The woman of the house.

The woman of the house.
The woman of the house.

I was sitting in the family room looking at xhamster on my laptop. I pulled down the waistband to my shorts and started stroking my dick. Just as the movie was getting good my daughter Nina came flying out of her room. I let my waistband go and slammed down the cover to the laptop.
What’s wrong dad? Nothing Nina, you startled me that’s all. Why were you moving your hand so fast?
I had an itch.
An itch that bad?
Yes Nina I was scratching it.
You shouldn’t scratch that hard, put some lotion on it.
OK Nina will do.
I need the laptop dad.
I’m not done with it Nina.
I just need it for a dew minutes I’ll give it right back.
Nina pick the laptop up from my waist. I hoped she didn’t notice my hardon.

Nina ran to her bedroom with the laptop, she came back out in a few seconds. You’re watching porn?
Nubile porn? Dad why?
You know your mother passed when you were a baby so I haven’t been with a woman. It just didn’t seem right.
Dad that’s not good, don’t you have needs?
Yes Nina that’s why I was watching that on the laptop,
Watching and beating off dad?
NINA where did you learn that kind of talk?
At school and on the internet. Dad don’t change the subject. Were you watching nubile porn and beating off?
Yes Nina if you must know, yes I was masturbating. Now can we just drop it?
No, you always tell me “I’m the woman of the house” so let me be “the woman of the house”
Oh Nina I don’t think so.
With that Nina had my waistband down and was stroking my now limp dick.
Nina no.
I’m just finishing what you started. Don’t you find me attractive enough to get hard?
Nina you’re my daughter.
With Nina stroking and playing with my dick it started to get hard.
Oh I guess you must like me enough you’re hard.
I don’t know what came over me I found myself peeking down Ninas top as she leaned over stroking my dick. She had small firm pointy tits. The thought of her young firm pointy tits and Nina giving me a handjob was all it took.
Ohh, aahhh, ooo, with that I came.
Nina looked happy. Oh dad look how far your cum shot up your t-shirt.
Nina was rubbing my cum around the now sensitive head of my dick.
I came to me senses. Um.. a.. Nina we….
I’ll be right back with a new t-shirt and a wash cloth. As Nina left the room I looked at her differently. She was tall lanky girl about 5’9” very slender and a nice plump butt.
Here’s your new t-shirt dad. I’ll rinse the other out.
WTF just happened here? WTF have I done with my daughter?

A few days later Nina said to me dad we need to have a talk. It’s about the other day.
Oh fuck here we go. Why did I ever let my daughter give me a handjob?
I noticed you’re growing quite a jungle down there. You need to trim that down if you ever want head.
Here look dad, Nina fired up her tablet and went to xhamster. See all the pictures of these guys they have little to no hair just like most girls including myself.
Nina I don’t really want to look at another guys pud.
I’m just showing you it’s the thing to do.
I’ll give you my trimmers and a razor made for sensitive areas.
Nina I don’t really know how. Dad just go in and do it. You won’t get razor burn like a girl trust me. You wont cut your balls off.
Nina how do you know all of this?
School and I just showed you the internet. If you need help let me know.
I pay good money to send you to private school and this is what you learn?
Dad girls talk.
OK I’ll try later.
Now dad, do it now.
OK,OK I’ll do it.

How did you make out?
OK I think.
Let’s see.
Nina there’s nothing to see.
Just show me. I’ve seen your cock before.
Oh Nina, OK here, here it is.
Wow much, much better. You really got carried away, you’re almost bald and hard too. Your cock looks so much bigger, almost irresistible.
Lets take care of that for you.
Nina I don’t think that’s such a good idea.
Before I knew it Nina was on her knees licking and sucking my dick. Oh it felt so good. I hadn’t been with a woman since my wife died.
Oh Nina that feels so good. In a lapse of judgment I slid the straps of Ninas top off her shoulders. My daughters little pointy tits now fully exposed. Nina looked up at me and smiled. Her red lipstick a mess on her lips and on my dick. I couldn’t help myself I came.
Nina came up coughing wiping my cum from the side of her mouth her pointy little tits fully exposed to me. She made no effort to cover up.
Dad you should give a girl a little warning when you’re going to cum in her mouth.
I’m sorry sweetie it’s been a long time.
How about returning the favor!
How’s that?
Nina lifted her skirt showing me her bald pussy.
What can I say? Even though it’s wrong, my daughter just sucked me off and I came in her mouth.
I picked Nina up and carried her to the sofa. She leaned back and spread her legs for me.
Nina’s right a hairless pussy is much more appealing. I could see her puffy pussy lips, her little clit and her wet pink fuck hole.
My tongue went right for my daughters clit. That sent a cry of pleasure from deep within my daughter.
Ohh dad ohh that feels so good. Ooo just like that. This is sooo much better then when I rub my pussy.
I stopped for a second to ask “rub your pussy” but I thought why would I ask that. She’s maturing, I rub one out myself and dove right back in.
Then I thought about ”rub my pussy” that was gave me a picture in my head of her masturbating in bed. That thought of it and picturing her masturbating was getting me worked up. I really went to work on Ninas puffy pussy lips, clit and tight little pussy. Hearing her moaning and picturing her masturbating I kept licking and tongue fucking her.
Nina came like a bucking bronco.
OMG dad that was so incredibly good! I’ve never felt anything like that before.
I wanted to keep eating Nina out but she was breathing so heavily from her cumming I thought I’d give her a rest.
Thank you dad, that was incredible.
Nina slid down off the couch and gave me a kiss. Not just a peck a kiss on the lips.
I laid down on the floor next to Nina and we fell asleep.
I woke up cold.
OMG again? This is getting worse with Nina. What’s the matter with me? What am I doing? Why is Nina doing this?
I got a throw and covered Nina up as she lay there sleeping on the floor.

Nina started to wear her teddys and wear a little makeup especially red lipstick around the house.
Many times I caught myself looking almost leering at her. It wasn’t hard to visualize her pointy tits and nice plump ass under her teddy.
Nina would bend at the waist to give me a good look at her ass and her pussy.
A couple of times I had to beat off in the shower thinking about Nina. I wasn’t going to let this go any further.

You know dad it looks like I’m going to have to take the bull by the horns.
What’s that Nina?
What’s it going to take to get you to fuck me?
Oh Nina I don’t think……
Dad I’m the woman of the house. Haven’t I been slutty enough for you? I caught you staring a few times and yet nothing. Don’t I make you hard?
Oh Nina I don’t think…..
I’m not asking you to think I’m asking you to fuck me. Be my first, fuck me as good as you ate me out last week.
Nina I don’t think…..
Dad I’m so horny my pussy is always wet waiting for you to fuck me.
Moms gone dad. She gave you me to fuck. I am the woman of the house. You fuck the woman of the house, not leave her horny and wet.
Nina pulled her teddy over her head standing there naked.
Fuck me dad, fuck me now.
I picked Nina up and carried her to her bedroom. I started to go down on her but Nina said no just fuck me my pussy is already soaking wet.
Nina had her legs spread wide, her breathing was heavy, her face full of lust.
I pulled down my sweats and got between Ninas legs. I rubbed my dick head up and down Ninas soaking wet virgin pussy.
Slowly I thought to myself slowly.
I put the head of my dick in Ninas virgin pussy. Nina gasped. Oh yeah that’s it fuck me.
I slid my dick into her pussy an inch at a time watching her face to make sure I wasn’t hurting her and loving the look of lust.
Finally I was all the way in her pussy. I just kept my dick in her pussy motionless to let her pussy adjust to being stretched and fucked for the first time.
Ohh that’s it dad your cock is stretching my pussy better then my fingers.
I slowly backed my dick out and slowly slid it back in again. Over and over I did this watching Ninas face. Nina was squeezing one of her tits and pulling on the nipple of the other tit.
I wanted so badly to just fuck the shit out of her but kept slowly fucking her.
Let me get on top Nina said.
I pulled out of her pussy and got on my back.
Nina mounted me cowgirl. She wasn’t gentle or shy riding up and down on my dick saying over and over fuck me, fuck my virgin pussy.
I thought to myself you’re not a virgin anymore.
I joined in the dirty talk, that’s it Nina fuck your father fuck me good and hard. Just like that, that’s it, keep going. Oooo, ahhh, grunt oh fuck.

What did you do dad? Did you just cum in my pussy? Did you? Fuck look at all of this cum in me as Nina scooped the cum out of her pussy with her fingers.
Dad I’m not on birth control, you know this. Don’t laugh!
Nina I’m on birth control.
How could you be?
I had a vasectomy. I shoot blanks there’s nothing for you to worry about.
WHY didn’t you tell me??
I wanted you to experience it all your first time.
Oh dad, I should sit on your face and make you eat your cum for this.
Come over here Nina I’ll suck my cum right out of you like you did for me.
Without hesitation Nina sat on my face.
I ate her out as promised. I was thinking is this really my daughter? Nina is the exact opposite of my late wife. My wife usually just laid there, didn’t say anything, waited for me to bust a nut then cleaned herself and went to sleep.
Nina rode my tongue almost till it was numb. She got herself off a couple of times. That’s always my goal.

Nina is insatiable. At my age I just couldn’t keep up fucking her everyday. The next best thing I thought was to order out some toys for her online.

A few days later the box of goodies arrived. I opened them and put the batteries in. I put the toys in Ninas nightstand.

The next day Nina came out of her room lifting up her shear baby doll PJ’s.
Dad my pussy is on fire I need you to fuck me.
I took Nina by her hand and led her to her room.
Open the drawer on your nightstand, there’s something in there for you.
Nina looked and immediately pulled out the big lifelike vibrating dildo. This looks inviting, did you get this for me?
Yes Nina, there’s nothing hotter then to see a girls face when she cums. Cum for me Nina. Use that dildo and cum for your father.
There’s some lube in there too. Try the “his” and “hers”
Here I’ll rub the “hers” on your pussy and you rub the “his” on the dildo.
I rubbed the “hers” on Ninas pussy paying close attention the her nipples and face. Just as I thought she was close to cumming I’d stop and start again. I wanted Nina on he brink when she put that big dildo in her pussy.
OK Nina give that bad boy a try.
Nina inserted the dildo into her pussy. She let out a gasp. Of fuck does this feel good. That lube is amazing.
Nina was ramming the dildo in her pussy furiously, bucking and moaning loudly the hole time.
Here turn the vibrator on.
She did and almost immediately came. I loved watching her face and seeing her creamy cum oozing out of her pussy and on the vibrator.
Oh dad that was fantastic.
I loved watching you cum from them Nina. You are so hot.

Nina and I played with the toys almost everyday. When I was up to the task I’d fuck Nina and cum in her pussy. Nina would milk every last drop of cum out of me.

A few days later Nina came out her bedroom with her laptop.
Dad I want you to treat me like this.
How’s that?
Nina showed me a gangbang video of a girl that tried but couldn’t get out of a room and several guys fucked her.
NO Nina I’m not going to let you have a gangbang!
No dad you misunderstand. I want you to treat me like the girl in the video. Making me do things and you doing whatever you please to me. I want to be ravaged like this girl.
I’ll think about it Nina.
OK dad, think about it. After all I masturbated for you.
That’s all I could think about. Ravaging Nina when she least expected it.
Just the thought of it was making me so fuckin horny.

I took the day off from work. I’ll wait for Nina to come home from school and play her little game.

I waited naked near the window waiting for Nina to come home from school, all the while thinking about playing her little game. I wanted to beatoff so badly just thinking about it.

Nina headed up the walk wearing her private girls school uniform.
I waited for her to shut the door then I grabbed her from behind. Of course she screamed. I put my hand over her mouth and told her to shut up, you’re not getting out of this. You prissy girls from private school. I’m going to give you an education, sex ed.
I tried lifting Ninas skirt, she re(s)isted. I grabbed her by her tit and pulled her down to the ground.
What are you going to do to me? Nina asked.
I told you, you prissy private school girls in your uniforms it’s sex ed time.
See this hardon, you’re going to suck it bitch.
Oh no I shouldn’t.
You can and you will. There’s no getting out of this.
Now suck it, take it in your mouth and suck it.
Not just in your mouth suck it. Use your tongue and head, like this as I grabbed her hair and lightly face fucked her. Nina seemed to enjoy it.
I unbuttoned a few buttons on Ninas top and pulled her cone shaped tits out of the bra cups.
Oh no mister don’t.
Keep sucking little girl there’s a prize for you at the end, ropes my hot sticky cum all over your school girl face.
I grabbed Ninas hair again and started face fucking her harder. That’s it prissy school girl you’re learning.
All the while Nina was drooling and her throat making that gak, gak, gak sound.
I pulled out and came on Ninas face. Rope after rope of my hot sticky cum landed on her face and in her hair. Leave my cum on your face. Let my cum drip down just like it is school girl. Now clean my dick off with your tongue. Lick me clean.
I grabbed Nina by the hair again and pulled her to the kitchen island. I propped her up on the island.
Spread your legs, I said spread your legs.
Now what are you going to do to me? Isn’t face fucking me enough? Look at my face covered with your cum.
Shut up prissy school girl. I lifted Ninas skirt.
Panties? You wont be needing those anymore as I reached for a pair of scissors and cut her panties at one leg then the other opening the flap that was left exposing her glistening shaved pussy.
This is much better! Now I’m going to kiss you there.
WHY would you want to kiss me there?
You’ll see.
I began to eat Nina out. I teased her as much as I could. I want to say I teased her as much as she could take but it was really me. Ninas swollen little clit and pussy lips were so inviting I had to eat her pussy out.
The moans and cries of pleasure from Nina made it hotter and me excited again. I had Nina squirming around the counter top of the island. Nina opening and closing her legs as she came. Her face looked like she was in agony, I knew it was shear pleasure.
Ohhhh stop I think I have to pee.
No, you prissy little school girl lets see what happens. You may have to squirt. (Either way is OK with me).
I lightly circled her little clit.
Oh shit, oh fuck I’m fucking cummmmmming. There was so much fluid gushing out of Ninas pussy I think it was pee or maybe both.
It didn’t matter. Nina exploded at my hand. She shook and trembled. Her eyes rolled back in her head.
When Ninas orgasm subsided her breathing was as labored as if she ran a marathon.
Nina collapsed back on the counter. Her cone shaped tits standing proud and her nipples as pointy as I’ve ever seen them.
Catch your breath little girl there’s more to come.
MORE? You’re not going to let me go?
I haven’t fuck you yet. Shaking your ass around the school like that in your plaid pleated skirt like your some kind of good girl. I think you are looking to get fucked, you want to get fucked, you need to get fucked.
Now bend over and spread your cheeks to make room for my dick.
Nina did as asked.
Much like the video Nina showed me I was a bit rough. I plunged my dick right into her soaking wet pussy, pulled out and plunged my dick back in again over and over again.
Each time Nina grunted.
You like that little girl? Well here’s balls deep.
Tell me you like it.
Oh I do, I can’t help it I do like you pounding my pussy. I love being used and abused.
The only good thing about being older is if you get a second stiff cock you don’t cum too quickly.
I grabbed Nina and propped her back up on the counter. I wanted to see her face when I fucked her and came.
Ninas pussy was beat red.
Are you ready for more?
Yes, fuck me, cum in my pussy, I want your cum.
I watched Ninas face. It was covered in dried cum, my dried cum. I could tell she was enjoying this.
Ninas face alone put me on the brink of cumming.
I’m going to cum I told Nina.
She wrapped her legs around me and practically begged for me to shoot my hot sticky load in her pussy.
I’m cumming, here it is I’m cumming, ohhhh fuck yeah.
I left my dick in Ninas pussy until it went soft.
Nina jumped off the counter sucking and licking me clean
Oh dad that was wonderful! Just what I hoped for. Your the best dad!
I think I’ll wear this skirt to school tomorrow. When the other girls are talking wondering what it’s like to get fucked I’ll just hold my skirt and I’ll know what a good fucking is like.
Don’t ever tell anyone Nina.
Now dad of course I won’t. It’s too bad though there’s a lot of virgin pussy just looking for an experienced man to fuck them.
That’s why your my little angle (thx j49) Nina sent here to fuck and live out our fantasies.

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