Amma , The Devil In Me Ch. 1


The following-hopefully the firsts of a series-is a true life experience. Depending on the response I get, I may write more!

* * * * *

Looking back, I feel that I was lucky not to be a person who would worry too much about religion, conscience, society etc. As otherwise the unexpected events which took place in my life would have left me spending the rest of my life in a psychiatrist’s couch.

I come from the southern state of Kerala in India. The Christians in Kerala are well known in other parts of India for their academic brilliance and affluence. Even though I was never ever brilliant in studies, we were quite rich, thanks to my daddy. He inherited quite a lot from his father and by slogging it out throughout his life he made sure that the next few generations would never ever have to struggle. When he died of liver cirrhosis [a good drink was his only pasttime] , he left all his riches to my mummy Sosamma [Indianised version of susan] , my elder brother roy, my sister tara and myself sunny. I was 25 at that time.

My mother, now 48, was 19 when she got married and had Roychayan [that’s how we affectionately call him] one year later. My father died when I was 15 years and it was Roychayan who looked after matters since then, which made him a very mature and responsible guy. Tragedy struck a couple of years later when my mummy-we call her Amma-went for a routine gynaec. Operation. Something went wrong with the anaesthesia leaving her with some brain damage. The doctor who did this-a close family friend unfortunately-was keen to explain that it would not leave her paralysed.

Therefore it was a big relief to see her walking properly after the recovery period. But we realised that her memory was severely affected and for all practical purposes she was just like a mentally retarded child. Because of our wealth we were lucky to get maids just to look after her. In the meantime my brother got married to a doctor and I went to Bangalore-a beautiful city-to study for engineering-thanks to our family wealth. By now it must have been obvious to my readers that I was the black sheep of the family. ‘Being the youngest in a rich Christian family in Kerala is a sure passport to hell’-my friend used to tease me. It was true. I had the most wonderful life in bangalore with my friends-we started off with booze, light drugs [gave it up soon, we were scared of addiction!] , pornography and finally sex. My best friend then was ron -a 6 footer from goa-who had the looks and charm to pull in the gals.

He lacked money, which I had and we therefore were the perfect ‘shikaris’ [meaning hunters, another nickname] . My nickname of ‘kaman’ [the hindu god of love and lust] was appropriate as by now I was addicted to sex. I finished my studies somehow and was looking out for any job there -I did not want to lose my ‘collection’-when my brother asked me to come over to Kerala.

My sister-in-law şişli bayan escort had got admission to a postgraduate course in Delhi and they were planning to leave Kerala at least for 3 years leaving me in charge. He promised to arrange a job locally, as if to pacify me, but my plans were shattered. The fact that he had looked after all of us made it impossible to refuse and that’s how my new sexual odyssey started. When I walked back to our house-a huge palatial one-after seeing off my brother and family, it was as if I was going in for an execution!! Apart from my Amma, there were other servants as well.

Padma-a sexy 18yr old-was Amma’s current maid. Her mother, thankam, had served us for years and my first sexual awakenings are linked to her as she was unknowingly the ‘victim’of my voyeurism years back. After reading porno. Books I used to stare at her huge dark boobs and body and also peep in through the bathroom. Padma had certainly taken after her mother even though she used to take pains to avoid me in the house. Did my reputation precede me?

Amma was now 48yrs but as pretty as ever. Her old photos showed to be a stunner and years of luxury and no work had made her even more. She would walk around in nice satin housecoats -most of them near transparent!! -but otherwise did not show interest in anything except perhaps the telly. The first few days were terrible as there was nothing there for me to do. And then the ‘withdrawal’ tarted. The withdrawal for alcohol maybe bad, but let me assure you, the one from sex is intolerable. The flashes of sexy female forms from the memory ‘bank’ did not help matters either. I just have to fuck someone, I knew that. I was sitting in my room when I saw padma walking into Amma’s room. She had just finished her bath and the water had wettened her saree and blouse, thus highlighting her curvaceous body.

It was like a red rag to a bull. There were no other servants inside the house-they had a outhouse to stay. When she came out of the room, I followed her down the steps onto the kitchen. When she saw my eyes she must have seen the sheer unadulterated lust there waiting to be released, for she stopped and backed up against the wall. I kissed her lips and nearly tore off her blouse in a mad abandon. The breasts were like 2 huge soft balls screaming ‘squeeze me’. The red nipples were a good sexy contrast to her dark breasts and body. My ‘kunna’ [local term for penis] was fighting with my underwear to be released.

She managed to push me back and ran to her small room and sat on the bed. When I followed, I could see the whole body heaving with lust. But then she looked up and I saw her crying. She said ‘I’ve got someone else, don’t ask me who, but I cant cheat him’. I said-‘I dont want to know who he is, but please let me have you. I’ll give you more than enough money to live when you get married’. And I really meant that as I was in a state of despair! şişli escort She requested me to leave her alone and fell on my feet begging not to kick her out of the job.

I managed to say yes and ran back to my room. I jerked off myself thinking about her body and when I reached the climax of what was easily the best wanking in life, a new sexy female body came in my front of my eyes. It wasn’t padma’s or any of the gals I had screwed before, but of my amma’s. I couldn’t stop and thick semen came off from my penis tip like a missile!!

I dropped onto the bed in a heap. When I woke up-god knows when-I felt like I was going mad. It was a mix of emotions and feelings-the unbridled lust, the sexy body of my Amma-ooh, it was driving me mad. I decided to rein in my sexual feelings, had a nice bath and walked onto the drawing room. The lights were dimmed and Amma was watching a malayalam telly programme with padma sitting on the floor. As soon she saw me, she got up and walked off. I felt guilty, but thought I’ll try to forget it. Amma was wearing a nice white silky nightdress and [perhaps] padmas choice of black bras were standing out prominently.

She was also wearing some reddish sort of silk panties, which could be seen clearly. [they were all gifts from my sister renu, who was by now settled in gulf] . My first intention was to get up and leave but something made me do otherwise. Amma looked up and smiled as she does to anyone and her eyes went back to the telly? Could she understand anything on the telly? Anyway my eyes were going back to her body. The harder I tried the more fixed they were on her body!! I was looking at my Amma, for the first time from a totally different angle. My mind was calling me ‘perverted’, ‘depraved’, but my body wasn’t bothered. I could feel my ‘kunna’waking up again. Her breasts were really big-all our christian girls have big juicy boobs, and they must have become bigger after feeding all of us.

I couldn’t see the nipples, but guessed the would be big. By now I was out of control and I looked out to see whether padma was coming back. However the afternoon adventure seemed to have put her off and I was safe!! I now looked at Amma’s panties. I could sense her big ;pooru’ [cunt] struggling against the silky walls of her panties!now, should I stop here or not?no, my body said. How to go ahead?even tho’ I knew her mind could not register or retain anything, how would her body respond?i slowly put my arms around her shoulders-no response. My hands slowly drifted downwards and they shakingly rested on her boobs. My heart was beating faster than the ‘rajadhani express’!i slowly pressed on them. They seemed firmer than padmas.

I pressed them again but hareder this time. She looked up at me, smiled and looked back at the telly. Now what was that?did she understand my heinous intentions?or was it just one of her another meaningless smiles?i stopped pressing, my heart mecidiyeköy escort slowed down and my ‘kunna’started dropping!i waited for a few minutes and then again the devil in me took over. I pressed again, ready for any repercussions.

She did not look up this time. I sat closer to her, looked over my shoulders to make sure that padma was not coming and then softly rolled my fingertips over her nipples. Man, did they feel good!i had never felt anything like that before, perhaps ‘cos I was always in a hurry to ‘get in’. As she was sitting quietly, I put my other hand on her breast as well. She now just leaned on to me. Her body seemed to be responding now, even tho’her wasn’t comprehending what exactly was happening. This continued for a few minutes and now I could feel her hips squirming.

My right hand stayed on her left breast and my left hand now started trailing down her body. It rested on her panties and it felt like I had kept it over a hot plate!! I pressed it gently and her legs opened up. I now, with hands shaking like aleaf-opened up the 2 buttons of the gown in front of her panties. By now discretion and ‘soft touch’had left and my hand started squeezing her ‘pooru’. They felt like big ‘iddlis’ [a south Indian dish] my fingers sneaked in between the panties and brushed against her thick bush of pubic hair-it was like a ‘kaadu’-a monsoon forest!

obviously nobody had done a shaving job for her!i could feel the warm fluid trickling down the vaginal walls. I knew then that there was a dam there waiting to burst and if I felt sex starved after just a few days off sex, how was she /her body feeling?i wanted to take out my kunna and start wanking but the thought of padma walking in prevented me. A few more minutes of frantic finger movements and then her legs clamped down on my ‘fingering’hand making me nearly cry out aloud in surprise and pain. And almost simultaneously my ‘kunna’erupted. I could feel the cum trickling down my inner thighs. I took my hand out, put the buttons on adjusted her gown and walked back to my room. On the way I shouted to padma that Amma was sitting alone and therefore to take her up after the telly programme. Over the next 3 days, I used every opportunityto get in her room [when padma was cooking or bathing] and carry on with my devilish activities. It helped to ease off my guilty conscience [whatever little was there!] , heighten my passions [the thought of free safe sex, that too a taboo one] but at the same time increase my frustations as now I wanted to go the whole way. It was then that a stroke of luck came my way unexpectedly.

Padma requested 3 days off saying that she wanted to attend a friend’s wedding [by now, I came to know thru’my driver, the local gossipman, that she was getting screwed regularly by the local bookshop owner] and therfore her mother thankam-the sex image in my teenage dreams -would come in the daytime and cook food, look after Amma, but whether I mindedlooking after Amma at nighttime. Of course, not!! The next few days with Amma and thankam made me realise that this was after all the best gift my brother, albiet unknowingly-had given me.

To Be Continued…

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