An Abrupt Moment of Passion


It was the day before my wedding. I was running some errands to prepare for everything, which included a stop by my parents house for a last-minute dance lesson with my mom. It was mid-afternoon and she had taken the day off while my dad stayed at work; this was the first wedding of her four boys and she was being extremely helpful. I arrived at her house and helped myself to some water and snacks. She was not on the main level so I assumed she was in her bedroom. I knocked on her bedroom door and it cracked open, she called from inside her closet, “Hey honey! I’ll be out in a minute!” I acknowledged but stayed in the doorway peering through the crack. She walked out of her closet and turned away from me heading into the bathroom. She was a small, slender woman with a cute little figure. She stood about 5’7″ and had short, styled wavy brownish hair. She was always a beautiful lady but I never considered her a knockout until that moment. She was wearing a slip that would go under the dress she was wearing to the wedding. It’s silky material smoothed over her curves, hugging her A-cup breasts and showing off her cute behind, which was neither overly big or undersized. She was a hot little number for being 48 years old. I had a vision of approaching her from behind and inserting my hips onto the curve of her ass.

I broke away from the scene and waited for her to come out. When she did, she was wearing the dress she had bought for the wedding; a slender brightly colored thing that hugged every curve, like a race car winding down the track. “Wow! Mom you look great,” I exclaimed. And she truly did. She shrugged off my compliment, as modest women do when they know they look good. We talked for a bit about the upcoming day and caught up on family affairs. It wasn’t too long before the dance lesson had begun. The dancing we were practicing was for the mother-son dance; a rumba. I had very little experience dancing but she was a great teacher. Throughout the practice my hand stayed at the small of her back, pressing her hip against mine as I attempted to guide her through the steps. I kept having thoughts of what was underneath this dress and became anxious when it istanbul escort started to show. With our bodies pressed closely together, surely my mom would notice my stiffening member through my athletic pants. I felt her brush up against it with her stomach and hip a few times but if she noticed, she kept it to herself.

When we finished we retreated to the kitchen for a cold glass of water, with me hoping for a chance to calm down. She commented on my quick learning and made no mention of my pop-up dancing partner. I couldn’t get her body out of my head and it stayed with me at half-mast. I envisioned running my hands over her thighs and slamming her face down on the bed. I had to get out of here, except she asked me to her bedroom to help her get out of the dress. Did she know?! Did she feel the same way? Surely if she knew, then asking me to help her out of her dress was an invitation for action. My stomach dropped and I felt my nervousness in my throat. I followed her to the bed where she faced it, placing her hands on the mattress and waiting for me to unzip the back.

The way she was standing. It was like her body was crying out for me to take charge. Without thinking about anything, I acted on impulse. I ran both hands over her bare shoulders on my way down the zipper. I let it down slowly with one hand and let the other roam around her waist. Once the zipper hit the bottom, I pulled her into my hips with my roaming hand as I thrust into her ass. She gasped for air as our hips bounced of each other. She had her eyes closed and was allowing me full reign of her body, my hands moved to drop the dress from her shoulders. She stepped out of it and it hit the floor leaving her with nothing but a thin, white slip on and my hip still squarely pressed up against her behind.

I went back to feeling her body’s every curve. The silk of the slip felt wonderful and I’m sure she was glad she had put it on. It was a good testing ground to allow us to get used to the feeling of what was happening. One hand found her breasts; I squeezed gently to release another sharp gasp from her open mouth. She was breathing heavily, still with her eyes closed halkalı escort and hands on the mattress. The other hand hovered over her thighs; she arched her back more as my hand smoothed over her pussy, pressing her ass deeper into my hips. I could feel through the silk that she was wet. Her breathing became even heavier when I pulled she slip up over her bare ass and began worshiping its beauty with my palms. I ran my hand over her bare ass and pinched her cheeks before working my way back to her pussy. I kept my touch light, as to almost tickle her inner thigh, teasing her. The slip was off her shoulders and exposing her breasts and resting on her waistline. I kissed her shoulders as my finger found her clitoris. She was certainly ready. She jumped at the touch but quickly thrust herself against my finger, pressing back and guiding me to the right spot.

She was grinding against my hard on, rotating and thrusting her hips into me, lost in the pleasure of her son’s lead. Not once did I stop to consider the implications; somehow this was just happening and could not be stopped. I finally spun her around to face me and locked eyes with her. She was speechless. I rolled my shirt off my chest and dropped my athletic pants to my ankles. She reached down with her eyes still locked on mine for my throbbing hard cock. She exhaled sensually when her hands found the smooth skin stretched over the quivering member. I put both hands on her shoulders and guided her to her knees, with my 6 inch, cut dick within an inch of her face. She wasted no time getting to work, engulfing me in her mouth. It was warm, wet, and like no head I had ever received prior. She kept her eyes on the task at hand, working the bottom of my shaft with her hand and bobbing on my head. She was an expert; 25 years of marriage offers plenty of practice. Her tongue gracefully cradled me from underneath and she knew exactly how to employ multiple techniques. I popped out of her mouth and she stared me straight in the eyes as she licked my underside from bottom to tip. This went on for ages it seemed. She was thoroughly enjoying herself. The sound of her slobber and smacking mecidiyeköy escort was enough to make me come.

When I couldn’t take anymore, I pulled out of her mouth and stood her up. Vigorously, I flipped her around bending her over the mattress again. She gasped again as I handled her roughly. She licked her fingers and spread her pussy open, waiting for me to enter. “David…” was all she could muster. It was the first thing that was spoken since we entered her bedroom. I rubbed my dick up and down her ass crack and smacked her cheeks a few times to rile her up. I got into position and slowly worked my head into her slit. It wasn’t difficult; everything was soaked. I slid right in and we both gasped for air. I stayed motionless inside of her for a few seconds, rubbing her clit with my free hand. Once my thrusting began, I placed my hands on her hips and she reached back over her shoulder to hang on to the back of my neck and kept her other hand at work on her clit. I couldn’t take my eyes off of her ass, bouncing and rippling with every thrust. It was smooth and youthful; it was my favorite part about her.

The thrusting became heavier and she collapsed fully onto the mattress, her feet on the ground and matching my thrusts as best she could. Her moans were a combination of heavy breathing and feeble wimper, which turned me on even more. The sound of my mom’s deep sexual pleasure fueled my passion even more. I could feel every inch of my dick as it slid in and out of her wet pussy. I could feel her dripping on the rug below. I was so hard and horny, I did not last long. After maybe three to five minutes of deeply passionate humping, I felt the familiar rise of a pending explosion in my balls. I pulled out abruptly and shot hot semen all over that lovely little ass of hers. It shot out in streaks that gave such relief. The orgasm shook my body and I fell backwards, bracing myself against the chest of drawers. She lay motionless as my cum snaked its way down her ass cheeks and between her crack. We both took a few minutes to catch our breath and come to the realization of what just happened.

She silently grabbed my wrist and walked me to her shower where we cleaned up and finally talked about what happened. Neither of us could explain, we simply needed it. I wondered whether or not I could ever look at her or myself the same. The shame was something we would share forever…or until the next time


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