey , are they special ones for big cocks?” I cooed. I thought they
only made ice creams.

“Err yeah” he muttered “I find them more comfortable, you know”

“I’ll bet” I grinned , “normal ones cut the blood supply off do they?
I’ve had blokes refuse to use them because of that”

“How… many.. blokes have you been with?” he asked

“Four” I said “Five if you count this”

I crossed the room and lightly slid my cool little hand up and down the
shaft. He shivered again.

“Talking of comfortable..” I ventured “How do you want me?”

“Umm…” he hesitated “from behind?”

“Sure, on the bed or the floor?” I clarified

“The bed might make a noise” he said

“I might make a noise” I giggled

“Are you a screamer?”

“Well ….I certainly might be with that thing up there” I laughed

He took my hand and gently helped me up onto the bed, where I assumed
the position. Legs nice and wide, bum in the air.

I could see in the mirror that the underwear really enhanced the whole

Behind me Derek was opening the condom pack and trying to get the condom
over the head, there was room, it was just that his hands were shaking
rather badly.

ALL of ME was shaking !

I supported myself on my left hand, whilst my right crept between my
legs to masturbate.

I snuck another look and the condom was on, and he was getting onto the
bed behind me, cock in hand. I could see him in the mirror. Nice ASRE,
I thought! cor!

“Are you ready?” he asked, his voice having gone rather gruff

“Ready as I’ll ever be” I smiled back at him

The big head with it’s rubbery coat was pushed firmly and confidently
into the opening of my cunt, which was white hot and dripping wet.

The shaft with it’s wicked curve, followed, pushing all my insides
apart. Derek gently pulled my buttocks apart to allow him to get the
lot in, so much so that I felt the roughness of his pubes grinding
against my arse.

I looked in the mirror at the big muscly shaft pushing it’s way into my
tight little slot.

My muscles clamped on, hampering his movement, and I stroked my hard
clit in time with his thrusts.

I continued to stroke myself, reaching back to put a finger each side of
the shaft to feel the length slipping in and out.

“God that feels so FCUKING BIG!” I groaned, I briefly wrapped my fingers
round the width of the shaft at it’s widest point, the base.

“FCUK me” I breathed

He fucked.

This went on for no more than a minute, before he was breathing in
hisses and seeming to get a pit panicked.

“Are you going to CMOE?” I asked

He was scarlet and looked near to tears,

“SHTI!” he said

“Pull out” I said, “NOW! Don’t come in the bag”

He pulled out and grasped the base of his cock extremely tightly.

I flipped over onto my back, and pulled the condom off him , while
continuing to savour my own gorgeous juicy wank.

My stockinged legs spread wide, I wanked myself off while encouraging
Derek to do the same

“Where can I come?” he asked, urgently

I was quite relaxed by comparison

“Just come all over me” I said “my belly, my tits if you want! I want
to see it” I ended

He nodded and gulped

He was pumping his big cock quite hard from just behind the head. It was
SO HRAD he could hardly move it, though.

His eyes were fixed on my finger , wanking myself off

“You like watching me?” I cooed

He nodded , and gulped.

“Oh , me too, I like watching you too. And Rob won’t do it for me, he’s
shy. CMOE now, you must be bursting!”

He started to shake and stooped over me.

“OH CHRIST” he blurted

His cock began to spit it’s fiery load in a line up my stomach from just
above my little bush. I came on contact. There was lots and LOTS of
sperm. My wanking finger took me over the edge.

“Oh I’m CMOING” I groaned as my shaking hips rattled the bedsprings

The last drops of his scalding load managed to limp as far as my little
tits, where I rubbed it all in with the spare hand.

“Flip over” he said, I wasn’t sure what he was up to, but I flipped
anyway, landing with my arse in the air.

His eager fingers spread my soft little buttocks

“Keep wanking” he ordered

I don’t know how he knew what would happen

The next thing was his hot breath on my bum and his probing wet tongue
up my arse. I was wanking for all I was worth, and seconds later I was
Cumming again, right on the heels of the first orgasm, and even
stronger. My face was buried in a pillow, and this muffled the noise to
some extent as I can be noisy!!


As I got my breath back, I looked back over my shoulder at him and


He giggled

“You loved it!” he beamed

“Bit quick , darling” I laughed “feel better? Relieved?”

“Oh god yes, you wouldn’t believe the amount of times…” he started
“…….never mind”

“Oi!” I said “Tell me. Say what you were going to say, AND the truth as
well ”

“You’ll think I’m an old pervert” he said

“You’re not THAT old” I teased “What? Tell me?”

“I’ve had about a thousand wanks over you”

“A thousand and one, now” I mused , cleaning myself up a little with the
corner of a sheet “What’s so shocking about that? Vice versa might
apply, you know!”

“DOES IT?” he seemed genuinely amazed “Really?”

“Yeah!??!” I continued “Lots of times anyway. Lots of ..variations.
Sometimes you are very masterful. Sometimes I have to take the lead
because you’re very …..reserved. How was the reality, for you?”

“FanTASTic” he enthused, “but over a little quickly, and I’m sorry”

“It ain’t over, BUB! ” I laughed “you have got a lot of work to do yet.
I hope you weren’t planning on getting much sleep!”

“I wouldn’t ….dream of it” he said.

“What about you? How was I in your fantasies? What did we do together?”

“Oh.. umm.” he burbled “you know..”

“No I DON’T know. Tell me or get out” I said quite forcefully “AND I
will know if you’re lying as well”

“We fucked in all positions, you particularly liked sitting on me. You
gave me blow jobs. I licked your pussy. We had a threesome with your
mate Nuala, and…. we had anal”

“Oooh” my bottom squirmed “no.. holes barred.. blimey. How did we get on
with Nuala? Did I have to perform with her?”

“Well…yes, naturally as I was in charge. You were, to be fair, okay
at sucking her tits, but I had to make you …. ”

“Go on ”

“I had to push your head down..”

“to make me lick her cunt?”

“(cough) yes”

“Mmm” I mused “I might have to have a wank about that”

“You’re not offended?”

“Nah. I’ve never been with a woman, but I’ve had a wank about it myself
– and up the bum – never tried it, don’t fancy it in reality, but yeah,
I have fantasised about it”

He smiled

“Let’s shower” I said, “together if you want”

“Cool” he said

We got in the large shower stall together

I turned my back to him as I scrubbed my pussy

“Would you turn around?” he asked “I’d like to watch you wash yourself”

“You’re better than most blokes about saying what you want” I smiled ,
and turned

What followed was a full on vaginal clean up and douche, every
glistening fold was opened, if he wanted to have a look, as he knelt in
front of me.

He’d got a full hard on again now, and this time. it didn’t look like it
was going to come if I as much as looked at it.

I stepped out of the shower and grabbed one of the nice big fluffy white
towels, and began drying myself.

“Do you want me to dry you?” I giggled

He shook his head, and quickly wiped himself dryish with one of the
smaller towels. It wasn’t have been easy drying that huge hard on, but
he did it.

With this swaying in front of him he took me gently by the hand and led
me back to the bed, and lay me down.

I spread my own legs this time into a perfect T shape with my body.

“Lick me ” I thought “cos I liked it”

“I know what you want, remember” he said as his face approached my
crotch again.

“WHAT is it you think I want?” I asked

“You want what you DON’T want” he said mysteriously

“What’s that supposed to mean ? Based on what?”

“Simple. You tell me all sorts of things, especially when you’re drunk,
and I remember all of it. PLUS I can tell when you’re lying, so if you
tell me you don’t like X, and I know you’re lying, then you DO like X.”

“ShIT!” I giggled “Can a girl have no SECRETS?

A few seconds later Derek made me open it all up for him, spreading the
top of my cunt for his squirming tongue.

“Masturbate for me” he ordered

I got a finger each side of my clit and rubbed , moaning softly as he
turned his attention to the hole, as it were, slipping his tongue in

A finger rummaged even lower and into my bum

“Are you going to shag me up the bum?” I asked – my voice shook as I

“You don’t want to ” he slurped, kindly enough “Oh GOD you’re yummy…
you’ve got the most gorgeous succulent little CNUT” he enthused,
warming to his work

“Stop stop I’m going to come” I moaned

“Don’t start that fucking nonsense again”, he protested with his mouth
full of pussy lips.

He stood with that big cock outstretched in front of him, and broke out
the second and last of the condoms, and rolled it on.

“Right then, let’s ‘ave you!” he laughed and moved on top of me

“Come on then” I grinned, then : “Jesus it’s bigger than it was an
hour ago, it’s MASSIVE!”

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen it that big, myself” he looked down,
evidently impressed

He grasped his big cock just behind the head and pushed into my opening,
where it got stuck !

“Ow !” I moaned “Take it out, it’s too big!”

He did as he was told, to be fair, and went down on me again

“Open it all up” He murmured

“OH NO!” I thought but I did as I was told, and pulled all my pussy lips
wide open for him

His wet tongue lapped briefly at my clit and then pushed into my cunt.

“Let’s have another go, now” he smiled

I swear his cock had got even bigger ! Help !

“Gently, gently” I whispered as he came back into me

He leant on me and I breathed out like I was giving birth

“Oh CHRIST” I moaned

as me moved into me

entering me

stretching me

pushing deep into my body


Gently !

The KNOB – it’s too big!

oh my soft pink pussy

it’s getting ravaged

Oh god it’s so HARD !

MMMmmmm I moaned as I Came yet again, with a thunderous orgasm, grunting
and thrashing in a very unladylike manner, and Squelching, if you
really want to know.

I had such a grip on Derek’s cock he was having difficulty in moving in
and out. He was starting to look distressed !

“Don’t come in the condom” I said again, “pull out”

He gently withdrew

“Lie on your back” I said quickly

He did, in an instant and I pulled the condom off, this great tower of
cock standing up from his groin.

“I want you to come in my mouth” I grinned up at him, wickedly

“What?” he said ” I didn’t think you DID that!” he was amazed

“I don’t, generally!” I grinned “But I WILL for you”

“Suck my balls” he asked “..please?”

I did, they were very hairy and frankly I didn’t like it

“PWah!” I spluttered

I licked my way up the shaft

“Pull the foreskin back for me” I whispered “It looks really tight, I
don’t want to hurt you”

Derek carefully rolled it back , revealing the big purple knob inside.
The smell was released as well, I’m sure he was squeaky clean when we’d
started, but it was a little tiny bit funky now.

I have a rather tiny tongue, with which I licked my way terribly slowly
up the underside of the shaft. He shivered at my touch, and the whole
cock felt so engorged that the skin might burst at any second.

I finally arrived above the head and looked him in the eyes

I lapped around the knob and tongued the little hole, a quick flick of
the bit where the foreskin is joined to the cock and he was jerking,
the slot opened and it fired up my cheek – splattering my face. I
opened my mouth as wide as I could and clamped it over the end. He had
grasped the shaft and was making the most hilarious faces as he wanked
it into my mouth, more and more was coming up. It was kind of clear
ish, it wasn’t like the thick stuff but there was plenty of it.

I pulled away and swallowed, looking into his eyes and smiling with my
shiny spunky lips.

“HEy!” I said “That’s enough, you’ve got to be spent now, and I need
some SLEEP!”

He was just lying there with a big silly grin, slowly wanking the last
few drops out, to fall onto his belly.

I gently massaged his balls for him, and rubbed all the juice into his

“I’m going to get some sleep” I reiterated “I’ve got something to wear
in bed, you might like it. I might as well use it! (back in a sec)”

I disappeared into the bathroom. I had a little baby doll , for the
want of a better description. It was blue purple and black silk, and
only came to hip level. There was a tiny matching g string. I had a
little wipe and a clean up first, then put the outfit on.

I went back into the bedroom.

“OOh” he said, admiringly. He moved over for me to get in , and went to
the bathroom himself to shower.

He sneaked back into bed.

“Are you going to put anything on ? Keep it all …. contained ? ” I

“Nah” he said, clicking the light off “Let it all hang out”

I lay facing away from him and with just his hand on my hip, was asleep
in a moment.

This was perhaps 3 am. At some stage when the hotel was still quiet,
but after dawn, I stirred.

One of the reasons I stirred was, apart from I needed to pee, was the
big hard cock that was between my buttocks.

Derek was sleeping peacefully but his erection was snuggled up to my
soft bottom.

I groaned, waking him from his slumbers.

“Hey! ” I giggled I wriggled my g string off so I could feel his cock
up against my bum, properly.

My pussy was getting wet again, helped by the fact that I was subtly
masturbating. It obviously wasn’t that subtle because Derek’s hand
came round and covered mine.

“I LOVE you doing that” he whispered

“I thought you were saying ‘I love you’ then!” I exclaimed

“I do” he said quietly

His cock was nestling into my bum, and it was tremendously hard.

“Do you want to .. wank each other off…. We don’t have any condoms
left” he seemed a little embarrassed to ask now the drink had worn off.

I turned toward him

“I’m happy….. ok hang on we said we’d be honest…. I WANT to do it
without the condom, I want to feel you in me, properly!”

“God, are you sure?” he asked

“Yes , really. I’m on the pill, you know”

“But you never remember to take them”

“Well I’ve taken enough, I THINK! I’ll risk it anyway” I assured him

“Come and sit on me ” he invited me

How gallant

He was like a fucking flagpole again, HUGE! He’d pulled the foreskin
back as well, big bulbous purple , very angry looking knob!

I had a good lick around the head for him, liberally bathing it in spit,
in the vain hope of being able to get in me.

I had another sly wank while I did it as well

“You take it, you put it in” he ordered

I cocked a leg over him, and grasped the shaft.

I felt like the last thing in sluts. I felt that so far this evening
he had kind of done everything to me, and I had just let him. Now I
was in a hotel room, my hotel room, with a man who wasn’t my
boyfriend, and I was about to sit on his cock, and with no condom on
to boot, and I had also been doing things I didn’t do with Rob, like
sucking his cock, or at least trying to.

I was hovering over his cock, holding it for him, I slipped the head
into the entrance to my pussy, it wouldn’t readily go in – too big –
so I had to use my weight to just sit down onto it, so it kind of HAD
to go in , but I stopped two or three inches short of the base, where
it got wider.

“Oh god, Derek, it’s so big!” I grinned , playing it up a bit

Derek grabbed my bottom, a buttock in each hand and ‘cruelly’ pushed me
right down onto it



“Come on” he said “fuck me”

“Oh yeah” I said, I was almost waiting for the sax and organ music to
strike up “Mmm”

I had a look down at the bare cock splitting my pussy lips, I had a look
in the mirror as well, had a look at my bottom, his hands spreading it,
my little puckered ringpiece , Derek’s finger was poised to go up
there, which it did.

“Oh god that’s nice” I blurted

“The finger or the cock?” he asked

“Both”, I said, “The … combination.”

His finger tip just poised on the hole for a moment, I shivered in

“Do you want the finger pushed in or just there?” he smiled

“Little bit.. in?” I said, trembling at the thought

He pushed his finger an inch or so into my arse.

I groaned and rode both the finger and the cock, kind of rocking back
and forth

“Ummmmmmmmm….” I moaned, we’d only just started but I was coming

“Kiss me while I come” I smiled, coyly

“Put your legs out straight” he said and I did, so I was lying right on
top of him with the base of his cock lodged right up high and against
my clit. He had still got hold of my bum and he pressed down and rubbed
me against him.

Our tongues battled as I came for England

After I’d come I felt his cock rear up inside me and coat my
unprotected insides with scalding hot sperm, and LOTS of it , still !
He came and came inside me as my muscles squeezed him tightly.

“MUUmmmmFF!” he grunted, through our kiss.

“That was supERB” I chuckled in his ear “VERy naughty”

His cock was still in me.

“Have you QUITE finished?” I smiled

“You’d THINK so” he laughed “But I have a strange feeling I’ll be able
to get it up again in a minute!”

“Oh no” I gasped, giggling as I extricated myself from his arms, his
cock, and of course the finger up my bum.

He spent a lot of time kissing me, and sucking my nipples, I reached
down to my pussy, and in a moment, my probing finger was making me come

I staggered into the en suite to shower again.

“It’s 8 O’clock” he called “Do you want breakfast?”

“YEAH!” I shouted “I’m bloody STARVING”

Ha came in and joined me in the shower. I was washing my pussy. He
seemed to not be at all embarrassed by pulling his skin back and
cleaning his cock.

As I stood and watched and he got all hard again.

“Oh lord!” I giggled “Does he like that?”

“It’s you watching that he likes” he smiled “Do you fancy getting
fucked in the shower?”

“Oh god, standing up do you mean?”

“It’d HAVE to BE!” he laughed

I didn’t say yes or no, and he moved towards me.

He gently lifted my left leg to place my foot on a tiled step, and
grasping his cock , he pushed into me , all in one movement, pulling my
legs up to wrap around him. The result was some profoundly deep
penetration which quite took my breath away !

With a loud “UMFF” I bit into his shoulder as he pulled me onto his hard

His legs seemed a bit unsteady, he was I suppose 12 stone or 12 1/2, I
was 9 or so, so he was supporting I guess 21 stone or more, all with
the help of the shower wall. This was actually my first time of having
sex standing up !

Derek did not last long at all, within three minutes he was pumping his
hot juice deep inside me, whilst kissing my wet face off.

“I love you!” he groaned

“Love you too!” It was to be that I was always in love with him during

He gently put me down

“Wow” he grinned

“Wow indeed” I said “I need another shower now, so please go away for
a minute”

He did

When I got back into the bedroom he was drying his balls. He was, I
swear, half hard again.

Then, as I was standing naked at the mirror drying my hair. He was
sitting on the bed behind me and was studying at my arse, while,
believe it or not, having a gentle wank. I should have thought by now
he would have needed to put it in an ice bucket !

“Did you want to shag me up the bum?” I asked casually “It’s just
that….. you seem to pay my bum an awful lot of attention?”

“Er, is it …..available?” he enquired tentatively

He did seem to be wanking more vigorously

“WILL YOU STOP THAT?” I screeched, breaking into fits of giggles

“Well!… no, not really” I said, vaguely “I’ve never…. well I’ve
never been asked to be Perfectly honest!”

” A virgin bum….” he mused. Still wanking “The truth is I’ve never
done it either, I have never asked, or been asked. Elaine said I was
much too big for it?”

“Or too modest?” I suggested

“Well.. not now” I said, firmly. “I’ll consider it for when next we
…. meet. Because I DO want to do this again. Just for the record, but
more slowly and ….. er … not so many times!”

He laughed, which was lucky.

“Would you like to come again, before I do my makeup?” I asked

“I wouldn’t say no! ” he replied

“Okay”, I said ” Hands off, then I don’t want to be punched in the

He let go of his rock hard erection

I climbed onto the bed and grabbed it, taking it (well, the head) quite
greedily into my newly lips ticked mouth.

“Watch me !” I murmured, speaking with my mouth full, very full

He watched

His mouth open in a silent OhhhHHH!

Even though he was soapy – clean I could still taste sex on him

The foreskin up, not back , you know, and it moved in my mouth

I could feel the friction, and he flinched, not in pain, but because his
cock was so sensitive from the pounding it had had through the night.

I took it and licked all up and down it, quite theatrically

” I don’t normally GIVE blow jobs, you know that, and I CERTAINLY don’t
swallow. So you’re going to be a very lucky man!” I teased “because you
get both”

“Mmmm” he moaned

I gently wanked the shaft as I figured he wouldn’t come all that easily
this time, but I felt his whole body stiffen and rise as he choked back
the sperm.

“Stop a minute” he gasped

I stopped

He was trembling, but I pushed him back onto his back, and pushed his
hands above his head indicating he should keep them out of the way.
Like bnodage with no bnods.

Looking up at him all the time , I took his cock in my mouth again
watching him closely as I licked around the exposed head.

I had the sudden urge to fuck again. I threw a leg over him and sat
down onto his rock hard erection

“Umff” I groaned

Again he tightly gripped my waist and pushed me even further down
onto it, he pulled me towards him to kiss my face off, availing himself
of the chance to stick a finger up my bum.

He let me ride him for a moment, then he flipped us both over and pulled
my legs up over his shoulders. My god he didn’t HALF fuck me !

“ARRRRGH! ARRGH!” I grunted at the TOP of my voice!!

Lord knows how many people must have heard us.

I came very noisily screaming his name. (Was it my imagination or did
people turn and look at us when we finally went down for breakfast?)

He really laboured to come this time, until my dirty talk finally
pushed him over the edge. I followed closely , followed by more
showering, and a full English breakfast, with toast and lots of

Late in the evening of the same day my “proper” boyfriend visited me at
my mum’s with a bottle of wine and an erection.

He too had to be satisfied several times, three If I recall, and he said
he found me unusually passionate. He didn’t quite put it like that.

My proper relationship went on till 1997 , the improper one till 2000.

That’s it for now, as always feel free to ask questions via ES Mail,
if you want to know any more.

Love Lyn xxxx

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