Allen , Karen First Time


Allen and Karen were fighting again. Banging a coffee cup down on the counter almost hard enough to break it, Karen threw an extra sharp barb in her brother’s direction. “Just because that prissy girlfriend of yours wouldn’t give you any last night doesn’t mean you have to take it out on me!”

It was an unfair dig. Well at least Allen had a girlfriend. There hadn’t been any steady cock in Karen’s life in the last two months since she broke up with boyfriend. Using my own hand or that noisy, big-ass vibrator sure wasn’t getting it!

The baby of the family-if you can call a guy over six-foot tall with muscles on top of muscles a baby anything-was the first to make a move to smooth over the argument. Ambling over to stand behind his sister, Allen hung her from behind. His arms felt so strong wrapping around her narrow waist.

“Sorry, Sis,” Allen said, nuzzling her neck because he knows Karen can’t stay mad when he does that. “you’re right. I was feeling sorry for myself when you came through looking so sexy. It was Debbie I got mad at, not you.”

“Looking so sexy, huh? You big flatterer,” Karen said with a laugh. “Show a little ass around you and suddenly I’m sexy. Wish other guys thought the way you do I wouldn’t be going to bed horny every night.”

Allen Nuzzled Karen’s neck again. The warmth of his body felt so comforting as Karen leaned back into him, His lips brushed Karen’s ear. “You’re damn sexy, Karen. Don’t put yourself down,” her brother complimented her. “If you weren’t my sister, I’d be having some very naughty thoughts right now. Hell, who am I kidding? I am having some mighty taksim escort naughty thought right now!”

“Like what?” Karen asked, giggling. The question was accompanied by her ass swishing back and forth across the front of the silky, jogging shorts her brother always wore around the house. There was an immediate response a devilish grin twisted up her mouth. At least Karen thought , I could still turn on one guy, even if that guy was her brother.

“Like what would happen if I did this,” Allen murmured against Karen’s ear. Heat flared up in his sister’s crotch, set her pussy on fire, as the growing under those jogging shorts pressed against her ass. Allen had raised the bottom of the t-shirt Karen was wearing up so only the thin silk of Allen’s short was the only thing between her naked ass and the pulsing meat of Allen’s aroused cock.

Her horny brother sure didn’t seem to mind that the t-shirt being her only article of clothing. He seemed to favor the fact. Allen’s touch inflamed Karen’s nipples, his fingers rubbing the sensitive nubs through the soft white cotton.

With a sudden uncontrollable urge, Karen turned to face her tall sibling. His dark blue eyes stared into hers, confused. There was only a moment’s hesitation before he brought his mouth down to her offered lips.

The tongue-searching kiss was anything but brotherly. Strong hands cupped the roundness of Karen’s as cheeks and Allen pulled her willing body forward so their crotches touched. Ground together. Transmitting the desire burning in both of them.

It was Karen who tugged her t-shirt up over her full tits. çapa escort She longed to feel hard, naked flesh pressing against her. Allen finished the job. His hands left her ass long enough to strip the white cotton up over her head. “I have to fuck you, Karen,” he groaned.

“I know, baby brother,” Karen whispered. Her hands went to the waistband of his shorts, shoving the slippery material down from his hips, uncovering the length of his aroused cock. “it’s okay. I want you to.”

Allen’s fingers grasped her waist and eagerly lifted her so Karen’s ass rested against the edge of the kitchen table. He struggled for a moment before succeeding in kicking the shorts off from around his ankles.

Hooking his hands under Karen’s legs he lifted them, jacking her thighs apart as he did. He moved into the vee. With the help of a guiding hand, the head of his cock found her pussy. the lips gave the drooling cock head a wet kiss of welcome.

“you’re so beautiful. So sexy,” my loving brother murmured. The look in his eyes told me he spoke his true feelings. “I’ve wanted this for so long!”

Just the tip of Allen’s cock had penetrated her pussy hole. Wrapping her legs around his waist so the heels of her feet dug into his ass, Karen flexed her leg muscles to bring his rigid pole all the way in. the thickness and length were a perfect f it. Allen’s prick felt so good filling her pussy. Allen’s first strokes were tentative and shallow.

“it’s okay, baby brother,” Karen crooned. Using her feet on his muscular ass she brought him all the way into her again. “we both wanted this. Let’s make the most bakırköy escort of it. There might never be another time.”

The last part was a lie. She knew it as she said it. There would be plenty more times for Allen and her. She’d never go to bed horny again, that was for sure. Allen’s thrusts became stronger. Deeper. More pleasurable for both of them. He leaned over. Her legs bent, knees moving up toward her chest. This new position allowed her brother to reach her large tits. His strong fingers kneaded and caressed both at the time.

Since her hands had nothing to do she brought them down between her legs. Two sets of fingers worked the passion swollen clit. The different erotic sensations happening together sent her sexual temperature soaring.

Allen’s cock moving in and out of her hot pussy felt so marvelous Karen couldn’t understand why Allen girlfriend didn’t take advantage of his fucking expertise every opportunity she got. Karen sure as hell would and told her brother so. “if your girlfriend isn’t careful , I might just steal you away from her,” Karen said, only partly in jest.

Thrusting his long cock deep into his sister pussy, Allen gave her a real serious look as he said, “I just might let you.” Without any warning Allen stiffened on top of Karen. His pumping turned short and erratic and hot gushes of cock cream flooded her pussy hole. The spurting prick filled her pussy to overflowing.

Raising up off Karen, Allen surprised her with a blush. “I blew it. Came too soon,” he groaned in despair. “I didn’t even make you come.”

Slipping off the table, Karen took his hand. Leading him toward her bedroom, Karen told him with a teasing laugh, “don’t sweat it. You’ve got all day to do that.” What she didn’t mention was all the other opportunities he would have to make her come, because she didn’t think she had to.

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